Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction ❯ Answering ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4: Answering
What do you mean? Amon said
What is Japan, is it on the fire nation? Sokka asked
No its on Asia. Robin said, do you have a map?
Yeah, here you go, Sokka handed her a piece of paper, drawed with four different colors, there was a lot of islands, with some small continents, nothing like a normal map for her. The map had different names labelled in some places: Ba Sing Se, Omashu. Nothing familiar.
What is this place anyway? Amon said, after getting up with water running down his face. (Remember, Katara was healing him!).
Right now, we are near a village in the earth kingdom. Aang said, but you haven’t told us, how did you ended up in here? Where do you come from?
“We are from Japan. We were hunting down a witch when she opened that hole you saw in the sky and we fell on it. And here we are.” Amon explained
“hunting a witch? You mean a bender right?” Toph asked.
“If that how you call them now, yes a bender it is”
“But how can you hunt them down like animals? They are human beings too!” aang said.
“No they are not. They are witches and they surrender to their power” Amon said in a very cool voice.
“So maybe that means that in this time you will have to hunt a lot of people!” Katara said in an angry tone, “Because there are benders around the globe!”
“Katara calm down” Aang told her, “besides, if they are hunting this so called “witches”, why don’t you hunt Robin, shes a fire witch”
“Shes a craft-user, a witch that uses her power to hunt other like her.”
“OK, so a witch hunt another witch, that’s something really smart! Someday they`ll turn against her and hunt her!” Sokka said.
“Sokka, shut up please!” Katara said, “look, you made her feel bad!”
Robin looked down the floor. She remembered the time when Amon came to her room at Nagiras place. The look on his eyes while he was pointing his orbo gun at her. The boy was right, witches were like humans. The fact that they were cursed with powers didnt made them evil, just different. Here there were three children with a different craft each, and still they used it to help them, no matter what. If only she could make it happen in her time… Her thoughts stopped when she felt a hand on her back. She looked up to find the girl named Katara looking at her, with worry on her eyes.
“Are you ok? My brother can be an asshole sometimes, but very deep hes a nice guy.”
“I`m fine, I was just wondering how many “benders” are in this world?”
“I dont know. Back in the north pole, there were only male waterbenders. I had to fight a waterbending master so they could teach me. It was pretty hard, but in the end everything went fine. Aang was pretty supportive. Nothing less to expect from the Avatar!” She said with a smile on her face.
“The Avatar? What is it?” Robin inquired
“You know, there are four nations: Air Nomads, Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation. The firebenders started the war 100 years ago, slaying the air nomads. Aang is the last of them. A normal bender can only control his o her native element. But in every generation there is this bender who can control all four elements. Thats the Avatar. Aang is this generations avatar, but right now, he can master air and is learning water from me and earth from Toph. He has to learn all four elements before summer if he wants to stop the war. He has to defeat the fire lord by that time, otherwise the war will never end.”
“Thats terrible! No wonder why he fought me in the forest! He told me something about a girl named Azula, too”
“Azula is the daughter of the fire lord. She has been chasing us ever since her brother, Zuko, lost Aang in the North Pole. She travels with two girls, Ty Lee, who by the way, you must never let her touch you, otherwise, she will block your chi and paralyze you. The other girl is Mai, she carries hidden weapons and throws them at you.”
Robin was astonished that this kids were handling this dangerous enemies, just to protect the tattooed kid. They got up.
“Looks like im gonna have to find you some decent clothes. With that black outfit you will stand out an attract too much attention to us. Aang, Sokka, could you help Amon to find something better to wear? If they are staying with us…”
“We are not staying here” Amon stated, “we need to go back to our own time right now”
“Wow, seems to me that the bad boy is feeling good enough to order us around!” Toph said, “Look, evil grin guy, you have no idea how to go back, we have no idea how to send you back, and it seems that the two of you alone would never survive a couple of hours in our time, so my suggestion is that you two stay with us, until we find out a way to send your ass back, OK?”
As much as Amon hated to admit it, Toph was right. Tactically it was impossible for both of them to survive and go back without help, so staying it was.
Know your enemy?
Dangerous encounter