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disclaimer: Don’t own any of the characters. Disney gots Jasmine, Raja, and the Sultan while Nickelodeon has Zuko and Iroh…lucky bastards.

A/N: Thanx for the reviews, glad you guys like the pairing! But I still feel crazy for writing a fic on these two royal pain-in-the-asses. lol! j/p! I love snotty and arrogant Zuko and Jasmine. Anyways, as Mappadouji nicely pointed out that Zuko and Iroh didn’t have a price on their head till season 2, while in season 1 they had the ship. I know this but since this is an alternate universe I’m switching things up. It’ll be explained later on in other chapters. Also, I said before that it was two oneshots in one…but I’m not going to do that. I was originally going to do two chapters on Zuko and Jasmine then switch to Sokka and Belle (another odd pairing) but I decided not to do that. Instead I’m making the fic a 4 chapter story of just Zuko and Jasmine so enjoy my crazy crack pairing!

Chapter 2

« W-what are you doing out here? » Jasmine stuttered, glancing around the dark night to make sure he was alone. « You’re suppose to be in your room! »

Zuko tilted his head to the side in thought. « Odd, » he said. « I was going to say the same to you, princess. I don’t think your father would like you sneaking out the palace so late at night. » He crossed his arms over his chest and fixed her with a stern gaze.

Jasmine sighed and narrowed her eyes at the seemingly happy prince. Just what was he smirking about anyways? So he caught her sneaking out…it wasn’t like he was gonna….CRAP! « Don’t tell my father! » she cried out hastily, begging. « He’ll be so upset! »

« You think? » Zuko asked incredulously. « But lieing to the Sultan would be so dishonorable- »

« What do you care? » Jasmine snapped. « I’m leaving. You don’t have to deal with me anymore so just go back to your room and- »

« Actually, » Zuko interrupted, matter-of-factly. « I could care less if you left. But your father is such a nice host that it’ll be rude of me not to mention his daughter climbing over walls to… » Zuko’s eyebrows burrowed in confusion and disgust. « What exactly are you climbing the walls for? Do you not know what’s on the other side? »

Jasmine jutted her chin out. « I know exactly what’s out there! » she replied boldly. Secretly she had no clue…but she didn’t want him to know that.

Zuko raised a brow. « Oh really? » he asked, not believing her. He was sure if she knew how dirty and dangerous it was on other side then she wouldn’t want to go. « What’s over the wall that’s so important? »

« Freedom. » Jasmine replied.

He gave her an incredulous look. « Odd, you don’t strike me as a prisoner. »

Jasmine rolled her eyes. « Then your definition of ‘prisoner’ and my definition of ‘prisoner’ are two completely different definitions. » she said. « Your not the one being forced to marry some man you’ve never met before in three days. A man who could probably care less about you and who wants to just marry you to get more wealth and power. »

« Yeah…that really sounds bad. » Zuko replied, sarcastically. « Poor you. Having to marry a man and get your rightful place as heiress to the throne. At least you get to be queen of this awful place when the time comes. Your father even cares enough to let you choose a husband before your birthday…is it his fault the rules say you have to marry an arrogant- »

« And self-righteous. » Jasmine added.

He shot her a death glare. « Prince. » he finished.

« See, I knew you wouldn’t understand. Men never do. You guys don’t care about love or family, all you care about is your own wealth and fortune. »

« Are you always this sexist or did I catch you on a bad day? » Zuko asked.

« I wouldn’t be talking Mr. Hasn’t-your-mother-taught-you-how-to-respect-men. » Jasmine answered hotly. « What’s the catch? Why are you really out here? »

« Well, I seem to be stranded in some weird alternate universe…either that or this is really one screwed up dream… »

« Nightmare. » Jasmine corrected.

« Anyways, my uncle doesn’t seem in a hurry to get out of this god-forsaken place so it’s all up to me…as usual. » Zuko sighed. « But sadly I don’t have any good transportation to get around or a map of the place…. » He smirked at Jasmine. « That’s where you come in, princess. »

« I cannot believe your blackmailing me for a lousy camel and map! » Jasmine said in disbelief. She blew out in frustration before continuing, « I have map of all of Agrabah in my room. You can find it on my dresser. My father gave it to me when I was younger since I was so curious, you can have it. I memorized it all already anyways. »

« That’s a start… »

« About the transportation you can go see my father’s advisor Jafar. » Jasmine continued reluctantly. « Tell him I’m giving you two camels…as a gift. » She said the last part bitterly.

« Thank you. » Zuko smirked. « Oh, I’ll be needing one more thing. »

« What now? » she asked, annoyed.

« An apology. » he stated firmly. « I want an apology for what you did at the fountain. »

« You have got to be joking! »

« Believe me, I don’t joke. » he responded seriously. He crossed his arms and waited for the two words to come out the princess’s mouth.

Jasmine gritted her teeth and tried to hold back her anger. Zuko was glad she wasn’t a firebender or the whole wall, including the backyard, would be on fire. Come to think of it, she seems like the type to be a firebender if she was born where he was from. He was suddenly thankful she wasn’t a bender. With an attitude like that, he’d be in trouble.

« I’m sorry, » she said finally. She continued to climb to the top of the wall. Once on top, she peered down at him, her dark eyes shining in the moonlight. « That your a complete horrible person and stubborn prince! Good luck on finding a princess to put up with your crap! »

Zuko’s jaw-dropped as the princess gave him a victorious smile and climbed down the other side of the wall. After staring at the wall in shock for a minute, Zuko’s hand balled into a fist as his shock melted to anger. Fire formed around his fist, creating a huge flame in the dark night. Raja, who was watching the whole seen safely by the tree, watched in amazement. Zuko threw the flame at the top of the wall, steaming in anger. He had enough of this place and he definitely had enough of that princess! Who was she to judge him anyways? She lived in a fantasy world where everything was perfect for her. So what if she didn’t get to choose her own husband? She still had a father who loved her and a life of wealth. He wanted her to live one day in his life then she’d probably stop crying about the most childish things.

« How can you deal with her? » Zuko asked Raja. Raja peered at him innocently. Zuko shook his head and mentally slapped himself. « Great…now I’m talking to overgrown felines! » He turned and made his way back to the palace entrance. He was going to get that map and find a way out of this crazy place if it was the last thing he did.

« Zuko! » Zuko stopped as he heard his uncle call his name from a huge, golden room. There were multi-colored curtains hanging around the ceiling and big plush pillows on the floor. Zuko spotted his uncle lounging in the corner, surrounded by many of those pillows with a tray of exotic fruit. There were four women belly dancing for him. Zuko massaged his temples, he was sure he was getting a headache.

« Uncle, what are you doing? » he asked, not really wanting to hear the answer. « I thought you said you were going to sleep! »

« I was! » Iroh replied. « But then the Sultan was so kind to have me entertained by these lovely ladies! Care to join, Prince Zuko? It is quite relaxing! » Iroh patted the pillow next to him, inviting Zuko to sit down.

« No I do not want to join you! » Zuko shouted. « You’re supposed to be resting so we can leave first thing in the morning! »

Iroh waved a hand at him. « Nonsense, nephew! » he replied, popping a grape into his mouth and chewing graciously. « How was your talk with the princess? She’s quite a lady, huh? I’m sure the boys would love her back at the Fire Nation! She has a temper but I’m sure you can look past that because she is a gorgeous person. The Sultan says she’s not always so rude, just to princes because she believes their all alike. If you just prove her wrong I’m sure… »

« Uncle! » Zuko interrupted, irritated. « I don’t want to hear about that girl anymore, got it? » He pinched the bridge of his nose. « I have a headache already. Plus…it ain’t going to happen because we’re finding a way out of this place and back to our world where I can capture the avatar! »

Iroh sighed and looked at the bellydancers woefully. « Do you not see how hard it is for me to find my nephew a nice young woman? All he cares about is capturing a 12-year-old boy. That can’t be healthy for a guy his age… »

« Uncle! » Zuko steamed as the bellydancers giggled. « Just be ready in the morning! If your not then I’m leaving you! » He stormed out the room, leaving his uncle alone with the bellydancers again.

Iroh shrugged. « He says that like it’s a bad thing. »

After exploring the palace for an hour, looking for Jasmine’s room, Zuko finally found it. She could’ve told me where her room was before she insulted me and ran away like the coward she is. He thought darkly. He pushed the huge doors open, revealing a huge light blue room. Yup, he thought bitterly. This room matches the princess exactly. He searched around for the map, finding it opened on her bed. Zuko peered down at it, seeing several places circled in red. He grimaced when he saw she circled the market place. Boy, was she in for a surprise when she went there! She had no clue what she was doing. Foolish girl!

He snatched up the map and rolled it back up. He hoped it would help him get out of this place. He was positive he was in another universe or realm…it wasn’t a crazy thought. There was a spirit world…maybe he stumbled into another world like that. Whatever it was, he was going to fix it and quick. A knock at the door startled him.

« Jasmine? » It was the Sultan. Crap! Zuko thought as he looked for a place to hide. He quickly dodged under the bed as the Sultan opened the door alittle to peer in. « Oh, Jasmine! » he sighed. Zuko was grateful she was smart enough to place pillows under her blankets, making it look like she was still in bed. He just hoped the Sultan didn’t come to her bed….

« I know this is tough for you. » the Sultan continued, not moving from his spot by the door. « Your mother feared this day. She knew you wouldn’t like it. She hoped you got as lucky as she did…being to chose a prince you loved and all…but you don’t like any of them do you? »

Zuko listened intently as the Sultan continued talking to his ‘daughter’. « Iroh tells me his nephew is a nice young man, and I believe him. Just give the boy a chance…I’ve heard he had a tough life. » Zuko gritted his teeth in anger. Leave it to his uncle to tell a complete stranger his business! « I’m sure you two will get along if you just tried! » the Sultan sighed once more. « Well, good night. I hope you make the right decision. » He quietly closed the door behind him.

Zuko hated the feeling he was getting. No! Just go talk to that Jafar guy like she said, get the camels, and get the heck out of here! He told himself. But his conscience was saying something else. His guilt was getting the best of him. He crawled out from under the bed.

« This is not my problem. » He told himself as he got off the ground. « She’s a spoiled-rotten princess. And I’m getting out of this place. »

Zuko walked past the room his uncle was in again to go find that tall, odd-looking man Jafar. He stopped when he heard his uncle talking to the Sultan.

« I do understand where the princess is coming from though, » he said, sipping tea as usual. « My sister-in-law was devastated when she had to marry my brother. »

Zuko began listening closely at the mention of his mother and father.

« She cried on her wedding day and night. She tried to say it was tears of happiness but I knew better. » Iroh continued. « I love my brother dearly but I could understand where she was coming from. She was a kind-hearted, beautiful woman. My brother was…the opposite. But she eventually put up with him for her kids. She loved Zuko so much…not that she picked favorites or anything but Azula wasn’t exactly a model daughter. » Iroh chuckled softly. « Don’t tell my nephew I told you this but he was quite the momma’s boy. »

Zuko scowled at his uncle from the shadows. He knew he was a momma’s boy but he didn’t want everyone else to know that!

« Jasmine was close with her mother too until she died when she was just a little girl. » the Sultan said. « Poor Jasmine was devastated. »

Iroh nodded sagely. « Death can be hard on young children. »

« She doesn’t understand I do all this to protect her! » the Sultan sighed. « Agrabah is a great place but it’s dangerous. For her to try to rule it on her own is insane! »

Zuko growled silently as he felt that guilt return again. Just walk away, go find that Jafar guy and forget about the spoiled princess out in Agrabah by herself, unprotected and naive…« Crap. » he muttered, glancing down at the map clenched tightly in his fist. Hearing Iroh explain how his mother felt when she was forced into marrying his father also got to him. The same thing that happened to his mother could happen to Jasmine. He couldn’t believe he was going to do this…he had to go find her and bring her back to the palace whether she liked it or not. It’ll be the honorable thing to do since the Sultan was so nice to him and Iroh.

The corner of Iroh’s mouth quirked up as he stared knowingly at the entrance. My nephew is so predictable. He glanced at the Sultan who was pouring more tea into his own cup. « Oh! I’d love some more tea too, please! » he exclaimed, holding out his cup as the Sultan happily poured more into it.

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