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Mehi: This is going to be divided into parts, since it wasn’t made as chapters, so some of the transition parts might not feel right…also it is in dialogue format. Don’t like it, don’t read it.
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******Part 1******

*One bright, sunny day in a beautiful park in full bloom, the peaceful serenity was suddenly disturbed by loud yelling.*

Baby: MEHI! Where are you?

Kuwabara: Stop hiding!

*Right above both Kuwabara and Baby high in a tree*

Mehi: *thinking to herself* Ha! They will never find me here.

Voice: *from right behind her* Boo…

Mehi: *screams and falls from the tree*

Baby: *standing over Mehi* found you…

Kuwabara: Really wasn’t that hard. Thanks Hiei.

Mehi: Hiei?? Where??

Kuwabara: *points up in the tree with his thumb:

Mehi: *looks up and sees Hiei sitting on the branch she was just moments before sitting on* Why that little rat…

Hiei: *looks at Mehi* What did you just call me…?

Mehi: *louder* I called you a…*Baby clamps a hand over her mouth. Hiei chooses to leave at this point on some super top secret mission*

Baby: Keo says he wants us at his house like now! *removes her hand from Mehi’s mouth*

Mehi: *shocked look* Keo…? Nope, not going, you can’t make me…

Baby: Yes, we can. *snaps her fingers and Kuwabara lifts Mehi off the ground and slings her over his shoulder*

Mehi: Hey, you big baka, put me DOWN!! *starts beating on his back and screaming*

Kuwabara: *carries Mehi off literally kicking and screaming with Baby following them*

Baby: *holds up a roll of duck tape* Don’t make me use this. (AN: Duck tape?! Where did she get duck tape from!?)

Mehi: Ha! Just try it! *screams some more*

Baby: Don’t say I didn’t warn you. *Manages to tape Mehi’s flailing hands together and place a piece across her mouth*

*at Keo’s house*

Kuwabara: *drops Mehi unceremoniously in a heap on the front lawn as Baby knocks on the door. Mehi tries to scurry away while Kuwabara holds her in place with a foot on her tail (AN: oh yea, I forgot Mehi has a tail and cat ears, both white with light blue stripes. Kitta also has cat ears and tail only hers are black.)*

*Yusuke answers the door*

Yusuke: Hello? *notices Mehi* What did you do to her??

Baby: *shrugs* She wouldn’t stop screaming…

Yusuke: So you duck tape her up like this?

Baby: Ahh…yea…

Yusuke: *removes the tape from Mehi’s mouth as quickly but gently as he could*

Mehi: *as nonchalantly as she could* So what is this meeting about anyways??

Yusuke: Keo wants to throw Kitta a surprise party for her birthday.

Mehi: Oh, really.

Yusuke: Yea, anyone know how old she’s gonna be.

Hiei: *from the shadows* 117… *steps from the shadows* or just 17 since she bec ame a mere human… *melts back into the shadows*

Mehi: Does anyone else get freaked out when he does that?

*Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Baby just nod in agreement*

Hiei: *from somewhere that they can’t see him* You have one hour before she arrives. Make haste or time will run out, you stupid humans.

Mehi: *to the air* Hey! I’m a demon! Well, half demon at least. I ain’t no puny human!

Baby: *smacks Mehi upside the head* But I am a human, so don’t call us puny!

Keo: *sticks his head out the door* Will you two stop arguing and all of you get your butts in here. She will be back any minute.

Mehi: Sure. *stands up with Yusuke’s help and all of them head inside*


Author Mehi: Ok that’s all y’all get for now. I will be back soon with part two. Enjoy, read, and review!!

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