❯ A Phoenix Tail – A Pheonix Tail ( Chapter 1 )

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Crossover! BASTARD!!/Harry Potter

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Author’s Notes: All the POV switches are intentional. They’re to depict the
views and reactions of the different characters to Krish’Na.

A Phoenix Tale
By Youko Rayah
Part 1
Krish’Na’s POV:
What can one say of things coming to an end? What can one say of Life, Death,
and Re-birth?
She had been part of a glorious family once. A family that many could well
mistake for a Clan of Gods.
An Earth Born Angel, Healer, Lover, Mother.
A Man Phoenix, Warrior, Teacher, Father.
A Dark Elf, Student, Outcast, Wanderer. Found in the woods. Left alone by those
who had housed her when war came.
A Young Dragon, Child, Survivor, Loner. Left in the Runes of an old Temple.
Betrayed by his mother.
And finally Daughter of Father and Mother. Child, Sister, Immortal. Me.
Looking back, it was no surprise when he came. He killed Mother, and when he
could not kill me, he sealed and Banished me to another realm. And why? To drive
Father into madness. To destroy the world. What a fool he was. Father gave up
his mortality to save the world from It, gave up the right to ever be with his
loved ones in the Next World.
Why would he make it all for nothing?
But that doesn’t help me, trapped as I am. It is the ultimate cruelty, as I’ve
always been a very tactile person. I can see some of the world I was banished
to, but it is like looking into a window. I can never touch, never hold another
As I watch through her eyes as she reads the letter, I can’t help but snark a
bit. Of course she has Magic. She is a Magic Prison! Ah well. Maybe thing there
will be interesting. Can’t possibly be worse than school here in London.
Well what do you know? I guess that dumb hat senesced a bit of me when he sorted
the Prison. Slytherin. Who would have thought?
I watch from behind her eyes as she sits next to a blond haired boy who looks so
mush like Kal-chan it makes my heart ache. Gods I miss him.
I noticed the looks of contempt thrown my way from the other kids, especially
those sitting at the Gryffindor table. Silly fools. What’s wrong with being
clever and sneaky? As Father once told Kal-chan and Arsh-chan, Guts and Courage
will get you just so far, then they’ll get you killed. You have to have Brains
to go with your courage, or there was no point to it.
The first classes were so dull I fazed them out. Ugh, wand waving. How pathetic!
I would NEVER reduce my self to such a weakness inducing form of magic. I did,
however, rouse for potions class. WOW! This stuff is amazing! I love this! And
the Teacher for this one shares my opinion of wands! This school just might be
bearable after all.
A broom? They expect me to ride a BROOM?! What the hell is this crap?! Do I look
like a cleaning lady to them?! ARGH! This is so unfair! I am soooooo gonna find
a way to curse the bastard who did this to me and feed him to the first demon I
I sulk in the back of the prison’s head and zone out for the rest of the day,
only perking up in potions. Gods but I do love this class. The Prison may suck
at this sort of thing, but I soak it up like a sponge. Ah rats! There’s the
bell. Off to dinner. Maybe things will be better in the morning.
Something’s wrong. I’ve been at this school for almost half the term and I know
when something’s off. What’s this? The wards around the school have been
tampered with! Oh crap! Who are they? No DEATH EATERS! Run, please run! If you
die, I die!
My pleas fall on deaf ears, as always. She cannot hear me. I look into the flat
cold eyes of Voldemort and know this is it. Here I die. With all my soul, I
curse him, her and the one who trapped me.
Mother I’m coming. And together we can watch over our family. As he levels the
wand and speaks the words to end my life, I wonder who would mourn me? The
prison was an orphan, found on the doorsteps of a church in London, she doesn’t
even have a soul. Just me.
Then the spell slams into me and I feel the blinding pain. Pain and something
else. What’s this?! I… do not die. I… I…

Draco’s POV:
We all watched in horror as the first year Slytherin girl fell. Voldemort
stepped past her body, advancing on Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived. The Boy Who
Would Die.
I noticed it first. The body of the girl caught fire. It burned and burned,
falling to ashes in seconds, much faster than it should have. I had just enough
time to wonder what was happening when something rose from those ashes.
Something that turned out to be a tall, beautiful, white-haired woman. A very
naked woman. Voldemort turned at the sound of soft footsteps and saw her. Her
right hand came up to brush hair away from her face. And as she did this her
eyes fell on Voldemort. She smiled.
It was a nasty smile full of death. Promises of pain and other unpleasant things
like red-hot pokers to the privets and slivers of bamboo under the fingernails
shone in them. Then she spoke.
« I live. »