Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ A Wish Comes True And The Journey Begins ( Chapter 1 )

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It was just another gloomy day for me in New York City as I lay quietly in my bed, I was just about to close my eyes, when a shooting star shot across the sky, « I guess I should make a wish » I thought to myself. I then closed my eyes tight and said, « I wish I was the brother of Sakura Avalon and was granted the same powers as her when we found the clow book together. » I said with a whisper. And a few seconds later, I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I found myself in a very unfamiliar room, but for some reason, it looked very familiar to me. W-where am I? I said as I sat up in the bed that I was sleeping in. What happened next was a shock to me, the alarm clock that rested in between the beds went off, and an all too familiar girl with short auburn hair and emerald colored eyes sprang up from under the covers. « HOEEEEEE!!! Were going to be late! » Sakura said.

And with that, both me and Sakura got dressed into our school uniforms, and headed downstairs for breakfast. « morning » me and Sakura both said in unison. « Sakura, Zachary, could you too be any louder? » Tori said in a sarcastic tone. « We weren’t that loud » Sakura said to Tori. « You two sounded like small dinosaurs up there » Tori teased. « we were walking normally! » I said.

« Hey, I’m lucky, how many brothers get two dinosaurs for a little brother and sister. » Tori said. « STOP CALLING US DINOSAURS! » Sakura and I said in unison.

After Sakura and I had our breakfast and Tori left, we both strapped on our skates, put on our protective padding, and after I helped Sakura up, we made our way down the street to meet up with Tori and Julian. « Hey Sakura, hey Zachary » Julian said, as Sakura and I caught up with him and Tori. And after a few seconds of Julian, Sakura and I talking to one another. Both Sakura and I said our goodbyes and continued down the street towards the school.

After the school day ended, me and Sakura then headed back to our home. But, when we got home, we began to hear strange noises that seemed to be coming from the basement. « Sakura, did you hear that? » I asked with a frightened tone in my voice. « uh huh » Sakura said also in a very frightened tone of voice. « how about we both check it out together? » I asked while turning to Sakura. « and if it’s a burglar, then we’ll call the police » Sakura said in response.

A few seconds later, me and Sakura were down in the basement, Sakura and I had our batons clenched in our hands, and it wasn’t long until we came upon a row of bookshelves in the back, both of us jumped out hoping to see someone, but there was no one there.

As Sakura and I stayed close to one another looking around, we heard a strange noise, both of us turned around and noticed that one of the books on the shelf was glowing. And then, without hesitating once, both Sakura I reached for the glowing book and pulled it off the shelf.

It was then that both Sakura and I dropped our batons and gazed at the book, the book was red and had what looked like a lion type creature on the front cover, chains were on either side of it, and a sun was in front. « That’s the same book from my dream » Sakura and I said to ourselves. It was then that as if by magic, the catch on the book came undone by itself. Sakura and I jumped back thinking that something scary would jump out and attack us. But, when nothing did, both of us slowly opened the cover of the book. Inside the weird book was a stack of cards, both Sakura and I picked up the top one, the cards name was in English. « The Windy“ we both said in unison.

Then, all of the sudden, the card began to glow bright blue and a tornado surrounded me and Sakura. Both of us closed our eyes, so we ended up missing the glowing circle on the floor that was identical to the one on the back of the cards. The rest of the deck got blown away by the wind. But, the cards didn’t stop at the ceiling, they were carried on to who knows where.

When the wind finally stopped, both Sakura and I dropped the book and sank to the floor. « What is this? » I asked while looking at the card. A moment later both Sakura and I were staring at a tiny, winged, teddy bear who was rising from the glowing book.

« Hey-hey-hoo! » It said, while hovering in midair and smiling, « Well, I’m surprised that you two were able to wake me up! »

« An Osaka accent…? » Sakura and I asked in unison.

Well, this book was in Osaka for so long, I’ve caught the …” The teddy bear yelped and complained as Sakura and I tried to figure out how he worked, including where the batteries went, finally pulling himself free.

« I’m no toy! » It shouted at Sakura and I, « I’m Keroberos, the Beat of the Seal who guards this book! »

« Seal…? Keroberos…? » Sakura and I asked as the bear walked forward to look at both of us.

« Yeah. Looking out for the cards in this book so that they don’t do anything bad is my… » There was a pause while the fact that the cards were gone sank into the bear’s head, and then, « The cards are gone! Why? Why? Where did they go?! »

A little later, Kero was up in our room hovering over the Book of Clow when Sakura and I got back up to our room after tea. We were carrying a desert for the guardian of the cards. « Anything? » Sakura and I asked.

« No good. » He answered, sounding depressed and landing, « I can’t tell where the cards are at all. »

« Here. » I said, putting the cake in front of him with a tea spoon. Sakura then leaned against her desk chair while I sat down next to Kero.

« It looks delicious. » Kero’s face lit up as he gazed at it. Then it sank again, « There were Clow Cards in this book. » Kero said.

« Clow Cards? » Sakura and I asked in unison.

« Clow Cards… when the seal on them is broken, a catastrophe will be fall this world… those cards were special cards made by an amazing sorcerer named Clow Reed. Each card is alive and possesses incredible powers, but they all like acting on their own and normal forces are no match for them. So, Clow himself created this book and placed me, the Beast of the Seal on the book’s front cover. » Kero sighed, « In any case, we have to get those cards back and I can’t sense where they are because of the strong magic in the area, so you two are coming with me. »

« Why us? » Sakura and I asked, « Wouldn’t one of those powerful mages in the area be better? »

« Because you two are the ones that scattered the cards with the WINDY spell, and I don’t know if I could trust anyone with the sort of magic I sense. »

« B-but wasn’t it your job to keep those cards properly sealed away? » I asked.

« Well… » Now Kero was embarrassed, « I accidentally fell asleep. »

« For how long? » Sakura asked.

« About thirty years. » Kero said.

« And you call yourself the Beast of the Seal? » I asked.

« Stuff happens! All right! »

« So those noises were just snores » Sakura and I growled.

« In any case, the fact that you both could open this book means that both of you have some magical powers at least, and that puts you both in first place, above anyone else with magic in the area. So, what are your names anyway? »

« I’m Sakura, and this is my brother Zachary » Sakura said.

« Alright Sakura and Zachary, stand right over there. » Kero said, pointing to the side of our respective beds.

Sakura and I then got up, and stood by our beds, which seemed to vanish as the magic circle from before formed on the floor under both of us. « Keys of the Seal. » Kero intoned. Two small balls of light rose from the keyhole of the book and hovered in front of me and Sakura. « There are two kids wishing for a contract with you. A girl and a boy. There names are Sakura and Zachary. Oh keys. Grant them the power! RELEASE! »


It was then that both of the two light balls expanded, as did the keys, each forming a baton like staff, I caught the blue colored one, while Sakura caught the pink colored one when we were told by Kero to grab them.

« All right! It’s the birth of two CardCaptors! » Kero cheered.

As the circle faded and the room returned to normal, both Sakura and I examined our staffs and turned to Kero, expecting him to say something.

But instead, he was stuffing his face full of pudding.

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