Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ Bare Payback ( Chapter 2 )

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The Year Of The Misfits

Chapter Two: Bare Payback

Again, you wake in Kyo’s room. And not unlike before, he is sleeping close to you, but far enough that you can’t elbow him in the stomach. Sunlight filters in from the window, and from where you are positioned, Kyo’s face is half in shadow, half in light. You can’t help but wonder why he is so close to you until you glance about the room. Fairly small and basic, it has a sense of being cluttered near the edges. You sit up slowly as you look around, and feel the movements of unfamiliar clothing brushing against you. Anger makes your face turn red before you remember something else.

You remember meeting Yuki, and the encounter following. Had Kyo really transformed into a cat? Better yet, had you finally seen a guy’s –

Your stomach decides it hasn’t been fed enough and grumbles, and you cover it with your hands. You cast another glance at Kyo, still asleep, and then spot your newly-patched clothing hanging on the back of a chair behind him. You feel your face redden more when you see your undergarments are on top of the precariously stacked clothing.

« The nerve!! Perverted son-of-a-bitch! » you think, shaking as you stand and begin approaching the chair. You lean over Kyo to get the clothing, and your fingertips barely brush your bra –

« Kyo, is she awake yet? » asks an older male with dark hair and a robe as he flings the door open. He then blinks before bursting out laughing.

Startled by the other guy’s abrupt appearance, you fall on top of Kyo, your clothing right along with you. Your underwear has landed on the floor in front of Kyo’s face and your bra has landed on his head. By now the man in the robe has fallen on his ass laughing, and Kyo is staring blankly at your underwear. You regret that it isn’t exactly sexy underwear, and, in fact, has purple poka dots on it. About ready to die of embarassment, you snatch your belongings and rush into the hallway, looking for a bathroom to change in.

About two minutes later, you step out of the bathroom, fully dressed. Still embarassed, you keep your face hidden with your hair as you place Kyo’s borrowed clothes in his hands, mutter a soft « thanks », and race blindly out the door.

You’re halfway home before the tears begin falling.

« Stupid! » you think, finally reaching your home and barging in. Slamming the front door, you rush up the stairs into your room, then fall onto your black leather couch sobbing. Since it was warm the previous day, you’d left the window open, and a warm breeze swims into your room through the screen. You then hear shouting.

« And I was supposed to know Tohru had placed her clothing like that! » you hear Kyo shout. You get up and look through the window, swiping two final tears away as you do. Kyo, Yuki, and the older man in the robe stand in the dirt pathway near your home, and you can tell Kyo is yelling at the other two.

« Why does it matter? You always yell at others and make them feel worthless anyways – you would have done the same to your name.  » Yuki says coldly. You see Kyo recoil.

« Yeah, maybe! But that was worse than anything I could have said! I mean Shigure just barged right in! » carrot-top retorts.

 » ‘Tis true, Yuki. Tohru left your name’s clothing on the chair, your name reached for it, I opened the door and Kyo got a sight full of – » the male in the robe starts before Kyo hits him upside the head.

« Finish that sentence and I will personally see to it you are incapable of having children, dog. » he snarls, glaring at the older guy, Shigure. You feel the corners of your mouth twitch into a near-smile. You then sigh, turn, and head for your shower.

You take a long time under the hot water, washing away the tears and tension from your body. In an attempt to not think about your embarassment, you also begin meditating, but to no avail. You curse yourself for watching Kyo sleep, and flush when you remember when he transformed back into human; completely naked. When the water begins turning cold, you climb out, sighing.

You dry off quickly and grab a robe, tying it loosely since all you plan to do is get dressed into something comfortable, grab a warm mug of tea and curl up on the couch with a book. You decide to heat up the water for the tea first. While the water is on the stove, you walk back upstairs to get dressed. The first thing you notice is the window is missing its screen. The second thing you notice is the wind is blowing your robe open. The third thing is Kyo, sitting on the couch, staring in shock at your state of undress. A little delayed, you pull your robe closed, turning red from both embarassment and anger. Kyo holds his hands up as you glare at him.

« What are you doing? Pervert! » you yell, before he interjects.

« I just came to say I’m sorry! That and you forgot your chain. » he says, holding out his hand. You hold your’s out, and your dog chain plops onto your palm. As he pulls his hand away, his fingers accidentally brush yours. You blush, but more out of anger.

« You did not see anything, understood? » you manage to growl. Kyo lifts an eyebrow.

« Kinda like you didn’t see anything when I transformed yesterday? As I remember, you stared just as openly. » he mutters, turning his back on you and jumping to the window sill. He is half-way out the window when you grab his shirt and pull him back in. You land on your back with your robe open and he falls next to you. He gets up, glares at you, and starts yelling.

« What the hell! What was that for?!  » he shouts, before realizing your state and blushing in shock again. He quickly turns around, crossing his arms.

« I was gonna say – … (o.o); Um…I forgot what I was gonna say…Ouch! » you say, lifting your arm up. You managed to get rug-burn on most of it, and it stings. Kyo looks over his shoulder when you mention your discomfort, and walks back to kneel by you and examine the burn. His gaze follows the burn, then finds that the injury is also on your side. He swiftly flips your robe closed, much to your relief/embarassment, then heads downstairs. You hear the freezer being opened and shut before Kyo comes back, ice pack in hand.

You take the ice pack he offers and place it on the rug-burn. Kyo looks off around your room, seeming to take little interest. You can’t blame him; your room is sparsely decorated. Between being shunned by your parents and the long-distance move, you brought few items other than the leather couch, a dresser, a small desk and a rug. You’ve only lived there for a week, but your floor is covered with room probably isn’t much bigger than Kyo’s, but looks like it because you have a lot less stuff. Kyo suddenly looks back at you.

« I see what you mean by my room being cleaner than your’s. » he remarks. You crane your neck to look at him because you’re sitting and he’s standing.

« Least I knock before walking into someone’s room. » you mutter back. Kyo stares at you, more shocked than angry for once.

« Hey, Shigure didn’t know that was going to happen. And I did knock on the door – multiple times. »

« Oh…Still… » you pause to yawn. You look at Kyo again to see him smirk. « What’s that grin about? »

« …It was nothing. » Kyo states, the brief smirk gone.

« Hn…Stay if you want but I’m going to bed. » you say, tying your robe closed again and heading downstairs to put the ice pack away. You return to your room and find Kyo gone. You shrug before getting your clothing, dressing, and laying down to sleep.

Cat's In The Bag