❯ About Time – About Time ( One-Shot )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

About Time
Warnings: yaoi, sap, lime, ooc
Pairings: Iason X Riki & Raoul X Katze(hints)
Author Note: I’m not very farmiliar with the whole plot of Ai no Kusabi so please forgive all the mistakes I am pretty sure I’ve made. Just a quick little helpless romantic scene between my two favorite Ai no Kusabi couples! ^__^
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Looking around the crowded room Katze inspected the other Blondies as they flitted around Iason and Raoul. Raoul, for some reason everytime Katze thought of the Blondie he felt his heart flutter. As he watched longingly at the said blonde Katze felt a stab of jealousy as a man came up behind Raoul and threw a nonchalant arm around him.

Turning around, Katze sighed quietly as he reminded himself that someone like Raoul would never go for a piece of discarded furniture, like himself. Silently he slipped out of the large room and down the hallway to the guest room he was staying in for the week.

« Goodnight Raoul… » he whispered before entering and shutting the door to his empty room.

Concentrating on what the man, whose arm was currently around his shoulders, said Raoul gave a fake smile then excused himself from the group of Blondies. Smiling inwardly he cheered Iason as he casually ushered Riki to his private quarters. Turning to find his own love Raoul was disappointed to see Katze quickly disappear out the door.

Stalking Katze quietly, Raoul struggled to keep his breathing under control as his pulse quickened in excitement. Tonight he would tell the redhead about his feelings.

Shifting nervously infront of Katze’s door the blonde wondered briefly if he had been reading all the signs he had hoped proved the redhead’s interest in him.

‘What if I am so desperte for Katze that I made myself think that I would actually have a chance with him! I could just take him…but I want to have the kind of relationship Iason and Riki have, not one of a pet and blondie.’

Getting ready to retreat back to his room Raoul heard a muffled sound come from Katze’s dark room. Putting his ear to the door Raoul could barely make out what seemed to be quiet sobbing. Startled by this he quickly shoved the door open and was about to ask what was wrong when he stopped and saw Katze laying asleep on his bed. Tears were flowing down his cheeks to drop onto his already wet pillow.

Walking silently over to the sleeping form Raoul knelt over his love and gently leaned down in hopes of finding out why Katze was crying. What he heard caused him to gasp and take a few steps back.

« Please…Raoul, don’t leave me! Please…love you… » Katze turned restlessly in his sleep when he suddenly heard a gasp. Waking immediately and sitting up he turned to a very red-faced Raoul, who happened to be standing merely inches away.

Thinking quickly Katze got to his feet and before Raoul could say a word he was softly pressing a chaste kiss on his parted lips before pulling away. Feeling giddy, Raoul looked at the man infront of him, whose lovely eyes were cast downward. Tilting Katze’s head up with his hand Raoul closed the gap between them, pressing his forehead to the other’s and taking in the man’s delicious scent.

« I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile now, » Katze admitted.

« Good, because I have been dreaming of you doing that to me for what seems like ages! Why didn’t you tell me? » Raoul gazed questioningly at Katze, tilting his head just so.

« Why should I have told you? I’m a piece of reject furnature and you’re a powerful Blondie! I would have died if I saw the rejection in your eyes if I had admitted it to you. » At this tears slowly dripped down his cheeks.

Wiping them away with his thumb, Raoul brought his hand back to Katze fire-red hair.

« I wouldn’t have rejected you…you know… »

« Yes you would, you’re probably just acting like you care out of pity for me right now. I’m a reject! Who would want me? I can’t even give a Blondie ple– » Katze was cut off as Raoul bent down to deeply kiss him, trying to put all his feelings into the connection.

Stumbling back Katze always tripped as he stared at the blonde with confusion etched on his face. Mistaking Katze’s reaction as rejection, Raoul slowly turned around and began to exit the room.

« Wait! Wh-where are you going? » Reaching toward Raoul Katze pleaded with his eyes.

« I thought…you didn’t want me. »

« N-no! I love you! » Gasping, Katze slapped a hand over his mouth realizing too late what he had said. Hearing this Raoul paused and turned to face him, a large grin on his face.

« You do? »

‘Oh shit, I shouldn’t have said that…now he is probably going to laugh at me or say he was only joking. Raoul probably thinks I’m a slut. Please don’t hate me Raoul! Say something!’ Trying to recover Katze shrugged and tried to make his expression as neutral as possible. It wasn’t working, he was too busy hoping Raoul would not yell at him too much.

« Katze…you haven’t answered me. Do you love me, really? » Stepping closer to Katze, Raoul grinned ferally at him. ‘You’re mine Katze…’

« I do, I didn’t mean to say it-well outloud anyways. Must think I’m a disgusting fag. » More tears began to fall down Katze’s face as he said this.

Cradling Katze, Raoul made cooes hoping to calm his love down. « Shh…I don’t think you’re disgusting, or a fag, at all. If I did I’d be a hypocrite. »

« Wha-? »

Before he could finish Raoul gave him a soul-searing kiss.

« Be mine? »

« Always! I love you Raoul! » Jumping happily into Raoul’s arms, Katze closed his eyes-tears of joy flowing from them for the fourth time that night.

Iason and Riki leaned anxiously against the wall seperating their and Katze’s room. Squeaking in exictement Riki leapt back from the wall and did a little dance around the room.

« Well it’s about damn time…took ’em long enough! »