Gunshots Heard 'Round Chicago
Anime/Manga: Gunsmith Cats Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama | Type: Other | Visits: 526
Latest Revision: 8 août 2003
Summary: Theres a new bounty hunter in Chicago and shes after an escaped bail jumper.. What kind of trouble does this spell for Rally Vincent, Chicago's number 1 BH?? Find out in "Gunshots Heard 'Round Chicago" ....SaiyanBoyTrunks all new fanfiction...

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Genre(s): Fantasy / Psychological | Type: Crossover | Visits: 2068
Latest Revision: 20 janvier 2002
Summary: This story detials the travels of a character of my own design. This may cross over with other anime than listed, but that is unknown right now.