InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Bribe ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4: Bribe

Series: Inuyasha

Universe: Ninja AU (NOT Naruto-verse, mind you! Sorry!
Traditional ninjas only).

Pairing: Eventual SessKag

Rating: PG-13 ( For now, suscepticble to change).

Disclaimer: Inuyasha and its characters are the intellectual
property of one Rumiko Takahashi. I only make bad fanfiction about

Authors notes: Where Kaede is sneaky and Sesshoumaru is unused to dealing
with quick-witted old women.



Kaede found the young Lord of the West in one
of the many gardens of his palace.

« My Lord, if I may…? » she intruded his
brooding, ambling down the steps and toward the white figure of the
great lord among the green.

Sesshoumaru scoffed, amused despite his anger.
« Kaede, for as long as I have known you, you have always done as
you pleased. But yes, you may. »

The old woman chuckled, relieved that he did
not seem too upset from the previous scene. She stood next to him,
looking from one beautiful white bud to the next. She knew the
plants before her to be moonflowers – the House of the Moon was
famous for them. During the day they remained hidden from view of
curious spectators. But when night fell, a remarkable spectacle
awaited the lucky viewers, as the coy flowers would all bloom at
once in a fantastic explosion of color. For now, the simple flower
remained closed and demure, completely unspectacular, hiding its
true beauty. Like a certain little ninja she knew. Kaede

« My Lord…I apologize for my pupil’s
behavior back there. She is young-« 

« And rude. »

« -and she did not mean to offend my Lord, I
assure thee. » Kaede continued calmly, as if he hadn’t interrupted
her. Sesshoumaru huffed, seeming unconvinced. Silence settled
around them, and far off Kaede could hear the singing of a

« Why me? » he asked quietly.

« Because you are the best. » Kaede stated
matter-of-factly. Sesshoumaru did chuckle then.

« Flattery will not persuade me,
Kaede. »

« Then bribery shall. » She drawled casually,
knowing that would get a reaction from him. As she predicted,
Sesshoumaru growled. « You can not hope to buy my favour, Kaede, and
that you would try to do so or think me weak enough to accept
offends me. »

« Everybody wants something, Lord
Sesshoumaru. »

« I have no need of riches or power, for I have
both. »

Kaede agreed with a hum. « Then how about
information? »

A silence, deafening in its volume, rang out
between the two figures. Kaede watched in detached fascination as
around them night settled, and here and there small buds began to
spark to life.

She could feel the young lord warring against
himself. A battle of wits had commenced and Kaede had made the
first move. An experienced player would realize this and play
accordingly. But Sesshoumaru was not well-versed in fighting with
words as he was with his sword, and Kaede had hoped for this. The
young Lord did not want to rise to the bait, but his curiosity had
been piqued.

Sesshoumaru growled. « What nonsense are you
spouting? Have you finally gone senile? »

« I am perfectly clear-minded, thank you very
much, me Lord. » she notified, not at all perturbed by his jab. « But
I know for a fact that thy clan has been searching for the
whereabouts of another clan’s lair. A band of rebels, I believe, if
my senile mind does not fail me. »

Sesshoumaru glared at the old woman beside him,
sizing her up, trying to tell truth from lie. How did she come
across this information? Then again, ninja clans were always
looking for their enemies’ whereabouts. He narrowed his eyes. « You
are bluffing. » He decided.

Kaede hummed thoughtfully. « Perhaps I am.
Perhaps not. But then I suppose a capable ninja such as thee can
find the haven of the 
 by thyrself. Even though
ye have failed to do so for the past year…my Lord. » She
informed conversely. Sesshoumaru stared, his expression schooled to
boredom, but it was so controlled she knew him to be wearing
nothing but a mask. The infinitesimal tick of a brow gave him away.
Oh, he was intrigued indeed.

Feeling immensely satisfied with herself, she
bowed to the young lord and ambled toward the steps that led to the
house. « Goodnight, my Lord, and thank thee kindly for seeing us. My
pupil and I shall be on our way. » Kaede was almost at the top
Three, two,
 she counted in her

« Say you give me this information…what do
you wish for in return? » his voice pierced the night.

Kaede smiled secretly.

‘Know your enemy’s weakness, but know your
friend’s as well; for you never know when you might have to fight
one or the other’.
 It had been
one of the very first lessons she had been taught when she was a
young kunoichi, and one she passed down to Kagome as well. It had
served her well in her long life as a ninja and it never ringed
truer than now.

The old woman turned towards the young demon
lord standing just a few feet away from him, her expression as
placid as the surface of a lake. Lord Sesshoumaru stood there,
expectantly, his breath too even, his expression casual. Lord
Taisho had taught his son well in the art of battle and leadership,
but he was still a child and easy for a veteran ninja like Kaede to
read and manipulate. All young men of power wanted something;
Sesshoumaru, with his aloof visage of unearthliness and
self-contentment, was no exception.

« Let us speak inside, Lord Sesshoumaru, and ye
can serve me some of that famous Moon clan tea. »

Among the blooming moonflowers, Sesshoumaru
brooded. He knew a loss when he saw one.

He had been outmatched.

That Kaede is one slippery old gal, eh?

I wonder what Kaede asked for in return? 9w9
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