Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ A Very Solemn Reunion Turned Good ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Dende was trying yet again to open a portal, and expected it to fail like all the others but to his and Serena’s surprise it opened and out of it fell Mina, Uub, and Videl. “Where are Gohan, and Ami?” Dende asked in a panic.
“Dead, he sacrificed himself so that we could live,” Mina managed to answer before passing out. Dende began to cry, when Serena hugged him comforting her friend.
“I know it’s sad but if we don’t save them they will have died in vain,” Serena said a look of determination and sadness in her eyes. Slowly the two began to heal all of their wounded friends, within minutes the whole group was fully healed.
“Where’s Gohan?” Videl asked looking around frantically.
“And Ami?” Rei asked.
Mina spoke soft and low being the only witness it was her burden, “Ami was killed by Death he impaled her, we tried to bring her body back but something must have happened when we went through the portal.”
“We can’t bring her back,” Dende said sadly, “we can’t even bring her body back to this dimension.”
“And where is Gohan?” Videl asked grabbing Mina.
“He sacrificed himself to save us. He went Super Saiyan 3 and destroyed the whole universe.”
Videl collapsed into Mina, “He can’t be dead. I know he’s not dead, he’s too strong to die, I know he’s not dead, I know it.”
Mina patted her on the back, “It’s okay Videl, it will be okay.”
“No I’m telling you he’s not dead,” Videl said standing up “I can feel him.” Mina and Uub went to console her when she grabbed Uub, “Look, I can feel him so could you if you just try.”
She began to shake Uub as he tried to sense Gohan; there was a twinge “He’s alive but where? It’s too weak to pinpoint.”
“The Moon,” Mina said standing up, “In the Negaverse we were fighting on their version of the moon that must be where he is.”
“Then that’s where we go,” Videl said strongly, “Dende take us there now.” Without wasting a moment Dende opened a portal in which he Videl and Serena went through.

The Universe turned white and in a blinding flash Death was dead along with the whole Negaverse, Gohan knew his own death was emanate. He felt his back hit a hard surface, was this the afterlife, he was too weak to open his eyes.

On the planet of Supreme Kai, Queen Serenity was crying at the lost of Ami as Goku was clutching the crystal ball in his hands, “He won’t make it Goku, I’m sorry,” Supreme Kai said, “the strain of Super Saiyan 3 will kill him even if they find him, he’s lucky enough that his power ripped a hole allowing him to escape to this universe, so that he can come to Other World.”
“No, Gohan may have enough power to survive this but only if they find him soon,” Old Kai disagreed.
“But the power output, no living being can produce that,” Kibito stated.
“Don’t try and tell me I’m wrong wiper snapper,” Old Kai yelled at Kibito causing him to fall backwards. “I’m telling you Gohan can put out that much power and survive, the universe can’t but he can.”
“But wise elder how is that possible,” Supreme Kai asked.
“Because that young man has a power level barely reached by any being mortal or immortal, easily greater that even Trunks and Goten fused and if they can survive it so can he, and besides I know he can survive,” Old Kai sat again creating his own crystal ball and staring intently.

Videl was first through the portal they appeared in the ruins of what was once a beautiful palace, Dende and Serena soon followed. “This way quick I can feel him near,” Videl darted off in the direction Serena knew was the courtyard. As Videl turned the corner she saw Gohan lying in a crater with black energy swirling around him, she ran forward two lip marks started to glow red hot on her forehead, the darkness began to funnel into the marks without her noticing. Serena and Dende quickly followed as they came around the corner they could see Videl kneeling beside Gohan. They bolted over as quickly as they could. “He’s alive, I knew he was,” Videl said holding onto the side of Gohan’s face, “please Dende save him,” she looked up pleading with her eyes, Dende could swear he saw two black lip marks fade on her forehead.
He ignored it “Was there ever another option,” Dende said extending his hands and healing Gohan, soon Gohan began to stir then open his eyes. He sat up as Videl jumped onto him hugging him tightly clutching the back of his tattered gi in her hands. “We can go back whenever you’re ready.” It seemed as if Gohan and Videl didn’t hear him as they sat their cuddled in each other’s arms.

Serena and Dende had walked away giving the two some time to come to grips with the fact that one of them almost lost their lives. “This is where my mother once ruled over the kingdom during the Silver Millennium,” Serena said pointing at the throne, “and that is where i sat.” She said pointing to a smaller throne; she burst into tears as her gaze came upon four chairs beside hers. Dende grabbed her and held her tight as she fell to the ground. “Ami is dead, I failed her, I should have been there.”
“No Serena, I should have been able to open the portal.”
“No,” the two turned to see Gohan and Videl enter the room, as he spoke, “It is neither of your faults, it was Death. There is nothing we can do now but morn our losses, Death has paid for his crimes and we shall never forget Ami,” the three nodded in agreement. “I think it would be best if we returned now.” Dende opened a portal and the four returned to the Lookout. There was a solemn celebration for Gohan’s survival, but it quickly came to an end and everyone but Videl, Gohan, Mina, and Uub left. “Dende we need to gather the Dragon Balls we have to try.”
“What point is there?” Dende asked, “I’ve consulted Shenron we can’t revive anyone who has died in another universe.”
“No we can’t revive her but there must be something we can do.” Gohan took off and returned shortly after with Trunks, Rei, and Kid Trunks. “Everyone take one,” Gohan said handing out Dragon Radars, “I will get the first Dragon Ball, Videl the second, Mina third, Uub forth, Trunks the fifth, Rei you will get the sixth, and Little Trunks you go get the Seventh okay. Now meet back here as fast as you can okay?”

Dende stood on the edge of the Lookout beside Mr. Popo observing his friends, they had all collected their Dragon Balls and they would soon be back. Mr. Popo handed him a communicator.

Serena was sitting on the green couch in her and Darien’s apartment, as Darien walked into the room; she looked up at him her eyes red and puffy from crying. Darien dropped beside her placing the cookies and tea he had brought down on the table. “Oh Darien, I just can’t believe she gone,” he placed both arms around her pulling her into a tight hug as he too began to cry.
“I know, I know,” they stayed like that for a while both just crying and sobbing into each other.
‘I’ll never see her smile again, I’ll never be able to ask for her help, I’ll never get to celebrate her perfect scores with her again, she’ll never be a doctor, never get married, never have kids,’ Serena thought to herself as she cried. After about an hour Darien saw the sky darken outside, and stood up, Serena turned her head to the window, “What is it?”
“I don’t know but we had better find out,” just as he finished their communicators went off.
“Quick come to the lookout,” was all Dende said, before hanging up.

Dende had summoned Shenron who was floating in the air by the time all of the Z-Scouts arrived. “What is your first wish?” Shenron boomed.
“We wish that the essence of Sailor Mercury be collected from the void of non existence,” Dende commanded.
“Do you know of what you ask?” Shenron replied sending shivers down Serena’s spine.
“Yes,” was Dende unemotionally returned.
“This will require some time,” Shenron’s eyes began to glow a deep red. “Your wish is granted, what is your second wish?”
“We wish that you make that essence present.”
“Fool, I warned you a being that died in another universe cannot be resurrected.”
“I don’t want her resurrected I want her spirit to reside on Earth and that we be able to see and hear her, so that we don’t lose her.”
“That is too much it will take both of your final wishes to do such a thing,” Shenron warned.
“That is fine,” Dende replied.
“To complete this wish she must be tethered to a single place, where shall it be?” Shenron asked.
“Here on the Earth,” Dende replied.
“That is not an option already is one soul bound to this land,” Shenron starred at Mr. Popo.
“Yes and we ask for another,” Dende retorted.
“It is not possible,” Shenron stated coldly.
“What are we going to do?” Rei asked.
“I don’t know you guys, I refuse to trade one being for another,” Dende said.
Mr. Popo stepped forward, “I forfeit my time on this planet for that of the girls.”
“Noooo!” Dende screamed as Mr. Popo floated into the air and vanished, waving good bye.
“Your wish is granted but be warned her spirit cannot leave the Lookout for extended periods of time for if she does she will move on to Other World permanently like Mr. Popo has,” with that Shenron burst into seven rays of light that shot off into different directions.
Dende dropped to the ground morning his close friend, “Popo,” he said softly as Gohan took a knee beside him, draping his arm over his best friend.
The group looked around for Ami but couldn’t see her, suddenly a bright blue light formed in the center of them, and at first it took the form of Mercury’s symbol and then in a blinding flash Ami stood before them.  She was different, her skin was a light blue and her visor no longer connected to white pieces over her ears, instead it floated before her eyes. They all immediately hugged her. “Guys its okay,” Ami turned intangible slipping through the crowd.
“Wow that’s incredible,” Serena said amazed by Ami’s new power.
“Yes, I can do many new things,” Ami said her smile ever present, “I passed Mr. Popo as I travelled her, he told me of his sacrifice and the powers I will acquire as assistant to the guardian. I have to say as far as death goes it’s not too bad. I can now dedicate my life to the pursuit of knowledge, as the Lookout’s library contains all of the knowledge on Earth.” The group sweat dropped at Ami’s ideal life.
“And you never have to worry about growing old and getting wrinkles,” Mina added.
“Yes and that,” Ami giggled. “Now how about we celebrate our victory, the Negaverse no longer exists, and we hopefully shall have a free night,” the group cheered as they worked their way into the Lookout’s dining hall. Lita with a little help from everyone quickly made a meal fit for royalty, that the Z-Scouts greatly enjoyed, especially Gohan and Serena.

On a distant planet the universe began to tear as a being, of approximately Dabura’s size, ripped himself out of the void. He was bald and wore a black pair of pants and gold boots. His skin was dark blue with a galaxy like pattern on it; stars were strewn across his body. The being held a crystal ball in his hand, the man looked into it seeing Gohan and Serena’s faces in the orb; he crushed it in his dark hand. “Thank you for freeing me, allow me to repay my debt by freeing you of your lives,” his cold dark laugh filled the air, as the ground beneath him began to crack; rocks began floating into the air.

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