❯ Blood-Induced Haze – Blood-Induced Haze ( Chapter 1 )

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Author: Demonwing ©
Date: 05-27-2006
Disclaimer: I do not own Angel Sanctuary or any of its characters. Kaori Yuki, as well as all affiliates, are the creators and genius behind them. The story/plot contained within this fic/piece, however, is all mine!!! Bwahahaha!!!
Warnings: None
Fandom: Angel Sanctuary
Pairings: None
Type: Drabble, 15minutefic Challenge # 153
OCs: None… Dammit!
Summary: Setsuna has one question. One question that never seems to get answered.
Beta/Editor: None, as this was done for a 15 minute challenge.
Words: 256


Blood Induced Haze

& nbsp; Setsuna placed his hand on the wall as he bent over, panting for breath. « Why does this always happen to me? » the boy questioned to no one in particular. « Why is it that every time I see, or smell, blood I become foggy-like, almost in a daze? » He pivoted, and plopped down against the wall. « I might as well wait here until I regain my strength. » Taking a look at his surroundings, Setsuna noticed a blurry figure walking closer into view. It was Kira. Of course! Kira always appeared when Setsuna was in trouble. His breath raking in his chest, Setsuna croaked out, « I was beginning to wonder when you’d show up. »
« Oh? » Kira sat down next to the dirty blond, puffing on his cigarette.
« It’s just that you always seem to be around when I… »
« Throw a tantrum? » Kira deadpanned.
; »I don’t throw tantrums, and you know it! » Setsuna belted.
« Su re you don’t. » Kira just smiled at his friend, ruffling his silky hair in an attempt to calm the other boy.
Setsun a, meanwhile, just huffed, leaning into the other male as he placed his head upon Kira’s shoulder. « Why do I always feel so fatigued after a fight. Every time I see blood… Every time I smell it… »
;Kira just snickered, puffing on his cigarette one last time before snuffing it out. « Maybe you should go home and get some rest. »
« May be… » Setsuna agreed.
The two just sat there for a while, in companionable silence. Neither of them willing to break contact just yet.

The End

Copyright © Demonwing