❯ Amuse Call – Amuse Call ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Amuse Call

-Prologue –

« Daddy! I want to watch the movie again! »

« But you just watched it a few moments ago. »

« The movie has been made to be watched over and over again! »

Koiwai took a deep sigh, and went to examine the shelves. His adopted child Yotsuba had only been staring at the television after borrowing the movie called SkyHigh. The film was about high school students who possessed super powers, which seemed to interest this little green-haired girl. It could already be seen in Yotsuba’s excited eyes, when Koiwai handed the DVD to her.

« Okay, but I will watch it with you. Some of the scenes aren’t meant to be watched by children. » Koiwai pointed out, sitting on the ground and taking the DVD player remote.

Yotsuba sat down next to him and enjoyed the movie in her unique cheerfulness. Koiwai knew that he didn’t have to worry too long – after all, tomorrow the movie would be returned. Just one more time and that’s it, he thought. But his thought was interrupted when Yotsuba said:

« Dad, I want to have superpowers too! »

« Really? What would you do? » Koiwai asked.

« I would control a tsuku-tsuku-boushi and change summer to spring! » Yotsuba responded decisively.

« Then I would have the only girl in the world who would possess superpowers… you little- » Koiwai pinched Yotsuba’s cheek lightly and they both continued to watch the movie.

After some time Yotsuba grew tired, stood up and said she’s going to sleep. Koiwai stayed in the living room as Yotsuba headed to the toilet. However, Koiwai wondered. He knew that Yotsuba doesn’t usually become tired easily because of her abundance of stamina. But maybe it might have been due to the evening itself, which was glittering. The stars that scattered in the sky looked like icing sugar with a medium-sized crescent, making the sky look wonderfully calm. But Koiwai’s thought were interrupted by the sounds coming from the movie. He quickly forgot his thoughts and continued watching the movie.

When Yotsuba finished changing into her pyjamas, she saw something magical. A shooting star flew across the glittering sky. She ran do the windows and became more amazed. The starry sky was so wonderful!
The little girl looked up nostalgically and could not say anything other than « Ooh! ». The starry sky seemed to be rifed with mysteries. Just then came the second shooting star, crowning the whole moment. How magical!
Yotsuba now had two wishes. What they would be?
She closed her eyes and put her palms together. Then she wished:

« I… wish… that the movie would come true… »

She also used another wish, but she did not say that out loud.

Koiwai came into the bedroom a little later and found Yotsuba in a deep sleep on the floor.

« I guess she ran out power… much sooner than usual. » He thought.

Koiwai moved Yotsuba to her futon and soon relaxed… and soon fell asleep.

-End Of The Prologue-