❯ Astro Boy 2085 – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
« What the fuck? » those were the exact words that came out of my mouth. Was I dead, did I survive, Did I just wake up from a comma? Just, what the fuck? Only words that describe my situation. I got up and pinched myself and didn’t wake up, so I wasn’t dreaming.

You know that old saying? The best way to tell if you’re dreaming is to pinch yourself and you wake up, thought I’d try that.

But what about the night before? I knew for a fact that last night wasn’t a dream, was I going insane? I immediately got out of the bed and the first thing I noticed was that my clothes were gone and the only thing I had on was a black speedo. Again, what the fuck? I then walked into the bathroom in my room and looked in the mirror. Nothing, there were no cuts, bruises, or scars. Just nothing – Never mind, I take that back, there was something.

On my back where my spine was there was this long line, like a scar, tattoo looking thing and started at the back of both my arms went up my shoulders, then met at the back of my neck, then went down my spine and split down to the back of my legs where it ended. I didn’t know what it was or what to think of it. I assumed it was from a surgery I had or something. The weirdest thing I couldn’t get around was the gap in time. One second I’m dying in a crashed car and in the next I’m in my bed, safe and sound.

I then put on some actual clothes, I grabbed a white T-shirt, some jeans and my red shoes. I then immediately went looking for Dad. He had to have known what was going on, even if he would be mad that I wrecked his car; but I needed answers. I found him in the dinning room with food on the table, almost like he was waiting for me.

« So, you’re awake. I was starting to think you might never wake up. » He said when I came down.

« It’s good see that you’re on your feet again son. »

Something was off he was acting strange like all of a sudden I had his full attention. In a way it almost felt like he was testing me,expecting me to say or do something.

The whole conversation with him was just weird and felt uncomfortable, never felt like this around him in my entire life.

« Dad, what the hell happened? » I immediately asked.

« I almost lost you, my only son. That’s what happened Toby. After what happened with your mother I couldn’t bear to loose you too and you’re lucky that survived that crash. » He answered. I didn’t know what to say. For the past few years I thought he never really cared. Mom felt the same way. Does he care now? That I almost died now, all of a sudden he cares?

« Look Toby, after the accident. Doctors used some robotic parts and cybernetic implants to heal some of the wounds; but you were in a comma for three months. » He then went on to say.

« Wha- what? » I stuttered. I was so shocked I couldn’t even speak.

« Look listen I didn’t want to loose you too your the son that I have, and I want to be a better father. I quit my job at the ministry. » Dad said.

My jaw immediately dropped when he said that.

« You did what? » I yelled. « Why? »

I couldn’t believe it. His job meant more than anything to him. It just doesn’t seem like something he would do. Why would he just throw one of the best, well paying jobs away? But then he answered

« That’s not my job anymore Toby, my job now is to be your father. » This must have really gotten to him. « Dad? What are you talking about? How your going to get money, pay the bills and put food on the table? » It made absolutely no sense, none of it did. I had absolutely no clue what the fuck was going on and there are words that could describe how confused I was.

« Look I have some experience as a teacher I can pull a few strings and I’m going to home school you from now on. Don’t worry about money I’ll take care of it. » Dad said reassuringly.

This kept conversation kept getting better and better.

« Dad, I liked my school. I had plenty of friends okay? Please tell me why you think you need to home school me. » This conversation was starting more uncomfortable every time he spoke. « Look I want to spend more time with you I thought that’s what you wanted son. » Where the hell did he get this idea that I wanted him to home school me? Or that I wanted him to throw away his job?

« No, no. I wanted you to focus on what was happening with me and what was going on home. I didn’t want you to quit your job and I didn’t want to be cut off from society! » I yelled again. I couldn’t believe what what was happening. It was all so sudden, all happening so fast, and the whole situation was changing so rapidly. « I’m sorry son; but it’s a Saturday and I’ll start home-schooling you on Monday ,okay. I can’t get you back into Metro High I’m sorry. » Dad said to me almost saddened, as if he did something wrong.

« You could have at least asked me. » I said. « How could I Toby, you were in a coma. » He said. « I don’t want you seeing your friends anymore. » All this did was piss me off even more. « What? Why? Am I even allowed to communicate or have anything to do with the outside world anymore? » I screamed at him.

Then he got pissed all of a sudden. I guess he was testing me and I failed because he wasn’t pleased with how I reacted to what he was telling me.

« From I heard on that night you stole my car that girl was the one that told you to go to that party? Were you were planning on having sex with her and getting drunk or something there? I thought I taught you better than that Toby! » He yelled and pounded his fist into the wall.

« No it wasn’t anything like that! I would never get drunk or do any kind of drugs,why would I? She was concerned about me and she thought I needed to go have fun and relax after what happened to Mom. She said I needed to get social and just chill with some people, that’s all. I swear to you I would never get drunk or do something stupid that would shorten my life, you should know that. » I said trying to explain myself and calm him down.

I hated seeing him like this. The past three months obviously got to him. I never really knew that I meant so much to him. I guess it was Karma’s way of answering my question of how he would react if something happened to me.

« Really, well look I don’t want you seeing Cora again. » He said in an angry tone. « Go to your damn room! » He yelled and I just simply said « Fine. » and then I went.

I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I knew that there was something he was hiding. Something he wasn’t telling me. I looked for my phone but it wasn’t in my room which didn’t surprise me. I needed to talk to Cora, she was the only one that I could talk to and I needed to see a friendly face.

When I got to her house I threw a small rock at her window. When she got up to the window and saw me- her face turned white and then she ran away from the window. I’ve never seen her looked so spooked in my entire life. Then she ran out of her house and then she jumped on me, arms wrapped around me and she kissed me like she’s never have before. It was actually nice for the few seconds that it lasted.

« Toby? Is it really you? » She said in an unbelievable tone. It was like she didn’t believe I was right in front of her.

« Yea, its me look I really need to talk to you. » She then backed away and looked at me like I was a ghost or something. She slowly started backing away.

« Cora? What’s wrong? » I asked nervously but there was no response from her. This was starting to scare me a bit too.

« Cora, what the- »

« You’re suppose to be dead. » She said in a very low tone. Like she was saying it to herself and not to me.

« No I was in a coma. » Then she stopped backing away and said « No, no. I was there after the crash. I went to your funeral, you’re suppose to be dead. »

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« What? Cora, I-I don’t understand. » I said to her. I didn’t know what to think. Cora sat at the first step by her front door she then started to get teary eyed. I then slowly sat down next to her.

« I guess the rumors were true after all. » She said and tears were already halfway down her face. I’ve never seen her cry before, never. It wasn’t easy seeing her like this.

I wrapped my arms around her and asked her about the rumor she mentioned.

« Toby, your Dad was a mess at the funeral. He stopped working on that military robot and there were rumors that he was working on a robot that looked like you, acted like you and was basically a replacement. »

We have just lost cabin pressure.

« I felt so guilty after you died. But your father was even worse… he was so pissed at me and he talked about how he screwed up and how he wanted another chance at fatherhood. » She said through her sad tone. This was just a bad moment that I just absolutely hate thinking about.

Seeing Cora like this just tore me up. I’ve never felt such pain like I did at that moment. So much pain for the ones we love. When we see them it can be painful. I was willing to do anything to get her to stop.

I just hugged her like I never have anyone before, at least not since right before Mom died. « Don’t feel guilty. » I said « I was the one that drove the car and crashed it, it was my fault not yours. » I said trying to get her to stop crying.

She led up a little bit and wiped some tears away and smiled at me. « Well at least the rumors are true and your alive again. » She said with a smile with teary eyes. I was completely distracted by this whole thing that I forgot the reason why I came to see her.

« Listen Cora, I really need to talk. After hearing what you just said to me I know that it’s the truth. » I said to her. « I think after I died, my Dad went nuts. »

« Yea you’re right. At the funeral he was tied in emotions, he sad and angry at the same time and caused a huge commotion. He was crying and yelling at the sky about how God must have hated him and why he screwed up as a husband and as a father. » Cora went on. « Damn » Was all I could say.

« That’s not it, before they could bury your body your Dad, grabbed your body and took off with it. » Cora said. « He jumped in his car with the body and sped off. »

« Wow. I can’t believe this is happening. » I accidentally said out loud. I was just so in shock by what I was hearing that I couldn’t hold anything in any longer. « He must have used my body to put some of my memories in this robot. » Then I thought about the word robot that I just said. For some reason, at that moment that I finished saying the word robot I came to the realization that I was no longer human.

Technically I wasn’t Toby. I was no one I never felt so alone, I just sat there for about a five minutes or so realizing all this. Then I had come to a conclusion. I had to confront my father about this. I knew that he had gone crazy. How he would react when I confront him was unpredictable. Who knows what he’ll do when I confront him.

« Cora I need to go back home and confront my father. » I said standing up in a bold tone. This didn’t make her that happy.

‘No you’re not Toby! He’s gone completely crazy who knows what he’ll do he might try to destroy you. I don’t want to loose you again. » She pleaded grabbing my arm with a tight bear grip.

« Look I need to know for sure. If anything bad happens to me do not feel guilty and don’t do anything stupid, okay. » I said freeing my arm from her grip. (I guess that was one way to tell I was a robot.)

« I’ll come back and find you Cora, I promise. » I said before kissing her goodbye.

Then I walked away.

When I got to the front steps of the house I felt so damn nervous. I didn’t know what Tenma was going to do when I ask him if what I’ve heard is true. I need to look him in eye and justify this.

Now the front door had like a small little room and then if you continued on there was a staircase that led to a small hallway and one room was my mom & dad’s bedroom, another was his personal office and the other was my room. If you turn back and go down the stair case there is a living room, and then

if you go to opposite side of the staircase there was a kitchen. At the end of the living room was a dinning room.

Well right in front of the staircase there was an open casket. The door on it was facing me so I couldn’t see what was in it. When I got closer and walked to the other side I was completely scared shitless of who I saw in the casket… myself.

My brain lurched. Unable to accept the fact that what Cora told me was true. I… Toby died in the crash.

Well then who the hell does that make me. We’re not the same person in a way. It’s hard to explain, in a way yes we are but in another sense, it’s complicated to explain. I’m sure you understand if you were in my position, at least I hope so.

I just stood there, I was in such shock I didn’t whether to collapse or just back away. Before I could decide I nearly had a heart attack (If I still had a heart) when I heard a familiar voice come from behind me.

« So; you did the exact opposite of what I wanted you to do. » I turned around and saw dad standing on the staircase and then slowly getting closer. « I’m very, very disappointed Toby. » He said while starring me down.

« Dad, tell me what’s been going on now! » I demanded « I know the truth! » I yelled at him again as he continued to stare me down.

« You continue to disappoint, son. I couldn’t believe you were gone and I felt like I failed and I wanted a second chance. » He explained. « I kept your body so I can copy your memories into a robot. But I failed to bring you back. » Dad said with a serious tone.

« What do you mean you failed. I’m still the same person! » I said trying to reassure him.

« No you’re not. You found out too early and I’m already seeing changes. You’re not my son. » He said pulling something out from one of his pockets.

« How do you expect me to react? You’re delusional! You brought me back I’m still the same person, you didn’t fail at anything! » I said trying to calm him down. I could tell he was going to do something.

He pulled out some weird looking device. It looked like some kind of chain, collar, spiked gun looking thing.

« I’m sorry child, truly I am. But you’re a failed experiment. » He said in a sad tone. I’m trying to do anything to get him to stop.

« No, no! Put that down, you don’t have to do this! I can still be your son and have a normal life! » I screamed trying to get him to back down but it was useless.

« No, you are a machine. Not my son. You need to be eliminated. » Then immediately after he said that the device in his hand lit up and then black… nothing. My Dad rejected me. I am Jack’s broken heart.

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