❯ All the things she said – All the things she said ( Chapter 1 )

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They are both fifteen, this is after the war between heaven and hell and yes Aranche is alive!
Kurai’s Thoughts

If I can Protect her

I can stand this as long as I can protect her.

Kurai knew this all to well and it didn’t bother her a bit. She could stand her awkward feelings for her new friend as long as she could protect her. This wasn’t Kurai’s first time liking a girl so she was used to the fact, but it was strange. She didn’t have to worry about the fact that she could die the next day. She was different. Kurai wouldn’t deny that. Actually she was the first person to make her forget about Alexiel.
The brown skinned demon was sitting on a tree branch out of Hotaru’s high school. She was waiting patiently for the pale girl that she cared for deeply. Kurai wasn’t one to be patient, but when it came to Hotaru she would calm down faster then a fire running into the ocean. Actually the violet eyed girl made Kurai’s head dizzy because she would be doing things she never did except with her beloved Alexiel.
She would go shopping with Hotaru and she could stand the sight of those worker ants, humans. Hotaru would drag her to the book store and she would follow close behind, listening her talk about how interesting human history was even though it wasn’t. She would cook with her and actually eat the same food as humans. It was strange and she knew that Hotaru must have cast some kind of spell on her.
Kurai was wearing some baggy shorts jeans that couldn’t hide her long lean legs. She wore a white shirt that was obviously made for a guy and a black jacket over it. She wore her usual earrings and her hair was in its usual ponytail. Though Kurai was surprisingly wearing a small silver ring that Hotaru had given her. She also wore some tennis shoes that seemed a little too big for a girl of such a size.
“Waiting for her again, Kurai?” the demon girl looked to see her cousin with a sad smile on her face. (Arachne is actually a guy who dresses as a girl). Her red hair was in her eyes and was freely on her shoulders. Arachne wore a white dress that had no sleeves and went to her knees with a black jacket over it. Her fingernails were painted a fire red and she was wearing some jewelry to go along with it.
“Yup, gotta a problem with it?” Kurai raised an eye brow to her cousin who only shook her head as if she felt sorry for her. What was there to be sorry about? So Kurai only wanted to protect Hotaru and that was enough for her. So, it was a bit painful sometimes when Kurai thought about the fact that Hotaru could be with someone else. Actually it scared her to death, but as long as she could protect her.
“No,” Arachne was about to pull out a cigarette when Kurai threw a rock at her head which landed perfectly in her ear which only annoyed her twice as more. She then glared at her cousin angrily as Kurai send her a warning glare.
“Now what? I can’t even smoke even if she’s in another building?” she snapped as Kurai nodded and jumped down from the tree gracefully. Arachne looked liked she was about to murder her cousin, but decided against it because there were too many humans in sight.
Suddenly a bell rang and students poured out from the building, laughing and yelling. Kurai’s blue cat like eyes scanned the groups of humans as she waited for one human patiently even if she hated waiting.
“Kurai!” the demons nearly jumped jumped when Hotaru suddenly came out of no where. Kurai especially felt nervous, but soon she relaxed as Hotaru grabbed her hand. Hotaru was soon talking about her day and how it went. Kurai was near losing her temper when her firefly said that some boys were making fun of her, but Arachne glared at her so she controlled her temper.
Soon the three were at her house and Kurai felt suddenly empty when Hotaru let go of her hand.
“See you later, Kurai,” Hotaru said as she walked into her house and Kurai felt happy when she saw her pale lips curved into a smile. Soon the two were gone and Hotaru was looking outside her bedroom window.

/all the things she said/
/all the things she said/
/running through my head/
/running through my head/
/running through my head/

Hotaru sighed deeply as he curled her legs to her chest and hid her face. These feelings were just too awkward and they were strange. She liked them though because they gave her a butterfly feeling in her stomach. She liked it, but yet she knew how wrong it was.
And she hated it.
“Hotaru, Michiru and I are going out so you’ll be alone for a bit,” Haruka said as she opened the door to her daughter’s room. She saw her daughter curled up by the window which caused panic the fill her entire being, but calmed down when she saw that Hotaru was fine and alive. Though she seemed to be disturbed about something.
“Is something wrong?” Haruka asked as she sat next to her daughter and smiled. Hotaru hid her face more in her arms as if the hide the shame. But why should she be afraid? Haruka was in love with a girl, so what could possibly go wrong? But then again it wasn’t her “destiny” as Haruka would have put it. She just didn’t care.
It’s not her fault. It really wasn’t. She just turned out like that. She really really liked the dark skinned girl. She was perfect and she was strong. Kurai, her name was even beautiful! She had silver hair that matched the stars and it made her wonder what it felt like! She knew this whole this was wrong and screwed up, but what was she to do?!
Kurai had beautiful white hair and blue eyes that Hotaru would often think about how Kuari would look in a dress and she would blush! She didn’t mean to have these thoughts, but she just did. What could she do? No wait, she could go to one of those doctors who can somehow change your feelings so you can like guys or something like. Maybe she should just die. This sucked! It wasn’t her god damn fault!
“Nothing,” Hotaru mumbled as she huddled closer to the window, afraid for Haruka to see her tears. She was surprised when Haruka took a deep sigh, not losing her temper.
“You “like” Kurai, don’t you?” Hotaru looked up at her “father” and nodded slowly as if not to make her angry or something. She didn’t know how she knew, but she felt better now that it was out in the open. No, that would be an understatement, but now she was afraid of what Haruka was going to say.
“Yes, but I,” Haruka interrupted her and shook her head which made Hotaru’s heart sink faster then the Titanic.
“I know. It was kind of obvious. You follow her around and you often seem to gaze at her on accident. You seem to talk to her about things that you don’t even talk about with us. You got her a ring for god’s sake,” Haruka pointed out as her cheeks started to turn into a pale pink.
“I can’t help it though! I can’t! I know it’s not my “destiny”, but I just don’t know! I really think I…” Hotaru then hid her face again as she screamed loudly though it sounded a bit muffled. Haruka patted her daughter on the shoulder as if to comfort her only it failed miserably.
“It’s hard, I know it. You love her, but what are you going to do if she doesn’t love you back, firefly? What if she starts to hate you?” Haruka stared at her violet eyes widen. She knew that could happen, but…
“I’ll protect her then. It’s enough Haruka. Really it is. If I can protect her then I can be happy, but I have to tell her or I’m going to fall apart!” Hotaru stated as she cried again.
Things were just so screwed up.

/This is not enough!/
/I’m in serious shit I feel totally lost/
/If I’m asking for help it’s only because/
/being with you has opened my eyes can I ever believe/
/such a perfect surprise?/

Kurai was surprised to see Hotaru in the garden earlier then her. She shrugged it off as she walked over to the violet eyed girl. Hotaru was wearing a black rain jacket and a black skirt.
Kurai took note at how she looked when she was surrounded by the many different colored roses. She was…perfect. Like Alexiel. She suddenly shuddered at the feeling that ran down her spin. She is perfect and Kurai hated it. She felt the butterflies enter her stomach again as Hotaru looked at her.
“Hotaru, did one of the boys bother you again? I’ll teach them a lesson if you want me to,” Kurai threatened as she smiled weakly. The blue eyed demon hated the look on her face. She was so sad and it didn’t look right on her and it made her angry. No one was going to hurt her firefly!
“Kurai, I need to talk to you about something. It’s really important,” she saw how it was eating her. Whatever it was, Kurai could see that it was eating at Hotaru. She couldn’t stand it and she would make it better as soon as she could. She would make Hotaru the happiest woman in the world. Just like Alexiel.
“What is it? It’s obviously eating at you,” Kurai said as she pointed to the tears that were falling from her face. She really was scared and Kurai wondered what would make her so frightened all of sudden.
“Kurai,” she gulped nervously, “I love you.” Hotaru quickly shut her eyes, afraid to see the disgust on her face. Hotaru knew what her answer was going to be, but she was afraid of it anyway.
“I love you too,” Hotaru looked up as she placed her hands on her shoulders, “you’re my best friend, so what is it?” Hotaru looked down again. She knew she was crying and it was stupid, but it hurt so much.
“Kurai, I don’t think you understand. I love you,” Hotaru quickly pulled away, seeing the strange confused look on Kurai’s face. She then ran away before she had to face the truth.

/I keep asking myself, wondering how/
/I keep closing my eyes, but I can’t block you out/
/Wanna fly to a place where it’s just you and me/
/nobody else so we can be free/
/Nobody else so we can be free/

Hotaru was crying on a bench in a different section of the garden. She knew that it wasn’t enough, but she could pretend and that would be enough. She can pretend that protecting her was enough. That’s all she could do.
“Is it really enough?” Hotaru looked up to see Arachne smoking as she leaned against a tree. She had a soft smiled on her face as Hotaru rubbed the tears out of her eyes. She looked back at her as she walked to the crying girl.
“Arachne!” Hotaru stated as the woman smiled and dropped her cigarette and stepped on it.
“Hotaru, you should have let Kurai finish,” Aranche said wisely as Hotaru looked back at her. She had a soft smile of her own on as she brought her knees to her chest.
“You must think I’m a disgusting person, don’t you?” Hotaru smiled at Aranche as she nearly choked on her laughter. She then coughed for a moment and looked back at her.
“Look who your talking too, sweetie,” Aranche said as she pointed to herself. She did have a point.
“And don’t think you’re disgusting. You fell in love. What can you do? It just turns out to be the wrong person. There’s nothing else you can do about it. You can’t pretend because if you did then you would go mad. You can’t hide it or you’ll go mad. Either way you’ll go mad. And personally I like you as a sane person,” she smiled at the girl as she laughed.
“You think?” Hotaru rubbed her noise roughly as the other girl smiled and nodded.
“Anyway, Kurai has been in love before. She loved a beautiful woman,” Hotaru’s head snapped back up in confusion, “she loved her so much. But she was in love with someone else. So Kurai said that all she had to do was protect her then she would be happy. She believed that until she died. Kurai nearly went insane. Then she met someone…”

/all the things she said/
/all the things she said/
/running through my head/
/running through my head/
/running through my head/

Kurai was feeling confused. She was happy, but yet she knew that her beloved firefly was in so much pain because of these feelings. Humans would consider these feelings for the same gender to be sinful. Humans were just messed up creatures anyway. So why should she care?
But Hotaru did.
And it was causing her to be in so much pain. It must hurt so much. Kurai knew what Haruka would say to her. It was her fault. It was her fault. But she wanted her so much and she wanted to be with Hotaru badly. She wanted to touch Hotaru badly and she knew it was wrong. She had wanted to hold her by the waist and keep her close to her. She wanted to kiss her and she dreamt about it. She dreamt about touching Hotaru’s hair and letting her fingers slip through her violet highlights. It was so god damn screwed up!

/And I’m all mixed up feeling cornered and rushed/
/they say it’s my fault, but I want her so much/
/want to fly her away where the sun and rain covering over my face/
/washing away all the shame/

Humans were the only ones that were stupid enough to think it was wrong. Demons don’t give a rat’s ass! Humans wanted to go to a screwed up heaven where messed up angels had killed her family! They were so stupid that it made Kurai sick most of the time. They are the only ones crazy enough to say who you should fall in love with. It wasn’t her fault! It wasn’t Hotaru’s fault either! It just happened!

/When they stop and stare – don’t worry me/
/Because I’m feeling for her what’s she’s feeling for me/

Kurai had tried to pretend. She knew Hotaru had tried to pretend. Pretending that they were just friends. Pretending that they liked boys, pretending to have crushes. But she can’t do it anymore! And neither could Hotaru! It was driving her mad!

/ I can try to pretend, I can try to forget/
/but it’s driving me mad, going out of my head/

“And I better go before Kurai kills me,” Aranche said as she got up quickly before the other demon realized she was even there, but Kurai saw her red hair before she could hide behind the tree though it was a good try.
Kurai was breathing heavily as she looked back at Hotaru. She took a deep breath as she straightened herself out. She then glared at the tree that her perverted cousin hid behind, but then turned her gaze back to Hotaru. Hotaru just looked at her in confusion.
“Hotaru, I…” Kurai looked down, she was also afraid, “I love you too. Knowing my cousin, she explained everything to you? I’ll kill her later. I know this whole thing is screwed up and it’s not your fault or mine. It’s jus screwed up, that’s all I know, but I know I truly love you. And I’ll protect you,” Kurai said this whole thing in one breath which surprised Hotaru because she was still trying to catch her breath after running so fast.
Hotaru got up as Kurai walked closer to her. The two were feeling awkward about this, but it felt nice. Butterflies were both fluttering in their stomachs. Both of them thinking about what the other said, carefully.

/all the things she said/
/all the things she said/
/running through my head/
/running through my head/
/running through my head/

Kurai was a bit surprised when Hotaru wrapped her arms around her neck. She soon followed by wrapping her arms around her thin waist. The two were moving closer to one another, but Kurai quickly engulfed Hotaru’s lips in a kiss.

/Mother looking at me, tell me what do you see?/
/Yes, I’ve lost my mind/

Hotaru shivered at the pleasure she felt as Kurai tightened her grip on her. Kurai softly pressed harder on her lips as Hotaru untied her ponytail. Feeling the white silver hair made her feel a strange relief. She felt Kurai’s finger getting tangled in her own hair which also made her shiver slightly.
Kurai enjoyed the way Hotaru taste. She tasted kind of like a sweet black berry and she enjoyed it a lot. She softly asked Hotaru for entrance as she complied. Feeling so nice and feeling kind of fuzzy at once. She soon dominated over Hotaru’s mouth as Hotaru let her fingers grace the back of her neck causing goose bumps to rise.

/Daddy looking at me, will I ever be free?/
/Have I crossed the line?/

Kurai pulled away, panting for air as for Hotaru. The two seemed a bit embarrassed, but also very happy. Hotaru smiled as she gave Kurai a little kiss on her lips. Kurai then kissed her ear causing Hotaru to giggle. The two seemed to be happy as they embraced each other.
Kurai rested her head on top of Hotaru’s while Hotaru rested hers on her shoulder.

/all the things she said/
/all the things she said/
/running through my head/
/running through my head/
/running through my head/

The two then looked at each other as they parted. They then wove their fingers together as the two walked out of the garden.
“Makoto is making some cookies, want to go?” Hotaru asked as Kurai licked her lips hungrily.
“I would love some!” Kurai then started to run, dragging Hotaru behind her as the two started to laugh. They were happy.

It wasn’t enough, but I’ll make her the happiest woman in the world.

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