❯ Astro Boy in Metropolis – Death comes to Metropolis ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2

 » The Shadow Of Death descends upon Metropolis »

By Space Ghost

Disclaimer: I do not own Astro Boy or any other creation of Osamu Tezuka. I am only writing a fanfic.

In the dark abandoned lab of Dr. Foola, a signal that had finally reached the lab from Duke Red’s office by Dr. Foola’s remote have reached the lab and activated. A remote pod in the corner of the filthy lab opened , steam bursting from the pod. As soon as the steam cleared, a robot stepped out slowly. It stood seven feet tall, with a generic robot body frame. A cloak covered it’s face with the back of the cloak flowing behind it’s back like a cape, and it held a metallic scythe in it’s right hand. After standing there in silence, surveying it’s surroundings, Dr. Foola’s creation, who had been dubbed  » Mortos » activated his plasma jets on the bottom of his feet, and sped upward like a rocket, tearing through the surfaces of the lower « Zones » of Metropolis with ease. Mortos burst through the streets of Metropolis, around the marketplace, and zoomed right into the sky. Mortos stopped in mid air, hundreds of feet above the city and looked down at it, surveying the buildings and humans, some looking up at him, trying to make out what he was. Mortos processed his information and had come to his conclusion, his only conclusion, which was his first basic programming: Kill.

Mortos shot down from the sky towards a random building and held his scythe out in a slashing position. Suddenly the scythe blade extended to 50 ft in length. With a heavy and swift swing of the scythe, the enormous blade cut through the building like it was butter and began to shrink back down to normal size as it had cam through the other end. Now devoid of support, the top half of the building fell to the earth, below the many citizens. Only a few would manage to escape this blow that fate had delivered.

Duke Red was busy working on some of the tax laws paperwork when the phone suddenly began to ring. He promptly answered it,  » What?……….WHAT?! Two-hundred killed?!…….BY A ROBOT?! Have it destroyed immediately! Contact Roc, make sure he goes with you …… Use whatever it takes! Just make sure it’s stopped for good! », then Duke Red slammed the phone down on the receiver, then laid his head on his desk, his hands lightly gripping his hair.

 » But why Astro?! » Professor Ochanomizu shouted incredulously.

Astro Boy turned and looked at the Professor, then said,  » I need to know why I was there in the first place, why I don’t remember anything about it. »

 » Well I understand your frustration Astro, but it’s very dangerous. », Ochanomizu replied.

 » I’ll be careful, I promise! So can I have permission to leave the country? », Astro asked.

Professor Ochanomizu sighed, then after a brief moment of silence, he said,  » Well, you will end up going with or without permission, so I might as well, and at least it will be legal. »

Astro smiled and exclaimed,  » Thanks Professor! ».

Ochanomizu went over and sifted through his desk until he pulled out a small piece of paper, then handed it to Astro,  » There you go Astro, now remember to take care. »

 » I will! Thanks Professor! », Astro said then activated his rocket legs and flew up.

 » No! not through the– »

Astro burst through the roof of the ministry of science and flew off towards Metropolis.

« —-roof », Ochanomizu said to himself with a sigh of frustration then sat down and took a sip of tea.

 » There he goes! », Roc shouted, aiming his gun at Mortos, who was flying around Metropolis, slaying random objects, mostly robots, but some human. All the soldiers aimed their weapons at Mortos, including some of the strange shaped tanks that bore the symbol of the Malduks. Mortos slowly turned toward the army that had gathered and had their sights on him. Without wasting any time, Mortos flung his body into flight, heading straight toward the opposing army. Soon, all of them opened fire on Mortos, the bullets bouncing right off his metallic body and the tank rounds being reduced to nothing by the scythe that shielded Mortos, who came completely unscathed from their first skirmish. With a speed that none of the humans, not even Roc could follow, Mortos leaped up and sliced all the tanks in half, by slicing one, then leaping to the next and slashing, and so forth until all the tanks were turned to scrap.

 » What the hell?! » Roc shouted, which caused Mortos to turn his attentions to Roc. Mortos flew toward Roc, readying his scythe for another life to claim, and swung swiftly.

But to Mortos shock, the scythe was stopped, by one hand. It was Bandit, he had jumped in the way and stopped the scythe. Mortos yanked back his scythe, then lunged again, this time using an overhead swing, aiming to puncture Bandit’s head, but he was stopped again. Bandit had caught the scythe by it’s staff and high-kicked Mortos in the chest. Mortos, though being bested by surprise and attacks of blind rage, decided to be more strategic and tactical with this battle. This strange robot was stronger than the others. Mortos flew up into the fly, Bandit following him by leaping up buildings, Bandit was supreme when it came to jumping and agility, but he could not fly, and Mortos would use that as his advantage. Mortos then dove downward at Bandit, and bashed him hard with the staff of his scythe. Bandit, in mid-leap, had not been able to counteract the attack in time, so was flung down hard to the earth below. Bandit fell 200 ft down to the ground, some minor damage to him, not to mention a major imprint in the concrete he landed on.

 » I won’t let you commit this senseless killing! », Bandit shouted, after standing firmly.

Mortos landed in front of Bandit, not saying a word, most likely because he was not built with a voice chip. Suddenly, Mortos cocked his arm back and flung his scythe, which spun wildly in a circle around Bandit, cutting off the concrete that Bandit stood on away from the rest of the road. The chunk of concrete, with Bandit, fell down into the darkness, to what zones would Bandit end up in, is uncertain, but Mortos didn’t care. Mortos had other kills to make instead of wasting time with one robot, he could deal with that one later. Suddenly heard the scream of a little girl. Mortos turned to where the scream came from, it was a little girl, about 4, screaming « Mommy » and crying, while kneeling beside the body of one of the humans he had eliminated earlier. With the aspiration of more death, Mortos flew forth and grabbed the girl by her neck.

 » No! », Roc screamed.

The little girl didn’t make a noise, she was too scared as the death-like figure held her neck tightly, not letting her breath. Mortos slowly raised his scythe, positioning to slice her head from her neck.

 » Stop it! », cried a voice that came out of nowhere.

Mortos suddenly felt the disruption, as he had been hit so hard that he dropped the girl, and had been sent flying. After gaining composure, he looked up to see a small boy robot with black hair with two black spikes standing there, holding the girl.

It was none other than Astro.  » Hurry, run away. », Astro said to the girl, then put her down. The girl, not needing to be told twice, ran off as fast as she could.  » How dare you! Robots are not supposed to hurt humans! », Astro yelled angrily.

Mortos stood slowly and immediately lunged at Astro Boy, his scythe ready to do some damage. To his surprise, Mortos was delivered a roundhouse of solid punches from the boy robot, and was sent flying, this time, straight through a wall, which collapsed on him shortly afterward. Mortos burst from the rubble and shot up into the air, but to his surprise, was being followed by Astro, who evidentally was equipped with rockets in his legs. Mortos realized that being chased would only waster time, so he turned, ready to fight. Astro unleashed with a fury of rapid punches and kicks, but Mortos managed to block most of the rapid attacks with the blade of his scythe. Astro turned around, and bent over, as his rear-end machine guns came out of their compartments and fired at Mortos. Mortos sustained some minor damage and some new holes in his cloak, but that was it. Now it was Mortos’ turn to be on the offensive, and he slashed mercilessly, Astro flying backwards to avoid the slashes, the scythe cutting through buildings or the air when it missed Astro.

Suddenly, Bandit came leaping through the sky behind Mortos and slam punched him down hard, causing Mortos to fall to ground. Astro caught Bandit by his hand and held him in the air.  » Thanks a lot », Astro said with a smile.

 » No thank you. I don’t think I could beat him by myself. », Bandit replied.

 » Me neither. So why don’t we work together to stop him? My name’s Astro. »

 » Sounds like a plan Astro. I’m Bandit. »

 » Nice to meet you Bandit. », Astro said.,  » Ya ready? »

 » Yeah, lets go. »

Bandit jumped away from Astro and lunged toward the ground, preparing for landing as Astro flew down with him.

Mortos stood up, his composure regained, and lunged forth again, making another assault. He aimed for Bandit, because he thought Bandit was the strongest robot and after he was disposed of, he would make short work of the boy robot. But to his misfortune, both Astro and Bandit had teamed up to fight him. Mortos knew that this would complicate things, but it was irrelevant, if they even made one miscalculation, Mortos would slice them in half with his scythe. So, he decided to increase his scythe’s blade length, in case he got the opportunity to slash both of them at once. However, his efforts were in vain, even though he was a 2,000,000 Horsepower robot and Bandit was only 1,000,000 and Astro was 100,000, Astro and Bandit were working together and they both had free will and emotional drives, which Mortos lacked. So, regardless of how much stronger Mortos was, he was no match for the two. Bandit delivered a strong kick that sent Mortos flying, and a strong laser blast from the small laser cannon in Astro’s finger, Mortos was blown to scrap.

 » Hey, we did it! », Astro said, smiling.

 » Yes. I must thank you for your help Astro. », Bandit replied.

 » Aw, your welcome. But I have to thank you too, you know. I couldn’t have beaten him without your help either. », Astro said.

However, their conversation was interrupted by Duke Red, who approached, along side him was none other than Roc.

 » Good work Bandit. », Duke Red said monotonously,  » Now come along. »

 » Yes sir! », Bandit said with a salute, went to Duke Red, and followed him to the Duke’s car, with Roc.

 » Roc, who was that boy robot? », The Duke asked.

 » Uh, I don’t know. » Roc said, knowing full well it was the robot he had shot down earlier.

 » His name is Astro. », Bandit said.

 » Astro eh? », Duke Red said,  » I doubt that this will be the last that we see of him… »


ON THE NEXT CHAPTER of Astroboy in Metropolis.

Terror erupts in Metropolis as buildings seem to be bombed randomly, and after each bombing, a strange figure is seen fleeing the scene, but never caught. Astro decides to try to help out catch the bomber, and even Bandit pitches in. Will Astro catch the strange culprit? And more importantly, who is the culprit? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT CHAPTER:  » The case of the Super Terrorist »

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