❯ Along the Road of the Magical World – 2 ( Chapter 2 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 2


« Cha cha, Liya, let’s go! » Seravi cried at the two kids upstairs.

« We’ll be down in a minute, teacher Seravi! » Cha cha answered.

« Hurry up, ok? » Seravi paced back and forth at the door. He remembered the look Shine gave out earlier that day. Shine’s a calm and dignified person. Nothing could be able to break his resolve except if it’s big time problem. Seravi frowned. « Kids, bring clothes with you, we might stay there overnight. »

« Yaaay!!! » Cha cha and Liya squealed in delight.

Not that he’s worried of Dorothy, um oh well, kind of. That woman can’t just keep away of trouble even for a couple of months. Figures… Dorothy couldn’t even be able to stay safe in a few minutes.

« Waaaaah!!! » Cha cha and Liya came running past him as a what seem like living CLOTHES came after them. « Teacher make them stop! IRON APPEAR!!! » Suddenly, a huge iron rod appeared out of nowhere and landed towards the ground. « I MEANT A FLAT IRON!!! Teacher help!!! »

« I told you not to use magic in all the things you do. Folding your owns clothes isn’t that hard… » with one whip of his hand, the so-called monster clothes disappeared.

« Thank you teacher… »

« Yeah Seravi! You should’ve seen them back in the house! They were going to eat us!!! »

« Oh-kay. » Seravi rolled his eyes and materialized two small bags. « Here take these. These are your things. » He handed the bags to them and mounted his broom. Cha cha followed suit and Liya jumped at Cha cha’s broom. « Let’s go then! » with that, they were off.


A few minutes later, Seravi, Cha cha and Liya landed outside Dorothy’s castle. Seravi knocked at her big doors. « Dorothy, it’s us! Look I made a delicious cake just for you! » No answer. « Dorothy? Shine? Is anybody in there? »

« Teacher, maybe Miss Dorothy went out. » Cha cha said.

« Maybe you’re right. Well, let’s get inside first. I’m sure she won’t mind. » Seravi flicked his hand and the massive doors opened for them. They stepped inside and was met by nothing but cold darkness.


Before Cha cha could finish her words, Seravi immediately put a hand on her mouth. « Cha cha, I’ll do it. LIGHTS APPEAR! » with that, the room was suddenly filled with bright lights.

« Phew! Let’s eat first Seravi. Dorothy and Shine might arrive much later. Whatcha cooking anyway- »

« Sh… » Seravi hissed. They quieted. « Do you hear that? »

« Hear what, teacher? »

Seravi ignored them and proceeded towards what he thought was the source of the sounds. It sounded like people fighting. And one voice sounded so much like-like DOROTHY!!! He hurried at Dorothy’s door followed closely by the kids. He was right, the yells were coming from inside. He frowned and kicked the door open.



« But honey… Come here darlin’, you’re just a bit shocked of the couple days’ events. »a very good-looking man stepped on the view. The certain stranger’s geared up with sleeveless top and pants, matched with knee-high boots. He’s got long shiny chocolate-brown hair and bright blue eyes to match up his handsome look.

« GET AWAY FROM ME YOU MANIAC! » Dorothy flung herself away from him and to her shock, she bumped HARD at Seravi and the kids. « S-seravi! Cha cha! Liya! What are you doing here?! I told Shine not to let you come here!!! » Dorothy blew up again.

« Honey, who are they? I insist you introduce them to me… » the stranger sauntered towards the group.

Seravi blinked, unable to register all of these on his mind.

« I DON’T WANT TO, YOU IGNORAMOUS, GET OUT!!! SERAVI, KIDS, SAVE ME FROM HIM!!!!!! PLEASE!!! WAAA!!!! » Dorothy all but screamed while hiding behind Seravi. « Seravi darling, are you listening to me? SERAVI?!?! »

Seravi came out of his trance and focused on the situation ahead. He blinked towards the man standing before him and straightened himself. He offered a smile which fueled Dorothy’s anger.

« HE’S THE ENEMY SERAVI, SO QUIT BEING NICE TO THAT PIG!!! » Dorothy cried out loud.

« Aaw… Honey, you’re hurting my feelings… » the stranger pouted.


« Time out, time out. » Seravi started. « I don’t understand any of this so why don’t we introduce ourselves first? That little girl is Cha cha- »

« HELLO MISTER! » Cha cha chirped.

« SHUT UP CHA CHA! » Dorothy growled.

« -and that hairy boy is Liya. »

« HI! Hey! Who’re you calling hairy, Seravi?! » Liya cried.

The stranger nodded his head. « How about you? »

Seravi smiled. « I’m Seravi. Pleased to meet you! And you? » he extended his hand to the other man.

« Seravi? Aren’t you the world’s greatest magician?! Wow! Honey, you’ve got great friends! » the stranger smiled at Seravi and took his hand to shake it.

« THAT’S IT! I’M OUT OF HERE!!! » Dorothy was about to run away when-

« FREEZE! » Seravi cried and suddenly, Dorothy couldn’t move. « Stay here, Dorothy. It’s bad manners to walk out on us. »

« YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! THAT MAN IS CRAZY SO STOP THIS!!! » Dorothy grew angrier now.

The stranger looked worriedly at Dorothy. « Seravi, is she going to be okay? »

Seravi blinked. The guy seems to be pretty concerned about Dorothy. « She’ll be okay. What was your name again? I didn’t catch it. »

« Oh how rude of me! Allow me to introduce myself properly… I am Prince Aldrich from the Kingdom of Hearts. And I am Dorothy’s HUSBAND… »

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