❯ Beast Wars Season 4 – Aftermath ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
I hated Beast Machines, so I’m writing my own version of Beast Wars Season 4. Its just going to be a continuation of the story, so don’t expect any fancy emotional or deep moments cause I’m a bit thick. It starts with a directly after Nemesis. Basically, after being hit by Rhinox, Megatron was knocked out of the Nemesis, however he managed to escape. Optimus managed to save Dinobot before the ship exploded. The escape shuttle was damaged beyond repair after crashing with Nemesis. And Tigerhawk was destroyed, however two sparks left his body and were taken by the Vok. Oh, and Inferno and Quickstrike weren’t killed in the valley. Well there’s the setup, enjoy!
Optimus landed outside the entrance to the base, exhausted, and battered but alive. He’d managed to contact Rhinox and has ensured that he was still functional. The giant maximal glanced down at his barely conscious companion. Dinobot had been badly damaged by the explosion, if not for his powerful transmetal 2 armour, he would have been scrap. Optimus looked at him and thought, In the spark of an enemy, there will be salvation. And in the darkness, there shall be a light. From a very unexpected source. He turned to the sound of doors opening and saw the maximals rush out to meet him. All of them looked relieved, and exhausted. They skidded to a halt at the sight of Dinobot however.
After a few moments Rattrap asked, `Optimus, what the slag is he doing here?’
`Rattrap, without him, none of us would be alive right now. He saved us all and we’re going to repair him. Is that understood?’
The look on the rodent’s face gave the clear impression that he did NOT understand. But he wasn’t about to start an argument over a half conscious predacon. None of them looked happy. Cheetor grimaced at the sight of the creature that had helped transform his life. Black Arachnia and Silverbolt had had their own nasty run in that made them feel uncomfortable. Optimus looked at the less then enthusiastic faces and knew that this was not going to be easy, however their musing was interrupted by Rhinox’s voice over the com
`If you’re not too busy, someone mind coming over and giving me a hand out of this slag heap’.
Without a word Cheetor took off towards the crash site, giving Optimus and Dinobot a piercing stare before leaving. Optimus knew this was going to be hard, but they owed the raptor their lives, he had to help him. But they could discuss it later when…..
Optimus collapsed. Silverbolt and Black Arachnia rushed over and examined him.
`Optimus is badly banged up. Silverbolt give me a hand getting him to the CR chamber’.
`Yes, dear. Rattrap, bring Dinobot as well’.
Rattrap looked at the semi-conscious Dinobot and moaned, `How come I keep getting the job of dragging around the slag heap’.
Dinobot’s optic flickered, and Rattrap could have sworn he heard the word `vermin’ quietly escape his lips.
Just a quick prologue, nothing fancy. Next chapter will be longer, I promise. Also, I’m not sure where to go with Dinobot. So what do you think, should I revive the original(I’ve got an idea I think could work well for that) or develop Dinobot 2(he’ll probably become kinda broody but I think it could work) Please let me know what you’d prefer.
Episode 1: Adjustment
The maximals have saved the day but must now deal with their new `member’. And Dinobot must deal with the sudden change in his outlook. To top it all, the predacons have reunited and Megatron reveals a secret weapon to aid in the now one sided Beast Wars
Beast Wars Season 4 – Adjustments