Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ Because I Don't Want to Be Alone ( Chapter 15 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Asuka sits in the Entry Plug.

Text flashes across the screen: “Denial Father Mother”

She flinches.

Text flashes across the screen: “Sympathy Pity Presumption”

She is finding it very difficult to concentrate.

Text flashes across the screen: “Insecurity Separation Evasion”

Ritsuko (OFF – RADIO) “Can you hear me, Asuka? Your synch rate is down by eight points.”

Text flashes across the screen: “Reason for Existing Confidence Childhood Experiences”
Ritsuko (OFF – RADIO) “As always, keep your mind off other things.”

Asuka “I’m trying!”

The girl’s locker room. Asuka and Rei are changing.
Asuka “Ugh! She says it’s not my period but I know it is! This one’s worse than usual!”

A shoe is thrown against a locker.

Rei “The Eva won’t move unless you open your heart.”
She adjusts the back of her dress.

Asuka “Are you saying that my heart’s closed?!”

Rei and Asuka stare at each other.
Rei “Yes, those Evas have souls.”
Asuka “Those puppets?”
Rei “You should know that.”

Asuka turns away.
Asuka “Of course. You’re probably happy I can’t pilot right now. It’s nothing to worry about. Homoboy can just hop into my Eva. You’re just a doll and you feel sorry for me because you’re supposed to!”

Rei “I am not a doll.”

Asuka “Yes you are! You do everything you’re told! By the Commander! By Misato! Even by stupid Shinji! What are you going to do if they don’t order you around?”

Rei doesn’t answer.

Asuka “Well, one day they’ll stop, you know that right? One day this’ll all be over and they’ll abandon you!”

Still nothing.

Asuka “You’re just a doll. You barely even talk. I hate you for that!”

She steps forward and strikes Rei.
Rei simply takes the abuse.

Asuka “I hate you! I hate everyone!”

She runs away.

Rei looks down.
Rei “I… I wish he would.”

(flashback) Kaworu gets out of Eva-02.
Asuka (MONO) “Not needed at all.”

(flashback) Kaworu gets out of Eva-02.
Asuka (MONO) “How many years of training?”

(flashback) Kaworu gets out of Eva-02.
Asuka (MONO) “They don’t need me at all.”

Ritsuko and Misato eat together.
Ritsuko “Asuka’s pride is in pieces.”
Misato sighs.
Misato “It’s probably because she lost to Shinji…”

Misato “Even though Eva-01 is broken she still feels he looms larger. Maybe we’re at the limit.”
Ritsuko “Is this the end of your merry game of house?”

Misato glares.
Misato “I don’t have to take that from someone who fills the hole in her life with a cat.”

An awkward silence.
Misato looks down.
Misato “Sorry… I’m on edge…”

Misato’s ‘family’ eats together in silence.
Asuka is scarfing down her food quickly.

Asuka “Done!”

She rises.
SE: phone

Asuka glares.
Asuka “Probably one of your stupid boyfriends.”

She picks it up.
Her eyes widen.
Asuka “Stiefmutter?!”

Shinji watches her talk.
Shinji (MONO) “She sounds so happy in another language.”

Despite this, Asuka looks torn between crying and screaming.

Text: “Episode #15: Because I Don’t Want to Be Alone”

Nerv Pyramid.

Everyone is working peacefully.
SE: Alarm
Everyone looks up.

Ibuki “The thirteenth Angel has been detected in orbit.”

Ritsuko nods.
Ritsuko “What’s it doing?”

Hyuga “Orbiting, nothing else… It’s out of range.”

Misato shakes her head angrily.
Misato “No such thing. Ready the positron rifle.”

Shinji watches the other pilots go to the Eva Cages.
He sighs.

Kensuke and Kaworu are also holding back.
Kensuke “It’s not so bad, Shinji. You’ll get to pilot again sometime.”

Asuka “Synchro start.”
The Entry Plug lights up.

Ritsuko “Misato has decided the formation. Rei will take control of the gun.”
Asuka (OFF – RADIO) “What?! But I’m the better pilot!”

A display of synch ratios.
Text: “Rei: 30. Asuka: 10”

Ritsuko (MONO) “Her ratio collapsed so quickly…”
Ritsuko “No. Rei.”

Asuka “You have got to be joking! Eva-02! Launch!”

Eva-02 rockets up the lift.

Misato “Asuka!”

Ritsuko shakes her head.
Ritsuko “It’s fine. This’ll be her last chance at the rate she’s going.”

Eva-02 prepares itself at the gun.
Asuka (OFF) “This shouldn’t be that hard.”

Eva-03 is on the surface as well, standing well away from Eva-02.
Asuka (OFF) “Don’t worry Suzuhara. This’ll be over in a minute.”

The two targeting reticules of the positron gun align.

The Angel floats in space. A small mask is between its two main wings.

Asuka pulls the trigger.

Eva-02 pulls the trigger.

The laser beam shoots up, but misses the Angel slightly.

Asuka “Dammit!”

The reticules begin to align again.

A beam of light emanates from space.
Asuka screams (OFF).

Eva-02 convulses.
It fires in several directions.
Asuka (OFF) “Stop it!”

Eva-03 charges forward and pulls at Eva-02.
Its fingers bounce away from the Eva.
Asuka (OFF) “You’re hurting me!”

Ritsuko “Her mental circuits are being torn apart!”
Asuka (OFF) “Don’t look inside my mind!”

Ibuki “The psychograph readings are growing weaker!”
Ritsuko “What about the LCL psychological barrier?”
Asuka (OFF) “Please! Don’t dig deeper into my heart!”

Hyuga “It’s making no effect!”
Toji (OFF) “Someone do something!”

Ibuki and Ritsuko exchange glances.
Ibuki “What can we do?”

Ritsuko “I don’t know.”

Ikari watches, completely impassive.

Asuka (MONO) “She’s a doll, but like all dolls, she’s good at what she does.”

Asuka glares up at Eva-02.
Asuka “So, you’re finally back to normal after losing like that!”

Eva-02 is motionless.
Asuka (OFF) “You’re my puppet, so all you have to do is quietly do as I say!”

Eva-00 takes Eva-02’s knife as the Angel falls from the sky.
Asuka (OFF) “Why does a weapon need a soul anyway?! It only gets in the way!”

Asuka hits Rei.
Asuka (OFF) “Anyway, all you have to do is obey my orders.”

Asuka continues berating Eva-02.
Asuka “This is so stupid.”

The memory shatters.
Text: “Attachment behavior”
A new memory forms.

Asuka hangs up the phone.
Shinji “You sure talked for a long time.”

Asuka rounds on him, but takes a deep breath and tries to smile.
Asuka “Well, it’s our usual bit of communication.”

Shinji smiles back.
Shinji “It must be nice to have a family to talk to.”

The ramen place, Asuka and Shinji are waiting outside for everyone else.
Shinji “Earlier today, he said ‘good job’.”
Asuka smiles at Shinji.
Asuka (OFF) “Well, just in appearance. It’s only on the surface.”

The apartment.
Asuka “She’s not my real mother anyway.”

A younger Asuka, seething.
Asuka “But it’s not like I hate her. I just don’t deal with her well.”

The ‘modern’ Asuka begins to seethe as well.
Asuka “Why the hell am I telling you all this?!”

Shinji “Sorry.”
Shinji (ECHO) “Sorry.” One echo for each time he apologized.

Asuka “It’s all over if even you start sympathizing with me!”

The memory shatters.
Text: “Hostility”
A new memory forms.

A train station.

Asuka fiddles with her phone.
Something catches her eye.

Shinji is on the other platform.
Asuka “His Evangelion is broken, and now he’s back to his usual thing. What’s with him?”

Rei is standing next to him.

Asuka’s eyes narrow.
Asuka “Fine, so I’ve lost.”

The back of Rei’s head.
Asuka “You’re just a…”
SE: train

Shinji gives Rei soup.
Asuka watches.

Shinji and Rei talk.
Asuka watches.

Shinji SMILES at Rei.
Asuka watches.

The memory shatters.
Text: “Emptiness”
Nothing new forms.

Asuka stands in the void.

Text: “Who are you?”

Asuka’s body, Rei’s voice “Hi! I’m Asuka, one of Eva’s pilots!”
“You idiot!”
“This is my chance!”
“Look at me!”

Asuka “No! This isn’t me!”

Asuka’s body, Misato’s voice “Hi! I’m Asuka, one of Eva’s pilots!”
“You idiot!”
“This is my chance!”
“Look at me!”

Asuka “No! This isn’t me!”

Asuka’s body, Hikari’s voice “Hi! I’m Asuka, one of Eva’s pilots!”
“You idiot!”
“This is my chance!”
“Look at me!”

Asuka “No! This isn’t me!”

Asuka’s body, Ibuki’s voice “Hi! I’m Asuka, one of Eva’s pilots!”
“You idiot!”
“This is my chance!”
“Look at me!”

Asuka “No! This isn’t me!”

Asuka’s body, Ritsuko’s voice “Hi! I’m Asuka, one of Eva’s pilots!”
“You idiot!”
“This is my chance!”
“Look at me!”

Asuka “No! This isn’t me!”

Text: “Doll?”

Rei and Asuka both salute.

Text “Slut?”

Misato and Asuka tease Shinji.

Text “Wallflower?”

Hikari and Asuka stare longingly at the boys they like.

Text “Nerd?”

Asuka and Ibuki look at a Magi terminal.

Text “Heartless?”

Ritsuko and Asuka both smile to themselves as Shinji looks down.

Asuka “No! Listen to me! That’s not me!”

Text: “Then who are you?”

Text: “Useless?”

Both Eva-01 and Eva-02 after their first encounter with the Eighth Angel, legs sticking out of the ground.

Text: “or something else?”

Asuka glares at Shinji.

Asuka can’t answer.
Asuka “Stop! Please stop!”

A memory forms.

The fleet of boats sails through the sea.

Asuka stands by the rails, looking down.
Asuka “I wonder what the oceans were like before Second Impact.”

She sighs.

Beside her are a small picnic blanket and a basket.
She sits down on the blanket.

The basket.
Asuka pulls it open.
She pulls out a beer can.

She sighs and drinks.
Asuka “The worst part of going to Japan will be seeing Misato again…”

Two more Asukas are looking in, slightly unreal, one around four years.
Asuka (young) “So why do you hate her?”

Asuka 2 “I don’t.”
She looks away.
Asuka 2 “Do we really have to be here?”

Kaworu approaches.

Several empty cans lie by the basket.

Asuka looks at him.

Kaworu smiles.
Kaworu “Second Child. It is nice to see you.”

Asuka “Yeah…”

Kaworu looks down at the cans.
Kaworu “Should you be drinking that?”

Asuka shrugs.
Asuka “What are you doing here?”

Kaworu “It was suggested that I should get close to the pilots, in order to… facilitate bonds… or something.”

Asuka looks at him.
Kaworu (OFF) “I don’t see the point. Teenagers are uninteresting, and immature.”
Asuka “What?!”

Kaworu “Yes, even you.”

Asuka “I’m not immature!”
Kaworu “All teens are.”
Asuka “Except you?”
He nods.

Asuka “What makes you so mature then?”

Kaworu just grins.

Asuka “And I’m still mature! I can do anything an adult can do! I went to college!”

Kaworu “What does that prove? That doesn’t mean you can be like an adult.”
Asuka “I can! See?”
She leans in and kisses him.

He pulls away from her, glaring.
Kaworu “I am uninterested.”

He stands and walks away.

The memory shatters.
Text: “Insecurity”
A memory forms.

Asuka walks along train tracks.
Asuka “Leaving tomorrow?”

She turns around and walks backward.
Asuka “I don’t want to go…”

The train station is strangely empty.
Asuka “But it’s not like there’s anything here.”

Shadows build up behind Asuka.
She walks, unaware.

The memory around her decays slowly, washing out and shadows appearing out of nowhere.

Finally, she turns around again.

The shadows turn red.

Asuka’s eyes widen.

A humanoid shape forms in the shadows and reaches out.
Asuka “Help! Someone please help me!”

Asuka (OFF) “What are you doing here?”

Asuka sitting defeated on the other side of the door. Episode 10.
Asuka (OFF) “You don’t do anything!”

Eva-01 and Eva-02 move in perfect unison.
Asuka (OFF) “You won’t help me!”

Shinji and Asuka kiss. Episode 12.
Asuka (OFF) “You won’t even hold me!”

Asuka “No one will! No one! No one! NO ONE!”


Text: “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode: 15: Memories”

Asuka fidgets at a desk.

Everyone at every other desk is in shadow.

The teacher is too.
He is teaching complicated physics. All non-mathematics is in German.
SE: bell

All students rise.

They form in groups.

And more groups.

Asuka sits alone.

No one notices her at all.

The memory shatters.
Text: “Oblivion”
A memory forms.

An apartment building. More spacious than the one in Tokyo-3.

A slightly younger Asuka.
Asuka “Misato-san, why are you leaving?”

A slightly younger Misato.
She smiles at Asuka.
Misato “I’m just going to Japan. We’ll meet up again someday.”

Asuka “I’m not done you know. You’re leaving now.”

Her suitcase, packed.
Misato (OFF) “I got reassigned. I can’t change things.”

A picture of Misato, shortly after rediscovery.
Misato (OFF) “Besides, it’ll give me a chance to find out some things.”

Asuka “But you can’t leave!”

She clings to Misato, who hides the picture from her.
Asuka “I won’t let you!”

Misato “Asuka it’s not your decision.”

Asuka “I’ll tell the people at Nerv-03 to change things! I’m the pilot!”

Misato looks away.
Asuka “They have to listen to me!”
Misato “Asuka, I’m sorry.”

The memory shatters.
Text: “Dependence”
A memory forms.
Asuka (real) “Why am I crying? I already decided I wouldn’t cry anymore.”

A younger Asuka sobs.
Father (OFF) “What’s the matter, Asuka?”

A doll, its stuffing torn out.
“It’s a present from your new mom. Don’t you like it?”

Asuka (fake? real? subconscious?) “It’s okay.”

Father (fake? real? subconscious?) “What’s okay?”

Asuka’s father and stepmother. Again in shadow.
Asuka (REAL) “I’m not a child! I’m going to grow up quickly.”

The young Asuka sobs.
Asuka (REAL) “I don’t need stuffed animals.”

The memory shatters.
Text: “Confidence”
A memory forms.

A tombstone.
Text: “Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu.” (plus dates of birth and death)

Asuka isn’t crying.

Her grandmother looks down at her.
Grandmother “You’re such a good girl, Asuka.”

Asuka glares at the tombstone.
Grandmother (OFF) “It’s okay, you don’t have to hold it in, you know?”

She shakes her head.
Asuka “It’s okay. I’m not going to cry.”

The tombstone.
Asuka (OFF) “I’m going to think for myself.”

The memory shatters.
Text: “Childhood experiences”

Child Asuka is listening in through a door.
Man (OFF) “The hypothetical became reality. The proponent became the test subject.”

The slightest hint of someone through the crack of the door.
Woman “Then, that contact experiment was the direct cause?”
Man (OFF) “Mental breakdown was the result of contact.”

Asuka is confused.
Woman (OFF) “How cruel to commit suicide, leaving a daughter so young behind.”
Man (OFF) “I think there’s more to it than that.”

Asuka glares through the door.

The memory shatters.
Text: “Shadow”
A memory forms.

Child Asuka is running down a street.
Asuka “Momma!”

A door opens.

Child Asuka runs down the street.
Asuka “Momma! I got selected!”

A door opens.
The hint of a shadow.

Child Asuka runs down the street.
Asuka “Momma! They picked me!”

A door opens.
A silhouette?

Child Asuka runs down the street.
Asuka “I’m going to be a pilot!”

A door opens.
A hanging silhouette.

Child Asuka runs down the street.
Asuka “I’m going to be the best in the world!”

The door is already open.
Features of Asuka’s mother are discernable.

Child Asuka runs down the street.
Asuka “Now you have to notice me!”

The door is already open.
Features of the room around are visible.

Child Asuka runs down the street.
Asuka “Did you hear me Momma?”

The door is already open.
Silhouettes of other people are visible.
They are muttering in disapproval.

Child Asuka runs down the street.
Asuka “Momma?”

The door is already open.
Asuka’s father doesn’t seem the least bit upset.

Child Asuka isn’t running anymore.
Asuka “M… momma?”

The door is already open.
A doll that looks like Asuka has been hung as well.

The memory shatters.
Text: “I am not a doll!”
A new memory forms.

Asuka’s mother holds the doll.
Mother “Asuka, dear, your mom cooked your favorite dish today.”
She glares at it when it doesn’t move.
Mother “Come on, if you’re picky about your food,”

Child Asuka watches, her eyes red with crying.
Mother “…that big girl over there is going to laugh at you.”
Doctor (OFF) “She goes on like that every day.”

The lady doctor and Asuka’s father in silhouette.
Doctor “She talks to the doll, thinking it’s her daughter.”
Father “She probably feels responsible in her own way.”

Asuka keeps watching her mother.
Father (OFF) “Her research filled her days and she had no time to pay attention to our daughter.”
Doctor (OFF) “You have my sympathies.”

Father “But the way she is, they’re practically a family of dolls.”

The doll.
Father (OFF) “No, perhaps humans and dolls are not so different.”
Doctor (OFF) “Humans made dolls in their own image.”

Doctor “If God exists, we may be nothing more than dolls to Him.”
Father “I’m surprised to hear such words from a practitioner of modern medicine.”
They lean in.

Asuka covers her ears.
Doctor “I’m just another human before I’m a doctor, a flesh and blood woman.”
The sounds of kissing.

Asuka is running away.
But the sounds are still there.

The two silhouettes have become a grotesque beast with two backs.
And no matter how hard she runs, Asuka can’t get away.

The memory shatters.
Text: “I hate you so much!”
A new memory forms.

Grass blows in the wind.

Asuka is running around.
Mother laughs (OFF).

Asuka’s mother, beautiful.
Mother “Careful Asuka. You don’t want to mess up your dress.”

A picnic blanket is spread.

Mother and daughter sit next to each other.

Asuka hugs her mother.

Mother “I love you, Asuka.”

The memory shatters.
Real Asuka is looking down.

Text: “You’ll never see her again.”

Asuka “Stop.”

Text: “She died and she didn’t even know who you were.”

The entry plug.
Asuka “It’s violating my mind…”

Asuka (OFF – RADIO) “Someone please help me!”

Shinji is putting on his plugsuit.
Kaworu “They won’t let you pilot.”

Shinji “Someone has to! Why haven’t they launched Ayanami?!”

Kensuke looks miserable.

Kaworu, for his credit, is not smiling.

Another scream from Asuka is heard over the intercom.

Shinji jumps into the Entry Plug.
Shinji “Manual start.”

The HQ.
Ibuki (OFF) “Eva-01 has begun to be activated!”

Ritsuko “Idiot. Shut that down.”

Ibuki’s fingers over a keyboard.
Shinji (OFF – RADIO) “Please! Someone has to do something!”
Ibuki hesitates.

Ikari rises.
Ikari “Shinji, this isn’t the time.”

Shinji in the plug.
Shinji “Why aren’t we doing anything, father?!”

Misato is overlooking some graphs.
Misato “She’s going to die if we don’t do something, Commander.”

Ikari hesitates.
Then he slowly nods.
Ikari “Understood.”

Rei sits in the Entry Plug.
Ikari’s glasses are in their usual position.
Ikari (OFF – RADIO) “Rei?”

Rei “Sir?”

Ikari “You know what to do?”

Rei nods.
Rei “Yes, sir.”
She shudders.

Eva-00 steps off the launch pad.

Shinji “What?! Ayanami? Where are you going?”

Rei says nothing.

Eva-00 steps onto an apparently broken launch pad.
The floor beneath it begins to lower, Eva-00 sinks away.

Misato and Hyuga exchange glances.
Hyuga “Where is she going?”

Misato looks up at Ikari.
Misato “Is she obtaining that lance?”

Fuyutsuki, nervous.
Misato (OFF) “I thought we needed that to keep the Angel in check!”

Ikari says nothing.
Misato (MONO) “That was a lie then.”

Eva-00 is in the “LCL Production Plant”

Rei hesitates.
Asuka, still audible over the radio, screams again.

Rei’s hand clenches around the controls.

Eva-00 reaches out for the lance.
Its hand wraps around it.

The head of the Second Angel swings to face Eva-00.
Electricity begins arcing around it.

Asuka screams again. (OFF – RADIO)
Rei does too.

Electricity (or is it really?) arcs along the lance as Eva-00 pulls at it.

Electricity turns the LCL of the Entry Plug from orange to red.

Rei’s hand pulls desperately at the lance.
Rei “I… won’t…”

A flash of a black moon against the sun.

An image of a crash into the Earth.

A white moon rising.

Rei “No…”

Both the Second Angel and Eva-00 are hidden behind electric arcs.

The mask of the Second Angel.
Three of the seven eyes of God have lit up.

Rei has become blurred.

A mouth forms in Lilith’s features.
Unintelligible sounds are made, and then
Lilith “Do you want to become one with me?”

Rei’s eyes, dull and lifeless, like a doll.

Lilith “Become one with me.”

Eva-00 is struggling.

But Rei is no longer holding the controls.

Four eyes are lit.
Lilith “Give in.”

Rei collapses against the chair.
Rei “Please… let me save her…”
Lilith (OFF? MONO? WHAT?) “Come home.”

A train moves through a red void.

Above it float the Angel…

…and a rotting Eva-02.

The tracks form as the train moves.
SE: Train

Interior of the train.
One Rei on one side, two on the other.

Rei 3 “You want to save her?”
In the window behind her, Eva-02 is visible.

As she speaks, its armor falls off.
Asuka is underneath.

Rei 2 nods.
Rei 1 is motionless.

Rei 3 “All you have to do is become one with me.”

Rei 2 “No.”

Asuka spasms in the red sky.
Rei 3 (OFF) “Then you can’t save her.”

Rei 3 “But if you become one with me, you can do anything.”
She raises her arm.

The thirteenth Angel disappears.
Asuka is fine.

Rei 3 “I won’t let you go.”
Rei 2 “Please.”

Rei 3 shakes her head.

Rei 2 lunges at Rei 3.
Rei 2 “I won’t. I want-”


Eva-00 pulls away from Lilith, spear in hand.

Asuka lies in the Entry Plug, weeping.
She is clawing at her eyes.

Asuka “No, not her!”

Flashes of images, all unidentifiable.
Asuka “I’d rather die!”

Rei and Shinji at the train station.
Asuka “She’s just a doll!”

The doll, hanging on a noose.
Asuka “A doll!”

Child Asuka.

The doll.

Both overlap.

Text: “Die, then”

Asuka “I won’t… I won’t let you kill me…”

A rope, hanging.
Asuka’s hand reaches to grab the end.

Asuka “I’d rather die…”

Text: “Just like her mother…
Don’t talk to me!
I hate you!
You never help me!
You’re worthless!
You don’t do anything.
What’s the point?
Look at me!
Why don’t you notice me?
I’m the best!
I pilot so people will know how great I am!
I’ll show you how it’s done!
You’re not good enough.
Just a doll…
I hate dolls!
Want to kiss me?
I wish you’d die!
…I wish I’d die…

Just like mother.”

She begins to wrap the rope around neck.

Eva-00 arrives at the surface, holding the lance.

The Nerv crew is shocked by the weapon.

Eva-00 begins to run down the street.
It throws the lance.

It rockets out of the upper atmosphere.

The Angel floats in space, disquietingly serene.
The lance comes close.

An AT-Field activates.
The lance’s prongs begin to shine.

The lance spins around and around, becoming a blur.
The AT-Field spins with it.

A close up of the point where the Angel’s wings meet.
A mask and a core.

The lance glows hot white.
The AT Field collapses.

One prong stabs the mask, the other the core.

The thirteenth Angel explodes into blood.

The lance continues on.

Hyuga “The lance is moving into a lunar orbit.”
Aoba “Probability of recovery is 0.”

Ikari grins.

Misato is deeply relieved.
Misato (MONO) “We’ve saved her.”

Caution tape.

Asuka is lying on the ground, surrounded by tape.

Shinji looks in at her.

Shinji “Asuka?”

A close up of her face.
Her left eye is bleeding.

Shinji looks away.

Misato is there too.
She looks down.
Misato “I’m sorry, Asuka.”

Asuka has been moved to a hospital bed.

She is carted into a room and placed next to a girl.

Dozens of unconscious people lie in that room.

Text: “Next Time”

Misato embraces an unknown man.
Misato (OFF) “Misato’s life feels even emptier,”

Gendo scratches at one of his hands.
Misato (OFF) “Nerv is falling apart,”

Eva-00 holds the 2nd Angel to the cross.
Misato (OFF) “and the other pilots, like Rei”

Toji stands over a bed.
Misato (OFF) “and Toji have issues of their own to handle…”

Asuka, her eyes empty and lifeless.
Misato (OFF) “Next Time: ‘She Longed for the Touch of Another’.”

In the Still Darkness