Case Closed Fan Fiction ❯ Aftermath ( Chapter 86 )

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The Detective Prince
Chapter 86

« Another corpse, where? » Tim asked.

« It was found beneath the rubble in the aftermath of the explosion. »

« Are we to assume this person found was dead prior to the explosion? »

« I have no real insight to the circumstances, » Bruce replied. « And we won’t know until an autopsy is done. »

« Speaking of bodies, the results came back in on Eldelmon, » Dick informed. « The cause of death was a heart attack. »

« What about those three who went in to see him around the time of his death, » Bruce asked. « Do you believe they had any involvement? »

« Unless they used some kind of opiate, which we have no knowledge of, » Dick said. « At least not at this point. »

« What about the condition of the body, » Heiji asked. « How would you explain its appearance? »

« I didn’t see the body for myself, only overheard two officers discussing it, » Bruce replied. « When asked for details they rejected to comment. »

« No surprise there, » Dick said. « After all, it is a murder investigation. »

« And when you throw in a margin of drugs, you have a recipe for police force secrecy. » Bruce stated.

« Now we’ll have to wait for the inner details, » Conan thought. « No telling what the time table will be for that. »

« Why don’t we take a drop in now, » Heiji said. « I could give detective Gates a call, he should be authorized to go over any of the evidence found at the crime scene. »

« Couldn’t have thought of something better, » Dick said in agreement. « What do you say Bruce? »

« I see no problem in it, » Bruce replied. « Not only does it free up time, but cancels out another trip I planned to make tonight. »

« I take that as a yes. » Heiji said.

« In the case of that, why don’t I give you a ride to the station, » Dick offered. »I had already planned on driving through that area anyway. »

« There’s no declining that. »

« Mind if I come along, » Conan asked. « I’d like a closer look at things myself. »

« Fine by me. » Dick said. « We might need an extra set of eyes. »

« Where’s this mutual friend of yours now? » Conan asked looking to his opposite shoulder.

« Last we spoke, he was at the office going over details of the case he’s been handling, » Heiji replied. « The one revolving around the events that occurred at Starlest. »

« Good, then maybe he’s still there. »

« I’ll give him a call. »

He stepped off to the side from there, pulling out his phone in the process. »

« Now that we’ve got that all sorted, I think it’s about time I went my way as well. »

« Where to? » Conan asked.

« I’ve got a blind date with a special woman at the Stepler Cavern. » Tim replied.

« Sounds promising, » Dick said. « Think she’ll actually show? »

« That’s what I’m hoping for, » Tim said. « It’s long overdue we brought this scavenger hunt to an end. »

« Anything I can help with? »

« Not necessarily, » Tim replied. « Regardless, getting Heiji to the evidence lab is just as important. »

« What about you? » Dick asked looking toward Bruce.

« The first thing is to compare the blood found at the scene, » Bruce replied. « Something has to match that blood used in the postmortem decory of the wall. »

« What about that symbol found on the wall, » Tim asked. « Have you found any leads to its true meaning? »

« Not yet, all searches are pending the results of the crucial blood type, » Bruce replied. « The possibilities are endless, hopefully this next step will shed light on this ordeal. »

« You’re not suggesting? »

« A ritual is always a possibility, » Bruce said. « Just keeping the possibilities open. »

The door to the room reopened in that instance, all looking to see him re-enter

« Just got done speaking with detective Rick. »

« And? » Dick asked.

« He gave me the ok, » Heiji replied. « We’re supposed to meet him in the lobby at the Gotham police department. »

« Then let us not keep him waiting. »

« Where is this forensics lab holding the bodies located, » Conan asked. « At the station itself? »

« That’s what I was told, » Heiji confirmed. « Located on one of the lower levels of the facility, haven’t seen it for myself though. »

« There’s a first time for everything, » Dick said. « Now what do you say we get this thing on the road? »

« No arguments here. »

« How far is the station from here? » Conan asked.

« Clear across town, » Dick replied. « How long it takes to get there will depend on traffic. »

« Gotcha. »

« We’ve delayed for long enough, » Dick said before turning back to face the other two. « I’ll contact you with any information we’re able to learn. »

« Ditto. » Tim said in response.

« Come, » Dick said turning for the door. « We have a long trip ahead of us. »

« Right behind you. » Heiji said following his lead.

He took a few steps in their tracks before looking back once more.

« Good luck at the cavern. » Conan said.

He then walked off, closing the door on his way out.

« Think they’ll have any luck with the forensics? »

« I’m certain they will, » Bruce replied. « There’s always something to find. »

« On another note, with both Jefferson and Salomon dead we only have two leads to whoever is responsible, » Tim said. « Norio Hue and. »

« Cobblepot. » Bruce finished.

« Either one could have played a part in their deaths. »

« There’s nothing conclusive to back that claim, from what we know they were all intertwined in one large business deal, » Bruce said. « That’s not to say things didn’t became sour between the parties involved. »

« It’s about time we payed these two a visit, in the coming days sounds proficient, » Tim said. « The last thing we want is the rise in body count. »

« Penguin is mine, » Bruce declared. « I’ll leave the task of hunting down  and questioning Norio Hue to you. »

« Loud and clear. »

He then turned for the other side of the room, wasting no time in making his way around the desk to find himself a seat in front of the computer.

« What are you doing now? » Damian finally spoke after a long period of silence.

« It’s time we generated some much needed results, » Bruce replied. « Which means analyzing the blood. »

« I still don’t understand the misuse in time, why create that drawings on the wall if their intent was to blow the place, » Damian questioned. « Why make the drawings in the first place if no one would see it? »

« Everything doesn’t always fall in place, this is one chapter we’ll have to figure for ourselves, » Bruce replied. « Between the blood sample and the symbol created with its use I believe lies the hidden meaning, or message. »

« What kind of meaning? »

« I think that’s pretty self explanatory, » Tim said. « It’s to signify something, a hint to his next move even. »

« Or to let us know something about himself, » Bruce added on. « Whatever the case we don’t have time to dawdle, there’s no telling when he’ll resurface. »

« Let’s hope we can put one of these to rest come nights end. » Tim said checking his watch.

« You actually think this woman will show up at this cavern? » Damian asked.

« According to the guy who worked the bar she was there last night, and appearers every other day, » Tim said. « So there’s a chance she might not be there, going off of what we’ve been told. »

« And if she does? »

« Plant a tracer on her of course, » Tim replied. « There has to be others she’s collaborating with, planting a tracer could lead us right to them. »

« Sounds legitimate enough, » Damian remarked. « Now all we need is for her to make an appearance. »

« That’s what I’m anticipating, » Tim said. « Speaking of which, I think it’s about time I headed that way. »

« Why so soon, » Bruce asked. « There’s still an ample amount of time before nine. »

« I’d like to set up before hand. »

« It never does hurt to be early, » Bruce said. « Would a ride be serviceable at this time? »

« Thanks for the offer, but I’ve got it covered, » Tim replied. « You’re free to focus strictly on that blood. »

« Which is time, » Bruce said setting his sights to the screen. « To begin the search. »

The doors slid aside upon his arrival, just like any other day. He took the first few moments to scour the room from where he stood, trying to locate where he was.

« Over here. » A voice spoke from across the room.

He looked to see him waving over at him

« Detective Gates, so glad to see you. » Heiji said heading his way.

He walked with persuasion and a sense of care, feeling the weight bearing down just below his chest.

« You’re here awfully quick from the last we spoke, » Rick said. « You must have already been on the way when you called. »

« That, or I had the luxury of a driver who knows the streets from in and out, » Heiji said. « Short cuts always make for great time management. »

« Spoken for the truth my friend, » Rick said. « Why don’t I get you to the lab, after all that’s what has brought you here. »

« Your lead. » Heiji said with the nod of his head.

He followed him to the door leading to the stairwell, moving off to the side as he watched him unlock the door with the use of a key.

« Almost forgot you guys keep this door locked. »

« Security measures of course. »

« As I’ve been told. »

« Right after you. » Rick said stepping aside with the open of the door.

He walked in from there, stopping once reaching the stairs themselves.

« Down there, correct? »

« That’d be the location of the lab, » Rick confirmed taking the lead once again. « Though I must know, why do you want to see these two bodies in particular? »

« This case interests me, » Heiji replied. « I saw it being covered on the morning news and wanted to get down here as soon as I could. »

« I figured it’d be something to that affect. »

« So what do we know thus far, anything uncovered I should know about? »

« I know just about as much as you involving this case, » Rick said in response. « This is my first time coming down here since the time the bodies were shipped to our lab. »

« I see. »

They continued downward. He carefully took each step at a time, tightly wrapping his arms from one side of his chest to the other. Rick took notice of his shift in posture, not entirely sure what to make of it.

« This kid sure is acting strange today. »

After another spiraling turn and a sequence of stairs they finally reached the bottom. They continued down a long hall, not coming to a stop until reaching a large steel door.

« So what happens from here, we give this thing a knock? »

« In most cases, yes, » Rick said reaching into his pocket. « But when you have a security level four clearance card, that’s not necessary. »

« Even better. » Heiji said watching as he swiped the card across the handle.

A subtle beep followed with the unlock of the door.

« You first. » Heiji insisted.

The two moved on once again. The pattern in the way he walked from the time they had exited the stairwell was most noticeable. They passed an automatic door on their travels which lead to another long space of area. He knew they were fast approaching, smelling the potent odor that drifted through. They finally stopped once reaching a heavily enforced glass door.

« Another task for your reliable card I presume? »

« That and typing in the right code. » Rick said pointing down to a security key pad attached to the door.

He wasted no time in typing the code, finishing it off with the slide of his card.

« And here we have the GCPD forensics lab, » Rick said. « Now, without further adieu. »

The two stepped in, allowing the door to close from behind. He immediately brought his attention to the four steel tables lined up at the wall across from where they stood. Each had something resting on it, covered with a blanket.

« I’m betting two of those are our guys. »

Something from the right caught his attention, looking to the far side of the room to see someone sitting in front of a computer.

« I see you’re hard at work as always captain. »

He turned at the sound of his voice.

« Detective Gates, what a surprise this is. »

He stood up from where he sat, the two standing in wait as the man with long shaggy brown hair approached.

« I hope this isn’t a bad time. »

« Not at all, I was just rounding up the results from the latest report, » He said in response. « You don’t usually bring guests, who is this with you? »

« He’s the kid I told you about, the one helping me take on the diamonds case, » Rick clarified. « The name’s Heiji. »

« Nice to meet you Heiji, » He said holding out his hand. « I’m Harold Jones. »

« And also the laboratory analyst. » Rick added.

« It’s a pleasure to meet you. » Heiji said shaking his hand.

« So what brings you down here, » Harold asked directing his attention back to Rick. « Is there something you need examined in regards to the case you’re working? »

« I’m actually here on behalf of Hattori. » Rick pointed out.

« And what is it I can help you with? » Harold said facing him.

« I was told the two bodies found at the recent explosion site were brought here for examination, » Heiji replied. « I was wondering if you could give me the run down on what you’ve been able to diagnose thus far. »

« I’d be more than happy to, » Harold said. « But I do have one question for you. »

« I’ll answer anything you may want to know. »

« Can you please explain to me the bulkiness of your jacket, » Harold asked. « Is it a trending new style amongst your age group these days? »

« I noticed that too, » Rick said. « It’s a very awkward look to say the least. »

« Oh that, » Heiji laughingly said. « It’s not exactly a style, but rather. »

He reached for his zipper, pulling downward to reveal what was hidden from beneath.

« It’s just this kid. »

« Who the hell is that?! » Rick exclaimed watching as a young boy dropped to the ground.

« He’s my.. I’m watching him for a close relative. »

« That’s all good and said, but why did you bring him here, » Rick questioned. « This is far from authorized. »

« Sorry, but I had no one to watch him for the time being. »

« How nice of you to join us, » Harold greeted. « And what is your name? »

« Conan, Conan Edogawa, » Conan replied. « Junior detective. »

« A  stalled away junior detective, » Rick muttered. « If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you had this planned from the start. »

Heiji found humor to this with a light laugh in response.

« Looks like we’ll have to amplify our security. » Harold jokingly said.

« Would it be ok if he stayed for the procedure, » Heiji asked. « He’s usually good at not getting in the way. »

« Usually, » Rick questioned with the cross of his arms. « How many crime labs have you and your little buddy here infiltrated exactly? »

« I didn’t mean it in that regard. »

« I don’t think that would be a good idea. » Harold finally spoke on the matter.

« Come on, just this one time, » Heiji plead. « Besides, he has the stomach for this kind of stuff. »

« How so? » Rick asked with the narrow of his eyes.

« On the TV, » Conan replied. « I’ve always wanted to see the real thing. »

He took the next few moments to access the situation, giving him the nod after coming to a decision.

« It’s against the rules for civilians to be in here, let alone minors, » Harold said. « But I’ll let it pass just this one time, and only this time. »

« Thanks, I really appreciate that. »

« As do I. » Conan added.

« Let’s just be thankful the surveillance in this room is currently down, » Harold said. « I’d hate to have to explain myself to Lucas. »

« The surveillance is down in this room? » Heiji asked.

« That’s right, since the time I clocked in this morning, » Harold confirmed. « Though things should be up and running by mid night. »

« What a coincidence, » Heiji thought. « It seems everywhere we go there’s some kind of security problem. »

« What do you say we get this started, » Harold said turning for the other side of the room. « I have yet to make my final inspection of the bodies, so they’re still resting on the lab tables there. »

They followed him over to the first table, watching as he pulled the blanket to reveal what was underneath.

« This is it, » Harold said. « The body of the second victim, Salomon Green. »

« The second victim, » Heiji questioned. « Are you saying Salomon was the second of the two to die? »

« That’s right, » Harold confirmed. « From the tests run, I’d say there is about a three day gap in between the time of both of their deaths. »

« Guess that rules out the intruder Bruce came across. » Conan thought.

« If Green died second, then who was victim number one? » Heiji asked.

« We haven’t come up with an identification yet, and the severe burns from the explosion has made it difficult to do so, » Harold replied. « So we’ve resulted to focusing in on his dental, that might be the easiest way to get a match to who they were. »

« Let’s hope that leads to something. » Rick said.

« So can you tell us what his last hours were like, » Heiji asked. « Particularly in the hours right before his death? »

« As a matter a fact I can, » Harold replied. « I was able to detect certain components within the body that were unusual? »

« Some kind of drug? » Conan asked.

« Clever guess my boy, that would be it, » Harold confirmed. « An over dose of atropine to be exact. »

« That’s unexpected. »

« I also checked the physical condition of his structure. »

« And? »

« From what I was able to find, I’d say Mr. Green endured several hours of physical torcher leading up to his death. »

« And looking at the situation, we can also assume mental tactics were applied, » Conan said. « Atropine can act as a hallucinogen if over exposed to the body. »

« A very clever deduction my lad, » Harold commented. « You’re very acute minded for someone your age if I must say. »

« Thanks. » Conan smilingly said in response.

« I think it’s safe to assume this is more than just your every day homicide, » Heiji said. « Since he was kept alive for a period, someone must have wanted something from him. »

« That seems to be a rationale conclusion, » Rick said. « Now to figure out the why. »

« That wraps up the condition of Mr. Green, » Harold said sliding the sheet back into place. « Now why don’t we have a look at our second subject? »

They followed him to the next table located on the right, stopping after reaching it. He did as he had done with the last, removing the blanket from atop the body for all to see. The appearance of the figure was just as unrecognizable as the other.

« And this here my friends is our mystery man. » Harold said.

« You claimed he died days before the explosion, have you been able to diagnose the cause? » Heiji asked.

« One clean blow to the chest, » Harold replied. « Mini wood chips were found within the deep opening of his chest, indicating a wooden object of some kind was used in the assault. »

Hearing this he looked down to the chest area, noticing the large open area.

« I get that much, » Rick said. « But what was his body doing in Salomon’s home? »

« I’m afraid that’s something you’ll have to uncover for yourself detective, » Harold replied. « I have no answer for you at this moment. »

He slowly walked around the table, carefully examining every detail that came to sight, Looking any distinguishing details not yet accounted for. He kept in mind the alteration in evidence in the wake of the explosion. It was about half way that he finally stopped, noticing something scattered about upon the lower part of his arm.

« Is that… is that what I think it is? »

He took the next seconds to access the situation further, coming to find the alarming details on parts of the back as well.

« Mr. Jones, I found something really interesting. » Conan called out.

« Is that so. » Harold said making his way to his position.

The others followed, stepping around the lab table to join him on the right side.

« What is it that has been brought to your attention? » Harold asked.

« There, » Conan pointed. « On his arm. »

« I don’t see anything. » Rick said after taking a quick look.

« Well let’s see here. » Harold said leaning in for a closer look.

It took seconds for his eyes to adjust to what was in front of him, everything falling clear within the moment.

« What is it, » Rick asked. « Have you found something? »

« We indeed have. »

He reached into the side pocket of his jacket, pulling out a set of tweezers before reaching forward to grab hold of what was embedded within the arm.

« Well, well, what a speakable finding my boy, » Harold commented. « You sure have an eye for detail little detective. »

« Don’t keep us in suspense, » Rick stated. « What have you found? »

« More wood chips, except smaller than the last, » Harold replied bringing the tweezers close to his eyes.. « No doubt about it. »

« Just as expected, » Conan thought. « That’s one more step, but there has to be something else… something that points to where it all happened. »

« That’s two places now where wood was found, » Rick said. « He must have been trying to defend himself from the attacker, thus resulting in the wood bits on his back and arms as well. »

« We can’t be too sure, » Conan said from below. « It needs to be tested. »

« Tested, tested for what? »

« He’s right, » Heiji said. « We have to clarify the wood bits found on the arm match the ones found in the fatal wound. »

« Ok, but what for, » Rick questioned. « Are you thinking there was more than one attacker, both using separate weapons? »

« It’s a possibility. »

« Or it could point to something even more disturbing. » Conan said.

« I’ll test it right away, » Harold said standing to his feet. « Sit tight, this shouldn’t take too long. »

He watched as he made his way across the room for the first seconds, finding his eyes drifting elsewhere. His eyes fell to him, having a feeling inside he rarely ever got.

« I don’t know if it’s intention or luck, but this kid is off the charts for a child his age, » Rick thought. « He’s good.. maybe a little too good. »

He stood there in wait, glimpsing up at his comrade who looked back in return. His confidence only grew, knowing they were reeling in the truth behind the two murders.

« I can see it in his eyes, Hattori has caught on as well, » Conan thought. « It’s a long shot, but this might be our most prized deduction thus far in this case. »

To Be Continued
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