❯ Along the Road of the Magical World – Chappie 1 ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Along The Road of the Magical World


It is a very bright morning today.

Birds chirped, flowers swayed and children played.

And just inside the old cottage stuck in a tree, a rather happy group settled themselves while munching muffin and tea. Oh so yummy!

« Teacher Seravi, this is so good!!! » exclaimed the bubbly red hood.

« Yah `is ish A-SHAM Sh-erabi! » Liya managed to say in between bites.

« Thank you kids. » Seravi humbly said while smiling brightly at his audience.

« Mister Seravi, you’re such a multi-talented person. These are truly delicious. Would you mind give me the recipe of this muffin? I’d like to make some too. » Shine politely said.

« Oh I’d love to Shine. I understand the pink witch doesn’t know to cook anything edible. » Seravi said then slightly frowned.

Shine laughed nervously. « Haha, um I guess. »

« Hey Shine, where’s Miss Dorothy? I haven’t seen her for ages! I heard that she has arrived from her trip last night. » queried Cha-cha.

« Yes, Shine, » Seravi added « after where did she get herself now? »

« Um, hehe, um I think I’m not in the place to say anything about this you know… » Nervous sweat popped out of Shine’s body as the other three occupants of the room centered their curious eyes on him. « Hey, don’t look at me like that. Um, hehe… »

« So what happened to her? » Seravi calmly said while sipping his tea.

Shine turned pale this time. « Oh what do you know it’s already late! Hehe, I guess I never noticed it, you know I better go, Miss Dorothy would definitely worry about my tardiness and- »

Seravi stood up and stared at Shine. Shine cringed at the calm but deep eyes of the Most Powerful Magician in the Land. « Is anything wrong? »

« N-NO-NONE at all, Mister Seravi! Miss Dorothy just wanted to be um a-alone for now, um yeah… » Shine looked back at Seravi but found him staring back at him again. He didn’t believe him a bit.

« Oh really? Well that’s Miss Dorothy, say hi for me Shine! » Cha-cha squealed.

« Yeah me choo!!! » Liya cried.

« Uh yeah. » Shine was about to turn away when Seravi’s voice stopped him.

« I’d like to pay a visit on her later. Cha-cha, Liya, would you like to come? » Seravi asked.

« SURE!!! It’s been so long since we last visited Miss Dorothy’s place! » the two chorused.

« Yeah and I’d like to see how she looks now after almost two months of her so-called vacation. » Seravi added.

« Uh-oh… » Shine muttered under his breath.

Seravi turned to Shine again. « Is that okay Shine? Do tell Miss Dorothy about that. » He smiled cheerfully.

« You know, um, I think that’s a bad idea. You know miss Dorothy is kind of troubled this days, and- » he stopped when a pair of eyes looked at her curiously, too uncomfortable for his taste. « -but you see I guess she’ll like that! Bye » with that Shine rode away with his broom muttering-« This is going to be a big BIG mistake… »

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