Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ An Eighteen Second Miracle ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Text: “15 Years Ago. The Year 2000 AD”

Screen CUT In
A blue Earth. The continent of Antarctica.

A research facility in the snow.
Announcer (OFF – RADIO) “Emergency. Emergency!”
Scientist A (OFF) “An Anti-AT Field!”
Scientist B (OFF) “Get to the surface!”
Scientist C (OFF) “Minimize damage on the atomic level!”
Scientist D (OFF) “We’re too late!”
The screen goes to white.

The Antarctic continent is engulfed in a sphere of light.
A shockwave slowly spreads over the surrounding area
The light grows larger.

Low-angle shot of a lurching, battered steel tower.
Debris and powdery snow are blown about in the foreground.
A dismembered corpse flies by.

The bodies of wintering team members lie in heaps.
Beyond them, on ground level, a human figure is walking unsteadily.
(He holds a smaller person in his arms.)
Clouds of sand roll up in front.

Amidst the dancing debris and powerdy snow, a man with tattered clothes walks forward, carrying a 14-year-old girl.
Both of them are ruddied with blood.

The roof of the base, where a section has come off.
The living nightmare outside is visible through the gaps.

The man’s hand teeters unsteadily into the foreground. (His skin hangs like a tattered cloth.)

Beyond the camera’s view, he seizes a lever firmly and pulls it with his middle and ring fingers, as the other ones have become useless.

The hatch of a one-person escape capsule opens.

Part of the roof, flapping about from a sudden gust, is blown off, revealing a giant of light.

The man’s blood-covered back covers the camera.
When he raises his body, we can see the girl laying recumbent within the capsule (14-year-old Misato).
There is a cross-shaped pendant on her chest.

Pull up on the girl.
The man’s blood falls with a spatter onto her cheek.

The girl stirs and slowly faces our direction.
Misato « Father…? »
Soon as she has spoken, the capsule closes, covering her completely.

Bird’s-eye view of the base through the ceiling.
The silhouetted character briefly looks at the capsule.

Then, his strength failing, he collapses over it.

The moment after, a shockwave covers the screen and everything is blown away.

The skies over Antarctica. As if spreading with a flap, wings of light — like a demon’s — stretch up from a vortex of clouds into the stratosphere.

Satellite view of the same.

The escape capsule drifts on the ocean’s surface.
The hatch opens.

A human figure stands up from the capsule with a stagger.

Pull in on that.
The girl (14-year-old Misato) slowly lifts her head.

The scene from her POV.
Two pillars of light extend up into the vortex of clouds from the ocean’s surface.
Beams of light slowly fall downwards from the rifts in the clouds.

Her chest UP.
Her clothes are tattered and stained with blood

Text: Sometime later…

A ship floats in the red sea.

The Entry Plug prototype is visible in the waves.

It is hauled up to the deck.

A man pries it open with a crowbar.

The young Misato looks up at him, her eyes wide in happiness.
And then shock.

The crowbar is brought down upon her, knocking her out.
The prototype’s door is closed.

Misato fastens the front hook of her bra.
The scar is visible.

She stands in front of a full-length mirror.

Misato’s face UP, in the mirror.
She is very grave.
Lightning illuminates her.

The cross sits on the dresser.

Text: “Episode #11: An Eighteen Second Miracle”

A pile of boxes sit outside Misato’s apartment.

Inside, Shinji is carrying a particularly heavy box.
Asuka (OFF) “Hurry up!”
Shinji sighs.

He places the box in his room.

Asuka stands in the doorway
Asuka “Geez, took you long enough…”

Shinji glares.
Asuka (OFF) “Really, you’re a boy. You should be stronger.”
Shinji sighs and starts walking out of the room.

Shinji (MONO) “A ‘thank you’ would have been nice.”

Asuka “I don’t see what you’re so mopey about, anyways.”

He turns.
Shinji “What?”

Asuka “I’d think after all that last week of living with everyone, you’d be grateful for company.”

Shinji sighs again.
Shinji “Look… could you be a bit nicer?”

Asuka “Oh, come on. I’m just teasing…”
Shinji keeps walking away.
Asuka “Thanks for being so chivalrous, Shin-chan.”

He turns. Clearly Shin-chan is not among his favorite nicknames after a few months with Misato.

She smiles innocently.
Asuka “Moving all those boxes… It really was nice…”
Shinji (OFF) “Now you’re just teasing…”

Shinji closes the door to his former room.

Asuka spreads out on the bed contemplatively.
Asuka “What’s wrong with me?”

Asuka looks towards the closed door.
Asuka “I’m an elite pilot.”

Asuka “What am I doing wasting time feeling sorry for him?”

Shinji cooks food in Misato’s kitchen.

Pen-Pen watches, intrigued.

Shinji (MONO) “What is with her, anyways?”

He stirs something in the pot.
Shinji (MONO) “She’s mean to Ayanami, she’s mean to me… she’s mean to everyone…”

Shinji sighs to himself.

Asuka leaves her room.

She looks down at Pen-Pen.
Asuka “What’s with the penguin, anyways?”

Shinji “Huh?”
Asuka (OFF) “Where’d Misato get it?”
Shinji “I don’t know. I think she went to Antarctica as a girl…”

Asuka is surprised at the idea.
Asuka “Wow! She’s so lucky! I mean, it’s not even there anymore!”

Shinji nods.
Shinji “Weird, huh?”

Asuka shrugs her shoulders.
Asuka “The adults of this world are pretty strange. I mean, most of them are so frugal, even though we live in a world of plenty!”
To demonstrate her point, she digs through the fridge looking for a snack.

Shinji “I take it Misato vetoed the celebratory dinner, then?”

Asuka glares at him.
Asuka “Yeah! Exactly! What’s wrong with celebrating the fact that she got a promotion?”
Misato (OFF) “Finances.”
Asuka freaks.

Misato stands in the kitchen.
Misato “Now stop complaining, Asuka. I just can’t afford a steak place.”

Asuka sighs.
Asuka “Fine…”

Asuka leans back in her desk.

Several other students goof off during the lunch break.

Asuka glares over at Shinji.

He, Kaworu, and Kensuke are eating lunch.

Asuka “How can she not celebrate?!”

The boys look over at her.
Kaworu “Something the matter?”
Shinji sighs.
Shinji “Asuka thinks Misato-san should celebrate being promoted.”

Rei “Why?”
Asuka (OFF) “Because it’s an important event!”

Asuka looks at the other children.
Asuka “We should do something!”
Hikari (OFF) “Throw her a party.”

Everyone turns.

Hikari stands there, smiling.
Hikari “Get some party decorations, a nice dessert, and some fun games, and you guys can celebrate!”

Asuka facepalms.
Asuka “That’s hardly elaborat-”
Kensuke (OFF) “Perfect!”

Kensuke “I’ll go get everything and give it to you, Shinji, and you can set it up tomorrow!”
Kaworu “It sounds very pleasant.”

Rei “Should I come?”

Shinji nods.
Shinji “You too, Class Rep. You helped.”

Hikari smiles.
Hikari “Thanks. I’d be glad to come.”

Asuka “Well, well…”

Everyone looks at her hopefully.

Asuka “Oh, fine! We’ll have a dinky little party!”

Kaworu “Should we include presents for the Major?”

Shinji shakes his head.

Asuka “Nah… besides. We can’t buy her any beer anyways.”

Everyone chuckles for a few moments.

BGM START: D-5 [Comical Scenes and Diversions]

The group compares their funding.

They draw up a list of party supplies.

After school, they set out.

The business district of Tokyo-3, the group together.

Asuka and Hikari stand together at a bakery, examining cakes.

Kensuke and Shinji look at various wall hangings.

Kaworu and Rei carry bags out of a store.


Kaworu “I believe that is everything, Ikari-kun.”

Asuka is going through bags.
Asuka “Yep… And the cake will be ready tomorrow at noon.”

Hikari “This’ll be fun!”

Shinji nods.
Shinji “It’s nice to do things like this…”

Rei is listening off to the side.
Rei “Why?”

Shinji “Huh?”
Rei “Why is it nice to do things like this?”

Asuka rolls her eyes.
Asuka (MONO) “She doesn’t know how to live at all, does she?”

Shinji “Well, uh…”

Rei looks at him, uncertain.

Everyone else is pretty clearly weirded out by Rei.

Except Kaworu, of course.

Shinji “Well… it’s because you’re doing it for someone else.”

Rei continues to stare at him.
Rei “Why is that better than doing it for yourself?”

Shinji “Well… uh… it’s… it’s showing you’re a good person…”

Rei “Does that make you feel good about yourself?”

Shinji nods, uncertain.

Rei “Then how can you say you’re not just doing it for yourself?”

The next morning, Misato’s apartment.

BGM START: B-16 [Misato]

Misato gulps down a beer.
She lets out a whoop.

Shinji and Asuka exchange glances.

Misato “See, Asuka? We don’t need a party!”

Misato (OFF) “Just having company…”

Misato (OFF) “…is good enough!”
Asuka “I guess…”

Misato looks at her critically.
Misato “Asuka…”

Asuka “Okay, okay, I guess we don’t need to go to a steak place.”

Misato gulps down another beer.

Shinji and Asuka exchange knowing glances.
Misato whoops off-screen.

Misato “Well, I’m awake for the morning!”
She rises.
Misato “I’m off to work, kids! See you this afternoon!”

She exits through the front door.


Asuka and Shinji pull some bags out of the bedroom and begin unpacking.
Asuka “We’ve got a few hours. Let’s get this done!”

A different apartment building.

Kensuke sleeps peacefully.
Daisuke (OFF) “Yo, bro!”
Kensuke opens his eyes sleepily.

Kensuke’s older brothers (twins) stand over him.
Yuusuke “Come on already. It’s time to play some football!”

Kensuke rubs his eyes.
Kensuke “Wha…?”

Daisuke “We’ve been planning this, remember? Us three playing soccer!”

Kensuke doesn’t seem enthused at the thought.
Daisuke (OFF) “Don’t worry, we’ll let you be goalie!”
Kensuke “But…”

Asuka and Shinji putting up decorations.
Kensuke (OFF) “I’ve got plans…”

Yuusuke “With friends? Whatever, bring Suzuhara with you!”
Kensuke (OFF) “He’s out of town.”

Daisuke “Then who?”
Kensuke (OFF) “Some other frie-”

Yuusuke drags Kensuke out of bed.
Yuusuke “Family before friends, little bro!”
Kensuke whimpers.

Back at the apartment, Asuka and Shinji have finished and are collapsed in the living room.
Asuka “Phew… All that rushing… Why were we in such a hurry again?”

Shinji looks up at the clock.
Text: “10:30”
Shinji “I don’t know…”

Pen-Pen looks at them.

Asuka “Huh. What a weird little guy…”

Shinji shrugs.
Shinji “You have to admit he’s cute.”

Shinji pets Pen-Pen.

The clock again.
Text: “4:00”

Misato enters.
Everyone (OFF) “Surprise!”
Misato’s eyes widen.

The various kids are sitting in the room, smiling. Hyuga, Ritsuko, and a few more are also there.
Misato (OFF) “Wha- what? What?”

Asuka “We decided to throw you a party!”

Shinji “Yeah… most everyone is here…”

Misato beams.
Misato “Wow… thanks! Who is missing?”

A football flies through the air.

It connects with Kensuke (silhouetted), who is knocked over backwards.

His brothers laugh.
Hikari (OFF) “Aida.”

Hikari “Which is strange… he’s not usually absent.”

Misato “Well, I’ll thank him for helping with this later.”

Ritsuko “So, congratulations, Major.”
Hyuga nods.
Hyuga “I’m glad you got promoted!”

Misato smiles.
Misato “Thank you, Hyuga…”
She sees the cake.
Misato “Wow! You guys did go all out! Shin-chan, you get some plates, I’ll cut this!”

The cake.
Text: “Congratulations!”
The knife cuts the cake.
SE: clapping

The empty cake platter.
Kaworu (OFF) “Kensuke still didn’t show up…”

Asuka rolls her eyes.
Asuka “Got a crush, homo boy?”
Kaworu “No, but he still should have come…”

Asuka shrugs.
Asuka “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Shinji and Misato stand outside the apartment.
Shinji “Congratulations again.”

Misato turns.
Misato “Thank you, but I’m really not that excited…”

Shinji “I understand.”

They look down at the streets below.
Shinji “I don’t appreciate getting praised either, all that much.”

Hyuga approaches.
Hyuga “I had a great time, Major.”

Misato “I’m glad.

Hyuga “I… I was wondering… if you’d like to get coffee some time…”

Misato looks shocked.


Text: “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode: 11: Descent”

The red Earth and the moon.
Something passes between the camera and the moon.

A passing satellite.
SE: Beep. Beep. Beep…. (continues)
Its radio dish turns slowly.

A star field.
Something dark is obscuring part of the sky and getting closer.

It touches the satellite. It is much bigger than it.
Electric sparks charge along the sphere.
Dozens of moving white eyes suddenly appear on the sphere.

The eyes overlap for a moment.
An immense laser is fired.

The laser connects with somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

Nerv Headquarters.
SE: alarm

Ritsuko and Ibuki look over a computer screen.
Ibuki “It’s huge!”
Ritsuko “Call the Major.”

A conference room.

BGM START: E-1 Rhythm Only [Spending Time in Preparation]

Misato “According to the report from the Magi, the ninth Angel is already causing widespread devastation.”

A satellite photo of an impact crater.
Ritsuko (OFF) “It appears to be trying to line itself up with Tokyo-3. The laser adjusts its trajectory.”

Hyuga “Then what are we going to do?”
Aoba “Especially with both Commanders away.”

Everyone turns to Misato.
Ritsuko “You’re the highest ranked officer present.”

Misato doesn’t seem enthused by this idea.

Misato “Well, what we have to do is obvious.”

Ritsuko “Then we’ll commence evacuation immediately.”
Misato (OFF) “What?!”

A strange door.
Text: “Level EEE”
Ritsuko (OFF) “There no way we could have even a 1% chance of defeating the Angel,”

Ritsuko “And it’s going to self-destruct on impact anyways.”
Ibuki nods.
Ibuki “Better to let them have this useless victory, and to come back and start over.”

Misato “No.”
Ritsuko (OFF) “Why?”

Ritsuko “Anything else is going to waste lives.”

Misato glares at her.
Misato “Our mission is to defeat the Angels. That includes preventing them from succeeding in their plans!”

Ritsuko “Is it really that?”

Four angelic wings, bursting forth from Antarctica.
Ritsuko (OFF) “Or do you have your own vendetta?”

Misato “It doesn’t matter what my motivation is! I am the ranking officer.”

Even Hyuga looks critical.
Hyuga “The Magi have come up with a potential interception chart.”
Ritsuko “Chances of success?”
Hyuga “0.0000008%.”
Ritsuko (OFF) “One in eighty million.”

Aoba “We couldn’t possibly win this.”

Misato “We have to. Get the Evas ready.”

Everyone except Hyuga departs, angrily

Misato turns to him.
Misato “Erm… Hyuga-kun?”

He looks at her reproachfully.
Hyuga “Ma’am?”

Misato “Thank you for helping… even though I said no to the-”
Hyuga “It’s my job.”


Misato stands in the observatory (the glass floored room) with the pilots.

Asuka “This is a suicide mission!”
Rei “Actually…”
Asuka “Shut up!”

Kaworu “It does seem somewhat foolhardy, Major…”

Asuka “Besides, this time we don’t have a week to train.”

Misato sighs.
Misato “Asuka, if I buy you a steak dinner, will you do it?”

Asuka blushes.
Asuka “Er… well…”

Shinji “I volunteer.”
Asuka “Fine, me too.”

Rei “I volunte-”
Asuka (OFF) “No!”

Asuka “I still refuse to work with her! She and I wouldn’t work well together.”

Kensuke (MONO) “That’s obvious.”
Misato (OFF) “Fine. Kensuke, you will pilot Unit 00.”
Kensuke looks shocked.

Rei “I will not pilot?”

Misato shakes her head.
Misato “Your synch ratio is lower than Asuka’s. We can’t afford to lose her.”

Asuka looks smug at this thought.

Misato “Ayanami, Nagisa, dismissed.”

Both bow and leave.

Misato looks at the three remaining teens.
Misato “Now… while you should be safe in the Evas, no matter what…”

Shinji looks scared.
Misato (OFF) “You’re quite likely to die.”

Kensuke looks uncaring.
Misato (OFF) “I suggest you make wills.”

Asuka “Why? I don’t have anything.”

Shinji “I don’t need a will either.”
Kensuke “Nor me.”

Misato looks at them, concerned.
Misato “I won’t force you…”

Each child nods.
Kensuke “We’ll be ready as soon as possible, Misato-san.”

Misato tries to smile.

In the locker room, Kensuke adjusts his uniform.
Shinji “Aida-kun, why are you piloting?”

Kensuke turns, confused.
Kensuke “What do you mean, ‘why’?”

Shinji “Well… I know it’s about saving the world and all, but why did you accept?”

Kensuke grins.
Kensuke “I get to pilot robots, of course!”

Shinji “And that’s it?”

Kensuke looks away.
Kensuke “Well, that and…”
He trails off.

Shinji looks at him expectantly.

Kensuke “It’s something I can do that they can’t.”

Shinji looks like he wants to ask who ‘they’ are.
SE: banging on door

Both boys turn.
Asuka (OFF) “Hurry up in there! You have thirty seconds!”

The boys sigh.

A computer graphic of three intersecting circles.
Ritsuko (OFF) “This is our maximum coverage range.”

Asuka “So it’ll probably land somewhere else.”
Shinji glares.

Kensuke “I think they have calculated the odds of it landing in certain locales.”

Ritsuko nods.
Ritsuko “It does seem to be dead on and hasn’t used a single reorientation laser in fifteen minutes.”

A concerned glance between Shinji and Kensuke.

Ritsuko “We’ll send you the coordinates of its landing site just as soon as we have it determined.”

Asuka nods.
Asuka “This’ll be another easy fight. I’m sure that any one of us can handle something trying to fall.”

Eva-02 is lifted up on a rotating platform.

Eva-00 is pushed against one of the lifts.

Eva-01 is elevated upwards.

Asuka listens to music in her Entry Plug.

Shinji looks pensive, looking upwards constantly.

Kensuke grins manically.

Misato looks determined.

The upper atmosphere.

The Angel slowly begins to unfold in a ball of black and white lines.

As it falls, it splits the shell into two tentacle appendages.

It slowly descends over Tokyo-3 as it unfolds.

The Angel fully unfolded. It is a rainbow of colors.

Ibuki “Angel detected!”

Misato nods.
Misato “Move out!”

Eva-02 rises.

Eva-00 begins sprinting.

Eva-01 springs forward.


Power timer at 2:30:00.

Eva-02 sprints between several city buildings.

Eva-00 jumps over a power line…

And comes down hard on the ground.

Eva-01 lunges from the top of a hill.

A pallet rifle is held next to a building.
Eva-02 grabs it as it rushes past.

Eva-00’s foot comes down in a pool of water.

Eva-01 looks skyward.

The Angel’s two appendages are fully spread out as it approaches the ground.

Eva-02 fires.

Several small AT Fields appear, blocking the shots.

Asuka “Dammit!”

Kensuke “We can’t possibly make it in time!”

Shinji “Misato-san! Activate path D-14!”

Misato nods to Hyuga.

Parts of the roadways and buildings rearrange themselves.

Shinji’s hands clasp the controls as tight as possible.

Eva-01 surges forward.

Far away, dozens of cars are knocked around in the sonic boom.

The path curves and Eva-01 follows it desperately.

Eva-02 throws the gun aside as it sprints down a hill.

Eva-00 hops from one building to the next.

Power timer at 1:30:00.

Eva-01 reaches the top of a hill.
The sky slowly goes dark.

The Angel and its four limbs cover the entire city in shadow.

Eva-01 lifts up its arms as the Angel nears.
A giant AT Field appears.

The Angel continues to descend anyways.

Kensuke “Soryu! Spread your AT Field already!”

Asuka “I am!”

Eva-02 pauses for a brief moment, and expands its AT Field.
Buildings collapse around it.

Eva-01 struggles to hold the AT Field of the Angel up.

Somewhere in the central eye of the Angel, a humanoid figure descends.

It bears the mask of the Angels.

The two hands reach out and grab Eva-01’s.

Shinji winces in pain.

Power timer at 1:00:00

Two drills burst through the Eva’s hands!

Shinji screams, but holds himself steady.

Eva-00 gets to the top of the hill.
The AT Field above the Evas wavers.



Eva-02 charges onto the scene.

Its shoulder pylon opens.
The knife is pulled away.

The eye of the Angel begins to change.
It is the core!

Asuka grins.
Asuka “This is the Angel?!”

Eva-02 stabs at the Core.

It moves aside effortlessly.

Asuka is horrified.
Asuka “What?!”

She stabs again.
And again.
And again.

Shinji is crying.
Shinji “Hurry up!”

Asuka “Dammit, it keeps moving!”

Kensuke frowns.

Power at five seconds.

Eva-00 reaches up and grabs the Core, holding it in place.

Eva-02 lunges towards the Core.

The power timer hits zero.

The AT Field re-establishes itself at full power.

The humanoid part of the Angel coolly snaps Eva-01’s hands off.

Asuka is in shock.
Asuka “No…”

Shinji glares.
Shinji “No!”

Kensuke looks shocked.

Shinji “We can’t give up! We just need a few more seconds!”

(flashback) Eva-01, without power, lifts its hand up to protect Rei and Shinji.

Shinji “It can be done! Just a few seconds!”

Kensuke nods.
Kensuke “Please!”

The Angel continues to bear down on them.

Asuka gulps.
Asuka “Are you stupid?! It doesn’t work like that!”

Kensuke “We have to try! Don’t you get it, we have to try!”

Eva-00 slowly reaches out.

Its hands clasp around Eva-02’s knife.
It pulls it out.

Eva-00 slowly turns to the Angel.

Asuka watches in shock.
Asuka (MONO) “What am I piloting? How can it do this?”

Eva-00 reaches up slowly.

The humanoid figure turns.
Its eyes widen.

Eva-00 stabs the knife into the Core.
The core goes dark.

Ritsuko stands in front of the children.
Ritsuko “Don’t ever do that again!”

Shinji flinches.

Kensuke “But… why?”

Ibuki “It poses intense physical risk to the pilot.”
Ritsuko “It may even severely shorten your lifespan.”

Asuka still looks shocked.

Ibuki “If you perform such an act again, you will be suspended.”

Kensuke “But it was that or let everyone die!”

Ritsuko “There were alternatives.”

Shinji doesn’t look believing.
The camera pans to Kensuke, who finds it just as absurd.

Asuka “What the hell happened anyways?!”

Everyone turns to her.

Asuka “Eva units shouldn’t be able to do that!”

Ritsuko says nothing.
Ibuki fidgets uncomfortably after a minute.

Misato stands off to the side, wondering if she should interject.

Ritsuko “Now, you should all change. Your debriefing is over.”

She walks away.
Ibuki follows her, a spring in her step.

The children exchange another glance before sighing and going their separate ways.

Shinji sits in a hallway in his school uniform.
SE: footsteps
Shinji looks up.

The Section 2 agent from episodes 4 and 9 stands over him.
Agent “You’ve received a radio communication from Germany.”

Shinji “What? Who do I….?
The Section 2 agent walks away.

Shinji angrily rises and follows him.

The Command Center.

The agent and Shinji are off to the side.

The agent presses a button.

SE: radio interference
Ikari (OFF – RADIO) “I was informed of the Angel attack…”

Shinji’s eyes are wide.
Ikari (OFF – RADIO) “And also of your performance.”
Shinji “Fa.. father?”

Agent “Don’t bother, it’s just a recording.”
Ikari (OFF – RADIO) “Although you shouldn’t repeat what you did today…”

Ikari (OFF – RADIO) “You still did a good job, Shinji.”

Shinji’s eyes are wide with amazement.
Shinji “Wha…?”

The recording shuts off.

The Agent walks away.

Shinji remains standing there, in a daze.

Hyuga and Aoba look over at him.
Aoba “Huh….”

Misato approaches Shinji.
Misato “Shinji-kun?”

He turns.

Misato “We were all going to go out and have dinner, remember?”

Shinji nods uncertainly.

The two of them walk away.

A steak hou- a noodle place?
Asuka (OFF) “Whaaaa? Misato-san, you said a steak place!”

Misato blushes.
Misato “Asuka, it turns out Rei doesn’t like meat, so I went somewhere with vegetarian options…”

Rei sits there, unblinking.
Asuka glares for a second, before shrugging.
Asuka “Whatever…”

Shinji continues to sit in silence.
Asuka (OFF) “Why so quiet, First?”
Shinji “Asuka, why do you pilot?”

She blinks in confusion.
Asuka “Well, uh… to show I’m the best of course!”

Kensuke seems to remember Shinji’s earlier conversation with him.
Rei remembers a conversation as well.

Asuka “And so the world will know who I am!”

Shinji looks disbelieving.
Asuka “What other reason could there be?”

To be continued…

Text: “Next Time”

A bride and groom kiss.
Misato (OFF) “When friends marry one after another,”

Misato walks alongside a man.
Misato (OFF) “Misato feels an eagerness to be married as well.”

Asuka walks alongside Shinji.
Misato (OFF) “Meanwhile, the pilots attempt to deal with”

The 10th Angel opens its eyes.
Misato (OFF) “their relations with each other.”

Fuyutsuki and Misato stand in front of a metal door.
Misato (OFF) “Next Time: ‘Lies and Silence’.”

Hearts Alone
Lies and Silence