❯ Animated Super Hero Force – Rayman joins the force and it’s off to the first day of work ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Animated Super Hero Force
Today had been a turning point in Neil’s life. He was once a third-rate employee, but now he was one of the leaders in a league of super heroes.
5 had been chosen, but now there was one left, and he was not of this world. Neil had to admit, this concept scared him. Who was this stranger? What kind of powers did he possess? Furthermore, when were these super heroes going to start doing anything?
Taylor looked around the world they had been teleported to. This was a rather odd place. It looked like a big forest with giant fruits hanging from the trees. There were also landforms in the water and rather conveniently placed vines to climb on attached to the walls.
Well, they started their trek through the forest when out of nowhere, a giant mosquito flew down at them. This was no ordinary mosquito, however. It was pink, had really big human eyes and its arms and feet didn’t seem to be attached to its body… why did this thing have hands in the first place? Furthermore, why did these hands resemble Mickey Mouse’s gloves? The feet were also an average man’s shoes rather than feet.
The mosquito’s sucker was also strange for it was long, yellow and looked like it had a hole in the front of it.
The duo freaked out when the mosquito was about ready to pierce into their flesh when a fist came shooting out at the bug and hit it square in the face causing its body to split momentarily and putting it in a daze.
Neil turned around to see the first return to another strange being who asked, “Are you guys alright?”
“Yeah, we’re fine,” Taylor said as the creature looked at them and thought, `Wow, these people look strange.’
Neil just blinked and thought, `Wow, this creature looks strange.’
After a while, the mosquito regained focus and grabbed a big piece of fruit. It wasn’t like the purple ones seen on the trees. This time, it was red and had spikes coming out of it.
“Watch out,” the creature said to the two humans, “This thing’s very deadly.”
The mosquito hurled the fruit at them as they barely dodged and the strange being socked the mosquito another good one to the face. The bug started to get furious as it soared down at the being again.
The being simply leapt over its head and plants its foot in its face. This creature was so weird.
The only similarity he shared with the mosquito was that he had no arms or legs and his feet and hands were separated from his body. Even stranger was the fact that he didn’t even have a neck. His hair was shaped rather oddly, his face was brown with light-brown lips and big nose that actually looked like a part of his head. He had yellow shoes, a purple top and a red hood that he didn’t seem to like wearing.
The mosquito hurled another fruit but missed as his target wound up his unattached fist, causing it to start glowing before he threw it at the mosquito and finished what he had started. The mosquito’s parts fell to the ground and reattached themselves. It actually looked rather humorous, but Neil was still freaked out by all of this. Taylor, on the other hand, thought it was all pretty cool.
“And that takes care of that,” the creature said as Neil walked over to him and asked, “Um… your name wouldn’t happen to be Rayman, would it?”
“Why, yes, it is,” the creature replied as Taylor smiled and said, “That’s good, because we need you.” (And yes, I know he’s not from any animated shows. I just wanted to add him because he’s not used all that often)
And so, after everything was made clear, the duo returned to Izy’s office with their newest ally.
“Yo, what’s up with this?” Jake asked upon seeing him, “I ain’t never seen a magical creature like that! Say, what kinda magical creature are you, anyway?”
“I’m not a magical creature,” Rayman replied as Izy explained, “This is Rayman, a being from another world. Seriously, we have no idea what you’re supposed to be.”
“Well, what are you supposed to be?” Rayman remarked, “I’ve never seen creatures so weird in my life.”
Neil and Taylor couldn’t believe he was calling them weird, but Izy understood. It was because in his world, humans didn’t exist, so they were like aliens to him.
Rayman then noticed Mantarou and Don Patch and laughed saying, “So you do have normal creatures in your world.”
Neil had to admit, the guy had a point. Don Patch did look like something that should exist in Rayman’s world.
“Say, what are you?” Neil asked the orange thing, “Are you some kind of sun god?”
“I’M A SUN GOD!?” Don Patch replied with a look of shock on his face, “OH YES!!!! I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO RULE THE WORLD WITH LIGHT RAYS AND DESTROY ANTS OF VARIOUS SIZES!!!”
“No, Patch, you’re not a sun god,” Izy stated, “I’ve looked up his profile, and it says he’s a porcupine… a very weird one…”
“You mean I’m not a sun god?” Don sniffed as Izy nodded and he put on baby clothes and cried, “I WANT TO BE A SUN GOD!!!! I WANT TO BE A SUN GOD!!!!! WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!”
“What is wrong with Mr. Don Patch?” Starfire asked as Robin said, “Are we the only normal ones here?”
“Yo, what about me?” Jake remarked as Robin said, “You talk like you’re stuck in the 80’s.”
“What about me?” Mantarou replied pointing at himself as Neil said, “Well, your issues go far beyond that ugly mask you have to wear.”
“Guys, stop it!” Izy spat in the loudest voice she could muster, which wasn’t very loud but did stop them.
“Now that we’re all calm,” Izy said, “it’s time for your first assignment. Apparently, Moo has sent something to attack a military base and steal an important document. The military’s out on another mission, so it’s your job to make sure Moo doesn’t get that document.”
“That sounds simple enough for the Am Drag!” Jake boasted as Rayman just stared at him and blinked.
“Wait, what if the monster gets in the base?” Neil asked. Everyone else had to admit, that was a good question.
Izy slammed her head against the table and wined, “NEIL, I DISCUSSED THIS WITH YOU EARLIER!!!!!”
Neil felt weak at the sound of her wining again. Sure, it was all a joke to make him feel bad, but he took everything she did seriously.
“Relax, I’m joking,” Izy replied as Neil breathed a sigh of relief and she said, “Your job is not to protect the base. What I want is for the heroes to retrieve the document and bring it to me for safe keeping. Moo won’t think to look for it at a simple office. But a couple of you must stay outside to keep watch for Moo’s minion.”
At this time, that minion had been dispatched and the heroes were on their way to the base. The being was kinda of odd. He wore a black suit and had something that resembled a hole where his mouth should have been. His eyes were tiny and looked like those of lizards and he also wore red gloves and shoes. He was dressed very much like a super villain.
Luckily, the force had arrived at the base before the villain could show himself, so all was good.
“So, who goes where?” Robin asked on the communicator, which Izy only trusted him with.
Izy smiled and explained, “I want you, Starfire, and Rayman to retrieve the document since you’re both experts on infiltration. I warn you, though, security there is tight, and the military isn’t around to shut it off. Meanwhile, Jake, Mantarou and Don Patch will keep watch outside, since those two are kind of incapable of taking these kinds of things seriously and they’re not exactly stealthy.”
“HEY, I HEARD THAT!” Jake retorted as Izy sighed, “Well, I’ll admit, Jake’s good for stealthy operations too, but he just annoys the heck out of me. How do we know his obnoxious attitude won’t trick off an alarm?”
And so, the trio rushed into the headquarters from different entrances, Rayman, being the only one without flight, having to use the front door. Jake just sighed and moaned, “AW, MAAAAAN!!!!”
“This isn’t so bad,” Mantarou said, “We’re meant to stop the monster. That’s more worth it than the document, right?”
Well, that had some truth to it, but his real reason for preferring this mission was because the security system sounded more deadly than an intruder.
Rayman started his mission by blowing up the cameras with his fists. Sadly, he failed to notice the red crossbeams in the area because everyone knows crossbeams are invisible unless smoke is applied.
A group of battle robots surrounded him as he trembled in fear, but he was ready for this. He had dealt with Razorbeard’s robots. This was nothing.
Robin blew up anything he could with his flying discs and Starfire did the same with the star bolts she shot out of her hands, and unlike Rayman, they were progressing much more easily around the base. Robin had smoke bombs, so crossbeams couldn’t catch him off guard, meanwhile Starfire had only run into lasers, nothing that could tick off an alarm or something similar.
As the other 3 waited outside, they were playing a game of Go Fish.
“Do you have any aces?” Jake asked Don as he threw his cards against the ground and shouted, “QUEEN TO E-20!!!!”
“We’re playing go fish, not Chess,” Jake remarked, “Besides, I don’t even think there is an E-20.”
Suddenly, their fun came to and end when they heard a noise from the bushes and saw a mysterious stranger emerge.
“THAT MUST BE THE DOCUMENT THIEF!!!!” Jake shouted as the others got ready.
Mantarou did not recognize this villain, but his father would have, for this stranger was Black Hole, an old enemy from his father’s time as champion.
Mantarou rushed at him only to find himself trapped in the hole on his face and sent into another dimension.
“NO, MANTAROU!!!!” Jake shouted as Don Patch gazed in awe and said, “That looks fun.”
Jake stared in shock as he leapt into the black hole as well. Jake sighed and said, “Looks like this is where I shine. DRAGON UP!!!!!”
With that, he transformed into a dragon with red scales, sharp black claws and a pair of bat-like wings.
As Mantarou looked desperately for a way out, he noticed a whole series of black hole clones appear before him as they started to kick him to death. Mantarou was about ready to give up just as Don appeared and shouted, “IT’S TIME FOR A PARTY, YEAH!!!!!”
With that, he pulled out a boom box. The music that came out was so loud, it caused all of Black Hole’s shadow clones to vanish as Don turned into a super hero and flew out, much to Black Hole and Jake’s surprise.
“Now let’s cream this sucker!” Don spat, cracking his knuckles as Mantarou nodded with a devious grin on his face.
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