InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Away Game ( Chapter 6 )

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The Marching Dragons

Chapter Six: Away Game

{Disclaimer: Again, I don’t own any of this stuff. Not even the song `Four Season’. That belongs to Namie Amuro. Just as `At the Beginning’ belongs to Richard Marx and Donna Lewis.}

Authors Note: Look, another update! See, I’m getting back into my old rhythm. It may take me a bit, but I’ll get there. Besides, I’m coming down with a cold…again. ::Sighs:: Why is it I can’t just stay healthy? So, instead of watching so much Naruto that I forget I’m me, I’m writing this. Apparently I’m a female Naruto, so says my friends at least. Okay enough rambling! In the duet part. Italics means one singing, and Bold means two or more. Also, please do not take offence if you are in the Pom Squad or Cheerleading Squad. I’m basing the ones in this fic after the ones at my school. I’m sure that you’re nothing like the way I describe them. Review responses below, ja for now.

Tsuki Yume: The school spirit tends to be found only within the sports and music I’ve found, or at least that’s how it is at my school. The nicknames is only a school thing. Heck I’m known as `Ru at my school. Not many people know my real name. I find it fun, so I thought it would make the fic fun too. Yes, the father issue is very typical, but it has basis in the anime. In movie three they really are like that. I’m glad you really do like it. In our competitions we got third place out of three bands for the first one. Which we expected. The other bands there were a lot richer than us and had been going to two competitions every Saturday since school started. In the second one we got fourth place out of five bands. The band we beat was using our field show from last year, so it was appropriate. Thanks for asking.

mandy: No. No one knows her real name is Kagome…yet. Naw, Kags isn’t a genius. She will get together with Sesshie though…eventually. No, no secret smart person. I have other plans. Sorry. You’re right they don’t seam all that close. I’ve been working on it. During marching season you don’t really have time for anything else.



It was Friday and I was in the library. I hadn’t seen Gome unless I had to all week. So what if I was avoiding her, I could care less. I’m not used to this whole asking for forgiveness thing. It makes me feel weak, I hate it. Besides, I’ll probably end up doing it sometime today. After all, it was the first football game of the season, an away game at that. We were going to Northern high school. Surly within that hour or so drive up there I could apologize to Gome.

I looked up at the clock on the wall and sighed. If I wanted to get to the band room early, I would have to leave now. I logged off the computer and packed up my stuff before I headed out of the library and down the stairs towards the band room.

The halls under the library smelt strongly of paint and other art supplies. I couldn’t tell if it was coming from the class rooms or the halls themselves. I tried to ignore the smell as best as I could as I made my way to the band room.

The music hallway, where the choir and band room was, as well as the loading dock entrance and back stage entrance area, was cold. Normally that meant that the loading dock was open, but I knew for a fact that it was hotter than normal outside, so that couldn’t be it. I looked around the hall as I walled through it, and noticed something different. The stage door was open. At my old school, when ever the stage door was open it was a lot colder in the hallway, I never understood why. Apparently it was a trait with all sages.

As I passed the door I looked inside and stopped. Gome was standing in the middle of the stage alone singing. I walked a bit closer and leaned against the doorway. I wanted to hear her. I don’t know why, I just did.

« Aishi aeba wakare yuku sonna deai kurikaeshita. Kioku fukaku tesaguri de amai kage o motomete wa. I can taste the sweetness of the past. Doko ni mo anata wa inai kedo. I’ll be alright me wo tsubureba soko ni. Kawranai ai wo I believe. Haru no hikari atsumetara hana sakasete. Natsu wa tsuki ukabu umi de mitsumete. Aki no kaze fuyu no yuki mo sono toiki de. Atatamete hoshii. Four seasons with your love mou ihido. » She paused in her singing and I couldn’t help but clap.

She jumped and spun around at the sound of my hand and placed one of her own on her chest. « That was beautiful. »

« You scared me. What are you doing here? »

« I was on my way to the band room when I heard you. »

« Why did you stop then? »

« I wanted to listen. » I was trying to be nice. It figures, the one time I actually try to be nice to someone they make it a challenge.

« Oh. Did you like it? »

« Very much. I didn’t know you knew Japanese. »

« I am Japanese. » Oh. Well, that explains a lot.

« I thought you looked foreign. »

« I don’t know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult. »

« Whichever. » She smiled at that and walked over to me. Suddenly I felt very small, and sheepish. What was it about he to make me feel like this?

« So tell, me. Why are you still here? I thought you were still mad at me. »

« About that. » I paused and she cocked her head to the side.

« Yes? »

« I want to apologize for that time. »

« Oh? »

« Yes. I was surprised by my father being there. I did not mean to upset you. »

« Were you surprised or angry? »

« Does it matter? »

« Yes. Now which was it? »

« Angry. » I said and looked away. Why am I being so truthful with this woman?

« I thought as much. » She smiled and I felt better. Why does it matter to me whether or not she feels happy? « So. » She said and wrapped her arm around mine. « You’re sitting with us on the bus to Northern high, right? »

« Do I have a choice? »

« No, not really. »

« Than why even bother asking? »

« It was nice to. » She said leading me onto the stage. « So, why don’t you help me practice? »

« Practice what? »

« A song. » She let go of my arm and I just stared at her. I haven’t sung in years. I used to only sing with my mother, and that was only in the car when she forced me to.

« I can’t sing. »

« That’s fine. I just need to work on the timing. » I sighed. I can’t say no to her. I don’t know why, but I can’t and it infuriates me.

« What song? »

« At the Beginning. » I’ve heard that song. Inuyasha’s mother likes it a lot. Gome placed a set of lyrics in my hand and walked over to a CD player. Bending down she hit the play button with a quiet click. Music began to fill the room and Gome walked to my side before she began to sing. « We were strangers. Starting out on a journey. Nerver dreaming. What we’d have to go through. Now here we are. And I’m suddenly standing . At the beginning with you. » She pointed to me and I began to sing.

« No one told me. I was going to find you. » I looked over at her and she ushered me on. Apparently I wasn’t so bad, nothing compared to her or the other choir kids, but I could at least stay in tune and on pitch. With her encouragement, I allowed the music to take control, just like my mom taught me. « Unexpected. What you did to my heart. When I lost hope. You were there to remind me. This is the.. » Then she joined in with me.

« …start. And…Life is a road. And I wanna keep goin’. Love is a river. I wanna keep flowin’. Life is a road. Now and forever. Wonderful journey. I’ll be there. When the world stops turning. I’ll be there. When the storm is through. In the end I wanna be standing. At the beginning with you.« 

« We were strangers. On a crazy adventure. » She added

« Nerver dreaming. How our dreams would come true. » I sang.

« Now here we stand. Unafraid of the future. At the beginning with you. Life is a road. And I wanna keep goin’. Love is a river. I wanna keep flowin’. Life is a road. Now and forever. Wonderful journey. I’ll be there. When the world stops turning. I’ll be there. When the storm is through. In the end I wanna be standing. At the beginning with you. I knew there was somebody somewhere. Like me alone in the dark. Now I know my dream will live on. I’ve been waiting so long. Nothing’s gonna tear us apart. And…Life is a road. And I wanna keep goin’. Love is a river. I wanna keep flowin’. Life is a road. Now and forever. Wonderful journey. I’ll be there when the world stops turning. I’ll be there. When the storm is through. In the end I wanna be standing. At the beginning with you. Life is a road and I wanna keep goin’. Love is a river I wanna keep goin’ on…« 

« Starting out on a journey. Gome sang out and I watched her.

« Life is a road and I wanna keep goin’. Love is a river I wanna keep flowin’. In the end I wanna be standing. At the beginning…with you…« 

We watched each other for a few moments before anyone said anything. I was having a wondrous time gazing into her honey eyes, but she must have felt a bit uncomfortable, after all, she was the one who broke the silence. « Thanks. »

« Not a problem. »

« We should get to the band room. »

« We should. » I took her arm as she had done to mine earlier and led her off the stage and into the band room. There our little moment was shattered when the drumline walked up to us.

« Hey, Gome! You’re late. » Chris said as he glared at me.

« I was on stage. »

« Cool. » Drew said with a nod. « Did you hear what happened to Randi? »

« No, what happened? I noticed she wasn’t in school today. »

« I called her after school. » Drew said as his shoulders shook with laughter. « She had to stay home today because she nearly drowned in the shower this morning. » Gome started laughing, and I had to admit, it took a lot of effort not to laugh myself.

« How’d she manage to do that? » I was wondering that myself.

« She said she fell asleep in the shower and suddenly started coughing up water. » The whole drumline laughed at that and I shook my head.

« So, are things cool with you and Shou? » Juan asked, earning a glare from the others.

« Yep! » She smiled and looked at me. I shook my head at her and her smile only widened. « So when are we heading toward the bus? » The line shrugged and I looked over at the clock.

« In about thirty minutes it seams. »

« Cool. » Gome smiled. « So what are we going to do until then? » Everyone shrugged their shoulder and we ended up just talking…well they did. I refused to open my mouth.

« So, how are tings with Kikyou? » Drew asked.

« So-so. We fought after the parade. » She shrugged. « She didn’t like the fact I came home so early. She wanted more time with Inuyasha. »

« I don’t understand how he can go out with her and be your friend. » Chris scoffed. Gome lowered her head just as Mr. O walked in the room.

« Drumline! The truck’s here, get your stuff out there now! » Everyone grabbed their drum and walked out of the room to load up their stuff. While they did that I walked into the instrument closet in the back of the room to get my flute out of my locker.

I sat down on the floor once I had everything ready. I had my book in my pocket, I had my flute and pep music, I had extra hair ties, and I had ear plugs in case people were too annoying for my tastes. Looking up at the clock I stood back up. There was a good five minutes before the buses got here. Might as well wait outside. I was walking out of the band room when Miroku walked up to me.

« Heading toward the buses? » He asked and I just rolled my eyes at him.

« Where else would I be going? »

« To see Gome at the loading dock. » I snorted at that.

« I would rather die. »

« Why don’t you just admit you like her. »

« I don’t. »

« You’re awfully friendly with her. »

« How would you know? » I looked at him flatly. This person couldn’t even begin to know who I am and am not friendly with.

« I’ve been best friends with Inuyasha since elementary school. I’ve been over to your house countless times. » Has he really? I`m not that oblivious, am I? « I also know that normally you don’t give people a second look, but you’ve given Gome many. »

« So. »

« You like her. »

« No. » He smiled and shook his head at me. At me, like I was some child.

« What ever you say. Just make sure you invite me to the wedding. » I growled as he walked past me and onto the first bus that was waiting for us. How dare he insinuate such a thing. This Sesshoumaru is in capable of marriage. I refuse to ever marry. It’s a useless expense.

I got on the bus and sat down in the back. In my old school that’s were all the loaners and people who wished to be left alone sat, but of course, this isn’t my old school. No sooner had I sat down the drumline filed in on the bus and made their way over towards me. I groaned as Gome sat next to me and the others around us.

« Why are you sitting here? »
« We always sit here. » Gome smiled at me, and I felt less annoyed from Miroku’s comments. It wasn’t long before the bus actually pulled out of the parking lot and began it’s journey to Northern high school. I pulled out my book from my pocket and opened it up to my bookmarked place. I wasn’t going to allow the drumline to mess up my reading time. « What `cha readin’? » Gome’s voice reached my ear and I sighed.

« I was reading The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart. »

« Is it good? »

« From what I’ve been able to read, yes. »

« What’s it about? »

« Merlin. »

« Cool. » Yes very, now leave me be. They funny thing was, she did. All of them did. I noticed they even lowered their voices a bit. Maybe I’ve got these people all wrong. Maybe they’re not as bad as I thought.

So I read through the entire trip. By the time we were at the high school I was almost finished, which I was quite pleased about. I closed the book and looked out at the school to the side of us. It wasn’t quite as big as our school, but it was one of the larger one’s I’ve seen, especially larger than my old school.

The bus drove around and stopped at the entrance to the stadium. I watched as the other students started putting together their instruments, so I did the same. I got off the bus with the drumline, who immediately walked off towards their truck, and gathered around with the mob the band had created.

As the drumline came back Miroku raised his voice in command. « Form two lines! We’re marching in. » It took the other student’s a while, but eventually the two desired lines were formed and we marched into the stadium, which was the smallest one I’ve ever seen.

There was only one side of bleachers and not very many of them. I’d say maybe a quarter of the size of our school. I watched the few people on our side stuff chips and other such goodies into their mouths as we passed to the farthest side of the stadium. We took our seats as the drum majors announced that we could go get food. At that everyone ran to the snack bar area to be the first in line. I on the other hand had eaten at home. It pays to have a car a large amount of the time.

I sat down and strapped my lyre on my arm. I began warming up as a few of the students returned, lucky enough to get a place near the front of the line. By the time everyone returned and had finished eating, the opposing team ran out onto the field. The drum majors jumped up and raised their hand preparing to start us off.

« We Will Rock You! » Annette yelled and counted us off. We played the football team’s theme song as they ran out onto the field. Both drum majors held up a fist signaling the cut off of the song. As if on queue, which most likely it was, the drumline started the roll off for the school fight song. « Band! Parade hest! » Annette yelled and we all sat down.

I was about to pull my book out of my pocket when I noticed something that got my attention. There was a player on the field that had just caught the ball and was running faster than I’ve ever seen anyone run before. As he reached the goal posts everyone screamed and we played the fight song once again. I was interested in learning that players name though. I strained to hear the loudspeaker over our playing as they announced Western high school’s goal.

« …number 20, Inuyasha Hibiki… » Oh my God. That can’t be Inuyasha. I’ve never seen Inuyasha run that fast. Wonders never cease. As they kicked the field goal and it was pronounced good, the drumline began playing their version of Go-go. Quite annoying if you ask me. We all stand up and jump up and down yelling « Get up! » Then at the Chorus yell « Go-go » and dance. I don’t dance. Wouldn’t my luck lust have it that I can never have my way though?

The flutes would just have to sit next to the drumline, to try to drown out our sound. Stupid freshman don’t know how to play piano. I was standing still during the fist round of Go-go with Gome frowning and trying to get me to dance the entire time. She wasn’t too happy about that, but I could care less.

The first two quarters went off like that. Our team would score a goal, severely beating Northern. By half-time the score was 45 to 0, like I said, severely beating. I have to admit though; being on the same side as the opposing team does have it’s plus side.

When Northern’s marching prepared to take the field we could see them, which means I’ll get to see another field show other than ours. The Poms came on the field and danced one of the sluttiest dances I’ve ever seen. I’ve heard a few of the Poms in the halls, and they’re no better than the Cheerleaders. The only one I can actually say doesn’t make me want to die or kill something is Sango. That’s pretty sad considering how many girls are there?

I shook my head and sighed as they walked off the field. Not only do they need to learn modesty, but a good choice in music as well. I mean, you can’t just jump from rap to country the way they did. Gladly though the band came on and I will finally get to see what the effect of what we’re doing looks like.

I watched as their drum majors marched them onto the field and they took their positions. « Here we are again folks! » Yelled the announcer. « The marching seals have yet another show for us. Today we’ll see a section from their Ride Through Time field show featuring the music from the motion picture Timeline! »

The band before us snapped to attention and began to play. I watched as their formations fell in one after another. I watched their show with interest. I started getting a bit frightened though when I caught myself checking to make sure they were all in step and had flute and horn angles right. What’s happening to me? I’ve never been a band freak before, so why is it happening so suddenly.

As glad as I was to get to see another field show, I was even happier to see them march off the field. Please don’t tell me this is going to be one of those things that stays with me for the rest of my life. I sighed as our players came back onto the field and resumed the game.


It was well past sun set by now. In fact it was well into the fourth quarter. Through the entire game Inuyasha carried the team the whole way. I had no idea he was such a spectacular player. I knew he liked playing football, but I had no idea he was actually good at it. It wasn’t long before the team, or should I say Inuyasha, scored another touchdown.

We played the fight song again, and I must say, I’ve never grown so tired of a song so quickly. I feel bad for the people who have been here for a year or more. I groaned at the song that followed though.


They had played it many times during the night and each time Gome would always try to get me to dance and frown when I refused. I would jump yes, solely because I wanted to see how much stress the bleachers could actually take before they broke. As the dancing part came up I stopped and shook my head. I refuse to disgrace myself by dancing. I closed my eyes, waiting for that part to end when I felt hands on my writs.

My eyes snapped open and I looked down at Gome. She held my arms and was dancing with me. « What are you doing? »

« Forcing you to dance. » I narrowed my eyes at her.

« Stop. »

« You need to dance. »

« I need to do no such thing. »

« Can’t you just let loose for one night? » She asked and we continued talking through the second jumping section.

« Of course not. »

« Why? »

« I have my reasons. »

« Like? » Why won’t she leave me alone? Is it so hard to want things kept to myself? I didn’t say anything and she eventually sighed in defeat. « Fine, but my ears are always open. »

After that nothing else really happened. We won the game surprise, surprise; 56 to 0. Then we headed back to the bus. The drumline was putting their drums on their truck while the rest of us put our instruments in the cases. I sat back in my seat and waited for the drumline to come, as they always did. I really think they’re just following Gome, and she’s the one who seeks me out.

The line sat down quickly and the bus was off. I actually paid attention to the conversations going on between the line members. It was a miracle for me. It was soon after we left Northern high school that I felt something hit my shoulder.

I looked to my side and saw Gome asleep, my shoulder her pillow. I couldn’t help the small smile that came to my lips. She looked so cute like that. Just like that time I walked in while she was sleeping on the floor of the band room.

« Hey, who’s Gome going home with? » I asked. I knew she walked home and her family never picks her up. The other line members looked at each other for a few seconds.

« I don’t think any of us can. Gome usually gets home by herself. » Chris informed me.

« So her family picks her up? » They all shrugged. Don’t tell me she’s been walking home all these years and no one noticed. I sighed and shook my head as I looked at her. She’s so odd sometimes.


« Hey, hey Gome. » I said and shook her shoulder. She moved and groaned a bit before she actually woke up.

« What is it Shou? » She asked, rubbing her eyes.

« You’re home. »

« The school’s not my home, though you’d think it is. »

« No, we’re not at the school. » That snapped her awake. She looked around my car before she looked at me in confusion. « You fell asleep on the bus and no one wanted to wake you so the line took your drum inside and I carried you to my car. I remembered how to get to you house from the last time I dropped you off. »

« You didn’t have to. » I know, but I don’t know why I did. So just get into the house so I can go home and forget this ever happened.

« No I didn’t. Now get inside. It’s late and you’re still tired. » She nodded and opened the door.

« Thank you. » She said before she closed the door and made her way to her house. I sighed and shook my head as I pulled out of their driveway and headed towards my own home. I don’t understand what’s happening to me. Why is it now that I’m starting to care about others again?

What is it about her that reawakens my emotions from their long, frozen sleep?

The Boy