Original Stories Fan Fiction ❯ Act 47: Disaster ( Chapter 47 )

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Capricious Infection

By: Revamp/Melissa

Act 47: Disaster


Hepesta lay on the ground, unmoving as Lannad ran up to her and
called her name out. The blue-haired girl was worried about her,
since she had been hit directly by the blast. Anything could have
happened to her, and Lannad could only worry that she hadn’t been
critically hurt or worse.

Dropping to her knees, she grabbed the cat girl by the shoulder and
brought her up to her body. Hepesta’s form still felt warm in her
arms, which was a good sign that she wasn’t dead. Lannad’s worried
visage didn’t waver as she examined the one in her arms and
repeated her name several more times.

“Purrfectly fine,” Hepesta said after cracked one eye
open and gave her friend a weak smile. “The magic was

In fact, it barely scratched her. The only injuries she sustained
were from the kick up of debris and the force in which she was
propelled forward. It merely caught her off guard.

“I can always make it fatal.” A familiar voice could be
heard as the two female’s attention was directed towards the

“Ayumi!” Lannad drew back in a mixture of horror and
shock as she connection with who the voice belonged to.

“She’s one of them,” Tony’s voice was dire. The
expression on his face hardened at the girl he once had known.

“What do you want here?” Hepesta stood her ground,
fists clenched as she stared down the black-haired school girl.

A smirk crossed Ayumi’s face. What a stupid question in all
honesty. “Are you shocked at the Dark Maiden’s

“Dark Maiden?” Lannad didn’t know what the hell Ayumi
was even talking about. What did she mean by that?

“What the actual hell are you talking about?” Tony was
just as confused.

“I’ll crush those who defy the name of our mother goddess.
Those in affiliation with the Time Lord must be executed.”
Her words were serious and held delusion to them. It was as if she
had been brainwashed in some way, so completely loyal to whoever
this Dark Maiden was.

“What you’re doing is wrong. We’re not the bad guys
here,” Lannad so desperately wanted to get through to her old
friend. She wanted Ayumi to see the errors of her ways.

“Your mother goddess is the one tripping the axis. She’s
throwing off the balance of this planet and its people,”
Hepesta argued her fealty for the opposition.

However, Ayumi wasn’t going to have any of that. The girl merely
stared at them with a dead expression and drew her bow, arrow
pointed directly at Lannad’s chest. “You must die.”

“I don’t think so,” Hepesta’s words were defiant as she
took off running. The cat-like alien darted straight towards the
arrow as Ayumi let it fly towards her.

“Sanctuary!” Lannad cast her spell by pointing her
wand. She created a transparent yellow force field around her new
found friend that deflected the arrow. It hit the field with a
thunk and spiraled backwards, landing on the hard earth.

Hepesta stopped upon realizing that the girl had saved her. She
thanked Lannad for her assistance.

“Let me do this. We used to be best friends.” Nostalgia
hung in her words, along with a sense of regret. Lannad never
wanted things to end like this, but she figured that if it would
then she would be the one to do it. The least that she could do is
take her out of her misery. Ayumi deserved to have a better death
than this. This hollow existence as a pawn was no way for anyone to
live in the afterlife.

She would set her free.

Ayumi pulled back another arrow on her bow. The tip of the arrow
began to crackle and pop as a dark aura of energy manifested around
it, growing in size. She called out the words `piercing darkness’
as the arrow slowly became consumed with energy.

Lannad held up her Diorus Staff as a wave of distortion jutted out
from the tip of it. She summoned her attack by shouting the word
`degeneration’ as the wave hit Ayumi’s arrow and knocked off its
dark aura. The weapon hit the ground, landing flat. It was as if it
was no more than a normal arrow.

“Please Ayumi, reconsider what you’re doing,” Lannad
all but begged her old school friend. She didn’t want to have to
kill her. Somehow, she hoped that the girl would regain her
conscious thought, even though she knew how impossible of a notion
it was.

“Our mother goddess will rise again and from the rubble she
will right all wrongs laid to this world by the Time Lord. From the
wreckage, a paradise will rise for all of the living beings in this
world. However, those who go against her might world will fall
subject to harsh punishment.” It was as if the black-haired
girl were some kind of apocalyptic preacher and her words would be
beneficial to mankind the way she spoke of her supposed deity.

“Don’t you see what she’s doing? She has you believing some
crap. Do you really think she’ll do that? Do you honestly think
she’ll give you a paradise? You’re her pawn. She’ll kill you when
she’s done,” Tony tried desperately to reason with her. He
knew it was nearly impossible, but if he could only break through
he knew he could make her at least realize that her twisted views
aren’t as grandeur as she believed them to be.

“Blasphemy! She gave me life!” Ayumi was offended and
angry that they would dare to argue against the will of her
goddess. She drew back another arrow, firing it at him.

Tony flinched as the weapon sped through the air, ready to strike
him. He screwed his eyes shut before he heard a tinking noise. No
contact was ever made. Slowly opening his eyes, the male set sights
on the one who had saved him – Pregmacia.

She had deflected it with the blade of her axe. “You look
like you needed a hand,” the pink-haired Dius glanced behind
her with a smile.

“It’s time to up the ante,” Ayumi took four arrows from
her back and drew them on her bow. “Go my deviants! Thrash
those who oppose the goddess!” Upon firing them, the arrows
sailed through the air, steeped with black energy that morphed into
black birds that resembled the phoenix in appearance.

“Energy Splitter!” Pregmacia called out her attack as
she used her powerful legs to launch her body into the air. She
swung her axe down, the blade dug into the miasma of darkness and
sliced through the arrow. Just as the weapon broke, the spell
dispersed and the dark waves of energy dissipated into the air.

Tony swung his axe with all of his might and called out for his
Wave of doom spell to be activated. Waves of black energy were
emitted from the weapon and bombarded Pregmacia and Ayumi,
distorting their images.

“You’ve improved,” Pregmacia took note that his
training had paid off as she turned to face him.

The proud axe wielder struck a pose, holding his weapon out like a
gallant, victorious hero. To get a compliment from someone like her
was truly an honor. He felt his confidence go up in a striking
amount. “I’m awesome!”

However, that was short-lived as a sword whizzed by his head,
dangerously close to ending his life. Tony let out a loud scream as
it stuck into the ground a short distance behind him.

“Hold it right there!” Mae pointed dramatically at him
with a look of stern irritation on her visage. “Don’t think
you’re getting away with that easily.”

“Even if we defeat them, they’ll come back.” Lannad
knew that fighting them was pointless considering who they were.
With the way that the world was now, they had immunity. It was
their saving grace.

“We can’t just let them defeat us. We can’t do anything about
it until we break her loop,” Pregmacia knew that was their
objective. The only reason they had even decided to combat those
two was because they antagonized the situation.

“Well, I’ll do my best to fight,” Hepesta knew what she
had to do. Even if they fought and couldn’t kill them, maybe they
could deter them for a while.

Mae placed her hand on her hip and smirked at all of her
opposition. Did they think they had a chance? It was really amusing
at how much faith they had in themselves. “You’re so funny,
with your little kitty claws. Do you honestly think you can beat
us? Don’t you get it? We’re eternal. We literally can’t

They were unbeatable. They were indestructible. They were aware of
that more than anyone. Mae and Ayumi were literally the perfect
soldiers. No matter who came across them, they would always come
out victorious.

“That means that we can’t either,” Pregmacia pointed
out the flaw of their ideals.

“Huh?” Lannad’s eyes widened a bit before she cast a
questioning glance at the pink-haired Dius.

“That loop applies to all souls lost since its creation.
There is only one way to keep a soul from returning,” the
pink-haired Dius was well-aware of what to do in situations like
this if they wanted to truly defeat Mae and Ayumi.

“If it has no body to return to, then it cannot live out it’s
eternity as a reborn life form,” she told her two friends of
her knowledge. It would be easier said than done but it was a
solution to their problems, and a way that they could finally put
their friends to rest.

Fear shot through Tony’s form. While this was a good solution for
what they were trying to achieve, he knew that the same tactic
could be used for them as well. His blood ran cold as he thought of
dreaded scenarios. “Oh god. If we die they’ll like, dunk us
in acid so we can’t come back.”

“It would e a fight over the body,” Pregmacia knew what
it would come down to.

“I don’t have time to die again. When our mistress takes over
this world, she’ll make a new paradise out of this and create a new
world where we’ll be given chance at a new life.” It was
something that Mae wanted, something that she couldn’t wait to have
in her own reality. This was one of the many reasons she fought
with such passion. Her mistress had worked so hard to give her
another chance, and she wasn’t going to let it slip through her

“So, that’s it?” Pregmacia finally saw what they were
trying to achieve. Did they really think this would be their
ultimate vision? How shallow they were to believe such things.

“Do you think she’ll actually keep you alive?” Hepesta
was very skeptical of what all those two girls had been offered.
How did they know that their goddess wasn’t just going to return
them to the earth when their tasks were done?

“All we have to do is defeat you and send you all to hell.
Then, I’ll be on my way to a new life,” Mae was certain that
she would finally get a chance to experience all that she

“I can’t let you do that,” Lannad wasn’t going to stand
by and allow that to happen. “Your existence is a cruel one
and these poor people need to rest in peace.” She couldn’t
stand it. She hated so much that they were being used like that.
This wasn’t her friends from high school. Lannad didn’t know who
these people were, but they were suffering and she felt compelled
to set them free, to rid them of being used. Lannad merely wanted
them to be put at peace with themselves.

“So, you’d rather wipe out your kind than allow them to
flourish?” Mae couldn’t understand what kind of backwards
nonsense that was. Clearly someone with that kind of ambition was
unsettling to think about. Mae wouldn’t dare let her dreams come

“You betrayed your race. You are past the point of
forgiveness,” Ayumi would never forgive her for her heinous
actions. In her eyes, there was no reason for wanting to stand by
such a morally corrupt ideal.

“It’s not your motives that hold the true distortion, it’s
your souls,” Pregmacia frowned. It was sad that these two had
come to this. Such unfortunate souls that were caught up in
circumstances that was beyond their control.

It was tragic.

“So says one who works for the messiah!” Ayumi drew her
bow once again and fired an arrow at her.

The weapon sped towards its victim, but before it could reach its
destination was cut short by a sickle that spiraled through the air
at light speed and crashed into the arrow. The weapons bounced off
of each other with resisting force. The arrow crashed to the floor
and the sickle continued to travel a short distance before it was
caught by a small hand.

Karkatta’s body flipped through the air and landed before them. A
stern expression crossed her face as piercing eyes glared a hole
into her enemies.

“Give it up. It doesn’t matter how concrete you think your
plans are, they aren’t going to work. Even if you stand still, time
still passes on,” Karkatta tried to talk some sense into
them, although she knew that her words more than likely fell upon
deaf ears.

“In the end, time will be forced to cooperate with us,”
Mae knew it was all a matter of time.

“Like hell,” Karkatta wasn’t going to let that

Mae’s expression hardened with anger as she dug her heel into the
earth and launched herself towards the female Dius. Karkatta
retaliated by blocking her sword with her sickle.

“Let’s see what you’ve got!” Mae pressed her enemy to
fight her.

“I’ll put you back in the ground,” Karkatta wasn’t
going to return her where she came from where she couldn’t foil
their plans.

“You’ll have to do better than that,” Mae smirked and
swung her weapon. Her enemy swung her sickle around and hooked her
weapon around it.

“I never said in how many pieces,” Karkatta retorted as
she shoved the sword away with the force of her own sickle. She
attempted to cut Mae’s head off but she barely missed her as the
girl stepped back. Ayumi launched another arrow at her, but she
Tony ran up and swung his axe, releasing an attack called
Armageddon Strike, which created a wave of energy from the blade
that was sent out and blasted it back.

Ayumi took multiple arrows and pulled them back on her bow. Magic
sparkled and gathered around their tips as flames ignited them.
Launching them into the air, they gathered momentum and flame
before they multiplied and rained down on the earth below, looking
like falling comets of fire.

“Firestorm!” The black-haired school girl called out as
her attack pelted her enemies from above.

“Crap!” Tony cursed as he held out his battle axe and
spun it in a circle. He created a whirlwind that swept up the fire
around him and morphed it into a wall. He swung his blade down and
cut through it calling out the words `Rolling Flames’ before the
fire transformed into a streaming flow and rolled in waves towards
the bow master.

Mae pointed her sword at Karkatta, “damn.” The blonde’s
line of sight traveled to the fire and that small distraction
caused Karkatta to knock her sword out of her hand.

“Pay attention to your fight, bitch corpse,” Karkatta’s
words cut through the blonde as she swung her weapon again.

Mae hopped back and evaded her move before a blast of energy
knocked the Dius off of her feet and sent her reeling

Ayumi watched the wave-like structures of flames rolling at her.
They were huge, taller than any waves she’s even seen in the ocean.
Orange light glowed around her as her dead eyes still concentrated
on them. The girl was petrified. This wasn’t how she wanted to end
her life. It was never her intention to fail her great goddess.

Just then, a shadow covered her line of vision. It appeared to be a
male who was tall and lean with remarkably good looks. He was
something that seemed like a perfect prince from a fairy tale
movie. The male was sharply dressed with short, blue hair. He
opened his hand to reveal a pristine gem that glimmered in the wake
of the flames.

Glowing brilliantly, the gem emitted a large wave of foggy energy
that expanded in a circle and engulfed the two of them. It served
as a barrier to reflect the flames. The fire swept around them in
angry patterns, the flames tried desperately to bite at the barrier
and pierce it but to no avail.

“Who is that asshole?” Karkatta questioned from her
position, sitting on the ground with the tip of one of her sickles
dug into the ground.

“Ringo,” Lannad’s voice was nearly breathless as her
light blue eyes widened.


Not him, too.

This was bad.

“Another human furrend?” Hepesta cocked her head. It
seemed like her ally knew this man. She couldn’t help but wonder
what the story was behind them.

“We don’t have time for this. Our presence is
required,” Ringo turned to the two girls with a stern

“We’ll settle our scores later.” Whatever it was, Ayumi
could tell that it was something that required her immediate

“Damned spineless piece of shit cowards,” Karkatta’s
words poured from her mouth like poison as the gem emitted a
blinding light that consumed the entire area.

“Argh! What the fuck!?” The Dius covered her eyes as
she was bathed in luminescent white. She shielded her eyes to
protect them from the garish light and by the time it faded, the
three of them had disappeared from sight.

“They’re gone,” Hepesta stated the obvious and glanced
around to make sure that her comrades were alright.

“Damn it! What do we do now?” Tony was frustrated. They
almost had them, only to have them run away.

“Maybe we should regroup and go back to Oz,” Hepesta
had a feeling that he might know what to do. If anyone knew what to
do about the current issues, or even of a direction to shove
everyone in, Oz was the man with the plan.

“This is worse than I thought,” Pregmacia’s expression
turned steely. “I wonder how many of them have come

The fact that the number had been greater than she imagined worried
her. Did this mean that everyone who had died was alive? If so,
then the armies of her opponent could be even vaster than she knew.
The very thought of armies of that magnitude with the element of
immortality behind them was more than frightening. It could mean
the difference between the destruction of their planet and a
victory on their side.

“Maybe it’s not as many as we think,” Karkatta tried to
be positive. “I mean, the Death Factory got rid of a lot of
them. Their bodies were destroyed so they can’t come back. We
really should thank Ares for that. His creepy as fuck manufacturing
methods partially spared our asses.” Even if she didn’t care
for him, it was one good thing that he did. In fact, he should come
and take care of some of those eternal zombies running around. It
would be much appreciated.

“So, now we have to just get rid of the bodies after we kill
people? Man, this sucks. We can’t just keep chopping away at
them,” Tony sighed. He wasn’t a mortician, or someone whose
job was to destroy evidence of a crime scene. Why should he have to
obliterate someone’s hull every time he made a kill?

There wouldn’t always be an event in which he could just get rid of
bodies. What if he had to hurry and get away from a hoard of
zombies? What if he didn’t have time to get rid of their bodies? If
that was the case, he would either be making more immortal zombies
or not ridding the world of the ones that already existed. That
seemed counterproductive.

“If we want to make purrfectly sure then yes,” Hepesta
closed her eyes. “It’s our only method right now. I think
everyone else should know as well. “

The more people who knew about the disposal of the bodies, the more
people they could put to rest and the less immortal bodies that
could be made.

The pink-haired Dius placed a hand to her forehead in exasperation,
“this is beyond problematic.”


Rezzi sat down on a fallen log that resided close by. Her Dimension
Shatterer was rested against it with the pointed end dug into the
ground. The blind girl exhaled slowly, finally able to get a moment
of peace or at least she thought.

Just then, her cell phone went off.

She flipped it open to acknowledge that she received a text from a
certain secret admirer of hers. Rezzi answered him.


It’s me. I have a favor to ask you.


Take the Dimension Shatterer and walk 107 paces to the

It was an odd request, but the blind girl arose from her position
and grabbed her weapon, following his orders. The grass crunched
beneath her shoes as she counted out her steps.

What am I doing this for?

You’ll see. Just do it and don’t be a whining ass about it.

Rezzi continued her path as she counted out the final step
and came to a stop. She then addressed the other, informing him
that she had followed his orders and she awaited his text

Now what?

Pivot to the south. I want you to use the Dimension Shatterer on
that space of open air. Execute your fullest attack. I’m well aware
that you’ve never used it before, but trust me. I’ll be giving you
what you wanted.

What I wanted?

Just use the damned thing!

Hold on. I have to put my phone down.

Rezzi didn’t know what was going on, nor did she know what
capriciouscarnage meant by `going to get what she wanted’. What on
earth had she wanted that she was going to get?

Pale eyes behind dark shades focused on her weapon in her hand. The
girl shoved the phone in the waist band of her skirt. She drew her
weapon back behind her head with all of her might and called out
the words `Dimension Shatter’. With a sharp inhale, the girl put
all her weight into slamming it down.

The tip of her weapon stopped abruptly as it hit the dead space. It
was as if there was an invisible snag in time and space that opened
when she struck it.

Golden light poured from it as it shattered and cracked. Snapping
sounds were heard as the pieces began to fall away from her
reality, as if it was made of glass and what lay beyond it was some
sort of parallel universe that they never knew about.

The pieces of what seemed like glass burst apart and fell to the
ground in a clatter. Some of the stabbing deep into the earth as
the background came into view.

He head tilted up as her sights were directed towards what looked
like the man roofs of houses. It was an odd perspective, as if she
was hanging in the sky as she peered down upon a sleepy-looking
cluster of houses with blood red grass in their yards.

“Where am I? Is this some sort of alternate paradox?”
Rezzi asked herself as she glanced around her. It was as if at any
point she expected to fall, but hung, suspended.

Before she could think any more on the subject, another figure
walked into view. He wore a sea foam green suit and had snow white
skin and messy hair with oddly-shaped black horns that curled. He
had piercing eyes and a vexed expression on his face.

She clutched her weapon to her chest defensively and squinted as
she tried to use what was left of her sight to make out the figure.
“Who’s there?”

“You dipshit,” the figure growled in a familiar tone,
“I’m capriciouscarnage, The Balancer, Unwine

The girl lowered her weapon as her visage lightened. “Could
you come closer?” Her voice was less defensive, more friendly
and soft.

Unwine walked up to her, the sound of his black dress shoes
clacking on an unseen plain. He got close to her, incredibly close.
The Dius was so close that his smell permeated her sense, and their
noses nearly touched.

Sea foam green eyes pierced her hazy vision as bony hands with long
claws reached up and removed her glasses. For a moment, Rezzi was
shocked. She couldn’t believe that the friend she’d known for so
long was standing before her.

“I can see you,” it was even more so amazing that her
sight was nearly perfect. She could see Unwine in all of his glory
and make out all of the details of his being. From the dark circles
under his eyes to his chiseled features and pointed chin, the Dius
was stunning.

Unwine smirked and closed his eyes. “You’re fucking short
compared to me.”

Their height difference wasn’t too bad, as the top of her head came
up to his collar bone, but it was apparent enough to remark on.

“Is this real?” Rezzi didn’t even comprehend the
moment, much less the fact that she could both hear and see

“No, you’re tripping on your human drugs.” Honestly,
she was ruining the good moment he was trying to make. Damn
it! Why did he expect her to roll with it?

“No offense, but this place gives that feeling,” Rezzi
had to admit, it was an unsettling environment for the two of them
to meet in.

So fucking sorry I spent all of this time making this
place and you tell me its bullshit,” Unwine complained with
his trademark scowl before looking as if he came to an epiphany.
“Oh, and now that you’re here and I can see you,” he
held up both hands, flipping the girl off with a sly grin.
“Yes, gaze upon the glory of the double middle finger. You
can bask in the feeling of me being a bastard, because it is what I

Rezzi didn’t quite have the reaction that he wanted, as tears
flowed down her pale cheeks. This caused Unwine to cease his
actions and give her a confused, yet still irritated glance.

“Don’t tell me I hurt your precious feelings. How
disgu-“ He didn’t have time to finish that sentence before
she wrapped her arms around him tightly. Rezzi buried her head into
his chest in a tight embrace.

“Thank you…so much…” Her tears never
stopped as she continued to bury her head into his chest. The
action was comforting, and the smell of clothing and woodlands
permeated her senses. For some reason, his smell was pleasant to

“Oh god. Stop it. You’re getting me wet with your disgusting
human tears,” Unwine frowned and put on his tough
façade, but made no efforts to shove the girl away.

Rezzi looked up at him with tear-stricken eyes, “I’m sorry.
I’ve just known you all of my life and I’m overwhelmed. I’ve wanted
so long to meet you. I was so scared that I’d be blind before I
even got the chance.” It was her biggest fear, something she
almost came to terms with. She was so happy in this moment, happy
just to see him, happy to know what he looked like.

“Rezzi…” Unwine’s voice was low as he gently
hugged her.

She returned the gesture. “I’m so sorry that I didn’t see
anything before. You’re right. I’m a stupid bitch.”

“For that you were,” he wasn’t going to argue with

“I’m so sorry,” Rezzi continued to apologize as she
held him close and listened to his internal organs. She assumed the
Dius had something akin to a heart. Her sensitive ears picked up on
something that she thought was a beat but she wasn’t sure.

“Heh, you’re right,” Unwine gently ran a hand through
her hair. “If you think it hurt my feelings, then you can
just…fuck off.”

“Oh,” Rezzi pulled back a little and tilted her head
down. Before she could say anything, long, white fingers wrapped
around her chin and tilted her head up. Pale eyes met with the gaze
of sea foam green ones.

“No,” his voice was harsh, “fuck you, Rezzi. Stop
making this awkward.”

“Sorry, since I’m blind my sense of touch is better than
most,” and because of that, the fact that he was holding her
chin in such a way managed to make it twice as awkward.

“Okay, disturbing,” honestly, did she have to tell him
this in the moment?

“Only if you’re a pervert,” Rezzi smiled a little. She
knew he looked at porn at the very least.

This caused the Dius to blush. “Oh my god. F-fuck you.”
Before he could even let her continue to stare at his color-stained
cheeks, he turned his face away. There was no way in hell he was
going to let her see his embarrassment. He’d rather die.

“You’re so embarrassed. You-“ Rezzi smiled, letting out
a small giggle before she cut herself off. “Never

“No one has dared to say such a thing to me,” Unwine
held his hand over his face, still turned away from her. He wasn’t
turning around.

“To be honest, to never feel the love of another is a
horrible fate. You can die from loneliness,” Rezzi didn’t
want to keep her words in. More than anything, she wanted him to
know that she understood even if she found his situation

“I fucking deserve it,” Unwine’s words turned dark.

“Unwine,” Rezzi protested.

“I’m not saying it to be a prick or self-loathing.”
More than anything, he wanted her to understand that. Besides, he
was hardly that kind of guy. What did she take him for?

“Who do you say that?” She wanted to know. In
actuality, she hoped he’d tell her.

“The reason I’m in this predicament is because I loved
someone so much I tipped the scales for them,” his voice was
solemn and his head tilted down.

These were memories that he didn’t want to relive, but Unwine knew
that he owed Rezzi an explanation of his past. They knew each other
all of this time, and he couldn’t blind her to the truth any

It was finally time for her to know the real capriciouscarnage.

…To Be Continued

Act 46: Rebirth