Saint Seiya Fan Fiction ❯ and now theres three ( Chapter 2 )

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Hyoga turned the car off, getting out. He opened the back door, picking Takura up, letting her wrap her arms around his neck as he closed the car door. He looked at the house that he had parked across the street from, wondering what was so wrong with it. “Excuse me?” a woman asked, standing on the sidewalk that they were next to.
“Yes?” he asked, turning to her.
“Are you the one that adopted Takura?” She asked, pulling out a pair of glasses, putting them on. “Oh, wait. Are you her father?”
“’his me daddy!” she told the lady, smiling. “Came for mommy.”
“Is that so little one?” she asked, smiling back.
“Yep! Take mommy way.” Takura told her.
“I’m sorry.” A young lady said, coming down the walking path from the house that they were standing in front of. “Is my mother bothering you? Mother, leave them alone.”
“It’s Takura and her daddy.” The older woman told her daughter.
Her daughter blinked, looking at them. “Oh my goodness!” she gasped. “Takura, how are you? We’ve missed you, and your mothers been so sad without you.”
“Me with daddy.” She told her, placing her head on Hyoga’s shoulder.
“Moga?” she asked, tilting her head in thought as she tried to remember Takura’s father’s name.
“Hyoga.” He told her, and she smiled.
“That right, sorry, I’m not good with names. Shun told me a lot about you.” She told him, smiling. “Please tell me that you aren’t here to give Takura back, but to take Shun with you.”
“We came for her.” Hyoga told her, looking back across the street. “Do you know if she’s home?”
The woman looked at her watch, nodding. “She should be leaving for work in a few minutes if you want to wait so that you don’t have to deal with that jackass she lives with.”
“Is he bad?” Hyoga asked, moving Takura to the other arm so his arm wouldn’t go to sleep.
“Like I said, he’s a jackass.” The woman said, glancing across the street as there was a load slam. They saw Shun heading down the walk, the slam from the front door. “They’re fighting again.”
“Thank you for your help.” Hyoga told her, then crossed the street. He sat Takura on the side walk, and she took off the second her feet touch ground.
“MOMMY!” Takura called, running to her. Shun stopped, turning around, a shocked look on her face. She dropped down onto her knees, taking Takura into her arms, smiling.
“Gem, I missed you.” She told her, kissing her forehead and checks. Takura giggled, kissing Shun nose. Hyoga watched them, smiling. Takura never once laughed with Natasha, never asking her to hold her, read to her. He realized then that he had been wrong, that Takura loved her mother very much. Hyoga walked closer, and Shun looked up at him, fear now in her eyes. “Takura, you told. You weren’t supposed to tell.”
“Me missed mommy.” Takura told her.
“Don’t blame her, I asked for the address.” Hyoga told her, standing over her. Now that he was this close, he could see the split lip and bruised check, as well as they bandages on her arms.
“Hyoga?” she whispered, eyes filling with tears. “Don’t do this; don’t condemn her to this life. Don’t make her live in fear, of having to hide to not get hurt. Don’t break your promise, you’ve never broken one before, so don’t now. Don’t make me keep her. If you love me…no, if you love your daughter, then take her and get back in your car and drive away. If you love her, then don’t do this to her.”
“Shun, it’s because I love you that I’m here.” Hyoga told her. “Why didn’t you tell me, why didn’t you tell me that he was hurting you. I would never have let you come back here.”
“He took me in, he provided for me, and for our daughter. I can’t leave, he won’t let me. I owe him so much Hyoga, I can’t ever leave him. No matter how much I hate him for what he does to my body, he will never break my soul.”
“And he’s not going to hurt any of you ever again; you’re coming back with me.” Hyoga told her, kneeling down next to Shun, smiling. “I’ll protect you, my little angel.” He whispered, leaning in to kiss her, but pulled back when he heard a bang. He turned to see a guy with black hair and green eyes, about 6 years older then himself coming towards him with a murdering look in his eyes. Shun stood, pushing Takura behind her, standing protectively in front of their daughter.
“Who the hell are you? What the hell are you doing?” the man demanded, standing in Hyoga, he was a few inches taller then him.
“Talking to my fiancée, got a problem with that?” Hyoga asked with no fear. He’d seen bigger, he’s taken down bigger.
“Fucking two timing slut!” He screamed, moving towards Shun. Hyoga stepped into his path, blocking him. The guy stopped, looking him over. “You’re that brat’s father.”
“That’s right.” Hyoga told him, glancing to Shun. “Angel, take Gem inside and get your stuff. I’m going to talk to him, and then we can leave…with you.”
“Hyoga.” Shun muttered, picking Takura up, nodding. She moved to go around them, but Hyoga gently took a hold of her arm, and she turned to him.
“You’re safe, I promise.” Hyoga told her, kissing her gently. Shun pulled back with a smile, then headed off, keeping Takura safely in her arms. Hyoga turned his attention back to the black haired man.
“Fucking bastard.” The man swore, glaring at him. “Stay away from her. Take your bastard child, but you leave my whore alone.” Hyoga glanced over the man’s shoulder, noting that Shun was inside now with Takura. Now that he did have to worry about his daughter seeing, he punched the man, sending his to the ground. The man looked dazed, rubbing his check.
“You fucking stay away from them. So help me, you’re lucky that I don’t kill you right now.” Hyoga told him with a dark glint in his eyes.
“Like you could.” The man said, laughing evilly, standing up. “You can’t even keep a hold of one slut.” Hyoga hit him again, knocking a tooth out, and once more, this time breaking his nose.
“Shall we continue? Or should I leave and just send Ikki back, he’d be more then happy to kill you.” Hyoga told him, watching confusion cover the man’s face. “Shun’s overprotective brother that killed the last person to make her cry.” Hyoga told him, and the black haired man rolled his eyes. “Believe me or don’t.” Hyoga told him. “Shun, go to the car.” He called as he noticed Shun coming towards him. Shun realized what was going on, nodding.
She took the bag to the car, putting Takura inside. She walked back to the house, getting a box, then coming back and putting it into the trunk, closing it when she was done. She glanced at Takura, who had fallen asleep in the back seat, then made her way over to Hyoga.
“Let’s go.” Shun told him, taking his hand. “He’s not worth it.”
“Ok Shun.” Hyoga told her, then looked back at the other man. “If I ever see you again; I will tell him where to find you.” Hyoga told him with a smirk. “And I’d move, now, if I were you, because you are dead as soon as he finds out what you did anyway, and Takura will tell him where to find you.”
“Who?” Shun whispered, looking up at him.
“Your brother.” Hyoga told her, kissing her forehead.
“Ikki?” Shun asked. “You do realized that’s premeditated murder right, if Ikki does ever find him.” Shun told him, and the black haired male paled, believing Shun’s words because he knew that Shun couldn’t lie.
“He deserves whatever he gets.” Hyoga told her, leading her back to the car. “Let’s go.” He told her, motioning for her to get in. She does so, and he follows, and starts the car. He pulled away, looking over at Shun, then back. Hyoga told himself that he didn’t need to go to jail for murder, that his family needed him, and that’s where he would be. Taking a deep breath, he tried to cool his anger, knowing that he would get what he deserved when Ikki beat him till he couldn’t move.

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its just two of us now
Brothers will always be brothers