❯ Astro Boy in Metropolis – Unexplained Events ( Chapter 1 )

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Astro Boy in MetropolisSpace Ghost
I do not own Astro Boy or any other creations of Osamu Tezuka. This is merely a fanfic that I dedicate to THE best manga artist of all time.

story begins Metropolis: For those of you who don’t know, Metropolis is a magnificent and beautiful city in a world where robots are similar to humans, in the sense that they have rights as humans. However, there are certain parts, or levels, in Metropolis where robots are not allowed. This city was created by the genius Osamu Tezuka in his 1949 manga, « Metropolis ». We see Astro Boy flying about the skyscrapers, surveying the city.>
We see two figures standing on the roof of a skyscraper, as they watch Astro Boy fly by. The figure on the left is is a tall, balding man who wears a reddish brown business suit with a black cape, and a rather large nose. This man is none other than the infamous Duke Red. And standing beside him is a tall, thin, younger man wearing a red uniform, black sunglasses, and neatly combed brown hair. This man is none other than the Duke’s self-proclaimed son, Roc.>

I believe that this level is off limits for robots, is it not father?
Red: Indeed it is.
Pulls out an odd looking handgun that somewhat resembles a pistol, takes aim towards the sky.> I was hoping you’d say that… < grins and fires>

Ochanomizu was a stubborn, but kind old man, who was short, stout, nearly completely bald, save for two bushels of gray hair at the left and right sides of his head, and had a large nose that was reminiscent of a bloated cucumber. Currently, he was sitting in his laboratory, having his afternoon cup of tea, which in his opinion, should be a priority for all scientists, because after all, few things were as relaxing of a nice warm cup of tea. « Got to keep that stress down, if you want to be successful in your work », he would often say. But relaxed or not, nothing could prepare him for what he had seen bursting into his laboratory. It was none other than Dr. Tenma, the man who created Astro Boy in the image of his late son, Tobio, in an attempt ease the pain of the loss of his son, or even possibly, bring his son back to life, and though Astro did ease Tenma’s pain, it was short-lived, because Astro, being a robot, could not grow or become older like a human boy would. So Tenma had sold Astro to a circus, where Ochanomizu discovered him shortly after and modified him with the powers that he has today.


Yes, it was none other than Dr. Tenma who had came in to the laboratory, holding the limb robotic body of Astro Boy. The body didn’t seem too terribly damaged, but there appeared to be a few serious bumps and scratches. » What has happened?! » Professor Ochanomizu shouted in disbelief.

Dr. Tenma quickly shuffled past Ochanomizu and laid Astro Boy down on the lab table, then said,  » I found him in Metropolis. I was shopping for parts to make some pet canary robots, and I saw him laying on the ground. The chest wound shows obvious damage from a powerful gun, and the other damage are most likely from a long fall, so, he was probably shot while flying, due to the fact that his legs were in rocket mode. »

Professor Ochanomizu walked up to the table and briefly examined Astro Boy. The body was the same as it always had been, the small caucaisian robot body, with the large eyes, black shorts, green belt, red boots, and black hair with the two spikes. « Well », Ochanomizu said,  » This doesn’t seem to be anything too serious. You could have fixed him easily enough Tenma. So why did you bring him to me? »
Well I know I could have, but his battery life is almost completely dead, and your lab was closer than mine. » Dr. Tenma replied.
I see. Well you head back to your lab. I’ll have Astro back to normal within an hour, two at the most. » Professor Ochanomizu said.
Tenma nodded, « Thank you Ochanomizu », he said, and then exited the laboratory.

Ochanomizu called for his equipment, which was brought to him shortly after by a robot that was shaped somewhat like a lamp. A thin robotic claw grasping on to the handle of a toolbox stretched forward and set the toolbox on the lab table in front of Ochanomizu.
Thank you Igg », Ochanomizu said to the lamp-like robot, to which it responded by making two small beeping noises, then scurrying out of the laboratory. Professor Ochanomizu took his tools out and began to work on the small body of Astro. Though this was a standard procedure repair for robots, Ochanomizu was taking extra special care and alarm with this patient, because not only had Astro saved his life on several occaisions, but he and the boy were also very close friends. Though Ochanomizu had gone through many experiences in life, even a good deal of adventures, and a veritable amount of storehouses of fond and exciting memories, none of his memories were as intrigiung to him as his past adventures with Astro. But other things ran through his mind now. Such as, what is this place, « Metropolis », that Dr. Tenma had spoken of, and who would have been so cruel to shoot down Astro Boy? At first, Ochanomizu thouht it might have been a robot that was dueling with Astro, but theory was quickly discarded, judging by the blast wound in Astro’s chest showed obvious markings that Ochanomizu knew withought a doubt came from a model K-2467 Plasma Magnum handgun. And since robots were not allowed to own guns unless they were built into their body, Ochanomizu was almost 100% sure that a human had done this.


Ochanomizu had finished repairing Astro about 35 minutes after he had started and now had Astro hooked up to the charger in his lab so Astro’s battery would re-charge. He picked up his video phone, turned it on and dialed Dr. Tenma’s lab. It was time to get the scoop on this « Metropolis ».


Dr. Tenma had been making some final preparations for a new line of robots that would be made strictly for printing books at faster speeds, so humanity could abandon the slow and expensive printing press that has been the same since we began using it. He was just about to begin, when his video phone started ringing. Tenma quickly put down his equipment, headed over to his desk and answered the phone, to see Professor Ochanomizu appear on the small video screen on the phone panel.  » Ah, hello Professor. How is Astro? »
fine. I’m re-charging his battery now. » Ochanomizu replied,  » Listen, Dr. Tenma. I don’t mean to be rude or sound suspicious, but what is this place « Metropolis » that you spoke of when you brought Astro in earlier? »

 » You’ve never been to Metropolis? Peculiar. Er, anyway, Metropolis is a large city that is close to Japan, but it is separated completely from any other nation on Earth. They don’t even operate under any government system that I am familiar with. The city used to be nearly unheard of by the world, but since the inventions of the rocket powered cars( Flying cars) , getting to Metropolis from Japan is quite simple. »

« But what else can you tell me of this place? » Ochanomizu asked.

 » Well, Metropolis does have some of the most advanced robots that I have ever seen, not the strongest, but they are quite a sight, Ochanomizu. However, Metropolis is going through some troublesome times, Professor. You see, robots in Metropolis do not have equal rights like the robots elsewhere in the world do. And now the robots have been protesting, some even disobeying orders, and demanding the rights that humans have. However, all robots in Metropolis have a code. That code tells them what level of Metropolis they are allowed to be in. If a robot occupies itself in a level that it is not authorized in, for even a second, it will be destroyed. » Tenma replied.

 » That’s terrible », Ochanomizu said,  » I may have to check this out ».

 » Very well Professor, but I must warn you to take special care. There is currently a revolution brewing in Metropolis againt the pro-robot citizens, the anti-robots citizens,and a group of radicals who call themselves ‘The Malduks’ « , Tenma said.
worry Dr. I will be cautious. Good day. » Ochanomizu replied, then hung up the communicator.


Duke Red paced about his office impatiently, slowying circling the men that stood before him. One was the leader of the Malduks, Roc, and the other was a small, lanky man wearing a white lab coat, was bald, and had a devilish goatee.

Dr. Foola… », Duke Red said patiently.
Yes? » the man in the lab coat replied.
Is he ready yet? » Duke Red continued patiently.
Foola smiled, approaching the Duke slowly,  » Yes sir, all his modifications are complete,sir. »
Duke Red said,  » Is he ready to begin? »
Foola’s slimy grin vanished, » Well, not yet sir. He is still charging. It should only be a day, at the very most. »
Very well then….. You have one day Foola. If he is not ready by tommorow, you will pay with your life! », Duke Red said firmly, then sat in his chair,  » Now……..go! »
Foola simply nodded quietly and shuffled out of the Duke’s office. Outside the office, his terrified scamper immediately changed to an angered stomp.  » Ooh, how dare lehe speak to me that way! Me, Dr. Foola! The best robot scientist in Metropolis! ». Dr. Foola’s glare gradually changed to a wicked smirk as he walked down the hallway, » Heh, well I’ll show him. Soon Metropolis will see what the true power of robotics can hold! », he said with a malicious chuckle, then left the building.
in Duke Red’s office

Roc……… » , Duke Red said quietly while looking out the window.

 » Yes sir? » Roc asked.
I understand there was a disturbance during the Ziggurat* celebration last night… », Duke Red replied.
Similar to the Tower of Babel in the bible. Is a statement of a civillization building it’s way up to heaven. Metropolis’ tower is the Ziggurat, implying that they are the closest thing to heaven. And soon, their city will extend to greater limits thank any other in previous history.)

Yes », Roc said,  » One of thos anti-robot people attempted a suicide bombing in the celebration park square. He took two kids hostage. But I took care of him. »
And the children? » Duke Red asked.
Acceptable losses », Roc replied with a grin.
No, I meant how old were they? » Duke Red asked.
Neither of them could have been older than four », Roc said.
Damnit Roc! », Duke Red shouted, stood up and approached Roc, » You can not just « Shoot through » children just to eliminate a threat! I mean, they were little kids! »
Sir, if the bomber had commited his act, not only would both those children had been killed, but so would hundreds of others », Roc replied.
That’s not the point! », Duke Red shouted,  » It doesn’t make our party look good Roc. And I KNOW those damn Metropolis liberals will use this incident against us. »
I apologize sincerely for the inconvenience I have caused you, » Roc said.
Don’t worry…..We should be able to cover it up easily enough…..Have the parents done or said anything that may conflict our interests?  » Duke Red asked.
I hadn’t heard. But even if they do, it’s nothing to worry about. We tapped their entire houses so if they start to cause problems, we’ll shut them up……for good », Roc replied, grinning again.
Good. » Duke Red said resolutely.
tapped his foot on the ground a couple of times, then looked up and said,  » Father, I don’t mean to insult your judgement, but I don’t know if Dr. Foola is the most trustworthy scientist in Metropolis. »
Red stared out of the window, then turned to Roc and said,  » Normally I would silence you, but I think you have a point Roc. I think we should call on the wise man. »
wise man? » Roc said with a puzzled tone.
The Red Wizard » Duke Red replied.

Roc wished to make a comment, but he held it back, for he did not want to say anything that would anger Duke Red. Though Roc had tremendous respect for Duke Red and his decisions, he believed that it was a bad decision for the Duke to put so much faith in an old mage who had no background information and had never been seen in Metropolis until meeting with Duke Red.
Red picked up the phone on his desk and said, while speaking into the phone,  » Call the Wizard in. »

The doors opened slowy and a small figure floated(yes, floated) into the room. He was sitting in the air, with his legs crossed, he wore a red cloak that hid all of his appearance, save his long silver spiky beard that protruded from the face gap in his cloak. He floated to Duke Red and Roc and said ,  » You called Sir? »

« Yes Red Wizard, » Duke Red said,  » I wish to know if I can trust this Dr. Foola. »

The Red Wizard sat in the air silent for a long time, then said,  » Dr. Foola is power hungry mad man. He has made your robot perfectly, as he promised, however, he has made a robot that is twice the power of the one he has made for you. With your faith entrusted in what you would believe to be the most powerful robot, he believes that he could easily conquer and over throw Metropolis with his 3,000,000 horsepower robot. My advice to you is to get your robot from Foola, then kill him so he can never activate his robot. »
Red nodded, » Seems you were correct Roc. Well, thank you Red Wizard. »
Call on me anytime. » The Red Wizard said, then vanished.
I don’t trust that old man…. », Roc said quietly.
Red sat down at his desk, and replied, » You don’t trust anyone Roc »
walked out of Duke Red’s office and said solemnly,  » Exactly the way a Malduk should be. »

in Professor Ochanomizu’s offce, Astro had just been re-activated, his body repaired and his energy re-charged.
I’m glad to see you’re alright Astro. » Ochanomizu said.
Yes, sir… I’m ok….but, what happened? » Astro said in confusion.
You were shot down when you were flying around Metropolis. Apparently certain zones are off-limits for robots. » Ochanomizu replied.
eyebrows shifted in confusion,  » …Metropolis? »
turned and looked at Astro,  » That’s what I said. »
I’ve never been to Metropolis… I don’t even know where it is. » Astro said.
You mean you don’t remember flying around Metropolis? » Ochanomizu asked, scratching his head.
No. Not at all. » Astro replied.
Ochanomizu mused,  » Very strange… »


The next day in Metropolis, Dr. Foola had came to Duke Red’s office again, but not alone this time, this time he was with a tall robot that stood seven feet tale, that had a white body frame that was equipped with black spherical armor at his knees, feet, chest, and shoulders. He had a stern face that had a bandana went over the eyes, with eye holes cut in of course, and the bandana reached down ALMOST to the ground. Dr. Foola entered with the robot and said,  » Duke Red, may I present your newest servant, the most powerful robot known to man, Bandit, the 2,000,000 horsepower robot!. » Bandit took a step forward and bowed silently.Red stood, smiling and said, » Excellent Dr. Foola. Truly he is a masterpiece. Only you could create such a work of art , Foola. »
Foola smiled and replied,  » Thank you,sir. And now, I shall take my leave. »
Just a minute!….Roc? », Duke Red said with a malicious grin.
grinned, his sunglasses on, then took out his Metropolitan revolver and shot Dr. Foola in the chest.


A piercing scream came from the impish doctor as he collapsed to the ground, blood flowing onto the floor,  » W-w-why……. » the doctor said, cringing.

Roc said, still grinning,  » We know about your plans Foola.We know that you made a robot stronger than Bandit for yourself so you would overpower us. »
cringing in terrible pain slowy took out a remote control and pressed a button on it, then grinned and said  » There……though I may die…….nothing can kill my legacy now… » . After those last words, Foola slumped over, dead.
got a bad feeling about this…… », Roc said.


the Next Chapter, Trouble occurs in Metropolis when Foola’s own 3,000,000 horsepower robot is released from it’s chamber by Dr. Foola before he died. Now, without a master to obey, the robot goes on a rampage, performing it’s most basic programming order: Destroying, including humans. Bandit is sent out to try to stop the robot, but things seem grim since Bandit was made with less power than Foola’s, but perhaps the hope of Metropolis stands some chance when none other than Astroboy returns to Metropolis to get answers on why he was shot down, and why he can’t remember anything of Metropolis. Is there any hope for Metropolis, even with the assistance of Astro and Bandit? Find out next time in Chapter 2,  » Shadow of Death comes to Metropolis »

Astro Boy in Metropolis – Death comes to Metropolis