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I didn’t understand, despite cutting off the blood flow and injecting her with just about every anti-virus that I had with me, it was still spreading. Worse it was spreading rapidly. Already it had gone past her elbow. If I only had some more time.

“Chopper.” I looked up at my patient’s face. She seemed to understand better than I did. “Remove it.”

“What.” I began shaking, amputation was always a last ditch, there was no coming back. She just looked at me very honestly.

“Cut it off before it kills me. I don’t believe Orihime can recover me from that.” I steadied myself. She had a strong point, Orihime could probably recover the arm, even if it was cut off.

“Alright, but I’ll need to use your sword, my saw was lost when we fell in here.” She nodded as I tightened a new bandage as high up her arm as I could.

“I’ll do it, just step aside.” I did, and in a blink she cut away, just below the bandage. Thankfully it held, and blood only oozed slowly out of the fresh opening. I moved to treat the new wound as quickly as possible. With my task done I moved toward gather the severed arm. “Leave it.”

I looked in time to see her cast one of her spells, setting the decaying arm on fire. “I’m not going to risk it.” I could see the strain of the blood loss playing across her face and shifted to my full deer form.

“I’ll carry you, but we better get moving. Sanji!” I called down one of the halls and waited a moment before hearing a disinterested yes come echoing back. “We need a way out!”

“This way’s clear.” Miroku said, sealing back up his tunnel.

“Good, we need to find Orihime, quickly.”

We eventually ran into another group of seven; Goten, Ryoga, Mousse, Sakura, Hancock, Amy and Rin. Sanji immediately began drooling.

“Thank goodness you guys are alright.” I said, panting a little from running around with Soifun on my back.

“Same to you guys, do you have any clue where we are?” Amy asked. I sighed.

“Not one, all I remember was I was starting to put my supplies away when the ground caved in.”

“Well darn. I guess we better keep moving and hope we find the others right?”

“That seems to be our best chance.” I said, as we picked out a path neither of us had taken yet.

“Watch out!” I said, ducking a jet of fire and pressing onwards. Much like the last few tunnels there were traps everywhere. Luffy just snickered as he moved, twisting and stretching out of the way with a childish ease. As we went I spotted a small crevice appear along the floor of the tunnel; it wasn’t posing an immediate threat, but I kept an eye on it.

However as a set of saws came down I had to change focus to move out of the way in time; by the time I looked back the crevice was a chasm and Luffy was almost out of sight on the other side. I stopped, considering my situation, but Luffy just kept going even as walls came down closing the chasm from sight. At least I didn’t have to hear him yelling anymore.

I decided Luffy could handle himself and chose to move on along the path laid out for me. Unfortunately as I went the floor gave way and I found myself sliding down I came to a skidding stop in a circular room.

As my eyes adapted to the new light I saw something moving on the far side. As I approached I saw a small circle, about large enough for a person, embedded in the wall. Kunai flew past, and the scene changed. I realized I was watching something, like a television. The kunai were followed, bouncing lightly off a wall a few seconds before a large creature rounded the corner. It looked humanoid at first, but starting at its waist was a horse’s body. The screen changed again, I could see Sakura and Naruto ducking behind a wall as arrows flew past. Another of the creatures was visible approaching them.

“Worried?” I turned towards a cold voice as a slow clang of metal filled the room. The light was dimmer than it had been and I squinted to see a human frame; a slight shine showing where the light struck metal plating.

“What are you?” I said, putting some distance between us and drawing a kunai. It silently drew a surprisingly short katana from its side.

“I am Adri, 400th General in Master Avarus’ army. Tasked to kill the invaders.” He leveled the blade towards my face. “Now, if you would, please give me your name.”

“Akimichi Choji of Konoha’s Akimichi clan.” I readied my chakra as I spoke, preparing myself for anything. It chuckled a little.

“Very well Akimichi. You will be remembered honorably.” I blinked and his blade was almost in my eye, I shifted my head away but felt cold steel go across the bridge of my nose, warm blood began dribbling down my face. I stepped away, seeing the blade slowly retract back to its original size. A second later and the General wasn’t in sight anymore. Instinctively I ducked, feeling wind pass just over my head. I turned to see his shadow behind me and swept my leg out forcing it to grow larger as it went.

I felt my foot reach the end of its arc, nothing. I turned again and saw it charging me from across the room. I barely stopped its blade with my kunai, but it pushed in; pressing its blade into mine, trying to either break the kunai or break me. I braced myself, and began bulking my body up as much as I could in the confined space I had; still I couldn’t push back and continued to loose ground.

As my feet sank into the earth I felt my blade begin to fail and decided to try and move out of the way of the blow; even so his blade cut into my shoulder, as if the plating was never there at all.

However I was now at the advantage, I grabbed its arm; the blade still wedged into my right shoulder. It began pulling free despite my grip and desperate I activated my Karori Kontororu, transitioning all of my excess fat into pure chakra.

All at once the arena lit up, my chakra flaring into wings behind me. I glared at my assailant, pulling his arm and blade away from my shoulder, before crushing the arm into dust. However the rest of the General was no longer in front of me, it sped to the side, grabbing the blade in it’s other hand and extending the blade until it cut into the ceiling. He struck rapidly, forcing me to move from one side to the other. He wasn’t letting me get close and my chakra was burning by the second.

Finally I tried to get some distance and toss some kunai to distract him, and while the kunai flew so did a few of my fingers. I bit back the pain and charged in after the kunai, hoping to capitalize on the distraction I just so painfully bought. Indeed I managed to close the gap between us, but not fast enough as I felt cold steel running through my center.

“A good fight Akimichi. Be remembered with honor.” I struggled against oncoming darkness, gripping a kunai in my good hand I slammed it down on it’s head, smashing the helmet into pieces.

Its remains fell to the ground and began crumpling as a thick smoke spewed forth from the remains.  The room was dimming as my chakra diminished, more and more of it being required to maintain consciousness. I touched the blade, still in my chest, and decided not to move it or risk bleeding out; instead I crawled towards the circle. I could see my companions fighting. I needed to get to them, somehow. I pressed into the circle and fell.
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