❯ Avatar meets Disney – Chapter 4 ( Chapter 4 )

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disclaimer: Don’t own any of the characters. Disney gots Jasmine, Rajah, and the Sultan while Nickelodeon has Zuko and Iroh…lucky bastards.

A/N: I know I said only one other disney character will be in this chapter…well I lied. It’s more like three. And this was a rushed chapter so i’m not 100 persent pleased with it…one more chappie left!!!

Chapter 4

« I can’t believe she snuck out! » the Sultan exclaimed with dismay. « Maybe I’m being too hard on her…I need to respect her wishes of marrying for love… »

Iroh nodded. « Yes, but how is she going to find love in just two days? » he asked curiously. « I bet if my nephew weren’t so obsessed with leaving and capturing the Avatar then… »

« That’s it! » the Sultan beamed. « Your nephew Prince Zuko can marry my daughter! They don’t get along much now but I’m sure… »

Iroh shook his head. « Even if Prince Zuko did like Princess Jasmine he wouldn’t marry her. He’s too stuck on finding the Avatar. Plus, he has a nation to run back in our world. »

The Sultan nodded sadly. « Forgot about that…I wonder if Jafar found a solution to yours and your nephew’s problem. »

« I sure did, Sultan. » Jafar replied, entering the room with a tall, darkly-clad, palish green, yellow-eyed woman. « This is a close friend of mine. Her name is Maleficent. »

The Sultan and Iroh exchanged looks before glancing back at the odd-looking woman.

« Er…hi. » Iroh greeted. « I’m Iroh of the Fire Nation…you’re not from around here are you? »

« Far from it. » Maleficent said with a grimace. She turned to Jafar, « Where’s the Prince and Princess? » she asked.

« I told you that situation is being taken care of. » Jafar said in a harsh whisper. « I just need you to use your powers to reopen that hole that brought them here. »

Maleficent nodded then turned back to Iroh. « I hope your ready to get back to your universe. I know exactly how you got here…sometimes some strange powers interfer with the way the universes are working occasionally opening a portal to another world. It seems it happened to your universe and Agrabah. I can open it again but only for a while…we just need you to get your nephew and get on that ship again and I’ll do the rest. »

Iroh nodded. « Ok but…I haven’t seen Prince Zuko all day…and I don’t know where he could be. »

« So what are you going to do about your problem? » asked Jasmine as she cleaned off the blood on her face. « You know, the whole problem with being stuck in another universe. It’s not like you can exactly walk around with your uncle back into some portal or anything. »

Zuko shrugged. « Someone has to know something about my situation. » he said. « But first I need to find my crew. »
« Crew? » Jasmine asked. « There’s more of you? »

« When I was tricked by my sister; I escaped and she took my Fire Nation ship I was using to track down the Avatar. » Zuko explained. « My uncle and I managed to get a low budget ship and hire men who would help us with it as long as we promised to keep them safe from my sister Azula. »

« Wow…sounds like your sister is not a very nice person… »

« That’s the nice way of putting it. » Zuko said. « I’d say she’s more of a- »

« Hey! » Jasmine exclaimed before Zuko could finish his sentence. « I have a wonderful idea! Let’s go to that festival the guards were talking about before we go on search for your crew! »

Zuko gave her a skeptical look. He didn’t like all this ‘we’ stuff she was saying. « When did me and you become a ‘we’? » he asked. « I’m looking for my crew on my own and there’s no way I’m going to a…festival! » He spat the last word in disgust.

Jasmine rolled her eyes, expecting a response like that from the fire prince. « How old are you again? » she asked, annoyed. « Seventeen, right? » Zuko nodded. « Well, me too. The difference between you and I is I’ve been locked up my whole life behind those palace walls and I still manage to want to have a little fun. You practically travel everywhere with your uncle and yet you manage to live a more unexciting and sheltered life then me. »

Zuko glared at her. « I have more important things to do then go to festivals with dirty peasants- »

« Peasants? » Jasmine asked. « Is that what you think of your people back in your nation? »

Zuko thought all the times he called the water tribe girl a peasant. « …well…that’s what they are… »

« No wonder you’re here. » Jasmine said. « If you ask me I think the people in your nation new about some weird alternate universe hole and pushed your ship into it just to get rid of you. »

« What? » Zuko asked, thrown off-guard by Jasmine’s change of attitude back to ‘snotty princess’. « Let’s just pretend I didn’t hear that! » he muttered darkly before turning to walk out the alley entrance.

Jasmine sighed, knowing what she said was just ‘alittle’ inappropriate since Zuko did save her life from the thief Saluk. « Sorry! » she immediately apologized and jogged up to his side. « I know that wasn’t very…princessly of me. »

« Nothing’s ‘princessly’ about you but your looks and clothes. » He muttered, but she heard him loud and clear.

« Now I’m just going to pretend like I didn’t hear that! » she replied. « But seriously…will it kill you to have just alittle fun before continuing your ‘mission’ or what ever you call it? »

« I really have to- » He stopped when he saw the disappointment in the princess’s face. « Did you really think I was going to agree to go to a festival? » he asked incredulously.

« Fine. » she said, not seeming mad or disappointed any more. « I can go myself…after all, I did come out here on my own, didn’t I? » She continued walking out the alley. « Good luck on your searching…and I’ll keep my promise to go back to the palace after I’m done exploring Agrabah for myself. »

She can’t be serious! Zuko thought, angered by her continuation of staying in Agrabah by herself after almost getting herself captured and possibly murdered by a band of forty thieves. « You’re crazy! » he shouted, causing her to stop and flash a grin in his direction.
« I’m spoiled, remember? » She turned and continued to make her way down the streets of Agrabah, Zuko cursing himself as he reluctantly followed her.

Jasmine grinned inwardly as she knew Zuko was following just a few paces behind her into the crowd of people who came to see the foreign festivities.

« You don’t have to follow so far behind. » she spoke up. « I know you’re there. So you might as well suck up your pride and get up here and join me. »

Zuko looked startled at first, then he quickly recovered and walked to her side. « I can’t believe I’m here. » he admitted harshly. He looked around at the crowds of people, the entertainment, the different dishes of food from different parts of the world. « It’s like a traveling circus. »

« It’s a festival. » Jasmine corrected. She stared at the things with admiration while Zuko continued to take to the new things with little interest. Jasmine saw him out of the corner of her eye, his arms were crossed as usual, his gaze was stern, and his mouth was a tight thin line. Jasmine nudged him playfully which caused her gaze to turn to her. « Lighten up! Are all the people like this where you’re from? »

Zuko thought about the Avatar’s joyous attitude, the water tribe boy’s serious but fun outlook on life, and the waterbender’s positive attitude. « Sadly…no. » he answered after awhile.

« Thank god for that! » Jasmine commented. « Can’t you at least pretend to be good company? »

« No. »

« Not even for like twenty minutes? » she asked. « I am getting married to the man my father chooses tomorrow…don’t I deserve to have one last good day? »

« You’re actually going to agree to marry who your father chooses? » Zuko asked incredulously.

Jasmine shrugged. « Why not? Like you said before…this is my city. I am going to become queen of this place and if I have to marry a…prince to do it then I will. » She thought a moment. « Then I can change the rules for my kids. They’ll be allowed to marry whomever their heart desires. It can be a street rat and I wouldn’t care as long as their happy. » She glanced at him with curiosity. « Where you’re from, do you get to choose who you marry? »

Zuko closed his eyes and frowned, thinking of his mother. « No. » he replied sadly.

Jasmine frowned too. This was the first time she saw Zuko show other emotion then anger or selfishness. « Do you have someone you love but can’t marry? » she asked. « A girl that isn’t of royalty so you can’t be with her? »

Blue eyes flashed in Zuko’s mind. « No! » he snapped, forcing the images away. « It’s no concern of mine who my father chooses for me to marry! First I have to make sure I get my place to the throne before it’s passed on to Azula! »

« This Avatar you always speak of…are you capturing him for your own selfish reasons or for your people? » Jasmine asked curiously. « What’s so important about him that you get him anyways? »

« We’re at war we’re I’m from. » Zuko explained. « Have been for a thousand years. The Avatar is the only one that can defeat my father and restore things back to the way they were. »

« …isn’t that a good thing? » she asked. « If you’re in war and the Avatar can stop it then why would you want to stop him? »
Zuko didn’t answer her and she knew after a long moment of silence that he wasn’t going to. After awhile she finally said, « You are capturing him for selfish reasons. »

The Sultan mumbled hastily as he went threw huge stacks of papers scattered infront of him. « Who to chose? Who to chose? » he asked himself over and over again as Iroh watched him in concern.

« Sultan? » Jafar said as he watched him too. « May I make a suggestion? »

The Sultan stopped to gaze sincerely at Jafar. « Why yes! You’re opinion means a lot to me too, Jafar! » he exclaimed. « Which prince do you think Princess Jasmine would like? » he glanced down at the pictures and profiles. « She did have Rajah bite this one…and she threw her wine on this one…hmm… »

« If you don’t mind, I believe none of those men are suitable for our lovely Princess Jasmine. » Jafar stated. « So I came up with a great idea. »

The Sultan glanced at Iroh who shrugged in return. « …what would that be, Jafar? »

« Why not have the princess marry…me? » Jafar asked, straightening up with pure confidence.

« What? » The Sultan asked, dumbfounded.

Iroh spat out his tea in shock. « But…but you’re so old! » he exclaimed.

Jafar glared at him, continuing. « I have been your loyal advisor for years…I have cared for Jasmine since she was a little baby. I know what’s good for her and what she wants. »

« But…but the rules say she must marry a prince! » The Sultan stammered, not liking the idea of Jafar marrying his daughter. It wasn’t that he disliked Jafar, it was just it wouldn’t seem right and he’d know Jasmine would disapprove of it immediately.

Jafar became angered. He slammed his snake cane down hard into the floor, its eyes turning red as Jafar pushed the cane infront of the Sultan’s face.

« The princess will marry me! » he stated sternly.

« The princess will marry you. » The Sultan repeated in a zombie tone, his eyes glazing over as he became hypnotized by the cane.

Iroh sat up in confusion as he heard what the Sultan said. « But…don’t you think Princess Jasmine would disapprove? » he asked. « You must think of your daughter, Sultan! »

« Silence! » Jafar yelled as he turned the snake cane to Iroh. « You will be silent and not speak another word! You will also allow this! You will take your brat prince nephew and leave as soon as that portal opens for you! You will not think a second thought about Agrabah! »

« I will be silent. I will allow this. I will take my brat nephew and leave and not think a second thought about Agrabah. » Iroh repeated, sitting back down to continue drinking his tea.

Jafar smirked. « Good. »

Jasmine was silent for a long time. Zuko glanced at her to see her enjoying the festival silently…but he knew something was wrong. He knew he could out do her in being quiet longer but her silence was strange.

« Want something to eat? » he asked reluctantly. He had to find some way to break the tension.

She shook her head silently.

« Sure? » he asked again.

She nodded.

« Fine. » He shrugged before leaving her to find a stand that served drinks. What am I doing here? He asked himself. I’m suppose to be looking for my crew…not playing guard for the princess! A huge crowd of people captured his attention as he heard a overly obnoxious voice speak highly of itself.

« And as your new prince I, Prince Kuzco, will make sure all you mere townspeople will get to appreciate my beauty everyday! » a young prince exclaimed. « There will be statues of me on every corner; important corners I mean, and pyramids in honor of me! »

« What about the princess? » someone asked.

Kuzco thought a moment. « Oh yeah…the princess…forgot about her…is she hot? » he asked. « Didn’t get the picture of her yet… »

« Who are you? » Zuko asked as he made his way to the front of the crowd to get a better view of the guy that was calling himself the new prince of Agrabah. He took in the man’s Egyptian-like style. « You’re the suitor the Sultan picked? » he asked incredulously. It was really none of his business or concern but he was sure the Sultan would pick someone Jasmine would at least get along with. This prince was the definition of what Jasmine hated in a guy.

« Prince Kuzco, formerly known as Emperor Kuzco! » the prince announced joyfully. « I’m going to be the new king of Agrabah after I marry Princess Jennifer. »

« Jasmine. » Zuko corrected.

« Hmm…what? Did you say something? » Kuzco asked.

Zuko sighed. « Nevermind! » he muttered.

« Anways, as I was saying… »

Zuko quietly made his way around the back of the new ‘prince’ of Agrabah as he continued to talk to the annoyed yet interested crowd. Once behind Kuzco he flickered a little bit of fire on his robe. The little flick began to grow to a large flame and traveled up the expensive robe.

« Prince Kuzco, » Zuko said, tapping him on the back of the shoulder.

« What is it now? » Kuzco asked irritated.

« You’re on fire. » He announced before walking away. Kuzco shrieked as he began to feel the hot flames spread on his back. The crowd watched in amusement as he grabbed a ice cold bucket of water and dumped it on himself.

Zuko smirked, about to walk away until he heard someone call his name. He turned to see a familiar face run towards him. He quirked a brow when he realized it was someone from his universe, someone from his crew.

« I knew it was you, Prince Zuko! » The man huffed as he caught up with him. « After I seen that odd man catch on fire I knew only a firebender can do that! » The man looked around cautiously before lowering his voice. « Prince Zuko, I don’t think we’re in our world anymore…people here haven’t heard of the Fire Nation, the Avatar, or even the war! »

Zuko rolled his eyes. « I know! » he replied. « Where’s the three other men? » he asked, glancing around. « Gather them up and get ready…we’re going to… » He trailed off, seeing Jasmine walk towards him.

« To…what? » The man asked curiously. He followed Zuko’s gaze and spotted Jasmine. « Wow…who is that? »

Zuko shot a glare at the other man. « Silent! Just do as I say and go get the other men. I’ll meet you guys back by the ship with my uncle. »

« Zuko, » Jasmine smirked as she approached them. She looked alittle shocked when she saw he was talking to another man who dressed in the same weird armor like him. « Oh…you found…somebody? » she asked.

« My name’s- »

« Didn’t I give you an order? » Zuko snapped, his amber eyes glaring at the older man.

« It was nice meeting you! » The man said hastily to Jasmine before he ran off in the opposite direction. He was in no mood to see Prince Zuko’s infamous temper anytime soon.

« You too! » Jasmine shouted to the running man. « Well, kinda meeting you. » She looked at Zuko whose face looked expressionless but she knew what he was thinking. « About earlier…I was just…I couldn’t… » she began stammering, causing Zuko to look at her in confusion. « Sorry. » She smiled sheepishly. « I forgot it was your job to be the party-pooper. »

Zuko smirked. « It’s ok… » Wow, did I just accept someone’s apology? he thought incredulously. I’d never do that back home. « Is there something you need? » he asked, approaching her. He stopped once he realized what he said. Great…now you’re becoming her servant! I really need to get out of here!

« No, thank you. » She replied politely. « I just came to get you so you can watch the next show with me. »

« Really? » he asked. « What show? » We have no time for shows! An inner voice reminded him.

Jasmine shrugged, the grin never leaving her face. « The flyer says something about a gypsy named Esmeralda. She’s from a place called Paris…I always wanted to see a gypsy perform. I read so much about them when I was younger…actually I think I was obsessed. They were free to do whatever they wanted…travel places and live off the money they made from performing. » She had a dreamy look in her eyes. « Don’t you think that’ll be wonderful? »

« Uh…I guess. » he replied, shrugging.

Jasmine rolled her eyes in amusement. « I’d knew you’d respond that way. »

Zuko thought about the time after Azula almost tricked them into being her prisoners. Afterwards, Zuko and his uncle were forced to become somewhat like beggars…will Iroh did. Zuko would never lower himself and perform for money. He was of royalty! « Believe me, it’s not as fun as you think. »

Jasmine eyed him curiously. She was about to ask him what he meant by that until she heard loud horns blowing and saw confetti fall from the sky. « It’s starting! » she exclaimed happily. She grabbed Zuko’s wrist and dragged him in the direction of the stage.

« You know, this will only work if all people are on the ship, Jafar. » Maleficent said as she approached Jafar in his lair. « Prince Zuko is nowhere to be found. Most likely he is with the princess… »

« I’m on that. » Jafar replied. « You just worry about opening that hole again. » A grunt from the stairs caught Maleficent’s and Jafar’s attention. They looked alarmed before the huge figure of a beaten Saluk appeared. « Saluk? » Jafar asked. « Where’s the prince and princess? You were suppose to get him! »

Saluk scowled at him. « You said we were suppose to kill him! » he corrected Jafar. « But what you didn’t tell me was the power of the brat prince! »

« Power? Since when does a prince have power? » Jafar asked incredulously.

« He defeated me and my forty thieves! » Saluk yelled, outraged. « At first he just used swords but then… » He looked down, remembering the boy being engulfed with flames. « He produced fire! With his body! »

« Hmm… » Jafar played with his beard as he thought a moment. « Now I know what they meant when they said they were from the Fire Nation. »

« You couldn’t mention that to me earlier? » Saluk growled.

« Forget it. » Jafar waved it off. « Prince Zuko will be going home soon anyways. Where’s the last place you seen him? »

« We left him and the princess in the alley. » Saluk responded. « And I wouldn’t be so sure that he’ll be going home so soon. »

Maleficent and Jafar exchanged looks. « What are you talking about, boy? » Maleficent asked.

« Him and the princess. » Saluk said, turning to make his way back down the stairs. « They looked kind of cozy with eachother if you know what I mean. » With that said, Saluk exited the lair.

« That can be a problem, Jafar. » Maleficent stated.

« It doesn’t matter now. » he replied. « The Sultan already decided she’s going to marry me. »

« Look at her! » Jasmine said in fascination. « The way she moves is so…and it’s just…wow! I wish I could dance like that! » Zuko and Jasmine continued to look as the gypsy Esmeralda entranced the crowd with her liquid-like movements. She seemed to be seducing every man in the crowd. Jasmine glanced at Zuko to see she had an affect on him too. Jasmine smirked alittle and glanced at the ground, trying to fight the growing jealousy inside of her. She had no idea what she was jealous of…so what if Zuko was checking out another girl? Esmeralda was a very attractive woman! Why wouldn’t he check her out? Jasmine would be concerned if he didn’t check her out! Then that’ll mean there really was something wrong with Prince Zuko. « Enjoying the show? » she asked slyly, glancing back up at him.

Zuko shook out of the trance Esmeralda seemed to put him in. « Huh?…uh…it’s ok…I guess. » He shrugged, but Jasmine noticed the blush on his face.

« You…think she’s attractive? » Jasmine asked coyly, catching Zuko completely off guard.

« I…will…she…I don’t have time to…she’s… » he stammered, turning even more redder with embarrassment. He glared at Jasmine when she began giggling. « You’re evil. » he muttered, seriously. « You’re an evil girl trapped in a princess’s body. »

« It was just a question! » Jasmine exclaimed. She turned back to watch Esmeralda on stage. « I think she’s beautiful. Her movements are hypnotizing! » Jasmine blushed when she felt Zuko’s gaze on her. « I wish I could catch peoples’ attention like that. »

« What makes you think you can’t? » Zuko heard himself asking. He immediately regretted his choice in words but he continued to stare at her boldly. He blushed enough infront of her for one day.

It was Jasmine’s turn to blush more. « Well…I’m so…inexperienced when it comes to interacting with boys…as you can tell. » She gave him a sly smile. « I tend to be a spoiled princess. »

Zuko gave her an odd look. He remembered she did live a sheltered life but she pulled off the ‘flirtacious’ look so perfectly! « So you never…been with another guy…intimately? » Ooh…bad choice of words, Zuko! He realized once he saw the shocked look on the princess’s face. « I meant as in kissing! » he added hastily.

Jasmine let that one slip. « No…I’ve never kissed a boy…I’ve never dated…I’ve never even embraced another guy until you! » She glanced down again. « But that was a friendly embrace and kiss. » she added, remembering what she did to Zuko back at the alley.

Thank god…he wanted to mutter. He couldn’t handle it if it were something more…but would he mind if it was? He shook out of his thoughts. « So that’s why you want love so bad? » he asked. « You want to at least experience it once before you get married, don’t you? »

Jasmine looked at him in shock. « Exactly! » she said in disbelief. For once he actually understood her. « But…It’s too late I guess. I’ve made my choice. » She looked back at the stage to see Esmeralda’s emerald green eyes locked on Zuko. « It seems you have an admirer. » she said, hoping he didn’t hear the jealousy and hurt in her voice.

« Hmm? » Zuko asked. He followed her gaze back to Esmeralda. The woman had a sly smile on her face as she approached both of them. She leaned down and caressed Zuko’s cheek, winking flirtatiously. Zuko blushed and tried to control his raging teenage hormones. He knew Jasmine was watching him and Esmeralda. What he couldn’t understand was the loyalty he felt to Jasmine to have Esmeralda not flirt with him infront of her.

Esmeralda’s eyes lit up as she looked at Jasmine, extending a hand to the princess. « Join me on stage? » she asked politely.

Jasmine’s and Zuko’s jaws dropped. They glanced at eachother. « Er…sure… » Jasmine replied, taking Esmeralda’s hand. Her eyes never left Zuko’s.

He watched in curiosity and amusement as Jasmine was pulled onto stage by Esmeralda. Esmeralda never stopped her dancing, receiving cat calls from the men in the crowd as they noticed Jasmine. Esmeralda grinned, expecting that response.

Jasmine, on the other hand, was not use to being the center of so many men’s attention. She gave a wary glance at Zuko, feeling Esmeralda nudge her softly in the side.

« Just move your body to the music! It’s not hard. » she grinned. « I’m sure your boyfriend would appreciate it. »

« He’s not my boyfriend! » Jasmine said in a low tone, hoping Zuko didn’t hear her. « And I can’t…there’s so many people watching… »
« You know, confidence and pride are very attractive in a young lady. » Esmeralda said in a small whisper, so only Jasmine could hear her. « I bet you’d catch the attention of that young man who is not your boyfriend. » Esmeralda grinned as Jasmine gave her a shocked look. « Don’t think I haven’t noticed the exchanges between you two. »

Jasmine glanced at Zuko, sighing. Was it that obvious? « Fine…but if I look like a fool I’ll never live it down. » Esmeralda heard the humor in Jasmine’s voice.

« I promise you won’t look like a fool. »

Jasmine threw caution to the wind and began moving like Esmeralda. She found it oddly easy. Soon she was moving to the rhythm of the beat by herself, not realizing that Esmeralda stopped dancing to watch her along with the applauding crowd. She searched the crowd to see Zuko watching Jasmine, his expression hiding nothing. Esmeralda began wondering if the boy knew he was gaping at Jasmine. She smirked. Young love, it’s so beautiful. She turned to look at Jasmine again, finding the rags she wore over her clothing unflattering. Esmeralda sauntered her way towards Jasmine, who was oblivious to everything but the music, and pulled the rags off.

Jasmine didn’t care that she was in her usual princess attire infront of dozens of people, but Zuko did. He quickly shook out of his daze and jumped onto stage to grab Jasmine before the crowd realized who she really was.

« Jasmine! » He called out, but she couldn’t hear him over the music. « Jasmine! » He reached out for her but she she was moving her arms around so wildly that he had to reach for her waist. He quickly grabbed her, causing her to twirl into his embrace, stopping when they faces were mere inches away from eachother.

Jasmine looked startled at first, then she grinned. « I didn’t know you liked to dance! »

« I don’t. » He replied in a low tone. He kept her hands on her waist despite the embarrassment he was feeling. He knew he should probably move back and give them space but something about their closeness felt right and comforting. Like it did back at the alley when she was all over him with concern. « You might want to put back on the rags before people realize who you- »

« PRINCESS JASMINE! » A guard yelled as he spotted the couple on stage. « We have been looking everywhere for you! Jafar must have a word before with you before your wedding! »

« Jafar? » Jasmine asked. « What can he possibly have to say about my wedding? »

« I have lots to say, my dear. » Jafar grinned as the crowd made way for him to get past and to the stage. Jafar eyed Zuko with distaste, grimacing at his arms around Jasmine. « You told my guards you had no idea where Princess Jasmine was…you lied, Prince Zuko. »

« Prince? Princess? » Esmeralda asked incredulously. She mentally hit herself. « I should’ve spotted it! No wonder the connection between you two were so big yet secretive! You’re secret lovers! »

« They are nothing to eachother, gypsy! » Jafar spat. « I am princess’s new husband. »

Jasmine gasped in horror. « No! » she cried out. « You’re not even a prince! »

Jafar smirked, « Doesn’t matter. The Sultan has already decided. Tomorrow morning you will be my bride and I’ll become new sultan of Agrabah. »

« She still has a day to decide. » Zuko spoke up. « Her father is not allowed to choose till tomorrow! »

Jafar rolled his eyes in annoyance. « What do you care, Prince Zuko? » he asked. « You’ll be gone before then. »

« I care, » Zuko said, ignoring Jafar’s last comment. He felt something inside him telling him to stop and rethink his next few words. But something else inside him, something stronger, made him say it. « because I’m marrying the princess. »

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