❯ Alice and Jack in Wonderland – Prologue ( Chapter 1 )

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Alice And Jack In Wonderland
Siobahn McClintock
Down the rabbit hole Alice goes, into a world beyond pure imagination. Cheshire Cat greets her with a welcoming smile, as he fades into nothing. She looks around and finds herself in an area of dead trees and black crows cawing at her. She wanders the road, and looks up ahead to find a house upon a hill of graves. She walks up to the house and rings the doorbell. The door opens and she walks in. A man with a giant, green hat welcomes her and the door slams shut with a loud bang. She walks to him and he says « I’m the Madhatter. Won’t you come and have some tea with me? » She finds that the he is beginning to vanish in front of her. He reappears with a cup of tea, and she takes a sip, but only the darkness consumes her.
When she awoke, her whole body was covered by a warm blanket of red velvet material. There was a scythe by her side and the Madhatter awaiting patiently, his back on the wall. The walls and ceiling had cobwebs on them. She tried to sit up, but the Madhatter snapped his fingers and chains appeared out of nowhere. The chains wrapped around her so tight,that she screamed out in pain. The Madhatter took the scythe and swung at her face. She shuts up right away and only a few strands of her bangs get
cut off. He swings again, and slashes her right arm,on the very tip of the scythe. She starts sobbing and tears start to roll down her flushed cheeks. There is a loud bang and she looks up to see a man with dirty blonde, wolf-cut hair and hazel eyes staring down at her. He rips the chains of off her and she sits up to find the Madhatter on the floor, blood oozing from his head. She kicked his lifeless body and looked to her savor. He put his pistol away and turned to leave.
She followed him through a small hole,that he had possibly made, by his pistol. She tapped his shoulder and he never turned around. She kept on following him through the cobwebbed covered house, and ended up in a type of study. There was a fire going in the fireplace and a bookshelf,full of dust covered books.
They walked ahead and they heard a loud maniacal laughter in the distance. A white rabbit, wearing gentlemens clothes, appeared out of nowhere carrying a shovel.
« So, you got passed the Madhatter, I presume? » He spoke towards Alice.
To Be Continued………
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