Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ Bakura Makes A Mess ( Chapter 19 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]


Yami Yugi= Yami/Pharaoh=Paro

Yugi Motou= aibou= Abu/Udi

Ryou Bakura ( Hikari)= Ryou/Tenshi/Teni

Yami Bakura= Bakura/Batura tombrobber/tombbobber

Malik(Marik) Ishtar= Malik/ Koi=Toy

Yami Marik= Marik/tombkeeper/tombbeeper

Seto Kaiba= Kaiba/Dragon/Tiba

Mokuba Kaiba= Mokuba

Jonouchi=Jou /Pup/Doey

//Yami to Hikari//

/Hikari to Yami/

**characters thoughts**

(Authors Notes)

« Hi this is Ryou and Dark Sanctuary doesn’t Own Yugioh or Disney whatsoever, this fic is rated PG-13 for a certain Little Yami ( glances at Bakura), so enjoy the fic.

« Yugi why don’t you and everyone go and wait over there ( points to some lobby chairs) while I find out where are rooms are, » Kaiba said as he walked to stand in line. /Yami!!!!!!!! Get back here/ //But I want to tay wit Tiba Udi/ (10 seconds later) Kaiba felt a tug on his pant leg, from the chibi Pharaoh, who was currently still drinking his bottle. « Hmm Yami why aren’t you waiting over there with the others, » Kaiba said. « Beyuz Tiba I want to tay wit you, » Yami said as he reached up to be picked up by Kaiba who sighed as he picked up the Chibi Pharaoh. Yugi then proceeded to walk over to Kaiba to get Yami away from him, but was stopped by a look from Kaiba that said it’s okay he can stay. « Okay Yami you be good while I get our rooms for us  » Kaiba said as he made his way to the front counter.

« Hello there welcome to Domino DisneyLand Resort, my name is Rose. « Hello Rose, I’m here to get the keys to our rooms, as I had made reservations in advance, » Kaiba said as he smiled at the girl with the reddish brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. « Well all I need is your confirmation number and I can look your information up,  » Rose told the Ceo of Kaiba Corp who after juggling a little Yami and his keys managed to get the confirmation out of his wallet. ( Rose checks the system and doesn’t find any reservations under Seto Kaiba lol I’m sure that has happened to people before).  » I’m sorry Kaiba but it appears that your not even in out system, we have no recollection of you even making a reservation, » Rose said a look of concern on her face. « What! That’s impossible I paid for it already( brings out receipt), » Kaiba said somewhat fuming.

( Manager Walks in)

« Rose does there seem to be a problem, » the manager asked? « Well I can’t find Mr Kaiba’s reservation here, » Rose replied. The Manager then proceeded to go behind the counter, mumbling as he did so. ( 15 seconds later)… « Rose what the %^&^% where you thinking, you lost Seto Kaiba’s reservations, I told you how important he is, if word gets out that Disney lost Seto Kaiba’s reservations all hell will brake lose. Kaiba watched in awe as the Manager proceeded to tell off his employee. Ryou who was holding Bakura was practically seething as he too heard this. Maybe it was because Kaiba was there, or maybe because she had had enough but the normally quiet easy going yet strong person decided to speak.  » I’m not the one who took Mr Kaiba’s reservations you did, and if I remember correctly I was going to take them but you specifically said that you didn’t want me screwing them up, » Rose said a fierce look in her eyes. « Don’t try to get out of this, » the manager said not even bothering to pay attention to the computer screen that had proved that Rose was telling the truth.

Rose who was practically seething while she waited for the Manager to fix what he called « her » mistake was somewhat startled by a little voice. « It tooz me but you want tom, » Yami said as he pulled his bottle out of his mouth handing it to the distruat girl. « Oh your so cute, she said smiling at the little boy.( well she thinks it’s a little boy lol). « Here you tan hab my bottle, it mat you peel better, » Yami said as he tried giving Rose his bottle again. Kaiba who was waiting for the baka manager couldn’t help but laugh at what Yami was doing.  » It’s okay, what is your name? » « Yami. »  » Well then Yami it’s okay but I don’t need a bottle but thanks for offering, » Rose said as she smiled at the Little Dark. « You ter tuz I tan ask Udi to mat you one. » Yami then turns around to yell at his Hikari when Kaiba stops him. « Come on Yami where all done here, » Kaiba said as he glared at the manager.  » Well don’t you think you owe Rose an apology as you where the one who lost my reservations because you took them not her, » Kaiba said as he glared daggers at the manager.

« Sorry Rose you were right, » the manager mumbled.  » I also think that she should get a raise don’t you, » Kaiba said? « Yes absolutely Mr. Kaiba ** yeah right**, » the manager said.  » Though maybe you’d like to come and work at Kaiba Land ( don’t own that either) as I could use some good employees once it’s all finalized. « Um, thanks Kaiba, » Rose said as he handed him his room keys. « Kaiba just smiled as he started to walk away only to here him threaten Rose with termination for making him look bad.

Meanwhile Bakura who had gotten Fidgety had run out of Ryou’s grasp over to Kaiba and had saw how the manager was making Rose upset.  » Tiba dat mans reaby mean huh, » Bakura said a little smile forming across his little face. « Yes Bakura he sure is, » Kaiba said as he put Yami down. « Um Tiba tan I pwease add him to my bictims correction pwease, » Bakura said making the cutest expression imaginable. « Okay Bakura, but only if Ryou says that it’s ok, » Kaiba told the little Tombrobber who got all happy. /Teni tan I add dat manaber to my bictims correction pwease I tomis dat I won’t ask to add anydudy else today/ Ryou who was upset at how Rose had been treated agreed. /Okay Bakura but try not to make a mess ok/ //Otay Teni// And with that Bakura ran into the Managers office ( he had went in there 5 minutes ago).

( In the office)

« What.. how did you get here, » the manager said as he saw the seemingly innocent looking two-year-old turn very dark. Needless to say there were numerous screams ( which no one could hear as Bakura had sound proofed the room with his Shadow Magic).

Fifteen minutes later Bakura walked out running over to Ryou with his little head down. « Bakura what’s wrong, » Ryou asked noticing that his little Yami seemed upset.  » I’m torry Teni, but I made a mess, » Bakura said pouting. /It’s okay Bakura I can clean that up/ Ryou said as he got out some wipes and wiped the evidence off of Bakura’s hands and face. ( I don’t need to go in to detail on what that was, I’m trying to keep this fic rated PG-13 lol). //Tank you Teni// Ryou then after cleaning his little Yami up, proceeded to go into the managers office to clean up there as well. It only took him a few minutes as he used his light powers to purify the room. ( So no traces whatsoever could be found).

(Okay they are at their rooms)

« Finally I can put these bags down, » Jou said as he opened the door to his and Kaiba’s sweet. « Yeah I know Jou, » Yugi said as he went into the room next to Kaiba and Jou’s. (Okay they have three suits Kaiba and Jou in one, Yugi, Ryou, Malik in the other and The Little Yami’s in the next though there adjoining). « Now does anyone need to use the potty, » Malik asked?  » I hab to use da Potty, » Marik. « Come on Marik, » Malik said as he grabbed Marik’s hand taking him to the potty.

« Yami do you need to use the potty, » Yugi asked as Bakura had walked out from using the restroom. « Um I don’t know Abu, » Yami said slightly shifting around. « Come on Yami lets go use the potty , » Yugi said as he walked Yami over to the restroom. (They all get there things ready). « Well I guess we should go now, » Ryou said as he held the door open for everyone.

« Hurby Abu I want to do on da Wides, » Yami said as he tried running out of Yugi’s tight grasp. « Yami come on were almost there, » Jou said as he took the hyper Pharaoh putting him on his shoulders. « Someone’s sure taken advantage of the situation , » Malik giggled to Yugi. « Well I wouldn’t be talking Malik, » Yugi laughed as Marik was seen sitting on Kaiba’s shoulders. « Okay you got me there, » Malik laughed.

« Hi Welcome To DisneyLand I’m Mojie now lets see we have four adults and four children, » she said gazing at everyone. « Yep that’s right four adults and four children, » Yugi agreed until he realized something. « Hey there’s five adults and three children, » Yugi said causing Malik and Ryou to laugh. « Oh I’m sorry, » Mojie laughed as she stamped everyone hands.  » Hope you enjoy your stay here at Domino Disney, » she yelled as Yugi, Malik, Ryou, Kaiba, Jou and the little Yami’s ran to the lockers and stroller rental area.

« Okay me and Jou will get a locker to put the Little Yami’s extra pair of clothes in and other things, » Malik said. « Okay and me and Ryou will go and get strollers, » Yugi said as he and Ryou left to pick out strollers. **Great leave me here alone with little Yami’s why don’t you** Kaiba thought as he waited on the bench with Bakura, Marik and Yami.

« Okay come on Yami time to get in your stroller, » Yugi said as he placed Yami into his Finding Nemo stroller. Malik then placed Marik in his Dalmation Stroller and finally Ryou had managed to convince Bakura to stay in his Simba stroller ( Involves Candy). « Hey I’ll race ya guys, » Yugi said as he ran towards FantasyLand ( My favorite) straight for the PeterPan ride….

« Hi dis is Mayik pwease reboo. Darp Santuarby hopes you wike dis chapter. »

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