❯ Alice and Jack in Wonderland – Gobstoppers ( Chapter 2 )

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« So, you got passed the Madhatter, I presume? » He spoke towards Alice.
She fliched and hid behind her savior, while he pulled out his pistol, and aimed at the Rabbit.
The Rabbit was too fast for him, when he shot, the Rabbit dashed behind Alice and hit her on the back of the head wtih the shovel. She collapsed onto the ground and went unconsious.
The guy caught her and layed her gently down onto a nearby piece of wood. The Rabbit backed away into darkness. The guy called out, « Come out. Come out. Wherever you are. » while the Rabbit sprang forward, but got his head blown off from the impact of the bullet going through his head. He collapsed onto the ground dead.
The guy looked to Alice and picked her body up. Hauling her over his shoulders, he went through the door and wound up at the main room. A gigantic double bolted door hung high and had a padlock on it. He pulled out his pistol and blew the padlock off, and went through the door.
Outside, the sky a gaudy grey, it began to rain and the guy ran. When he picked up speed, he sprouted black wings from his back and flew on through the rain. He had to shift Alice so that she was being held onto in front, her face buried in his trench coat.
She stirred and opened her eyes. Her head hurt a lot and she looked around, screamed and pushed herself from the guy. He held her closer and tighter . She flailed her arms and eventually slipped from his grasp. She fell, but was caught by the guy. He caught her in his arms and flew back down to the earth’s safe ground.
He turned her upright and held her to him. She was crying and slapped his face. He held her hand from slapping him again and bent down to kiss the top of her head, and then covered her from the rain. She gave in and rested her head against his chest.
Her wet brown hair and short blue dress, streaking against her from the windy rain.
She looked up with watery eyes and met his. He spoke and said « Jack, is my name if you were wondering. » She nodded and rested her head on his shoulder.
More in the next chapter…….
Alice and Jack in Wonderland – Prologue