Non-Anime: Animorphs Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance | Type: One Shot | Visits: 359
Latest Revision: 19 juin 2012
Summary: Tobias is fairly certain most people don't have to work this hard for a Halloween disguise. One-shot, Rachel/Tobias.

The Daughter
Non-Anime: Animorphs Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Adventure | Type: Alternate Universe | Visits: 669
Latest Revision: 30 avril 2009
Summary: AU. All Animorphs live! Tobias and Rachel die during a space mission. Their daughter Lauren is left in Ax's care. When the Yeerks want revenge, Lauren (or Loren, might change) and Marco's son, Daren, must work together to beat them.

The Song of the Anti-Hero.
Non-Anime: Animorphs Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Mystery / Romance / Sci-fi | Type: Continuation | Visits: 543
Latest Revision: 29 décembre 2007
Summary: [T.V Series.] This is what I think would happen if David ever appeared in the t.v. show. Along, comes the sassy Phoebe, & the beautiful Kimberly. Probably set in season 2, after "The Front." Ax/OC. Marco/OC. Rachel/Tobias. Jake/Cassie.

Foolish Little Animorph
Non-Anime: Animorphs Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Sci-fi | Type: Other | Visits: 603
Latest Revision: 23 juin 2007
Summary: The Animorphs tried to keep themselves safe. But they were inexperienced, and they overlooked too much. Everything would have been fine had they not written the books. Oh, yes, they tried to keep hidden, they tried to keep safe; But they were found anyway.