Case Closed Fan Fiction ❯ All Called to the Show ( Chapter 90 )

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The Detective Prince
Chapter 90
All Called to the Show

The tempo within that hour made for an easy path along the roadside. He periodically checked his watch as they journeyed on, pleased to see they were right on schedule. Nothing was said between the two for several minutes, the tension throughout was most apparent. He kept his eyes centered to the clear, watching as they turned at the next intersection to finally see the facility come into view.

« That didn’t take long. »

The sight of several officers standing outside the headquarters made it very apparent something was in progress. They carefully made their way into the lot past those standing in wait, stepping out of the car after coming to a stop.

« Why’s everyone out here, » Heiji asked. « Is there something going on inside? »

« It sure seems that way, » Rick said looking over the crowd. « There’s the commissioner over there, I’m sure he should be able to give us the answer to what is going on here. »

« Right next to you. » Heiji said in agreement following him across.

They made their way along, stepping around the many who stood in their path. He could see them approaching from the side of his eye, almost certain they were headed over to have a word with him.

« Well if it isn’t the two men of the hour, » James said watching as they stopped before him. « I was expecting your arrival would come soon. »

« Gordon, what is the meaning of all of this? » Rick asked.

« For precautionary reasons of course, » James replied. « We’ve sent in a group of experts  to make sure there are not anymore hidden explosives. »

« Good call. »

« This explosive that went off, » Heiji said relieving his hands from his inner pockets. « How lethal was it, strong enough to cause any real harm? »

« The only impact in the aftermath was a burn mark on the wall, » James replied. « Other than that, there were no real casualties. »

« Sounds like someone wanted attention rather than to cause any real harm. »

« That’s what I made of it, » James said. « But we’re taking additional measures just to be safe. »

« We were told some kind of note was left behind, » Rick said. « Would you happen to know what it had written to it? »

« I don’t have the original with me, » James replied. « But did elect to have copies made. »

He lowered his hand down to his side, pulling out a slip of paper that rested in the side of his pocket.

« Here, you’re free to have a look for yourself. »

He reached out to grab the sheet, laying his eyes upon what was written on the paper. He took the next couple seconds to try and make sense of what was written, lowering the sheet with the shake of his head after a short period.

« Though I don’t understand the message, there seems to be a familiar tone. »

« A familiar tone, » Heiji questioned. « What do you mean? »

« The feel of the message closely resembles that of the other riddles we’ve been handling, » Rick replied. « Here, have a look for yourself. »

He held out the piece of paper, giving him the luxry of looking over it himself.

« (X) the prosper of growth isn’t fostered within the past or present, for the Diamonds eye is for all to see, » Heiji read with a pause. « the Shows beginning shall proceed with all  _0-(-30) 105 accounted in (Y). »

He was unsure what to make of it at first glance, looking up to see they were waiting for his opinion on the matter.

« So what do you think, » Rick asked. « Seems like the same pattern of displaced words wrapped in a hidden message, think it could be the same guy? »

« It’s certainly a possibility. »

« Which is why I’ve decided to have the both of you take lead in this one, » James said. « I want you to share all information gathered up to this point with everyone throughout the department. »

« Understood, but I do have one question, » Rick said reaching back for the riddle. « This symbol here, any idea what it represents? »

The two looked to see what he was pointing to, finding his finger directly under the  ».

« Lambda. »

« Lambda? »

« It is the eleventh letter in the Greek alphabet, » Heiji informed. « Of course in the context here, I’d say we’re looking further into its roots. »

« Pardon? »

« Minutes, degrees, and seconds, » Heiji continued. « That is the denote of the Lambda when dealing with a geographic coordinate we’re all quite familiar with. »

« Which is? »

« Longitude. »

« Longitude, » James said looking back down at the riddle. « You don’t say. »

« Wait, do you think he’s right? » Rick asked.

« It would appear that way, » James replied looking back up to face him. « The numbers after the  would seem to indicate this. »

« Let’s say all of this is true, » Rick said. « What could possibly be the message? »

« A location is a possibility, » Heiji replied. « After all the  » maps out all locations east and west of the Prime Meridian within the system. »

« Ok then, » Rick said. « From the numbers displayed, where do you propose we start looking? »

« That’s just the thing, » Heiji said dropping his hand back into his pockets. « That’s too simple, nothing has been with this guy up until this point. »

« If it’s not referring to a location, than what? »

« I haven’t quite figured that one out, » Heiji admitted. « But I do believe the 0, -30, and 105 represent something significant to a location. »

« Perhaps where there next move will be made. »

« Exactly, » Heiji said. « Let’s also not forget other hints have been dropped about the unknown location. »

« You’re right, » Rick recalled. « At the affair shall I appear. »

« And most recently with this riddle, » Heiji added. « With the referral of the show’s beginning. »

« So how are we supposed to find this place? »

« By finding out this person’s motive, » James replied. « That would be the best action to take at this point, we find that out.. we might just catch our thief in the clutch of their act. »

« Not an easy task, » Rick said. « They haven’t exactly shown anything that calls for demand on their part. »

« Which is why we need to get a move on. »

« That’s the plan sir. »

Before anything further could be said between the three, the sound of a loud buzz could be heard from below.

« One moment, I need to take this. »

The two of them stood in silence as they watched him answer the phone.

« I wonder who that could be. »

The conversation lasted all but a couple seconds before he looked back their way.

« That didn’t last long, » Rick said. « Who was it? »

« It seems we weren’t the only station to be ignited by this surprise, » James informed. « But several police stations located here all the way to Plymouth, Minnesota. »

« You’re not serious? »

« I wish I wasn’t. »

« Did every station receive the same message? »

« That’s what I was told. »

« That would also explain the chain of calls received within that small period back at Starlest. »

« Things are getting crazier by the minute, I can’t wait to see how Basell reacts to the news. » Rick said.

« Where is he now? » James asked.

« Looking into the production of some diamonds. »

« Diamonds? »

« It has something to do with a case we’re currently working. »

« Several other police stations in a mile spread received the same riddle… but why, » Heiji thought. « Is this the same thief from Starlest, or something completely unrelated? »

The complexity of what to expect next was becoming more of a blur with each new task presented.

« This whole fiasco has just risen to another level, » Heiji thought. « Whatever we plan to do better come soon, I don’t think we have much longer until they pull out the true stops. »

He took a step away from those who stood around, turning for the other side of the street.

« Where are you going? » Rick asked taking notice of this.

« There’s something I’d like to revisit. »

« Would you like a ride? »

« Not this time around, » Heiji said in response. « Besides you’re needed here, one of us has to catch everyone up on the situation. »

« Ok then, » Rick said. « But keep your phone active, if anything is learned you’ll be the first I call. »

« Ditto. » Heiji said before turning away once more.

They watched on from the front of the station, taking little time for him to fall out of sight.

« I sure hope he knows what he’s doing. »

He reached into the depths of his thoughts, trying to rehash all that had been seen on that night. Everything slowly resurfaced to his mind in the minutes that passed, bit by bit.

« The height.. what about his height? »

« No taller than six foot, » Conan replied. « It had to be somewhere in that vicinity. »

He typed it into the blank field before looking down to the next.

« Weight.. that might be a little tougher to figure. » Conan said.

« You can always jot down an estimation. » Tim said.

He gave it some thought, leaning back in the chair as the image of the ski capped man visually came back to him.

« I’d say anywhere from 218 to 229 Ibs. »

« Are you sure? »

« From what I could tell, I’d say that’s defiantly within the ball park. » Conan replied before filling in the empty void.

« So now we have the weight, height, gender, and body structure filled in, » Tim said. « And you’re positive you didn’t see the color of his eyes? »

« Sorry, but no, » Conan said in response. « That cap not only covered his hair, but his eyes as well. »

« This guy must really want to keep his identity a secret. »

« You’re telling me, » Conan said looking back to the screen. « Now what do you say we launch another search? »

« Ready when you are. »

He did just that, clicking down to the search bar as a new set of results appeared before them. What they saw wasn’t too surprising to find.

« We’ve narrowed down the list of suspects down to a little over one hundred ninety. »

« Still too much, » Tim said. « We’re going to have to chop it down more than that. »

« Doesn’t help we know next to nothing about this guy, » Conan said. « Which makes it tough to diagnose a possible occupation. »

« You’re  right, and there’s no telling where he picked up those skills he put on display. »

« There has to be something we can go off of, » Conan said. « The last thing we want is another count of bodies to help make a determination. »

« The nature of the victims up till this point doesn’t help all that much, given there gang history,  » Tim said. « That leaves the possibilities wide to who may have wanted them dead. »

« Which is the area of known fact, » Conan said. « It would be in our best interest to stick with that angle, there’s no telling what may turn up. »

« That is a possibility, but still broad list to sort, » Tim said. « Let’s remember, it wasn’t just one group that was targeted in these attacks. »

« An important point, » Conan acknowledged. « The odds of two separate gang groups targeted in the way that they were is more than coincidence. »

« With the circumstances in each, I’m inclined to agree, » Tim said. « It could be the work of another gang all together, but something about this whole thing just doesn’t feel right.. I just can’t quite pin point what. »

« He’s right, there’s something about this case that doesn’t quite feel right, » Conan thought. « The culprits talent for shielding their presence from any surveillance at each scene is most notable, but most  questioning of all… why leave behind the weapons used to commit the crime? »

His travels had lead him from one facility to the next, coming to a conclusion that brought him back to where he had started.. little progress. The feeling was subtle, in some ways what he was expecting his journeys would amount up to. He took his time up the stairs, deeply fixated on the hindering obstacles surrounding each riddle. He lost himself within the moment, not aware of the door opening before reaching it.

« How nice of you to join us. »

He lifted his head at the sound of the voice, coming to find him standing in the doorway.

« You seem remotely disturbed, » Alfred said. « Is everything alright? »

« For the most part. »

« Did you happen to take part in the excitement at the police station? »

« You know about that? »

« It’s being covered on the news as we speak, » Alfred said. « Master Bruce is in the other room keeping an eye on the growing situation, you’re free to join him if you’d like. »

« You know, I think I’ll do just that, » Heiji said stepping in past him. « Thanks for the heads up. »

He hurried along, heading to the right side to hear the sound of the TV passing through the wall. He opened the door leading to the dinning room, making his way to the other side to see him standing in the next room in front of the tv. He slowly approached, listening to what was being reported.

« The boy’s up stairs, if that’s who you’re here to see. »

« How’d you know it was me? » Heiji asked.

« I had a feeling you’d come, » Bruce replied turning to face him. « With questions. »

« As I do. » Heiji confirmed.

« Not much has been reported on the matter, only that several police stations have been broken into, » Bruce said. « And of course, the unexplained messages left behind. »

« I might have a little extra insight for you. »

« Tell me, this riddle, » Bruce said with a step forward. « Do you believe it to be directly linked to the case you’ve been currently working? »

« How did you know the message left at the scene was in the form of a riddle? »

« The news anchor mentioned the message uncovered at the scene was still in the process of being unraveled. »

« Keeping it low key until they have a clear answer, not a bad idea at this point, » Heiji commented. « And to answer your question, there might be a chance the two incidents are related. »

« I thought that much, » Bruce said. « And how far along  are you on profiling the thief in question? »

« Smoothly would be a good way of putting it, » Heiji replied. « I’ve already got down a few of their tendencies, it’s only a matter of time before this mystery person is revealed. »

« I take it you heard from Mr. Fournier by now? »

« As a matter a fact I did, » Heiji confirmed. « He called about a problem within his company. »

« And? »

« I agreed to have a look into it, » Heiji replied. « He said he’d call me back with further information and a time to meet. »

« And do you feel you can handle that while juggling these riddles? »

« No problem at all. »

« That’s all I needed to hear. »

He turned back for the television within that instance, shutting it off with the remote before tossing it to the couch. He then made his way to the other side, walking through the dinning room to the door on the far side.

« Wait up. » Heiji said following after him.

He pushed on with long strides, not catching up to him until reaching the bottom of the staircase in the next room.

« Where are you going in such a hurry, » Heiji questioned. « Didn’t you want to know what was written on the most recent riddle? »

He stopped at the sound of this.

« Didn’t you say you had it all under control? »

« Yea, but I thought you.. »

« Look here, I have enough to work on as it is, » Bruce said tuning back to face him. « We have an unpredictable shooter running freely and a gang war in the mist just waiting to erupt, and that might just be the least of our worries. »

« What are you trying to say? »

« From the beginning this was your case to handle, and I’m counting on you to deliver, » Bruce said turning for the other side of the room once again. « But if at any point you feel it’s too much for you to sustain on your own, you’re free to pass it my way . »

He had nothing to say in response, simply watching as he continued to the other side of the room. He stood there for moments to come, feeling it all sink into place.

« Least of our worries… what did he mean by that? »

« What was that all about? » A familiar voice spoke from the right side.

« Kudo. » Heiji said looking up to the staircase to see the two of them heading down.

« You never called to tell us you’d be coming. » Tim said.

« It was kind of a last minute thing, » Heiji said. « What are you doing here, I thought you had a lead to look into. »

« I wanted to go over that database with Shinichi first, » Tim said. « Looks like we’re in a bit of a hole, we don’t have enough to go off of to narrow down the list in the case of those shootings. »

« How many suspects are we looking at currently? »

« From those registered to the database, nearly two hundred, » Conan replied. « Which is still a hefty margin. »

« Did you give each profile that appeared on the list a look? »

« We decided to hold off on that, » Tim replied. « We couldn’t be sure even if he did see a common resemblance, he wasn’t able to get a clear look at the shooters face. »

« How unfortunate. »

« You still have yet to answer my question, » Conan said. « What just  happened between you and Bruce? »

« I don’t know to tell you the truth, » Heiji replied. « I thought he would be interested in knowing the inner details surrounding the case. »

« You mean the case revolving around those riddles? »

« That’d be the one. »

« And that’s what you two of you were arguing about? »

« There was no argument, just a misunderstanding, » Heiji clarified. « I was under the impression he wanted to help work the case. »

« Did he ask you if you had everything under control? » Tim asked

« As a matter a fact he did. »

« Then nothing further needed to be said, » Tim stated. « When declaring you have a hold on things, it’s essentially your assignment from that point on. »

« So am I to believe you guys don’t come to each other for opinions when handling different cases? »

« That’s not what I was getting at, » Tim said. « .. Let’s put it this way, we only seek the assistance of one another if we’re stumped or completely lost on a matter. »

« What kind of team work is that, » Heiji remarked. « Sounds more like a group of loners operating in the same city. »

« There’s no winning with you is there? »

« I didn’t know we were competing. »

« Ok, on a fair note I did tell Bruce I’d help work this case on your behalf, » Tim informed. « So that might explain the leverage he’s given you on this. »

« That sheds some light, » Heiji said. « But that still doesn’t explain why he responded the way that he did when I furthered the discussion. »

« That’s his way of communicating a strong message, » Tim informed. « Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. »

« One step at a time, I still haven’t got past the whole donning of capes and masks, » Heiji said. « I don’t see the harm in representing as a police official, or private eye detective for that matter. »

« It’s not something you can observe or for me to explain to you, gaining a true understanding can only be obtained by walking the path which is not what we’re here to discuss, » Tim said quickly changing the subject. « The riddle, I’d like to see it. »

« Sure thing, » Heiji said reaching into his jacket. « The commissioner had a couple extra copies made and was kind enough to let me have one. »

He held out his hand to receive the paper, reading the newly acquired riddle for himself. Several moments of silence passed as he tried making a diagnosis of his own.

« Hey, do you think I could have a look? » Conan asked tugging at his pant leg.

« Are you sure that will do us any good, » Heiji questioned. « You haven’t had the luxury of reading the previous riddles, there’s a good chance this one could be connected with the. »

« Tim already wrote them down for me to see, » Conan said cutting him off. « He even showed me the rearrangement of the letters you orchestrated. »

« What did you make of it? »

« One second, » Conan said taking the slip of paper into hand. « I’ll get back to you momentarily. »

He too laid his eyes to the riddle, taking everything in as one piece to a larger puzzle.

« (X) the prosper of growth isn’t fostered within the past or present, for the Diamonds eye is for all to see… the Shows beginning shall proceed with all  _0-(-30) 105 accounted in (Y). »

He read through the riddle several times, doing his best to try and process a distinction between what was hidden in between the lines.

« So, what do you think? » Heiji asked looking from one to the other.

« I’d say we’re most likely dealing with the same person, the speech pattern closely resembles the first set of riddles placed at Starlest, » Tim said. « It also appears they’re setting the stage to its highest peak, the capitalization of ‘shows’ would seem to point to this. »

« I noticed something else, this is the second time the thief has used the word ‘eye’ to map out one of their riddles, » Conan pointed out. « I’m sure their is some relevance to this. »

« You’re right, » Heiji recalled. « i am solely for the ‘eye’ beyond all affiliated kins. »

« Exactly. »

« So now that we’re on the same page, » Heiji said lowering his hands. « What do you say we get this thing untwined? »

« That’s why we’re here. »

« One thing that’s been bothering me about this riddle in particular is the ‘x’ at the beginning, and the ‘y’ in the closing. »

« Weren’t you the one who said one step at a time? » Tim reminded.

« Yea, what of it? » Heiji asked looking to him in a bit of confusion.

« We can’t finish the construction of a bridge without making sure all links are securely locked in place before pushing on, » Tim said. « If they’re not, you can’t complete the rest of the bridge. »

« What? »

« In other words, we can’t move on until we’ve solved the previous riddle, » Conan said. « This latest stunt is just a means of directing our attention ahead instead of piecing it from ground up like we’ve been doing, how we’re supposed to. »

« Ok then, where do you propose we start? »

« How about with the sequence you just mentioned, » Conan suggested. « i am solely for the eye beyond all affiliated kins. »

« I guess that spots as good as any other to begin, » Heiji said in agreement. « What’s your take on it? »

« Equivalent to mine, » Tim said. « I’ve been giving this whole thing some thought since the time you presented it all to me. »

« Do you have an idea where the culprit will appear next? »

« Affiliated kins, » Tim said in response. « Another way of putting it would be associated cousins or a relation of ancestors in a sense, now implement that into the context of this riddle. »

« i am solely for the eye beyond all affiliated kins. »

He took a step to the side, feeling the need to pace as he buried his hands further into his pockets. That phrase scattered throughout his mind, feeling it all slowly fall into place right before his very eyes.

« That’s it, » Heiji said. « solely for the eye beyond all affiliated kins, it must be referring to something linked to Starlest.. another company or endorser even. »

« Now you’re thinking. » Tim said with a nod.

« All I have to do is call, I should be able to get in contact with a representative, » Heiji said reaching for his phone. « They should have any information I may need on the matter. »

« Don’t bother, » Tim said. « I already took the liberty of writing out a list. »

« You already knew? »

« About a day after you showed me the riddle. »

« And then informed me of his findings today, » Conan added. « Which in the process caught me up to where we are now. »

« This list, » Heiji said with a step taken back to them. « Would you happen to have it on you? »

« I had a feeling that’d be your next question, » Tim said pulling out a folded paper from within his pocket. « It’s all here. »

He took the paper in hand, wasting no time in unfolding it to see what written.

« Let’s see, what do we have here, » Heiji said gliding his eyes across the list. « Cennals Inc, Delmore Industries, Scnapp Labs, Syclons, and.. Wayne Enterprises. »

He stood in silent for moments to come, looking across to see him still standing in place.

« Does Bruce know about this? »

« Of course, Bruce was there when I made the deduction, » Tim replied. « I too had the intention of calling Starlest just as you were going to. »

« Why didn’t you? »

« Bruce already knew every company associated with Starlest. »

« Off the top of his head? »

« He makes it his business to know what’s going on around the city, » Tim said in response. « Especially anything with tides to Wayne Enterprises. »

« He masterly played the part of pretending to know little about the case, » Heiji thought. « That man sure is hard to figure. »

« Now that we have our ducks aligned and stones placed, » Conan stated. « What do you say we decoding this thing? »

To Be Continued
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