Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Android 17's Journey to Penguin Village ( Chapter 12 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Lita landed in the woods 17 called home, to her surprise 17 stood there waiting for her, “Morning.”
Lita was taken even forth back when 17 replied, “You too.”
She landed beside the cyborg and smiled, “Finally coming around?”
“No,” 17 said as he turned and started walking away. Lita’s face dropped “You coming?” it sprung back into a smile as she chassed after the mixture of man and machine.
After walking for an hour or two Lita turned to the android breaking the silence, “Where are we going?”
“I have learnt of another android that may be able to assist me in,” 17 stopped himself.
“Help you with what?” Lita begged grabbing his arm.
He pulled his arm away from the girl slightly snapping at her, “Nothing.” Lita ignored the rude comment and continued to follow the android. When he stopped suddenly, “We’re here.”
Lita looked over 17’s shoulder and saw a rural village with many dome hills, “Where are we?” Lita asked very confused as to why 17 thought an android would be here.
“Penguin Village,” 17 said as he took flight into the sky, “Home of Arale and Obotchaman, two androids who have found meaning in life.” 17 took off into the sky as Lita followed him, eventually they ended up in a small park where a little girl with purple hair and a small boy with black hair met them. “Hello Arale.”
“Who are you?” the little girl asked.
“I am the one who contacted you I am 17.”
“Your 17?” Arale asked as she hovered around the android, “This is so not fair you’re a teenager! When we get home we are making Turbo makes us teenagers Obotchaman.” Arale took off into the sky; she turned and looked at the two strangers, “Are you guys coming?” The two took off after their new acquaintance. They landed in front of a quaint little house the mailbox read ‘Doctor Norimaki.’ Two little cherub like beings with green hair fluttered out and hugged Arale.
“What are those?” Lita asked.
“They’re the Gatchans,” Arale said as she walked past them and into the house, “TURBO!” The house bounced from the scream as a middle aged man walked down the stairs.
“What is it Arale?” The man with dark hair in the lab coat asked.
“Turbo this is 17,” Arale pointed at the teenage android, “He has a teenage body and I want one.”
“Turbo, I though Senbei made you?” 17 asked.
“Dad did make me but he and mom retired and left Penguin Village now me and Turbo do everything,” Arale stated. “So Turbo are you going to make me a new body or what?”
“Actually Arale me and the Gatchans just finished new bodies for both you and Obotchaman.”
“What, why were you making us bodies?” Obotchaman asked.
“Because I knew that eventually you two would want to be grown ups,” Turbo said “would you like to see them?”
“YES!” Arale screamed as she followed Turbo.
Turbo turned and flicked his hand causing the door to open, both the small androids and the cherubs followed, he turned to 17 and Lita, “Are you guys coming?” 17 and Lita darted after them.
“Wow they’re so cool,” Arale said as she squished her face against the glass, “When do we get them?”
“If your friends don’t mind waiting you can be transplanted into them now, they have all the same capabilities of your current bodies, but with an increase in strength, speed and fire power.”
Arale and Obotchaman turned and looked at 17, “You’re going to wait okay?”
“I guess,” 17 said as he crossed his arms and leaned against the wall, Lita plopped down on the floor.

About an hour had passed as Arale and Obotchaman were dissected and their minds were being transferred to the new bodies, when a siren began to go off, “Not now,” Turbo whined.
“What is it?” Lita asked.
“It’s Dr. Mashirito Junior’s army of evil androids,” Turbo sighed, “and it will still be awhile before they are both back online.”
“We’ll deal with the loser brigade till they’re ready,” Lita stated as she transformed into Cosmic Jupiter. Both of them took to the skies as the saw a horde of evil robots flying at them. “17 let’s get rid of these tin cans quick.” Lita charged at the metal army shooting out a barrage of leaf shaped energy blades. 17 chased after her shooting energy orbs. The metal men tried to bite Lita; she shifted to the side avoiding their razor teeth, smashing her palm through its head. She flipped backwards in the air as a robot shot at her like a bullet she spun to kick it as it exploded right in front of her.
“Lita!” 17 yelled as she tumbled to the ground. He flew down in front of her defending her limp body.
“It’s okay,” a hand rested on 17’s shoulder, “I’m okay.” 17 turned to see Lita standing there, “but thanks.” Lita darted back up into the sky creating a cocoon of lightning around her. The two continued to battle the never ending horde of metal monsters when a purple blast ripped through the enemies, into the fray shot a young woman in her twenties, she wore jean shorts, a baseball cap, and a white t-shirt with red sleeves, following her was a twenty something man with black hair made into devil horns, he had on blue jeans and a white button up shirt and red tie, “Who are they?”
“It’s us,” the purple haired girl said, “Arale and Obotchaman! Like the new bodies?”
“Well you’ve definitely grown up,” 17 stated.
The four blasted back into the battle and were soon joined by the Gatchans who were shooting blasts out of their antennas. A group of the robots smashed together, the group turned to see Turbo floating in the air slowly bringing his hands together. “Mind if we join?” Turbo joked.
The six continued to combat the never ending opponents in the air when 17 asked, “When do they end?”
“They don’t,” was Arale’s reply as she grabbed two by the sides of their heads and smashed them together.
“Then shouldn’t we cut them off at the source?” Lita questioned.
“That’s a brilliant idea,” Turbo said ripping robots apart with his telekinesis. “Why didn’t I think of that?”
Arale flew towards him, “I don’t know you’re the doctor.” She shoved her fist through a robots head. “Me and 17 will head to Mashirito’s lab, you guys stay here,” Arale grabbed 17’s arm and blasted away dragging him behind. The two crashed through the ground and landed in front of the crazy Dr. Mashirito.
“Ah, Arale, nice new body” he said coldly, “I will finally KILL YOU!” he slapped a button on his console and the door behind him smashed open out of it stepped a giant green android woman.
“I am Elara,” the new android stated, “I will kill you.” The new android charged at Arale grabbing her by the throat and smashing her into the ground, she raised her hand ready to bash her face in when 17 grabbed her arm and ripped it off.
“Kind of poorly put together don’t you think?” 17 asked the mad scientist.
“My baby!” Mashirito screamed as Arale got up and shoved her hand through Elara’s chest ripping out her main power battery.
“Maybe next time you should focus more on durability and less on bust,” Arale teased. “Now call off your flying cans.” Mashirito cowered and tapped another button and the robots began to short circuit. Arale picked him up and flew him to the jail house.

Back at Turbo’s house Arale stood beside 17 and asked him, “So what is it that keeps you going?”
“I’ve lost all motivation in my life,” 17 said coldly.
Arale followed his eyes and noticed he was staring at Lita, “It seems you still have some motivation,” Arale teased.
“What!?” 17 said in shock.
“The girl you like her,” Arale poked him in the side, “You’ve got a crush.”
17 turned towards the girl and snarled, “I do not.”
“Sure,” Arale teased as 17 took off into the sky.
17 flew above Lita, “We’re leaving, NOW!” Lita looked back at Arale as she waved.
“Goodbye,” Lita waved.
“If you ever need us you know where we are!” Arale screamed as the two heroes vanished.

Back at 17’s woods Lita turned to him, “What was that about?”
“Nothing,” 17 turned away from Lita, she looked sad but smiled.
“Want to go get something to eat?”
Android 17 looked at her, “No.” Lita shrugged and took off into the sky; she turned to wave goodbye and couldn’t see 17. She turned back and 17 was waiting in front of her, “I thought we were getting something to eat?” He blasted off towards the city Lita following hearts in her eyes.

Gohan and Videl ducked into an alley way, “I’m telling you Gohan, it would just be easier to get all the good people off the planet and then blow it.” Gohan turned to Videl and realized she was joking.
“Okay it’s clear lets go,” Gohan sped out of the alley and towards the large castle in the difference.

“You will have to sneak into the castle,” Gohan remembered Azure saying that morning, “If they catch you the conflict could kill the innocents in the city.” Gohan and Videl nodded as they finished putting on their fighting gear. Shortly after the two were taken in a speeder to the city limits and dropped off, “Remember before you fight the false king you have to destroy the purple vortex machine that powers the cannons.” Gohan saluted as he and Videl jumped off the deck and flew down to the city hiding their energy signature.

Gohan grabbed Videl and darted into an alley as a small troop of guards walked past the opening. “That was close,” Gohan looked down at Videl.

Last night Gohan laid in bed wearing a pair of pajama pants, in the room that Azure and offered them, Videl was changing into one of his shirts to sleep in when he stated, “When we get back to Earth let’s get married.”
“We are going to get married,” Videl stated confused. “That’s what this ring means,” she finished pointing at her engagement ring.
“No I mean like the week we get back,” Gohan said standing up and walking towards her, “Just a small wedding, you, me our friends and family, and Mt Paozu.” Gohan wrapped his arms around Videl.
“Why do you want to move it up?” Videl asked as she turned her body in his arms so they where face to face.
“Why wait? I love you and there is no one else I want to spend the rest of my life with,” Gohan said as he lifted Videl’s chin starring into her eyes.
“Me too,” Videl jumped into Gohan’s kiss and the two stayed there for a moment, before Azure entered the room.
“Sorry if I have interrupted any reproductive activity,” Azure said bluntly causing the two lovers to blush, “but I wanted to make sure that you both are ready for tomorrow.” Gohan and Videl nodded in agreement, “Good because you two are our only hope,” Azure turned and left the room.
In the hall she turned to her orange assistant, “Tangelo make sure they are well rested and feed, their power levels are truly impressive but even the greatest fighters can succumb to illness,” with that Azure walked away leaving the little bald orange man at the door.

“I can see the palace,” Gohan said as he lowered himself back to the ground beside Videl, “It is two blocks south.”
“Remember Azure said that they keep the vortex in the dungeon,” Videl said as the two darted through the streets. They stopped as they came to a large tall spiky golden tower. “How do we get in?”
“Like this,” Gohan said pushing his hand against the tower causing the wall to give in, resulting in a large crash, “Oops.”
“Now that they know where here no need to hide,” Videl said as her aura burst unblocking her ki, Gohan followed suit. They walked into the tower as Spectins began to fill the door on the other side of the room, Gohan darted into them smashing them into the wall and delivering a head removing kick to the last one. “This way,” Videl darted past him down the hall.
The two sped into the room at the end of the hall and stopped in their tracks. “Ya this is it,” Gohan stated looking at the spinning purple rings in the room filled with Spectins. The two charged into the room making quick work of the drones. “Ready?” Gohan asked as he began to lift the spinning purple ring machine, Videl nodded as Gohan tipped it over creating a massive explosion. “Now that that’s done,” Gohan said as he began to charge, “all we have to do is beat the fake king.” Gohan blasted into the sky, Videl followed through the hole Gohan made. They stopped blasting through the floors when they were in front of two large golden doors, Gohan turned and looked at Videl, “Ready?” Videl nodded and Gohan pushed the door open.
“Ah Kakarot’s little worm,” Gohan looked on in shock as a familiar human like creature sat on the throne guarded by two Spectran Elites.
“Broly,” Gohan said fiercely Videl’s face turned to fear as she recognized the name.

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