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Bad Neck Day:
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Warnings: Fluff abound, AU-ish, sad attempts at humour.
A/N: I got the inspiration for this from an accident that I suffered (in which, not surprisingly, I screwed my neck up). So I decided that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all, even if it is a bit clichéd and hackneyed. Oh, and a bit of shameless advertising here; I wrote something along the lines of `Cellblock Tango’ (from `Chicago’) and posted it up as a Naruto even though it does contain a little Dark/Dai. So if you’re interested, please read and tell me what you thought of it. That’d be nice…mm yes, very nice indeed…so read and review please, and enjoy this latest `drabble’.
Dark leapt into the air, a triumphant laugh on his lips as he reached for the ball. Three centimeters…two centimeters….one centimeter…CRACK. The ex-thief felt a burning pain shoot through his neck and he yelped, letting the ball go as he landed back on the ground in an undignified heap. There were groans of disappointment from his team before they all rushed over to see if he was all right. The first to reach him was Daisuke, followed by Takeshi. “Are you all right?” the redhead worriedly asked. Dark tried to look up at him but that pain intensified and he howled, clutching the sore spot. Everyone winced. “Dark!” The teacher ran over, looking somewhat worried. When he saw and heard what had happened from the purple-haired teen himself, he sighed.
“It sounds like you pulled a muscle,” he commented. “Go down to the nurse…get someone to accompany you. Everyone else-continue!” Most people dashed off; only Daisuke remained.
“I’ll go with him, Sensei,” he respectfully said. The teacher nodded.
“No problem. Keep an eye on him; we don’t need any more accidents.” Dark scowled lightly before turning towards Daisuke.
“Come on, Dai-chan,” he tried to lightly say, but the pain prevented him from looking at the redhead.
They walked down the flights of stairs to the nurse’s office, Dark wincing every time his head was jolted, as it put strain on his neck. “Ooh!” Daisuke sighed.
“Look, Dark, we’ll go a little slower, all right?” The other teen nodded slowly, wincing. Unfortunately, he could not walk in silence, as shown by his constant banter with Krad whenever he committed a theft.
“Hey, Dai-chan?”
Daisuke blushed lightly. “Don’t call me that! It’s embarrassing?” The older one merely laughed and ruffled his hair lightly before continuing.
“So, Dai-chan…how did you find the Maths quiz?”
Daisuke shrugged. “It was all right. I didn’t like that question on ratios though.” Dark lightly laughed.
“They’re really not that difficult, once you get the hang of them,” he pointed out.
“I guess you’re right. But I don’t get the hang of them” Daisuke retorted. “I just don’t really get along with them, that’s all.” Dark nodded understandingly. They continued to chat until they arrived at the nurse’s office. Luckily, she was in, and immediately pronounced that Dark had indeed pulled a muscle.
“You haven’t been doing enough exercise lately, have you?” She asked, a twinkle in her grey eyes. Dark spluttered indignantly and Daisuke could just hear him cursing in various different languages. The nurse continued. “That’s why you have a stiff neck. Now, I’ll just bandage it up like so…” she demonstrated. “And keep your neck steady. Don’t try and turn your head too quickly, and just take things easy, all right young man?” Dark was about to nod before the pain made itself known once more.
“Yes ma’am.”
“Very good then.” She gave Dark a pat on his makeshift `neck cast’ and smiled at Daisuke. “Off you go, and remember, try not to put any strain on your neck in the meantime!”
The two boys went through the rest of the day fairly quickly, although Dark soon got annoyed when everyone asked him what he’d done to deserve a neck cast. Things were the same when he got home; Emiko and Towa insisted on his staying in bed despite his insistence that a sore neck would not hamper his ability to move around the house. Even Daisuke babied him in his own way.
Dark stared out the window of his shared bedroom, wishing that he could move. He was restless; it didn’t help that he had finished all of Daisuke’s books and magazines and even his homework. He couldn’t steal anything; his neck was `too delicate’ for that. He couldn’t move because for some reason, as soon as he tried to swing his legs out of the bed, Emiko would appear and shove him back in again. He couldn’t even talk to Daisuke, as he had gone out to work on a project with Satoshi. Dark rolled his eyes. I’m so pathetic, he thought wryly. With chirped from somewhere near his feet and Dark smiled fondly at the rabbit before leaning back and picking up a magazine.
“Tadaima!” Daisuke’s familiar, warm tones floated up the stairs and Dark fairly leapt out of bed, more than overjoyed to hear his once-Tamer home. Unfortunately, this sudden movement caused pain to go shooting up his senses and Dark yelped, earning himself a glare from With.
Dark saw crimson make its way up and within moments he was being gently hugged by the younger boy. “Hey Dark,” he mumbled into his neck. “How are you?” Dark chuckled.
“I’m being treated as an invalid. I’ll never make fun of Daikii ever again, not even when he loses control of his—eh.” Said grandfather was standing in the doorway, white eyebrows drawn downwards in what looked like a fierce glare, but humour twinkled in his eyes.
“Loses control of what?” Dark smiled sheepishly and squirmed away from the old man’s gaze.
“Nothing…” he airily replied. Daikii shook his head.
“Well, it’s dinner time. Emiko is busy with the table.” Both boys nodded, saying that they would be down in a while. Daisuke immediately jumped off the bed and held out a hand to Dark.
“Do you need any help?” He asked worriedly. Dark laughed.
“I’m fine,” he replied. “It’s my neck, not my legs.” He slowly got up, being careful not to jolt his head too much. Daisuke smiled at the way he was moving.
“Look at you,” the redhead said laughingly. “Moving like you’re older than Grandpa!” Dark growled and took a playful swipe at him, which Daisuke easily dodged.
Dinner passed in relative peace, apart from when Kosuke leaned over to take the salt from his son and knocked his own water glass over in the protest. To Emiko’s and Daikii’s amusement, he was so flustered after this accident that he dropped the soya sauce. Dark and Daisuke could only watch as Kosuke turned a beautiful shade of red (not unlike his son) and dashed for a towel with which to mop up the mess. “He’s just like you, Dai-chan!” Daisuke’s mother twittered.
Daisuke was working on his English homework whilst Dark watched, gloating over his having finished it earlier in the day. “I hope you and that guy didn’t do anything other than work,” Dark commented, eyes glowing jealously. Daisuke turned around to face him, a small smile on his lips.
Daisuke tapped his chin thoughtfully in a gesture that was all Emiko’s. “Hm…well, no. Nothing much. We just went out for ice cream…” Dark squawked.
“Ew!” The younger one giggled in amusement and crimson met violet. Then Dark pounced on Daisuke and leaned closer, burying his face in the mass of thick red hair.
“But you’ll always be mine!” He triumphantly proclaimed. Daisuke raised an eyebrow and mumbled, `I beg to differ’ into his darker half. Dark pulled away, shocked. “Why, Dai-chan!” He exclaimed. “You’re such a player! Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s mean to toy with others’ affections?” Daisuke protested at this, pointing out that Dark himself had done the same thing to Risa on various occasions. With amusement, the thief noted that the petit redhead didn’t mention himself.
Dark seductively whispered, “But it doesn’t stop you from loving me.” Daisuke broke out into a full blush and stammered as his boyfriend leaned downwards to nibble his ear. Then…”YEEEOW!” Dark’s head jerked back upwards and the hand that was not around Daisuke’s waist flew up to rub the injured point. The tiny redhead looked up sharply, eyes filled with worry.
“Dark!” Ignoring the fact that said teen seemed to be recovering quite quickly, Daisuke hastily guided him to the bed and made him sit down. “I’ll get the ointment, okay? You just stay here.” At the mutinous look on Dark’s face, Daisuke looked at With. “Keep an eye on him please?” He asked the rabbit, which happily `kyuued’ in reply. “It’s for your own good,” he admonished his protesting lover.
He flopped down dejectedly, growling at the pain in his neck and rubbing it. The re-appearance of Daisuke made him perk up a little, although he was too distracted to even try thinking of a way to embarrass the redhead. “Come on,” he heard Daisuke say. “Where does it hurt the most?” Dark glared at him; it was obvious, seeing as his fingers were still massaging the spot. Daisuke smiled sheepishly, blushing. “Ah.” Tipping out a little of the ointment onto his fingers, he gently began to rub the sore spot in circles. That feels…really good…Dark thought before relaxing completely.
Daisuke raised an eyebrow and stifled a laugh as Dark began to purr. He continued to rub the sore spot, turning the task into a massage of sorts. He smiled lightly at the look on Dark’s face and gently leaned down to peck his lips. “Mm…Dai…” the ex-thief muttered hazily. “Ahn…” He kissed back gently, one arm slinging itself around Daisuke’s narrow shoulders and pulling him closer. They cuddled for a while and soon Daisuke placed the oil on the desk and leaned closer to Dark, reveling in the feeling of the older one’s arms around him. They continued, the ex-thief running his fingers through his boyfriend’s hair. Then…
“KYAA!” Both Dark and Daisuke flew at least three feet off the futon before landing with a crash. Emiko had walked in. Although she knew they were in a relationship, it didn’t stop her from squealing with delight at how `kawaii’ they looked. After Daisuke had finally managed to get her out of his room (with the promise of a photo of them together) both boys relaxed once more.
“Heh,” Dark laughed. Daisuke looked at him, bewildered, and then joined in. Then he rolled over and lightly brushed his fingers over Dark’s neck, rubbing the sore spot gently.
“Is it better now?” The redhead asked.
Violet eyes studied him appraisingly and then Dark nodded carefully. “Yes. Much better.”
Dark smiled at the young one in his arms. Yes, he thought, he really can turn everything around. Wincing at the pain in his neck, he slowly shifted and fell asleep, still hugging Daisuke.
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