Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster GX Fan Fiction ❯ A Warning to the Legendary Warriors ( Chapter 1 )

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—-One night within Shinbuya—-

During a seemly regular evening with Japan, within a seemly normal looking bedroom was a familiar sixteen year boy with hazel brown eyes and brown colored hair wearing a pair of blue dark red boxers and exposing his nearly perfectly developed muscular chest, arms, and legs, better known as Takuya Kanbara lying in his bed sleeping.

—-Within Takuya’s dream—-

The previous owner of the Spirits of Flame was confused to see he was inside Ophanimon’s castle, was fully dressed in his usual attire and wasn’t the only one there, as by his side was JP, Koji, Koichi, Tommy and Zoe.

ÓHey, what’s going on?Ó Takuya questioned out loud, before he asked his friends. ÒAnyone have an idea?Ó

However, before any of them could reply, a familiar angelic voice told them. ÒI have summoned you all here to warn you of an evil that threatens both our worlds.Ó

Everyone then turned around to see the Celestial Digimon, Ophanimon and their Digimon friends, Bokomon and Neemon, in which Zoe smiled and said happily. ÒIt’s so good to see you all again.Ó

Ophanimon smiled back, before she replied. ÒIt’s good to see all of you too.Ó

ÒYeah, we thought we’d never see you again.Ó Neemon then said cheerfully, before the dimwitted Digimon asked and pointed out. ÒBut are you sure they are the same Legendary Warriors? They look taller then I remember.Ó

ÒYou buffoon!Ó Bokomon replied in an annoyed tone, as he grabbed the band of Neemon’s pants, before he released and caused the pants to snap against the thickheaded Digimon’s skin, causing him to yelp from the pain, before he told Neemon. ÒThey are the same, they’ve just grown up.Ó

‘That’s Neemon and Bokomon for ya.’ Takuya thought to himself as he watched the two Digimon fondly, as they hadn’t changed a bit, but that’s one of the things he found endearing.

Takuya then snapped out of his thoughts and turned his attention back to Ophanimon and asked her. ÒBut Ophanimon, what’s this evil you were talking about?Ó

ÒI fear another form of evil has shown itself, only it is not a Digimon but a man, who plans on using the game of Duel Monsters to enslave our worlds.Ó Ophanimon replied.

ÒBut how can a card game do that?Ó JP questioned, as Duel Monsters had just been released in Shinbuya around a year ago and all the previous Legendary Warriors had gotten into the game.

ÒThis man possesses a power of impure Light that he can use in combination with Duel Monster Cards to turn those who lose to him into and his followers into servants of the Society of Light.Ó Ophanimon replied, causing a heavy silence to fill the room, before the Celestial Digimon continued. ÒAnd he has already infected the minds of many students at Duel Academy with his power.Ó

ÒDuel Academy?Ó Tommy asked, before he told Ophanimon, Bokomon and Neemon. ÒWe’re all heading there in several days.Ó

ÒI know and that’s why you must be careful. For the enemy of impurity will seek you, for one of you is a ‘Chosen Duelist’.Ó Ophanimon replied.

ÒBokomon, what’s a Chosen Duelist?Ó Neemon asked in a confused tone, in which Bokomon told his numbskull of a friend in an annoyed tone. ÒNeemon, you fool! I explained this to you several times!Ó

ÒI forgot.Ó Neemon replied simply.

ÒWell this will help you remember.Ó Bokomon stated, in which he then again grabbed the band of Neemon’s pants, before he released and caused the pants to snap against the his skin, causing Neemon to yelp out again. ÒA chosen Duelist is one of few Duelists with the potential to stop the Light and save our worlds.Ó

ÒOk!Ó Neemon said, before Ophanimon then told the previous Legendary Warriors. ÒBut they cannot do it alone, for the impure Light has great power. So when you arrive at Duel Academy it is important that you find a Duelist named Jaden Yuki.Ó

ÒJaden Yuki?Ó Zoe asked, as the name sounded familiar to her, before she said. ÒI’ve heard that name somewhere before.Ó

ÒJaden Yuki is a student at Duel Academy, but even though he’s in Slifer Red, he’s probably the best Duelist on the entire island.Ó Takuya replied, in which Zoe stated. ÒYeah, I remember him now. I heard he Dueled against some old man who wanted to be young again and used the power of Cards known as the Sacred Beasts to drain the energy of countless Duel Monster Cards, but was defeated by Jaden.Ó

ÒThat’s him all right.Ó Takuya said, before he turned to Ophanimon and asked in a curious tone. ÒAnd I take it he’s a Chosen Duelist too.Ó

Ophanimon nodded her head in response to Takuya’s question, before the Angel Digimon told Takuya and the others. ÒJaden has shown this from his Dueling skills and pure heart, but will need all the help he can in order to stop the evil from taking over both worlds.Ó

It was then a bright red light shot out from Takuya’s right pants pocket, followed by a bright blue light from JP’s, a pure light from Koji’s, a gentle black light from Koichi’s, an icy white light from Tommy’s and a light of bright pink from Zoe’s, in which they all reached into the glowing pocket and were astonished at what they pulled out.

« Our D-Tectors? » Takuya exclaimed in an amazed tone, as the Wielder of the Spirits of Flame never expected to see it again, in which Koichi then asked curiously. ÒBut why are you giving us these?Ó

ÒLike I said, Jaden will need all the help he can in order to stop the evil from taking over both worlds and if the evil ever finds a way to enter the Digital World, your Spirits will be the best way to stop the Light from infecting us and ruining the peace within the Digital World.Ó Ophanimon replied, before the Celestial Digimon shone brightly, in which all six Legendary Warriors had to shield their eyes, before they heard Ophanimon say. ÒGood luck, my friends.Ó

—-Back in the Shinbuya—-

Takuya quickly shot up from the ‘dream’ he had just had and looked outside his bedroom window to see the sun was up.

‘Man, what a weird dream.’ Takuya thought to himself as he rubbed his forehead with his right hand, but stopped as he could feel he was holding something, in which he was stunned to see that in his hand was his D-Tector, which caused him to yell out. ÒNo way! It wasn’t a dream!Ó

Quickly, Takuya looked over to the other side of the room to make sure his outburst didn’t wake up his younger bother, Shinya, but could see his brother’s bed was empty, meaning Shinya was already up.

It was after Takuya got out of his bed and got dressed that he went into the lounge room and was about to call Zoe and see if she went through the same thing he had gone through, but before the Wielder of the Spirits of Flame could so much as pick up the phone, it began to ring, which Takuya immediately answered.

ÒTakuya?Ó Zoe’s voice asked on the other end.

ÒHey, Zoe. I was just about to call you.Ó Takuya replied, before he asked. ÒYou’re calling about last night?Ó

ÒYeah, I thought it was just a dream, but I woke up with my D-Tector.Ó Zoe told Takuya.

ÒMe too.Ó Takuya replied, before he told Zoe in a serious tone. ÒZoe, I want you to call the others and tell them to meet me at my place and bring your Decks.Ó

ÒHow come?Ó Zoe asked in a curiously.

ÒSo we can prepare ourselves against the evil that Ophanimon spoke about.Ó Takuya replied, as the Legendary Warrior of Flame planned to prepare themselves against the impure Light, unaware the very Light was coming for them.

—-In an unknown location, sometime earlier—-

Within a huge room with large marble walls, floors, and ceilings, we find a young adult in his early twenties, with long flowing dark blue hair, grey hair that goes up from the end of his forehead and just above his scalp.

The man had deep violet eyes filled, which were filled with darkness and evil, as a pair of earrings shaped like three small spheres with white animal-like fangs attached to the ends of them adorned his ears, while the man was wearing an adult version of the third-year Obelisk Blue uniform with black pants and black boots, as he was sitting in a white chair in front of a white marble table with a Deck of Tarot Cards.

The man then shuffled the Deck of Tarot Cards and placed them gently on the table, before he then turned over five Cards onto the table and when he revealed them, they were The Fool, The Star, The Emperor, The Strength and The Justice, which intrigues him greatly, before he thought to himself out loud.

The male figure says, with a deep male tone filled with evil, ÒAh, I see! The cards tell me that there are others than Jaden Yuki, which is represented by The Fool, which could be Chosen Duelists, with the power that I need. Jaden has proven to be stronger then I had predicted, but I feel his strength relies on others being by his side and if I can get to the Chosen Duelists first, then nobody will stop my destiny.Ó

It was then he closed his eyes and placed his hand on The Star Card, in which an image of Takuya surrounded by a gentle aura of fire appeared within the man’s mind, which caused him to say. ÒThe Star, one who brings fresh hope and renewal as well as mental and physical broadening of horizons with the promise and fulfillment to others.Ó

As the man still had his eyes closed, he moved his hand onto the next Tarot Card, The Emperor, and said, as an image of a teenager, who had black hair and ‘Z’ shaped marks on each of his cheeks and a small yellow mouse creature with a lightning bolt shaped tail on his right shoulder. ÒThe Emperor, a person representing someone with power and authority, who strategies and plans their moves according to the situation and may urge their followers to take control of a situation and to act according to their will.Ó

It was then the man moved to the next Card, The Strength, and said, as a teenager with spiky maroon coloured hair and a pair of goggles and a small blue coloured dragon with carmine coloured eyes and a ‘V’ shaped mark on his forehead appeared in his mind. ÒThe Strength, someone who uses their courage to overcome great challenges, whether they are of a physical challenge or mental challenge they remain standing strong.Ó

ÒAnd lastly, The Justice.Ó The man said, as he placed his hand on the final Card, and just like before the Chosen Duelist’s image entered his mind, in which it showed another male wearing a pair of goggles around his head, but by his side was a small dragon with red coloured skin, yellow eyes and black markings that covered his head, chest, arms, legs and tail, before he opened his eyes and said out loud. ÒThe Justice, someone with a great sense of right and wrong and uses their power to protect others without any consideration for themselves.Ó

It was then someone began knocking on the door, which the man smiled and thought to himself. ‘Right on cue.’

ÒCome in.Ó The man then called out, in which Chazz Princeton, Alexis Rhodes and Bastion Misawa, students who had fallen under the impure Light’s power and were all dressed in white uniforms, entered the room, as Alexis asked in a curious tone. ÒYou called for us, master Sartorius?Ó

ÒYes. Fate has shown me the location of four Chosen Duelists and I need you to find them.Ó The man identified as Sartorius told the trio, in which Bastion asked. ÒOf course, master Sartorius. Where are they?Ó

ÒOdaiba, Shinjuku, Shinbuya and on an island just off the coast of Japan in an area known as the Kanto region.Ó Sartorius replied, before the leader of the Society of Light told Chazz, Alexis and Bastion. ÒThough I don’t know their names, I know destiny shall lead you to them and you shall then help them see the Light.Ó

ÒOf course, master Sartorius.Ó Chazz, Alexis and Bastion all said in unison, before they left the room to find the Chosen Duelists, in which Sartorius smiled evilly, as a sickly white coloured glow radiated from his body as his plans were coming into fruition.

—-Back in Shinbuya—-

It had been some time since Takuya had called Koji and Koichi and told them to meet him at his place and now, the Wielder of the Spirits of Flame was waiting for his friends to arrive.

It was then he heard someone knock on the door, in which Takuya opened the door and was confused to see a young man dressed in a white coloured Duel Academy uniform, with white dyed hair, which caused the Legendary Warrior to ask curiously. ÒWho are you?Ó

ÒMy name is Bastion Misawa.Ó Bastion replied.

ÒAnd what do you want?Ó Takuya asked, before Bastion told him as he activated his Duel Disc. ÒI want you Duel me and show me if you’re worthy to join the Society of Light, Chosen Duelist.Ó


In another section of Shinbuya was Takuya’s younger brother, Shinya Kanbara, who was making his way to the game shop to buy some new Cards for his Deck, as just like Takuya, he too was going to Duel Academy and wanted to make his Deck as strong as Takuya’s, in which he took out his Deck from his pocket and began to think of which Cards he should remove and which he should buy.

However, Shinya’s thoughts were distracted when he bumped into someone, causing him to fall on his butt and drop his Cards all over the floor, before he look up to see he had bumped into Koichi, which caused Shinya to say solemnly. ÒSorry, Koichi. I should’ve watched where I was going.Ó

ÒThat’s alright. It was an accident.Ó Koichi happily replied, as he held out his right hand and helped Shinya up, before the Wielder of the Spirits of Darkness helped Shinya further as he help pick up his Cards, before he handed them to Shinya.

ÒThank you.Ó Shinya said happily as he smiled at Koichi.

ÒYou’re welcome.Ó Koichi replied as he smiled back, before he told Shinya. ÒYou know, I think I have some Cards that could benefit your Deck.Ó

ÒReally?Ó Shinya questioned in an excited tone, before he asked. ÒCan I please see them?Ó

ÒWell, I don’t have them on me. They’re back at my place and I am supposed to meet your brother at your place.Ó Koichi told Shinya.

ÒPlease.Ó Shinya begged, in which Koichi’s statement had gotten Shinya’s hopes up and so he nodded his head, which made Shinya really happy, before the pair headed back to Koichi’s.

—-Just outside the Kanbara household—-

Takuya and Bastion were in the middle of their Duel, as they both had 1600 Life Points left, and even though Bastion had three Monsters on his side of the Field, it looked as though Takuya was going to win as he had Summoned his most powerful Monster, Infernal Flame Emperor. (2700/1600)

However, Takuya was unable to Attack, because Bastion had activated Amorphous Barrier, in which he said. ÒI’ll end my turn.Ó

ÒThen it’s my move.Ó Bastion stated as he drew the top Card from his Deck and then told Takuya. ÒAnd the last one as fate has given me the Card I need to win.Ó

ÒWhat are you talking about?Ó Takuya questioned in confusion, as Bastion had been going on about fate, destiny and all this other junk the entire Duel, in which Bastion replied. ÒI’ll show you. I activate the Spell Card: Bonding – H20. Now by Sacrificing my two Hydrogeddons and my Oxygeddon I can Summon my Water Dragon!Ó (2800/2600)

ÒThis isn’t good.Ó Takuya commented in a worried tone.

ÒAnd it’s about to get worse!Ó Bastion stated in reply, before a massive torrent of water then arose behind Bastion, before it took form of a dragon, which let out a loud roar as it was Summoned, but it was then Takuya was shocked as a tidal wave shot out from Water Dragon and struck his Infernal Flame Emperor, before Takuya’s Monsters Attack dropped from 3400 to 0.

ÒWhat’s going on?Ó Takuya questioned in a worried tone.

ÒYou see when Water Dragon is on the Field the Attack Points of Fire Attribute and Pyro Type Monsters automatically become zero.Ó Bastion explained, in which Takuya let out a small groan but thought to himself, as he looked at his three Set Cards. ‘My Monster my have lost its Attack but that doesn’t mean I’ve lost. I’ve still got my Trap Cards to bail me out.’

However, it was then bastion told Takuya in a serious tone. ÒSorry Takuya but if you’re planning on using those face-downs to stop destiny then I’m afraid your plan won’t work. For I activate the Spell Card: White Veil!Ó

It was then Takuya watched in awe as Water Dragon’s entire being turned white, while his eyes changed from red to violet, before Bastion the ordered. ÒWater Dragon Destroy Takuya’s Monster with Tidal Blast Attack!Ó

ÒNot so fast. I activate the Trap Card: Buster Trap!Ó Takuya exclaimed, as one of his Traps rose up, however, the Wielder of the Spirits of Flame was stunned to see Water Dragon wasn’t being affected by his Trap, which caused him to question in a perplexed tone. ÒHey, what’s going on? Why is your Monster still on the Field? My Trap should’ve Destroyed it.Ó

ÒSimple, my White Veil Spell protects Water Dragon from all your Spell and Trap Cards and stops them from becoming active.Ó Bastion replied, which shocked Takuya, but not as much as when Water Dragon unleashed a powerful stream of water from his maw, which struck through and Destroyed Infernal Flame Emperor, before knocking Takuya down, causing him to cry out in pain, as a white light encircled his form as the last of his Life Points were depleted, and after the white light faded away, Takuya collapsed to his knees as his head slumped downward.

Ending Scores:

Takuya: 0

Bastion: 1600

ÒTakuya!Ó Bastion heard a male voice call out in concern, in which he turned around to see Koji ran over to his fallen friend and asked in a concerned tone, as he began to help him up. ÒAre you alright?Ó

However, Koji was confused when Takuya pulled his body away from him, got up by himself and then told the Legendary Warrior of Light simply. ÒI am fine, Koji, for I now see the Light.Ó

‘It’s just like Ophanimon warned us about.’ Koji thought to himself, before he turned over towards Bastion and demanded. ÓYou! What have you done to Takuya!?Ó

ÒHe’s done nothing to me, Koji.Ó Takuya told Koji as he got up and removed his hat and goggles, as he felt he no longer needed them, before he looked at Koji, in which the Wielder of the Spirits of Light could see a cold and emotionless glare within Takuya’s eyes, before Takuya activated his Duel Disc and said. ÒBut you’ll see the error of your ways when you join us.Ó

ÒNot a chance.Ó Koji snapped back, as he activated his Duel Disc and prepared for the Duel to save his friend, in which they both called out. ÒLet’s Duel!Ó

—-Back with Shinya—-

ÒThanks for helping me make the finishing touches on my Deck, Koichi.Ó Shinya said happily, as he looked at his completed Deck, which he had spent ages constructing, trading and buying Cards for, until he felt he felt it was ready to be shown tested against Takuya, as the pair headed back to the Kanbara residence.

ÒYou’re welcome, Shinya.Ó Koichi happily replied, as he was glad to see he had made Takuya’s brother happy, before the Legendary Warrior of Darkness took one Card from Shinya’s Deck and questioned. ÒBut I was just wondering why you keep this Card. It doesn’t go with the theme of your Deck.Ó

ÒIt’s because this Card was Takuya’s favourite Card. And he gave it to me, during a Duel, which taught me to use my Cards to their full potential. Whenever I draw this Card or look at it, it fills me with courage and hope and makes me feel like I can overcome over challenge in a Duel.Ó Shinya told Koichi, as he placed the Card back in his Deck, in which Koichi nodded his head as the Wielder of the Spirits of Darkness completely understood.

But it was then the pair were interrupted when they heard a female voice call out their names, in which Koichi and Shinya turned around to see JP, Tommy and Zoe walking up to them, before Zoe asked in a curious tone. ÒWhy aren’t you at Takuya’s?Ó

ÒKoichi was helping me complete my Deck.Ó Shinya replied, before Koichi asked in a curious tone. ÒAnd how come you aren’t with Takuya?Ó

ÒJP slept in.Ó Zoe said simply, which caused JP to scratch the back of his head in embarrassment, before his embarrassment was heightened when Tommy stated. ÒYeah, we spent ages knocking on his front door.Ó

ÒWell, let’s stop remembering the past and think about what’s a head of us.Ó JP stated, before he told his friends. ÒTakuya’s waiting for us.Ó

ÒRight.Ó Everyone replied, as they decided to stop Takuya from waiting, in which they ran to the Kanbara household, and after a few minutes they had all arrived, but were confused as to what was going on.

Takuya and Koji were in the middle of a Duel, in which the Wielder of the Spirits of Flame had activated the Swords of Revealing Light and had Flame Ruler (1500/1600) in Attack Mode, with 1100 Life Points left, while the Wielder of the Spirits of Light had two Cards Set face-down and Kuraz the Light Monarch (2400/1000) on his side of the Field and was winning, with 2150 Life Points.

ÒKoji, what’s going on? Why are you Dueling Takuya?Ó Koichi questioned, before he questioned himself. ‘And who’s the guy dressed in white?’

ÒHe’s one of those students from Duel Academy who have been corrupted by the impure Light Ophanimon warned us about. And he did the same thing to Takuya.Ó Koji replied, which shocked them all, especially Shinya, as he had never seen his brother with such a cold look in his eyes, it was like his emotions had been frozen.

ÒShut it, Koji!Ó Takuya snapped at the Legendary Warrior of Light, before he stated. ÒBastion didn’t do anything to me except showed me my place is with the Society of Light.Ó

ÒNot so long as I can keep Dueling!Ó Koji told Takuya in a determined tone, however, Takuya simply replied. ÒBut you can’t.Ó

ÒWhat?Ó Koji questioned, as Takuya made his move.

ÒFirst, I activate Monster Reborn to revive my Twin-Headed Fire Dragon.Ó (2200/1700)

ÒNext, I activate the special ability of my Flame Ruler, which means he counts as two Sacrifices if I’m Sacrificing for a Fire Attribute Monster and I am.Ó Takuya said, before he announced as he sent Flame Ruler to the Graveyard and placed a new Monster Card on his Duel Disc. ÒI Sacrifice my Flame Ruler to Summon my Infernal Flame Emperor!Ó

ÒThis isn’t good, Infernal Flame Emperor is far stronger than Koji’s Monster and then Takuya’s Twin-Headed Fire Dragon will finish him off.Ó Tommy stated in a worried tone.

ÒNot necessarily.Ó Koichi replied, which got the attention of Tommy, JP, Zoe and Shiny, before the Wielder of the Spirits of Darkness explained. ÒKoji still has two face-down Cards, which will most likely be used to protect Kuraz and his Life Points.Ó

ÒDon’t be too sure. This Duel is mine, cause I activate the Effect of Infernal Flame Emperor.Ó Takuya then announced, in which everyone watched as from Takuya’s Graveyard emerged Blazing Inpachi (1850/0) and Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective (2000/0), which he then removed from the game, in which Koji was shocked to see his Set Cards were then set a blaze, before they were turned to ashes.

ÒWhat’s going on? What happened to my Cards?Ó Koji questioned in a shocked tone.

ÒI told you, I activated the Effect of Infernal Flame Emperor, which allows me to remove up to 5 Fire Monsters in my Graveyard from play to Destroy the same amount of Spells or Traps on the Field, but since you only had two I only need to remove two Monsters.Ó Takuya replied, before he announced and now to finish you off and show you the Light, Flame Emperor incinerate Kuraz the Light Monarch and Twin-Headed Fire Dragon Attack Koji directly!Ó

Doing as commanded, Infernal Flame Emperor shot forward, before he slammed his right fist into Kuraz’s stomach, which caused the Light Warrior Monster to explode in a fiery blaze, before both of Twin-Headed Fire Dragon’s heads each let out a roar, before they each unleashed a fireball directly at Koji, who cried out as his Life Points hit 0, which caused those who weren’t part of the Society of Light to call out to Koji in concern.

Ending Scores:

Takuya: 1100

Koji: 0

It was then Takuya walked over to Koji’s fallen form, before he held his right hand out, in which Koji then took his hand into Takuya’s and was helped up, before he said to the Legendary Warrior of Flame in a cold tone. ÒThank you, Takuya. I’ve seen the Light and know that it was my destiny to join the Society of Light.Ó

However, Takuya and Koji were interrupted when Zoe pleaded to them. ÒTakuya, Koji, just stop and listen to yourselves. This is exactly what Ophanimon wanted us to stop.Ó

ÒStop what? A world of peace and order? All this can be accomplished by master Sartorius if you guys could only see what we now see.Ó Takuya replied in cold tone, before the Legendary Warrior of Flame told his former friends, as he and Koji pulled out their D-Tectors, which were now both coloured white and violet. ÒSo, unless you want us to wipe the floor with our Fusion Evolution forms, I suggest you get out of our way.Ó

Knowing they had the disadvantage against Aldamon and BeoWolfmon, as well as not wanting to accidently injure Shinya or cause any problems, Koichi, JP, Tommy and Zoe had no choice but to stand down, in which Koji commented in a cold tone, as he, Takuya and Bastion began to leave. ÒJust as I thought.Ó

ÓPlease stop it.Ó Zoe pleaded again, only this time tears started to trail down her face at the loss of Koji and the boy she ‘like liked’, however, the Legendary Warrior’s plea fell on deaf ears as the trio left, in which Zoe fell to her knees and screamed out. ÒTakuya!Ó

As Zoe continued to cry, Shinya picked up Takuya’s hat and goggles, before he placed Takuya’s hat and goggles on his head, which was too big for his head, but fit when he readjusted the strap of the goggles, before he placed his hand on Zoe’s left shoulder, which caused the Legendary Warrior of Wind to look up, before Shinya told her in a reassuring tone, as Koichi had told him everything about the impure Light and the Chosen Duelists. ÒDon’t worry, Zoe, we’ll get Takuya back.Ó

Zoe then wiped away her tears and smiled, as she could see and hear the honesty, as well as the very essence of Takuya’s spirit within Shinya, before the new leader of the Legendary Warriors said to Koichi. ÒAnd the same applies to Koji.Ó

Koichi smiled upon hearing Shinya’s confident tone, as did JP and Tommy, in which the Legendary Warrior of Thunder thought to himself in a joking tone. ‘He’s like a mini-Takuya.’

ÒNow let’s go inside and work on our Decks. With Koji and my brother gone, it only gives us more reasons to prepare ourselves.Ó Shinya stated, in which the remaining Legendary Warriors nodded their heads and headed inside, unaware that on the opposite side of the Kanbara home was a figure watching within the shadows.

ÒIs he the one, Lady Ophanimon?Ó The figure within the shadows asked in a deep male voice into a D-Tector, which was coloured may green and auburn.

ÒThat’s right.Ó Ophanimon’s voice replied through the D-Tector, before the Celestial Digimon told him. ÒThough the Warrior of Light and his brother have already been fallen by the power of the impure Light, you will be able to help him save them both.Ó

ÒUnderstood, malady.Ó The male replied in a loyal tone.

ÒVery good. When you feel the time is right then you can make your move, Mercurymon.Ó Ophanimon said, in which the figure revealed themselves to be non other than the nemesis of Takuya’s, back when he worked for Cherubimon.

ÒOf course, Lady Ophanimon. And rest assured I shall not fail thee.Ó Mercurymon told the Angel Digimon, before he thought to himself in a determined tone. ‘And I shall pay Takuya back.’

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