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A/N: Ok, I’m taking a break from my other fics to write a crack pairing fic. This has got to be the far most crackiest crack pair and crossover my crazy mind has thought of; Avatar: The Last Airbender meets Disney Princesses. It’s two oneshots in the story starting with two chapters of Prince Zuko and Princess Jasmine. That is a crazy pairing…I have no idea where this idea came from but I love Princess Jasmine and I was checking out both Avatar and Disney princess art and it just popped into my head. What if Prince Zuko met Princess Jasmine? So I decided to write a fanfic about…I’m insane, I know. Tis just goes to show you can pair anyone together in fanfiction! FYI, I am a Zutara fan. I love Zuko/Katara so this has some slight Zutara in it.

dedications: Hmm…sorry my cuzzos but I’m dedicating this one to myself! I need to give myself a good present after I had the crappiest b-day of my life!

Chapter 1: Agrabah

Iroh yawned, stretching on his bed. He slowly opened his eyes to realize the ship was no longer moving. Had Prince Zuko stopped to get more supplies? Iroh grumbled something about him telling his nephew to wake him when he did that. He really needed to restock on tea and knowing Zuko, he wasn’t going to get any.

« I don’t see what he has against tea, » Iroh said to himself. « it calms the senses…relaxes the soul. » He could practically hear his nephew’s voice in his head responding to that with a grunt. Iroh shrugged. « Maybe he is more of a coffee kind of guy. »

Iroh got up from his bed to go investigate what was going on. Once out his room, he found the ship completely empty. Usually some of the crew walked around the ship, surveying the area incase a certain earth or waterbender tried to board the ship and attack Prince Zuko. But no one was out. Maybe they’re all asleep…Prince Zuko is not going to like that. Iroh thought. Prince Zuko was strict when it came to sleeping in. He would not allow it.

He decided to check the deck to see if anyone was up there to tell him what was going on, but when he got there he gasped at what he saw. Nothing. There was no water or distant lands…just sand. They were surrounded by miles of sand. He was unsure how they managed that without at least having alittle bit of water to push them, then he came to a conclusion. Sandbenders. They must have been attacked by sandbenders while he was sleeping which meant…Iroh’s heart dropped. « ZUKO! » he quickly ran to his nephew’s quarters.

He banged vigorously on the door, hoping his nephew wasn’t captured overnight by the merciless sandbenders. Iroh knew how those benders could be; living in the sand must be hard for them because they’d rob or take whatever they need to survive. Zuko and Iroh had bounties on their head, if they captured Zuko and gave him to Azula then…dear gods! « ZUKO! » Iroh cried out, hoping nothing bad happened to the boy.

Iroh backed away as the door slowly opened, a displeased banished Prince glaring at him. « Uncle, for the last time I don’t want to have tea with you and the crew! » Zuko’s annoyance was quickly replaced by confusion as the older man pulled him into a tight embrace. « Uh…Uncle? » he asked. « Um…you’re hurting me. »

« Zuko! You’re alive! You’re alive! » his uncle cried out in joy. « I knew those sandbenders wouldn’t get you like they did the rest of the crew… »

« What! » Zuko pushed Iroh off him, glaring angrily as his eyes lit up like fire. « We were attacked? By weak SANDBENDERS? »

Iroh smiled sheepishly at him. « Well…they couldn’t be that weak if they managed to sneak in quietly… »

« UNCLE! » Zuko shouted, steam bursting out his ears. « Why didn’t didn’t wake me? »

« I was asleep myself. » Iroh explained. « Those sandbenders must be some sly people, eh? » he joked, hoping that’ll help the scowl leave the young man’s face. It didn’t work.

« You joke about this? » he asked wryly, unamused. « They’ll pay! » He stormed past his uncle towards the deck stairs.

« Glad your ok, Prince Zuko! » Iroh shouted at his nephew.

« Unbelievable. » Zuko growled as he saw they were in the middle of nowhere. « How they managed to accomplish this is beyond me…stupid peasants! »

« I do believe, » Iroh said as he joined Zuko on the deck. « We’re the stupid ones. We did manage to get stranded by sandbenders! » He chuckled, but quickly stopped as Zuko glared in his direction.

« There has to be a village out there or something…we can find out just exactly where we are… »

Iroh spotted a piece of paper flying in the wind as Zuko continued to rant on about what they’re going to do about their situation. With curiosity getting the best of him like always, he quickly grabbed it before it flew past him. Agrabah…hmm….The name didn’t ring a bell to him. Never in his life of travelling the lands has he heard of a place called Agrabah. But before he could ponder that any longer the paper completely caught his attention when he realized it was a flyer.

The sultan is looking for a suitor for his daughter Princess Jasmine. Princes from all around the world may come try to win over the Princess of Agrabah as she tries to find a husband before her 18th birthday. Please contact the sultan at the palace in Agrabah.

There was a nice drawing of the princess below the print. She’s pretty…hmm…The wheels in Iroh’s head began turning as he grinned up at his nephew who was still rambling. That’s what Zuko needed! A girl to help get his mind off of the avatar for just a second. Ever since his confrontation with the avatar and his waterbending friend, Zuko as been more angsty then ever. Something about that waterbending girl made Zuko both angry and frustrated. But Iroh knew it was because Zuko had feelings for the girl. Zuko refused to admit it because she was a ‘peasant’ and always ruined his plans when it came to capturing the avatar. Iroh looked down at the flyer at the word ‘princess’. She was Zuko’s age and of royalty too. It was time Iroh played matchmaker…again.

« Oh, Prince Zuko! » Iroh grinned. « I have an idea! »

Zuko peered at his uncle, not liking the smile on his face. It held mishief which meant Zuko was in for a big surprise. « Please tell me it has something to do with capturing the avatar and restoring my honor. »

« Er…close. » Iroh eyed his nephew. « You might want to dress up nicely and take a nice bath. »

« Why? »

« Uh… » Iroh stuttered. « Your the prince of the fire nation! Can’t have those people…I mean peasants think you’re one of them can you? »

Zuko thought a moment. Iroh did have a good point. « Fine. »

Zuko scowled at the people as they walked around the village. This place was horrible! It was crowded and people kept trying to get him to buy the most oddest things. « Where are we? » Zuko asked as he took in the people’s clothing. « They dress worse then the earth nation people. »

« Be polite, Prince Zuko. » Iroh replied. He spotted the palace in the distance. Almost there…The palace looked beautifully decorated, a sort of exotic look to it. Iroh was sure Zuko would appreciate it. Well, at least he’d like it better then the market place.

« Where are you taking me? » Zuko asked annoyed that he was being ignored. His eyes locked on the huge palace. « Have you been here before? Who leaves there? Lord of the sandbenders? I didn’t even know they had a lord! »

« The flyer says he’s a sultan. » Iroh replied. He quickly slapped a hand over his mouth as he realized what he just said. « I mean… »

« What flyer? » Zuko asked skeptically. « Uncle… »

« It’s nothing! Really! » Iroh interrupted hastily.

Zuko didn’t believe him. He knew something was up when Iroh made sure his clothes were nice enough. He had to change ten times till his uncle was satisified.

« They’re either trying to keep something out or something in. » Iroh said as he gazed up at the huge wall surrounding the palace. « Maybe they don’t like firebenders around here… »

« No one likes firebenders. » Zuko stated. « They probably built a wall to keep these peasants out too. »

Iroh and Zuko took a step back as the huge gates began opening. « Maybe they were expecting us… » The sound of horns behind them cut Iroh off. They turned to see an odd looking man on a white odd-looking animal (Iroh and Zuko never saw such a weird creature) making his way towards the palace. Crap! Iroh panicked as he realized it was another prince coming to probably charm Princess Jasmine into marrying him. There was no way he was going to let this man take away his nephew’s chances of finding happiness.

The animal halted and began making noises as two little children playing ran infront of it. The prince on it did not look pleased. He began shouting at the frightened children and reached for a whip on the side of his belt. Iroh reacted without thinking, sending a whip of fire towards the horrible man. He managed to knock the prince off the animal and onto the ground. The prince cried out in shock as he quickly patted the fire off his chest before it could burn through his clothes.

Iroh smirked victoriously as the village people stared at him in awe and fear. « Come on, Zuko. Let’s go see this sultan. » he said to his nephew who watched the scene with his arms crossed over his chest.

« About time. » he replied as they turned to make their way towards the palace, the gates closing on the other prince and his creature.

« He’s here! He’s here! » the sultan cried out joyously. « Jafar! Open the doors for the new prince of Agrabah! » The sultan was sure this would be the man for his daughter. Sure he wasn’t best looking man but in his letter he described himself as a caring, strong, powerful man. Jasmine would like that wouldn’t she?

Jafar muttered something incoherently before opening the huge doors for their supposibly new prince. « Welcome Prince… » Jafar stopped as he realized the two men infront of him was not the prince the sultan was waiting for.

« Hello! » Iroh greeted cheerfully as Zuko scowled at the tall, thin man. « We’re here to see the sultan. »

« You guys aren’t… »

« This is Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation and I am his uncle Iroh. » Iroh interrupted. « We’re here to see Princess Jasmine. »

Zuko’s calm stance broke as he glared at his uncle. « WHAT? You said we were here to negotiate with the sand lord! » he yelled, angry he was betrayed and tricked.

« Well…um…. »

« Welcome! Welcome! » The sultan exclaimed as he moved towards them. He stopped to eye both men. « My! You look completely different in the picture you sent! »

« I’m going to kill you! » Zuko threatened Iroh as the short fat man continued to examine him.

Iroh grinned. « Actually, this is another prince. His name is Zuko, I’m sure you’ve heard of him. He’s prince of the Fire Nation. »

The sultan gave him a skeptical look. « Doesn’t ring a bell… »

« WHAT? » Zuko yelled as all his anger turned to the sultan. « You never heard of me? ME? Prince of the fire nation? »

« What’s the Fire Nation? » The sultan asked, confused.

Zuko and Iroh gaped at him like he grew a second head. « You…you never heard of the Fire Nation? » Iroh asked.

The sultan shook his head then smirked. « Ah well! Would you like to meet my daughter, Prince Zuko of the fire nation? » he asked hopefully.

« No! » Zuko replied sourly. He received a hard nudge to the ribs from his uncle. « Ouch! »

« Please excuse my nephew’s rudeness. » Iroh apologized. « He becomes very nervous when it comes to meeting beautiful young women. You should see him when he’s around this waterbender… »

« I do not like her! » Zuko interrupted hotly. « She’s a peasant and I’m a prince of a nation! »

Iroh smiled at the sultan. « See, he’s blushing. » The sultan looked at the blush creeping up onto Zuko’s face and began chuckling softly, Iroh joining him.

Zuko couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Two crazy old men were laughing at him! HIM! Prince Zuko! He didn’t have to stay there and take that. He blew out steam from his nose and quickly turned, ready to storm out the door and make his way back to his stranded ship. He’d rather be there then around these people. But a voice stopped him.

« Father? Who is this? » Zuko turned to see a dark-skinned, doe-eyed, girl with long thick black hair. She wore a blue two-piece and had huge gold earrings. She smiled politely at Iroh and Zuko.

« Ah! Jasmine! There you are! » The sultan ran to his daughter’s side, pushing her forward towards a confused Zuko. « This is Zuko! Prince Zuko of the fire nation! »

Within seconds the princess’s polite smile turned into one of anger. « Prince? » she asked wrly.

« Yes, my dear. » Iroh replied, grinning as he saw the affect she had on his nephew. « This is my nephew Prince Zuko. » Iroh grabbed Zuko and pushed him forward. « Say ‘hi’, nephew. »

Zuko was speechless. He hated when Iroh did this to him. Why did he always try to hook him up with girls? Did he not understand he needed the avatar not a wife? Zuko gritted his teeth and tried to smile politely. « Hi. » he muttered.

Jasmine gave him a half-hearted smirk before replying back, alittle too bitterly. Zuko could tell she was not happy about their situation at all. Good, at least he knew he wasn’t dealing with a crazed female seeking commitment. But it also bothered him. The girl had an attitude! She kind of reminded him of the stubborn waterbender. Shouldn’t she know better then that? She was royalty after all, she should know to respect men.

« I say we let these two talk alone! » Iroh spoke up much to Zuko’s dismay. « Do you have any tea? »

The sultan’s face lit up with joy as he scurried over to Iroh. « We have the best jasmine tea in the world! » he responded as he and Iroh began walking away side by side.

« Uh…Uncle Iroh! » Zuko cried out, almost desperately, as he realized they were leaving him alone with the princess.

« Don’t worry, Zuko! We’ll find the sandbenders who attacked us later! » Iroh yelled over his shoulder. « Till then have fun with the lovely Princess Jasmine! »

Zuko glanced at the said princess to find her displeased. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. « Look, » she said before Zuko had a chance to say anything. « I don’t care what your prince of or whatever royalty your family is…don’t think I don’t know your type! All you men are alike. Just because your a prince doesn’t mean you can get anything you want and that’s including me and Agrabah! »

Zuko blinked at the odd girl. Did she just yell at him? He didn’t even say anything to her yet and here she was telling him off!

« Excuse me? » he said instead, trying to keep his infamous temper down. « You think I wanted to come here and meet you? I have other plans, girl! And believe me you aren’t in them! » he spat back.

Jasmine’s eyes widened in shock as Zuko grimaced at her. « You did not just call me ‘girl’! » she yelled. « Who do you think you are, Prince Zuko? »

Zuko turned red with anger. « I called you ‘girl’ and I’ll do it again! Girl! Girl! Girl! » He knew this was childish but she started it! « And I’m exactly who you said I am! Prince Zuko! I don’t need to hear this from some Sand Nation princess! »

« Sand Nation? » Jasmine asked incredulously. « It’s called Agrabah, you jerk! »

« Yeah, well the names of worthless lands don’t matter to me! » Zuko replied viciously.

« That is it! » Jasmine yelled. She turned and began storming out the room through a door that led to the backyard.

Zuko gritted his teeth. All girls are crazy! He probably should’ve stayed behind or go find his uncle to get out of this wretched place but Zuko and his pride wouldn’t allow her to have the last word. So he followed her, his fists clenched in anger.

He found her in the yard next to a huge flowing fountain with beautiful white petals in it. He came to a conclusion about this princess: she was spoiled!

« You know, » he said as she spotted him enter the yard. « you should show more respect to people who are higher then you. Just because your a princess doesn’t mean you can get away with judging people before you know them! »

Jasmine gave him an incredulous look. « Higher then me? Look, Prince Zuko, I wouldn’t be talking! You don’t exactly look like the polite type either… »

‘I said ‘hi’ politely! » Zuko responded. « You’re the one who had one of your girly mood swings! »

Jasmine splashed water from the fountain at him. « Girly mood swings? » she hissed. « You did not just say that to me! »

Zuko couldn’t believe what just happened to him. This girl had the nerve to splash him with water? She was becoming more and more like Katara by the minute. « You did not just splash me with that water! » He muttered dangerously. He wiped the water off his face and continued to glare at her.

« Sorry, » Jasmine replied bitterly. « Must have been a girly mood swing of mines! »

Zuko lost his temper. He stormed towards her, their faces inches away from eachother. She didn’t look intimidated at all, she met his glare with one of her own. What was it with these girls these days? They never know when to back down! But Jasmine wasn’t just a tribe girl like Katara, she was royalty and she should know better. « Hasn’t your mother ever taught you how to respect men? » he asked.

Zuko didn’t know what hit him. Before he knew it, he was splashing into the cool water of the fountain, steam evaporating the water off of him. He glanced up to see Princess Jasmine looking down at him with a scowl.

« Jasmine! » the sultan cried out as he saw what his daughter did to Prince Zuko. « Why did you push him into the fountain? » he asked as he ran to help Zuko out the water. « I am so sorry, Prince Zuko! She’s like this with every prince that comes! I’m surprised she didn’t get Raja on you! »

« No wonder no one wants to marry her. » Zuko replied as he accepted the sultan’s hand.

« No wonder your uncle is so desperate to find you a wife! » Jasmine retorted angrily.

« You…! » Iroh quickly grabbed his nephew’s arm, restraining him. « Now, now, Prince Zuko…be nice! »

« I’m ready to leave, uncle. » Zuko seethed. « Now. »

« But we can’t! » Iroh replied.

« Why not? »

« Because the sultan was kind enough to invite us to have dinner with him and his lovely daughter and let us stay the night before we go out and search for the rest of our crew! »

« WHAT? » Zuko and Jasmine yelled in unison.

« But uncle! I need to get the avatar! » Zuko shouted.

Iroh waved off. « That can wait, nephew! We have the rest of your young life to capture the avatar. »

« But I don’t want to wait the rest of my life! »

« Father! » Jasmine pleaded. « You can’t let him stay here! » She glared at Zuko. « He’s the most stubborn, hot-headed, self-righteous prince I have ever met! »

« That sounds like my nephew. » Iroh agreed, sipping his tea. Zuko glared at him then back at her.

« We are not staying here! » he decided.

Iroh shrugged. « Either here or in the village… »

Zuko cringed at the mention of the dirty, peasant-filled, village. « Fine…but she stays far away from me! » he replied before storming off.

« That’ll be no problem! » Jasmine shouted before storming off to her garden.

The sultan and Iroh exchanged glances.

« They like eachother! » Iroh exclaimed happily. « This is the way he acts with all the girls he likes! You should see him with the waterbender. »

« I don’t think Jasmine’s happy. » the sultan frowned.

« Hmm…she’s a teenager, right? They’re never happy. » Iroh said.

After drying off, Zuko sat at the long table with Iroh, the sultan, and Jasmine. He refused to sit anywhere near the stubborn princess so he sat way at the end of the table as she sat at the other end, petting her pet tiger lovingly. He scowled then looked down at his food. This has got to be one of the worst days of his life.

« So, » Iroh began, starting up conversation. « What happens if Princess Jasmine does not find herself a suitor before her 18th birthday? » he asked curiously.

« Father will be forced to chose one for me. » Jasmine answered softly, stroking Raja’s soft fur. « I think it’s ridiculous. »

« You know you have to have a king, Jasmine. » the sultan replied. « I won’t be around forever…plus I want grandchildren. »

Jasmine began coughing, choking on her water. « …father!… » She flushed with embarassment.

« Well I do! » the sultan said boldly. « I ain’t getting any younger! »

« That’s what I tell Prince Zuko! » Iroh exclaimed. « But he’s only set on capturing the avatar and restoring his honour. »

« Typical. » Jasmine muttered. Zuko scowled at her as she childishly stuck her tongue out at him. Now she was starting to remind him of the times he had dinner with his sister Azula except Jasmine didn’t throw fireballs at him from under the table.

« Don’t start, uncle. » Zuko said. « You know the avatar is more important then a family. »

« What’s an ‘avatar’? » the sultan asked curiously.

Iroh and Zuko stared at him in shock. How could he not know about the avatar? Has he been living in a cave during these past one hundred years of war?

« You know, » Jasmine spoke up. « I’m not really hungry. I’m going to go straight to bed. » She rose from her seat, Zuko watching her intently.

« Good! You can show Prince Zuko where his room is! » the sultan exclaimed.

« You have got to be kidding! » she replied to her father.

« I’m quite serious. » he replied. « Prince Zuko, Jasmine will be more then happy to show you to your room. »

Zuko glanced at his uncle who smiled encouragely. « Go on, Prince Zuko! »

Zuko reluctantly rose from his seat and followed Jasmine who was already half way out the room.

« Here. » Jasmine said dryly as she opened the door for Zuko. « Goodnight. » She turned to make her way down the hall before Zuko could thank her. Not that he was.

Zuko slammed the door shut and looked around the huge room. It wasn’t bad…he liked the color of the cloths and decorations. Everything was so exotic looking. He walked further into the room and noticed he had a balcony with a nice view of the village and the princess’s garden. He opened the glass doors and walked onto the balcony, peering down at all the lights of Agrabah. It was peaceful, he liked peaceful. Every star in the sky shone like diamonds and wasn’t blocked by clouds. He could get use to a place like this…if only it weren’t filled with peasants and bratty princesses. Speaking of princesses, he spotted Jasmine out in her garden…covered in rags? He smirked as he realized what she was trying to do.

Raja whined and tugged at the bottom of Jasmine’s robe as she tried to climb the tree in her garden.

« Oh, Raja! » Jasmine cried softly. She let go of the tree to give the tiger a huge hug. « I wish I could take you with me but I can’t! And I can’t stay here and live this sheltered life anymore! I have to go. » Raja whined once more as she released him. « I’ll miss you. » She said quietly as she turned to climb the tree again. Raja helped give her a boost up the tree.

« Going somewhere, princess? » Zuko asked as he stood behind Raja, watching her intently. He grinned happily as she realized she was just busted.

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