D. N. Angel Fan Fiction ❯ Angel Duel ( battle…) ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Mitsuko:, « I think Krad is coming! I can feel his magic! » she shouted « and the ground shook a little, and it doesn’t seem like an eathquake, » she added quietly as an afterthought.
‘Why is Krad here!!’ Roxas yelled attacking Dark.
« I don’t know! » Mitsuko said. « all i know is that i feel his magic, its really close by and getting closer, and i am scared out of my mind of what he will do when he sees all of you. »
‘No! He’s here!’ Hao yelled.
Krad appeared.
Alani stepped a bit closer to Daisuke.
« Why is it that Dark is always being an idiot? » Krad asked.
« Hey! Again, what did I say? Why is it always about me?! » Dark complained. Oturo laughed.
« Because we love to acknowledge your stupidity. »
« That I must agree on. » Krad Laughed. Hao was holding back Roxas from getting himself killed by Krad.
« Anyways, can I whoop some butt or what? » Oturo asked.
‘You can help me kill this idiot!’ Roxas yelled. Krad laughed.
« Okay, sure. » Oturo said. Dark and Oturo cracked their knuckles.
‘No Roxas! I know what he did to you and your not going to kill him!’ Hao yelled. « Let them Try. They can’t defeat me. »
Oturo and Dark threw punches after Krad.
Krad dodged everyone. Roxas finally broke free and landed a punch on Krad.
Alani kept close to Daisuke, scared out of her wits. Daisuke held her in comfort.
Dark and Oturo landed their hardest punches on Krad.
Krad started flying. « I love this! »
« Grrrr…..he’s really getting on my nerves! » Oturo growled. Daisuke whispered something into Alani’s ear. She nodded, and sprinted away from the battle.
Daisuke watched Alani run away safely.
Roxas fought but still he didn’t have what it takes to defeat him.
Good, she’s safe, for now Daisuke sighed.
‘Roxas come on!’ Hao screamed. Roxas ignored him.
Dark and Oturo stood straight.
« Now what? » Oturo asked
« Wanna go home? » Dark suggested.
« Sure. »
Hao’s eye twitched but he Just battled. Roxas didn’t relize it but Krad had planted something in him that no one knew what it was.
« Wait, who do we punch again? » They said, looking at Hao, then Roxas, then each other.
Mitsuko sweatdropped « they’re kidding right? »
« Yeah, we are! » They looked at Krad.
Hao was getting mad. Krad dropped Roxas and Ran away. « Aravow my friends. »
« Oh, no, you don’t! » Oturo jumped on Krad’s back.
« Your coming with me then. » Krad said and they dissapeared.
« Oturo! » Daisuke lurched forward. Meanwhile, Alani felt that Oturo was in trouble.
Hao looked at Roxas ‘You idiot! Now Oturo has been kidnapped!
« It’s not his fault, Hao. It’s Oturo’s for being so reckless. » Alani popped out of the woods.
‘If Roxas hadn’t acted so rash Oturo would still be here!’ Hao was really mad.
Daisuke sighed.
Suddenly a brown-haired girl appeared (hiding behind a tree and thinking to herself,what will she ask to make presence).
Roxas looked around. he suddenly changed to Sora « Weird… »
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