InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Bathed In Light ( Chapter 1 )

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Title: Moonlight Shadow
Category: Anime/Manga » Inuyasha
Author: ButtButtDoodle
Language: English, Rating: Rated: T
Genre: Romance/Drama
Published: 07-25-16, Updated: 07-30-16
Chapters: 8, Words: 8,315

Chapter 1: Bathed in Light

Series: Inuyasha

Universe: Ninja AU (NOT Naruto-verse, mind you! Sorry!
Traditional ninjas only).

Pairing: Eventual SessKag

Rating: PG-13 ( For now, suscepticble to change).

Disclaimer: Inuyasha and its characters are the intellectual
property of one Rumiko Takahashi. I only make bad fanfiction about

Authors notes: So I abandon one series to start another, because
apparently I suck. *Sigh* But don’t fret! « And They Call It Puppy
Love » is in hiatus for the foreseeble future, but I have no
intention of full-out abandoning the series. I’m working out a few
kinks in the story that are just driving me nuts.

So in the meantime, here. I hope you enjoy this
simple story. I was always a bit miffed that they didn’t include
more ninja-action in Inuyasha, even though it was set in the
Sengoku Jidai, which was the Golden Age of ninjas in Japan. I guess
it would draw all the attention away from the demons,

Each chapter will be a short prompt, about 500
words or so. Depends on my mood that day.

Bathed in Light


On the rare days when she bothered to think
about it, never in her wildest dreams did Kagome imagine this was
how she would end up losing her virginity.

The smell of fear and thrill was pungent in the
air. She was shoved roughly against the mat, her back thumping
painfully against the tatami-covered floor in a way that was sure
to leave bruises. All too quickly he was on top of her, insinuating
himself forcibly between her quaking legs. With a sense of
foreboding Kagome could feel his larger body tower over her own,
covering the length of her petite form. He was breathing too hard,
a side effect of the body asking for more air to fill his muscles –
the primeval instinct of flight kicking in. She knew his body was
telling him to run, but she also knew this was the only way to fool
the dangerous men looking for them.

Adrenaline made his body shake, but his hands
were strangely steady as one of them grabbed her wrists in an iron
grip and pushed her arms above her head.

« We must- quickly before- » he ground out
between gritted teeth, and without further elaboration, he ripped
her kimono open, exposing her bare flesh to the world. He had
already shrugged off his own yukata, sinewy muscles slick with

Kagome could hear multiple feet stamping down
the hallway, towards their door. Men were shouting.

The band of rebels was going to find them. They
would get caught and their mission would be compromised and it
would have all been for nothing. Unless…if they could push
suspicion away from themselves in the most universally-understood
way possible, they might still stand a chance.

Kagome understood what was about to happen, but
her arms still pushed against his hand in instinctive

His face was suddenly right next to her ear,
panting. « Be strong. This is the only way. I-« 

Kagome never heard the rest as the shoji screen
swished open, and the room was bathed in light.

Sesshoumaru crushed their lips together,
pushing his length deep inside her, and Kagome broke.

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