❯ Anime Survivor – Day 2 ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

The next day.

At Vestroia.

« I’m bored. » Said Lync.

« What do you want me to do about it?. » Asked Shinya.

« Let’s play copycat. » Said Lync.

« I’m not in the mood. » Said Shinya

« I’m not in the mood. » Said Lync.

« Ok stop it. » Said Shinya

« Ok stop it. » Said Lync.

« I mean it. » Said Shinya

« I mean it. » Said Lync.

Dan started to walk by.

« Hey Lync I think Dan wants to play. » Said Shinya

« Play what?. » Asked Dan.

« Play what?. » Said Lync.

« Stop it. » Said Dan.

« stop it. » Said Lync.

Later on

What’s wrong Yue?. You haven’t Said much since we got here it’s like you’re a mime look I’m traped in side a box. » Said Shinya

« Good now go away befor I ship you and your inbisivle box off the island. » Said Yue.

Shinya then acted like she was lifting a box up and walked away.

At clow.

« I’m Norm. » Said the giant robot named Norm.

« How did he get here?. Asked Kurami.

« I don’t know. » Said Alice.

« Yummy yummy patato salad. » Said Norm.

« Ok that was random. » Said Kurami.

« Yes yes is was. Hey where’s Dan?. » Asked Runo.

Back at Vestroia.

« I said stop it. » Said Dan almost as if he was out of breath.

« I said stop it. » Said Lync.

Dan then sighed and walked away.

Back at clow.

« Alright do you have any threes?. Asked Kurami.

« Go fish. » Said Norm.

« What are you two doing?. » Asked Amaya.

« What does it look like we’re doing we’re?. playing go fish with a giant robot named Norm. » Said Runo.

« Where did you guys get the deck of cards?. » Asked Amaya.

« Norm had them. » Said Runo.

« I’m telling Akane. » Said Amaya.

Amaya then ran off to tell Akane.

« Well I have to go now oh almost forgot my deck of cards. » Said Norm

Norm then left.

« Oh there you are Dan. » Said Runo.

« See. » Said Amaya.

« Ok I give up what is it I’m suppose to be looking at?. » Asked Akane

Amaya then looked at the spot Norm was suppose to be standing at.

« B-b-b-b-but. »Said Amaya shocked at the fact that Norm wasn’t there anymore.

« Come on. » Said Akane while dragging Amaya away.

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