❯ Kingdom Hearts 2: The Heart of All Worlds – Trailer ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Kingdom Hearts 2: The Heart of All Worlds

Disclaimer: I do not own the wonderful RPG game Kingdom Hearts. If I did, I wouldn’t be saying this. I also don’t own any of the Animes here, just myself. (Yes, this is a self-insertion fic, so TOUGH LUCK!)

[Now, this first chapter is in script form, since this is a Trailer for the fic.]

(Fade in. A girl with long brown hair floats down into the darkness. The camera pans out to see she is wearing a white T-shirt with a red, white, and blue star on it, blue jeans, and a necklace with an eye of Horus made of blue plastic. What sounds like organ music plays in the background.)

Girl: I’ve been thinking: is any of this for real or not? Is there more to life than we know?

(The girl’s eyes snap open, and you can see that her eyes are blue. The screen changes to a black background with white letters that suddenly appear.)

Narrator: She thought it was a game . . .

(The scene changes to a room, where a girl sits at a television playing a video game. Then, it quickly changes to the black background, and white letters quickly appear.)

Narrator: . . . Until she was pulled into it.

(The scene switches back to the girl. The television screen glows, and the girl is literally sucked into the TV. Again, the scene switches to a black background, with white letters.)

Narrator: Now . . . she must save the Anime worlds, with the help of old friends . . .

(Pictures of Sora, Riku, Donald, Goofy and Mickey flash by. Switch to a black background with white letters)

Narrator: . . . And some new ones . . .

(Pictures of Yugi and Kero flash by. Switch to the black background)

Narrator: Otherwise . . . all life as they know it will be destroyed!

(An extreme zoom-in of the girl’s face. We can see she looks frightened at something. Black out. Fade in to the black background with white letters.)

Narrator: Now . . . with the fate of all worlds in her hands, the Mistress of the Star Keyblade must help the masters of the Keyblades to seal the gate of darkness once and for all . . .

(Fade in to Sora and Mickey standing together, with a big space between them. Each is holding a Keyblade in front of them. Then, the girl steps in between them, holding out her own Keyblade. Then Simple and Clean starts playing, along with several short clips.)

* When you walk away *

(The girl gets up to face a dark monster)

* You don’t hear me say *

(The Girl throws her hands over her mouth in shock of something.)

* « Please, oh baby »

(A warrior dressed in black swings his sword in an upward arc at the girl, who blocks it with her weapon)

* « Don’t go! » *

(The girl, Yugi, and Riku put their hands together, with Kero hovering nearby)

* Simple and clean is the way you are making me feel tonight *

(The girl raises one fist into the air and smiles. {Obviously, that’s her victory pose.} )

* It’s hard to let it go *

(The girl runs towards the screen, but a sword comes down in front of her.)

* Hold me *

(The camera rotates around the girl, Yugi, and Riku.)

* Whatever words we yelled this morning *

(The girl is on her hands and knees and surrounded by a strange purple light.)

* It’s a little late and old *

(A giant black monster rampages through a forest.)

* Regardless of warnings *

(A bright light surrounds a pink Heartless with blue eyes, turning it into the girl)

* The future doesn’t scare me at all *

(The Girl runs towards a tall, dark figure, Yugi, Sora, Riku, Donald, Goofy, and Mickey beside her.)

* Nothing’s like before! *

(Riku catches the girl as she falls. Fade to title screen)

Kingdom Hearts 2: The Heart of All Worlds

Narrator: Will you be ready to face your destiny?

Well, that’s it. I used a few things from the first game, if that’s okay with you guys. And if you hadn’t guessed, that girl is actually I. (Smiles) Please tell me what you think!

(Oh, and please don’t bother me about the song lyrics, I might not have gotten them right.)

Kingdom Hearts 2: The Heart of All Worlds – Prolouge Pt. 1