Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ A new heroine ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
 » Alright class pop quiz! Everything off your desks. » The class groaned but the most miserable of all is Atem. She had ruby red eyes, unatural spiky hair that looked like she got electricuted with red highlights. She hated showing her legs and decided to wear the boys uniform which seemed to make her even more unpopular. She was a teen who was just barely passing her classes. Atem loved to study about jewels and ancient artifacts so the only class she can actually pass through with a breeze is history.

‘ I wish I was like Atemu. She gets to kick butt everyday instead of doing homework and tests.’ Atemu was the town’s hero. She was a mysterious saviour who wore all dark clothing and if there was a robbery, she’d be there.

Atem groaned when her train of thought was broken when a small booklet was placed his her desk.

After School…

Atem always walked home with her best friend Kaiba. ( Yes Kaiba is a female)  They would always stop by the arcade and play for a bit before heading they’re separate ways. But today just didn’t seem like her lucky day. Seto had to stay in for her club meeting leaving Atem alone to walk.

Atem stopped when she heard a commotion in a parking lot and to ran up to see what the fuss was about. Two kids were poking a cat with a stick. The cat would hiss and growl but the kids continued to abuse.  » Hey leave that kitten alone!! » The children gasped when they saw the much older teen and ran away finally freeing the cat from all the torture. Atem crouched down to meet the cat and noticed the band-aid it head on it’s forehead.  » Hmm… Let me get that for you. » The cat squeezed it’s eyes shut as the sticky band-aid was bieng pulled off but finally, it’s forehead was showing an eye. Freeked out by the sudden exposure, Atem backed up before walking away slowly.  » U-umm… Uh. » Atem was even more shooken when the cat stared at him and crawl towards him.  » I-I gotta go now!! »

Finally reaching the arcade Atem was greeted by her crush, Melvin. He was the owner of the shop and had part-time eduacation.  » Why hello Atem, where’s your friend. » « She couldn’t make it. » Atem answered grimly before hastily sitting down and playing a random game. Melvin could see that she clearly didn’t want to be.bothered so he left her with piece. Losing the game once again she officially gave up and left without saying goodbye. Atem then came across a poster of a new game starring the heroine, Atemu.  » You’re so lucky Atemu, You get to do whatever you want. No parents bossing you around and no annoying little brothers. You don’t have to do tests and homework and dreaming about your crushes when YOU can just have them. » Atem pulled out her test that had a big fat 40 on it. Math… the worst one yet. Atem grumbled unnecessary things while crumbling it up into a ball and blindly tossing it into the side.

 » Oil watch what you’re doing! » Atem turned around and watched as the stranger picked up her paper and uncrumbling it.  » A forty pineapple? » Atem blushed and snatched the paper from the other’s hand and stuck her tongue out, blushing.

 » Butt out will ya!? » The stranger looked almost similar to her. Except he was a tad bit shorter and had purple highlights He wore a casual outfit and had on sunglasses that hid his eyes.  » Maybe if you study more pineapple head, you wouldn’t be so embarrased.  » Shut up and mind your own business. » And with that Atem took off quickly. ‘ Stupid man.’ Atem opened the door to her home and found her mother cooking.  » His honey how was school today. ‘ Horrible.’  » It was fine mom.  » Oh yeah I just heard from the school that had a test how’d it go? » Atem mentally cursed herself before brilliantly coming up with an excuse.  » O-oh well we didn’t get our results yet, But I’m sure I did fine. »  » Well that’s good to hear. » Atem let out a breath of relief and sat on the couch to read more of her doujinshis. As soon as she opened the book her smile turned into a frown when there were doodles all over ther pages making it impossible to read.  » Who could’ve…  YAMIIII!!! » She heard snickering and growled when Yami twirled his pen in his hand mockingly.  » Yeeeess? »  » How dare you draw all over your big sister’s comic! Do you know much I paid for this?! » Yami smirk widened.  » Correction, mom got US that since we both like the same comics. » Atem whined even more knowing her little brother was right.  » B-but these are not for drawing on, they’re for reading you IDIOT! »

Yami just shrugged and sauntered upstairs, leaving a very fustrated Atem to sulk on the newest volume he had never got to read. Tears flooded her eyes but she blinked them back and ran upstairs before slamming her bedroom door shut. ‘ Maybe a nap oughta help me.’ She collapsed on her bed instantly fell asleep.

* Tap* * Tap* The tapping noise came from Atem’s window. The source of the noise came form the cat that Atem had saved earlier today. The feline finally got fustrated and the eye glowed on its head, the window giving a click and opening . The cat glanced down at her saviour and hopped inside and onto her bed. Atem moaned and turned, not noticing the little feline creating something from the third eye.  » Ruby. Ruby wake up. » Atem’s eye fluttered open before resting on an object that seemed to call out to her.  » Whoo…? » Atem sat up and rubbed her sleepyness away and looked down before shrieking in fear.  » H-how – h-how!!!? »  » Ruby you are the chosen one. » Even more shocked the cat just talked, she accidently fell out of bed and pushed back until her back hit the wall.  » P-please don’t eat meee… » The feline rolled its eyes before picking up a pendant in its mouth and hopped down to offer to Atem.  » For you warrior. My name is Isis and I shall be your guardian until we find our princess. » Not caring about what the cat said, Atem envied the pendant.  » Wow! A real actual gem! Is this a ruby!? »  » Ruby-chan pay a attention!! There is an evil lurking on this planet and you are the chosen warrior to defend the planet with the power of love and justice! »  » Maybe I could sell this to get a new manga.. »  » RUBY!! » Atem looked down and found the cat with a vein popping out.  » Look I want you to say ‘ Ruby Prism Power make-up’ and there you shall transform. »

 » Eh Um okay… Atem stood up and held out the pendant.  » Ruby Prism Power Make-Up! »


 » Wh-wha AAAAAAAH! » Isis flattened her ears at the sound of the high-pitched scream.  » Guardian Ruby. » Atem could only stare at her reflection through the mirror. She had on a sleeve-less school uniform with a cape, along side with elbow-gloves, knee-high boots and the pendant was resting in the middle of her chest attached to a bow. But what scared her the most was that she had on a frilly skirt.  » Waaaah!! What have you done!!? Change me back now! » Isis hopped onto the dresser and yelled so Atem could hear her.  » Ruby-chan snap out of it! » Suddenly Atem heard someone screaming reach her ear. It sounded… distant.  » An enemy has approached us let’s go Ruby! »  » Huh? O-oh ‘kay! »

Soon they arrived at a jewelery shop where a girl was bieng held captive by an ugly looking monster. Atem wanted to scream herself. Isis jumped out of the way when zombie-like customers walked slowly towards the intruder.  » E-eh wh-what happened here!? » Atem ran to another corner which had finally caught the monster’s attention and let go of the frightened girl.  » Who are you? » Atem pondered over this question before finally answering.  » My name is Guardian Ruby and I am hear to punish you! »  » Ha! You stupid arrogant child! Bakas like you should be destroyed. Get her! » The victims moaned before turning around and pursuing towards Atem. Atem gasped and went to run away but one of the customers lashed out at her and struck her stomach.  » Oooow!! I don’t wanna do this anymore!! » Isis sweat dropped and growled at Atem.  » Ruby-Chan!! Attack now! » Atem could only sit up and watch as the monster walked up to her, her claws opening to cut Atem in half. Atem squeezed her eyes shut and braced for what was going to happen, hoping it was all a nightmare.

 » AAAAAAAAH!!! » Her lids shot to see the monster hissing in pain from a… rose? The other enemies walked up to Atem since she dared to hurt their master. As if in a blur, Atem found herself in someone’s arms.  » Wh-who… »  » Just call me Asthmyst Knight, Guardian Ruby. »  » U-um okay. » Was this a dream? If so, she didn’t want to wake up now.  » Ruby-chan! Use your Diamond Tiara to attack the monster!! » The knight let Atem down and she pulled of her tiara. As if it was a boomerang, she threw it in a spinning position. The tiara flew uptop the enemy’s head and the mutant screamed and hissed as it was turned to ash. The people were soon back to normal, wondering what the heck they were doing in a store so late at night.  » Until then, Ruby-chan. »  » O-okay oh… thank you!! » Asthmyst Knight saluted and ran out the window. Atem could only stare at where the knight left. Every detail of her saviour sketched into her mind.  » Ruby get a hold of yourself. » Isis hopped onto Atem’s head and patted her head.  » Let’s get going before your parents get worried. Atem nodded still a little dazed but walked out. She also noticed that outfit was switched back to her own school uniform so that was a huge relief. That knight though. She felt as if she had a strange connection to him. As if they had already known eachother.

‘ I wish to meet him again.’ Atem unconsiously hugged herself humming slightly. Isis could tell that Atem was thinking about him. She could also feel a small history to him.  » Ruby I’ll be staying with you as your guardian. »

 » Hmm… Wait what!!? »

……………………………………………………………… …………………………….

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 » But what’s wrong with her? »  » I don’t trust this girl Ruby-chan.  » But why Ryou? »