Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monster GX Fan Fiction ❯ A New HERO Emerges ( Chapter 2 )

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It had been four years since the Digidestined were able to take down one of the greatest evils ever known, MaloMyotismon, and there had been big changes that had affected all the Digidestined’s lives, most notable was the fact that Jun had become a Digidestined.

Some months after Imperialdramon Paladin Mode had plunged the Omni Sword into Armageddemon’s head, releasing all the Kuramon inside, only to be sealed within the blade itself, defeating the wicked Diaboromon once and for all, Jun received her own Digivice, just like the older Digidestined’s, and her own Digimon partner, a unique silver fox Digimon, with four tails, with white tips, better known as Silvermon, and knowing the seriousness and responsibility of being a Digidestined, the cute boy chasing teen changed her ways.

And through bonding with her own Digimon and the other’s, befriending the Odaiba Digidestined and various battles against troublesome Digimon that the Digidestined accepted Jun into their group, in which none of them saw Jun as an annoying fan girl anymore, but a good friend and a valuable member of the Digidestined, including Matt, who now saw her as a smart and beautiful young woman, in which Jun still remembered how Matt confessed his feelings to her.

During one of his gigs, in which the every Odaiba Digidestined and their Digmon partners attended, not only to support their friend, but they all liked Matt’s music, Matt and his band did a song that the Digidestined had written, a song about someone very important to him and who he cared for deeply, in which after the song was over, one of the stage lights shone directly on Jun, which surprised her as not only was the older Motomiya the important person in Matt’s life, but her heart practically melted at the thought he wrote an entire song just for her, before Matt then hand out his right hand and pulled Jun up onto the stage, before the Digidestined of Friendship told her he loved her, which was so romantic and such a precious moment to her that Jun was unable to hold back her emotions, told Matt she loved him back and kissed him passionately on the lips, which made Matt’s friends happy to see he and Jun had fallen for one another, particularly Gabumon and Silvermon, who after witnessing their human partners show their expression of love, stared into each other’s eyes, before the Digimon pair engaged in their own passionate and loving kiss.

Meanwhile, Sora was happy that Matt and Jun had fallen in love, as the Digidestined of Friendship and Love broke up prior to Jun becoming a Digidestined, but had remained friends.

And shortly after their break up, Tai admitted his true feelings to Sora, in which she admitted that she loved Tai back, and after a passionate night, the Digidestined of Courage and Love became boyfriend and girlfriend, and just like Gabumon and Silvermon, Agumon and Biyomon realized that they loved each other, regardless that they were different Digimon species, and mated too.

While the lives of the Digidestined of Knowledge, Reliability and Sincerity remained relatively the same; the younger Digidestined had changes in their lives, practically the life of the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship, as over the years Davis had really matured, up to the point where he would try to reason with his enemies first, stopped getting into arguments with Yolei and most surprisingly called TK by his proper name.

However, while all seemed peaceful in both Odaiba and the Digital World, fate had another force of evil that wished to take over their worlds, but just like Takuya, the Chosen Duelist of Odaiba too been warned about the Light of impurity.

—-Within the Ichijouji household—-

Within Ken’s bedroom was the Digidestined of Kindness and his Digimon partner, Wormon, who were not alone, as they had all passed an online exam to get into Duel Academy and had planned to head off to the island the next morning.

Currently, all the younger Digidestined and their Digimon partners were sound asleep, with Ken sleeping in the top bunk of his beds, while Yolei was sound asleep on his chest, which didn’t bother the others that Ken and Yolei were so close, while Wormon and Hawkmon slept at the end of Ken’s bed.

In the bottom bunk was supposed to be Davis and Veemon, as Ken had organized for his best friend to sleep there, as the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship was the only one who was willing to see the good in Ken and give him a second chance, even after all the evil he had committed as the Digimon Emperor, however, the leader of the younger Digidestined had relinquished the bottom bunk for Kari and Gatomon, as even after four years, the love Davis and Veemon held for the Digidestined and Digimon of Light remained just as strong as the first moment they had laid eyes upon the pair, in which he and Veemon were both sleeping on a mattress, as were TK and Patamon and Cody and Armadillomon.

However, while the Digidestined of Hope and the Digidestined of Knowledge and Reliability were sleeping peacefully, Davis was moving around frantically, as it seemed as though the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship was having a nightmare, but in all reality it was actually a warning of what was coming.

—-Within Davis’ dream—-

The leader of the younger Digidestined was quite confused, as he was all alone in a large area filled white light, however, he wasn’t alone for long as a voice, filled with evil echoed through out the area. ÒI’ve finally found you, Davis, the Chosen Duelist.Ó

‘Chosen Duelist?’ Davis thought to himself in a confused tone, before he yelled out in a demanding tone. ÒWho are you and what do you want!?Ó

ÒWhat I want is what destiny has shown me and that is for you to see the Light.Ó The evil voice replied, in which Davis began to panic as the white light began to slowly close around him, in which the evil figure then said. ÒJust accept your fate and surrender yourself.Ó

However, Davis shook his head and then yelled out in a determined tone. ÒNever! You got that whoever you are!? I will never give up!Ó

It was then a bright light of pure gold shone brightly, which not only forced Davis to shield his eyes with his right arm, but as he did, the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship could hear the evil let out cries of pain, as it seemed he wasn’t too fond of the gold coloured light.

And it was after the gold light subsided that Davis took his arm away from his face and was surprised to see every last trace of the white light had vanished, but that wasn’t all, now adorned around Davis’ neck was a tag, like Tai and the older Digidestined had, only his contained the Crest of Miracles inside, which caused the leader of the younger Digidestined to question out loud. ÒWhat is going on?Ó

ÒPerhaps I can shed some light on the current situation.Ó Davis head a familiar male voice rely, in which the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship turned to the source of the voice to see non other than the friend of the Digidestined.

ÒGennai?Ó Davis asked in a perplexed tone, before the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship asked. ÒWhat are you doing here? And what was the deal with the white light before?Ó

ÒThat light is a sign of a great evil that is coming and you are one of the Chosen Duelists that can stop it. However, this evil is unlike the evils you have faced in the past. This time, the force of evil will be using an impure form of light instead of using darkness.Ó

ÒLight?Ó Davis asked, before the leader of the younger Digidestined stated. ÒBut I thought Light could only be used for good.Ó

ÒNo. That’s only a myth that light and darkness is connected to good and evil because the side of good has frequently used light, while evil always uses darkness.Ó Gennai replied, before he explained. ÒHowever, darkness can be used for good purposes as light can be used for evil ones. And this is the time that evil shall use light to carry out it malicious plans. This is an ancient evil as old as time itself and it threatens the whole balance of life itself. You see, life draws its power from the vital and fragile balance of light and darkness and this evil light plans to destroy all darkness in the universe.Ó

ÒAnd if all darkness goes, then all life is gone!Ó Davis stated in a shocked reply.

ÒI’m afraid so, but that’s where you come in. Meet me in the Digital World as soon as you can for I will train you so your heart and your Deck can become one.Ó Gennai told Davis, in which the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship was about to question Gennai as to what he meant by his heart and Deck becoming one, but was unable to when he heard a familiar female cry out, in which Davis called out in concern. ÒJun!Ó

—-Back in Ken’s bedroom—-

Davis quickly shot up from the mattress he had been sleeping on, as cold sweat trailed down his body and his heart rate was racing within his chest, in which he then began to take deep breaths to try and calm himself down, before the leader of the younger Digidestined looked over to see his friends still sound asleep and smiled as he watched Kari sleep peacefully for a moment.

ÒDavis, are you ok?Ó Davis then heard Veemon ask, before the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship looked over to see his Digimon partner looking at him with a concerned look on his face, in which Davis replied in a reassuring tone. ÒYeah. Just a bad dream, Veemon.Ó

However, Davis was proven wrong when he was awestruck to see the tag with the Crest of Miracles around his neck, which caused the leader of the younger Digidestined Davis to think in amazement, as he held the Crest and stared at it. ÒWhoa! That wasn’t a dream! That means…Ó

But Davis was then interrupted when Veemon asked in a curious tone. ÒWhoa! Where did you get that Crest, Davis?Ó

ÒI will explain later, Veemon. Davis replied, as he got up and began to rummage through his jacket, until he pulled out his D-3 and D-Terminal, before he sent a message from his D-Terminal to Jun’s, which said:

Jun, are you ok?
-Davis Motomiya

After waiting for a moment, Davis got his reply, and it wasn’t a good one.

I am fine, for I have seen the Light and you shall too, Chosen Duelist.
-Jun Motomiya.

Knowing that the impure Light had gotten to Jun caused Davis to clench his fists and teeth, but the leader of the younger Digidestined knew that staying in Ken’s room would accomplish nothing in stopping the Light or saving his sister, in which Davis quietly walked over to Ken’s computer, and was a little surprised when his Crest began to glow a soft gold for a second, in which a Digiport opened up. ÒDavis, where are you going?Ó

ÒVeemon, there’s something I need to do in the Digital World and I don’t know how long it could take.Ó Davis replied, but the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship was surprised as Veemon made his way beside his human partner and told him. ÒWell, you’re not going without me.Ó

Davis smiled at Veemon’s loyalty, before he held out his D-3, aimed it at the screen, and then called out. ÒDigiport Open!Ó

Meanwhile, as the Digiport opened, Kari slowly opened her eyes and woke up to see Davis and Veemon begin to enter the Digiport, in which she called out to them, but could only watch as they headed to the Digital World.

—-With Davis and Veemon—-

The Digidestined and Digimon of Courage and Friendship were amazed, not because Davis had changed to his Digital World clothing, and was wearing a Duel Disc, but had been transported to a wooden dojo, in which the pair could see an inactive Mekanorimon in the corner and Gennai standing in the centre of the dojo, in which he said happily. ÒI’m glad you made it Davis. You too, Veemon.Ó

ÒIt’s good to see you, Gennai.Ó Veemon happily replied, before the blue dragon asked in a curious tone. ÒBut do you mind explaining to me what’s going on?Ó

ÒAs I explained to Davis a chosen Duelist is one of few Duelists with the potential to stop the Light of evil.Ó Gennai replied.

ÒLight of evil?Ó Veemon questioned, in which Gennai explained that a new evil individual that had the power of an impure Light, which he planned to use to help him take over both the Digital World and the Real World through the game of Duel Monsters, in which the evil had an organization known as Society of Light and had already gotten its evil hold upon Jun, turning her into one of its loyal followers, in which Veemon could see Davis was upset about this and knew that his human partner wished he was with Jun at the time to help her.

But it was then Davis and Veemon were interrupted when Gennai told them in a reassuring tone. ÒBut don’t worry, Davis, for you can still save your sister and our worlds.Ó

ÒHow?Ó Davis questioned, in which Gennai smiled and then told him. ÒCheck your Deck.Ó

Doing as Gennai said, Davis did as he was told and was amazed to see his Deck consisted of Card he had never used before, which was now filled with Elemental HERO and Neo-Spacian Cards, just like Jaden’s Deck, which caused the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship to question in amazement. ÒWhoa! What happened to my Deck?Ó

ÒThank the power of your Crest. It is the sign that you are a hero and have been chosen to be one of the Chosen Duelists, giving you a fitting Deck in the process.Ó Gennai explained.

ÒThat’s so cool!Ó Davis exclaimed.

ÒHowever, remember how I told you that your heart and your Deck can become one?Ó Gennai asked, in which Davis nodded his head, before Gennai then told the leader of the younger Digidestined. ÒWell, you must first build up a trust in your Cards, just as you have done with Veemon. And you can accomplish that by Dueling. If you place your faith and trust in your Deck and look after your Cards then they will trust you back and you will be able to take on the Society of Light.Ó

ÒI’m ready Gennai.Ó Davis replied in a serious tone, as he activated his Duel Disc and placed his new Deck within the device.

ÒVery well. Your training shall now begin.Ó Gennai said, as Davis and Veemon watched as a Piddomon, which had an active Duel Disc attached to his left arm, entered the room, in which Davis and Piddomon called out simultaneously. ÒLet’s Duel!Ó


Within the ‘White Dorm’, Sartorius was looking at the Tarot Cards he had placed from his Tarot Deck in front of him and smiled to see The Star, The Emperor and The Justice were facing him, but could see The Strength Card was upside down, which caused Sartorius to think to himself. ‘So, all but Jaden and the Chosen Duelist of Odaiba have seen the Light. I wonder why.’

However, Sartorius’ thoughts were interrupted when Chazz, Alexis and Bastion entered the room, as did three of the four Chosen Duelists, who were now dressed in white versions of Duel Academy’s Obelisk Blue uniforms.

And Sartorius was a little surprised and intrigued to see two more Duelists, one he could tell was supposed to be the Chosen Duelist from Odaiba, but while they had the same Maroon coloured hair and spiky style, they were female.

Beside Takuya was a boy around the same age as the Wielder of the Spirits of Flame, who had black hair and a white bandana.

And lastly, beside the Chosen Duelist of Shinjuku, better known as Takato Matsuki, was the red dragon, and his Digimon partner, Guilmon, only now the black markings that adorned his being were now a pale white colour, showing that he too had been brainwashed by the Society of Light.

ÒAh, I see that most of you were successful.Ó Sartorius commented, in which Alexis bowed her head and said apologetically. ÒForgive me, master Sartorius.Ó  

ÒDon’t worry, Alexis.Ó Jun told Alexis in a reassuring tone, before she turned to Sartorius and stated in a serious tone. ÒI promise you that once I’m through with my brother, Davis too will see the Light.Ó

ÒMe too, master Sartorius. I will help my friends and all those who have yet to serve you see the Light.Ó Takato then said in a loyal tone.

ÒAnd If Takato follows you; than I will too, master Sartorius.Ó Guilmon added, as the brainwashed dragon Digimon bowed his head, which made Sartorius smile, as even though he had failed to get a hold of the Chosen Duelist of Odaiba, he had new servants at his disposal and command.

—-Around the same time in the Digital World—-

Using his new Deck, Davis had been Dueling Digimon after Digimon to test his skills by overcoming various Dueling Deck styles and using his skills to counter their strategies, and building a stronger bond with his Deck with each victory as Veemon cheered him on and Gennai could only watch as an impressed smile appeared across his face at the skills the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship was showing as his bond was growing faster and stronger than Gennai had anticipated.

Currently Davis was in the middle of a Duel with a Guardromon, in which the leader of the younger Digidestined had Summoned Elemental HERO Darkbright (2000/1000), but his Monster was no match for Guardromon’s Defenses and his deadly weapon, the Spell Card: Wave-Motion Cannon.

ÒI increase my victory by 24.3% by Sacrificing Inpachi (1600/1900) to Summon Woodborg Inpachi (500/2500) in Defense Mode.Ó Guardromon said, as he placed the aforementioned Card on his Duel Disc, before the Machine Digimon then told Davis. ÒAnd don’t forget, with my Field Spell: Chorus of Sanctuary and my Spell Card: Yellow Luster Shield still in action, Woodborg Inpachi’s Defense is increased by 800 Points.Ó (2500 _ 3300)

ÒNext turn I will activate the power of my Wave Motion Cannon and will inflict 3000 Points of Damage to you. Victory is 97.5% assured.Ó Guardromon stated as the Champion level Digimon ended his turn.

ÒI’m not going to lose. I Summon Neo-Spacian Grand Mole in Attack Mode!Ó (900/300) Davis announced, before the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship exclaimed. ÒGrand Mole Attack!Ó

ÒIllogical. Your Grand Mole is far weaker than my Woodborg Inpachi. If you Attack, you will only Damage yourself.Ó Guardromon stated in a confused tone.

ÒI hate to burst your bubble, but when Neo-Spacian Grand Mole is involved in an Attack with another Monster, not only is all Damage negated, but both Monsters are returned to their owner’s hands.Ó Davis replied, which shocked Guardromon, as the Machine Digimon could only watch as Neo-Spacian Grand Mole slammed his drill-encased head directly into Woodborg Inpachi’s cheat, which sent him and Woodborg Inpachi from the Field back to their owner’s hands, leaving Guardromon’s Field completely void of Monsters, in which the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship then exclaimed. ÒElemental HERO Darkbright Attack Guardromon with Dark Blast!Ó

Doing as Davis had commanded, Darkbright unleashed a blast of black coloured lightning from his right hand, which struck Guardromon, causing the Champion level Digimon to groan out as his Life Points were reduced to 0.

Ending Scores:

Davis: 2400

Guardromon: 0

ÒAnd that’s game.Ó Davis stated after his victory, in which the leader of the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship then prepared for his next Duel, in which Guardromon exited the dojo and a Divermon took his place.

ÒLet’s Duel!Ó Davis and Divermon exclaimed as they each drew the top five Cards from their Decks.

Starting Scores:

Davis: 4000

Divermon: 4000

The Digidestined of Courage and Friendship then drew the sixth Card from the top of his Deck and called out. ÒI activate the Spell Card: Pot of Greed, which allows me to draw two more Cards. Next, I Summon Neo-Spacian Grand Mole in Attack Mode and Set two Cards face-down.Ó

ÒI Summon Granadora (1900/700) in Attack Mode!Ó Divermon announced, before the Sea Animal Digimon told Davis. ÒAnd when Granadora is successfully Summoned, I gain 1000 Life Points.Ó

ÒAnd if you think I’m going to fall for your little mole’s trick, kid, you can forget it, cause I play a Trap Card!Ó Divermon then called out.

ÒA Trap?Ó Veemon questioned, before the Digimon of Courage and Friendship stated. ÒBut you have to Set a Trap first in order it to activate.Ó

ÒNot as long as I have this, the Spell Card: Trap Booster!Ó Divermon replied, before the Ultimate level Digimon explained. ÒNow, by discarding one Card from my hand, I can play any Trap Card without Setting it first. And the Trap I choose is a Trap Card known as the Compulsory Evacuation Device! Which sends your Neo-Spacian Grand Mole back to your hand.Ó

ÒAnd now that your Field is Monster free, I can Attack you directly. But not before I Equip Granadora with the Spell: Reptilianne Rage!Ó Divermon announced, as he placed the Spell Card in the first slot of his Spell/Trap Card zone, raising the Attack power of Granadora by 800 (1900 _ 2700)

ÒNow Granadora, Attack!Ó Divermon commanded, however, as Granadora let out a loud roar and charged at Davis, the leader of the younger Digidestined was ready for the Attack.

ÒNot so fast! I play a Trap Card: A Hero Emerges!Ó Davis announced, before the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship explained the Effect of his Trap. ÒSince you declared an Attack, you must now select one Card from my hand. And if it’s a Monster, I get to Summon it. No questions asked.Ó

Divermon let out a small groan, before he smiled and said in an impressed tone. ÒNot a bad move, kid. Now you have a five in one chance of getting your Grand Mole back, which would leave me vulnerable next turn.Ó

And deciding not to waste time, Divermon immediately held up his right arm, pointed at the remaining Cards in Davis’ hand and called out. ÒI choose the middle Card!Ó

ÒLucky for you it wasn’t Neo-Spacian Grand Mole.Ó Davis replied, before a sly smile appeared on the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship’s face, as he announced. ÒBut unfortunately you chose Elemental HERO Neos!Ó (2500/2000)

ÒAlright! Now with Neos guarding Davis, he won’t lose any Life Points.Ó Veemon stated, however, Gennai then told the Digimon of Courage and Friendship. ÒLook closer Veemon.Ó

Confused by Gennai’s order, Veemon did as he was told and was surprised to see Elemental HERO Neos was in Attack Mode.

ÒGranadora, crush Neos!Ó Divermon then ordered, in which Granadora opened up its massive maw and charged at Neos, but it was then Davis called out. ÒSorry, but I active Negate Attack! Which stops your Monster from Attacking!Ó

Divermon could only watch as Granadora slammed into a wall of wind, which repelled the Reptile Monster, in which Granadora’s Summoner could only end his turn, allowing Davis to commence his counterattack, but not before playing two Cards face-down.

Current Scores:

Davis: 4000

Divermon: 5000

ÒI activate the Spell: Take Over 5!Ó Davis announced, before the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship told Divermon. ÒNow by discarding the top five Cards from my Deck to the Graveyard, I can remove this Card from play next turn and in exchange I can draw one Card.Ó

As Divermon watched as Davis discarded his five Cards, the Sea Animal Digimon couldn’t help but to question himself. ‘What’s this kid up to?’

ÒNext I Summon Neo-Spacian Grand Mole back to the Field. And with everything all ready, it’s time to put my plan into motion.Ó Davis stated, which caused Divermon to ask in confusion. ÒWhat are you talking about, kid?Ó

ÒIt’s time for a Contact Fusion! Neo-Spacian Grand Mole combine with Elemental HERO Neos to form Elemental HERO Grand Neos!Ó (2500/2000) Davis exclaimed, as the two monsters leapt into the air, in which Veemon and Divermon watched in awe as Davis’ Monsters collided in a bright light, and seconds later, the two Monsters had turned into one.

ÒContact Fusion?Ó Veemon asked curiously, in which Gennai replied in a friendly tone. ÒThink of it like a Fusion Summon, only without the requirement of Polymerization.Ó

ÒThat’s so cool!Ó Veemon exclaimed.

ÒAnd if you think that’s something, Veemon. Just wait till you check out Grand Neos’ special ability.Ó Davis replied, before the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship told his Digimon partner and Divermon. ÒSo now I can return any Monster my opponent controls back to their hand!Ó

ÒNo! Now I’m wide open for a direct Attack!Ó Divermon said in a panic filled tone, as the Ultimate level Digimon was forced to return Granadora back to his hand, in which he then groaned out as Grand Neos slammed his massive drill-encased arm into him, inflicting 2500 Points of Damage to his Life Points.

ÒAnd with that I end my turn.Ó Davis then said, in which Grand Neos began to glow brightly, before the Card was returned to Davis’ Extra Deck, which caused Veemon to question in a confused and worried tone. ÒHey, what’s going on? What happened to Davis’ Monster?Ó

ÒWhile the power of Contact Fusion is indeed impressive, it does have one draw back. Monsters Summoned by a Contact Fusion can only stay on the Field for on turn.Ó Gennai explained.

ÒBut that means Davis is Defenseless!Ó Veemon stated in a worried tone, however, his human partner then told him in a reassuring tone. ÒDon’t worry about me, Veemon. So long as I believe in myself and trust my Deck, I won’t lose. I play one Card face-down and end my turn.Ó

ÒI bet you won’t be saying that after I beat ya!Ó Divermon called out, as he drew the top Card from his Deck and began his turn.

Current Scores:

Davis: 4000

Divermon: 3500

ÒI activate the Spell: Card of Demise.Ó Divermon said, before the Ultimate level Digimon explained the Effect of his Spell Card. ÒNow I get to draw five more Cards, but in five turns I must discard my entire hand, not that this Duel will last that long.Ó

ÒNext, I activate my Trap Card: Ultimate Offering. Now I can Summon two Monsters this turn for the price of only 500 Life Points. And if you thought one Granadora was trouble, just wait till there are double!Ó Divermon announced, as two Granadora appeared before him, in which the Sea Animal Digimon’s Life Points went up by 2000. (3000 _ 5000)

ÒAnd with that, my second Trap activates. I reveal Aqua Chorus!Ó Divermon announced, in which the Sea Animal Digimon then exclaimed. ÒNow since there are Monsters on the Field with the same name, they both gain 500 Attack and Defense Points!Ó (1900/700 _ 2200/1200)

ÒAnd now this Duel is mine!Ó Divermon exclaimed, however, it was then Davis called out. ÒNot so fast! I play I play my Quick-Play Spell: Quick Summon!Ó

ÒNow I can Summon a Monster during your turn. So come to the Field Card Trooper!Ó (400/400) Davis called, as he placed the aforementioned Card on his Duel Disc in Defense Mode, only for it to get crushed into pieces by one of Divermon’s Granadora, in which the leader of the younger Digidestined announced. ÒYou just activated the special ability of Card Trooper! When it is sent to the Graveyard, I’m allowed to draw one Card.Ó

ÒWell that won’t help you now, kid!Ó Divermon yelled out, as his second Granadora charged at Davis and struck the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship with its tail, causing Davis to groan out as he lost 2200 Life Points.

ÒI Set two Cards face-down, and with that I end my turn.Ó Divermon said, as a confident smirk appeared on his face, in which the Sea Animal Digimon thought to himself as he watched Davis start his turn. ‘Go ahead and make your move, kid. Even if you do manage to Summon a Monster with a higher Attack than mine, my Traps will give my Granadora duo a serious Attack boost. And then this Duel is as good as mine.’

Current Scores:

Davis: 1800
Divermon: 5000

ÒMy move!Ó Davis called out in a strong voice, as he drew the top Card from his Deck, before the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship stated. ÒAnd now I remove my Take Over 5 Spell Card from play so I can draw one more Card.Ó

Davis then took the aforementioned Spell Card from his Duel Disc and placed it into his jacket pocket, before the leader of the younger Digidestined added a fifth Card from the top of his Deck and then called out. ÒI Summon Elemental HERO Sparkman!Ó (1600/1400)

ÒNext I Equip my Sparkman with Spark Blaster!Ó Davis announced, before the blaster materialized in Sparkman’s right hand and aimed it at the Granadora duo. ÒAnd when Sparkman is Equipped with Spark Blaster, he can fire up to three shots at any Monster on the Field, switching their Mode.Ó

Divermon was shocked as one out of two of his Granadora was forced to Defense Mode, in which the Ultimate level Digimon thought to himself in a panic filled tone. ‘No! Now that my Monster is in Defense Mode, my Traps are useless!’

« And now I use Polymerization to fuse Elemental HERO Sparkman with Elemental HERO Bladedge (2600/1800) in my hand! » Davis announced, in which Sparkman and Bladedge began to swirl into one another, before they both began to glow brightly, in which the leader of the younger Digidestined then called out strongly. « And now, out of two come one. So get ready to meet Elemental HERO Plasma Vice! » (2600/2300)

ÒNext I activate Plasma Vice’s special ability. Now by discarding one Card from my hand I can destroy one Monster you control in Attack Mode!Ó ÒAnd then I’ll have Plasma Vice finish your other Granadora with Plasma Pulsation!Ó

Divermon could only watch in awe as Elemental HERO Plasma Vice’s hands began to charge up with electricity, before the yellow armoured master of lightning fired volts of lightning from both hands, which struck and Destroyed both his Granadora, costing him the Duel, as not only did Plasma Vice’s piercing Effect inflict 1400 Points of Damage to Divermon, but also Granadora’s Life Point Effect acted as a double-edged sword.

While Granadora’s Effect increased the Summoner’s Life Points by 1000 when Summoned, they would automatically lose 2000 if Granadora was sent to the Graveyard, and since Divermon had just lost two Granadora, the Ultimate level Digimon was dealt an extra 4000 Points of Damage.

Ending Scores:

Davis: 1800

Divermon: 0

Veemon then ran over to Davis and happily exclaimed. ÒWay to go Davis! That was amazing!Ó

ÒYeah, you definitely have some moves, kid.Ó Divermon then interrupted, in which Davis and Veemon turned to see the Sea Animal Digimon had a smile on his face, before he stated, as the Ultimate level Digimon walked up to the Digidestined and Digimon of Courage and Friendship. ÒI can now see why the Crest of Miracles chose you as its wielder.Ó

ÒThanks.Ó Davis happily replied, before the leader of the younger Digidestined then held out his right arm and shook hands with Divermon, before the pair broke from their friendly handshake, in which the Ultimate level Digimon then left the dojo, as Davis had one final Duel that would push him to the limit.

ÒExcellent work Davis. You won against every Digimon I had organized for you to face. And I can sense you have built up a very strong bond with your Deck.Ò Gennai said proudly, which caused Davis to ask curiously. ÒDoes that mean we can now return to the Real World now and stop the Society of Light?Ó

ÒNot yet Davis. You have one final challenge to complete.Ó Gennai replied, before Davis and Veemon watched in confusion as Gennai climbed into the inactive Mekanorimon, before the pair realized what the final challenge was as Gennai pulled a Duel Disc out of the cockpit and attached it to his arm.

ÒYour final challenge is to win against me in a Duel.Ó Gennai said, as Mekanorimon moved to the other side of the dojo, in which Gennai then told Davis in a serious tone, as he activated his Duel Disc. ÒAnd I won’t be holding back.Ó

ÒThat’s good. Because I want to show you the skills I have gained from my Deck and the strength it has given me.Ó Davis replied, as he put all of his Cards back into his Deck, shuffled them, before the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship then placed his Deck back into his Duel Disc, in which Davis and Gennai then called out strongly. ÒLet’s Duel!Ó

Starting Scores:

Gennai: 4000

Davis: 4000

ÒI think I’ll make the first move by Summoning The Trojan Horse (1600/1200) in Attack Mode!Ó Gennai announced from his Mekanorimon, before he then said. ÒAnd then I’ll end my turn by Setting two Cards face-down.Ó

ÒI activate Pot of Greed.Ó Davis said as he drew the top two Cards from his Deck, before the leader of the younger Digidestined then exclaimed. ÒNext I activate Polymerization to fuse Elemental HERO Avian and Elemental HERO Burstinatrix in my hand to Summon Elemental HERO Flame Wingman!Ó (2100/1200)

It was then Elemental HERO Avian and Elemental HERO Burstinatrix appeared in front of Davis, before the HERO pair began to swirl into one another and then both began to glow brightly, in which the two and created the one and only Elemental HERO Flame Wingman.

ÒNow go, Flame Wingman and Attack with Infernal Rage!Ó Davis then exclaimed, in which Elemental HERO Flame Wingman’s dragon-like arm opened up and unleashed a wave of fire, which headed straight for Gennai and his Monster, however, Gennai was ready for the Attack.

ÒSorry Davis, But I play the Trap: Hallowed Life Barrier!Ó Gennai called out, as he activated the aforementioned Trap Card, before he explained the Effect of his Trap Card. ÒNow by discarding one Card from my hand to the Graveyard, all Damage is reduced to 0 this turn.Ó

Davis let out a frustrated groan as he watched as Gennai discarded one Card, before a light blue shield of energy circled around him, in which Gennai’s Monster was engulfed by the inferno of Elemental HERO Flame Wingman and Destroyed, but was spared from not only the Damage of Elemental HERO Flame Wingman’s Attack, but also from the green skinned behemoth’s special ability.

ÒI’ll play four Cards face-down and end my turn.Ó Davis then said, as he placed four Cards in the four slots on his Duel Disc, as the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship waited for whatever techniques, and no doubt, amazing moves, Gennai had in store.

ÒI activate the Spell Card: Monster Reborn. Gennai said as he placed the aforementioned Spell Card in the first slot of his Spell/Trap Card zone on his Duel Disc, in which Davis and Veemon watched as The Trojan Horse arose from the Graveyard and back to Gennai’s side of the Field, however, the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship could tell Gennai had something that would push Davis’ skills as a Duelist and his bond with his Deck to the limit.

ÒNext I activate Card of Sanctity.Ó Gennai said, in which Gennai then drew the top five Cards from his Deck, while Davis drew six, in which Gennai then smiled at the Cards he drew and then told the leader of the younger Digidestined in a strong tone of voice. ÒAnd now it’s time to experience the full power of a true bond between a Duelist and his Deck! I Sacrifice The Trojan Horse to Summon Ancient Gear Golem!Ó (3000/3000)

Davis and Veemon could only watch in amazement as Gennai sent The Trojan Horse from his Field to the Graveyard, in which the colossal sized mechanism rose before Gennai and towered above the Digidestined and Digimon of Courage and Friendship.

ÒHold up!Ó Veemon called out, which snapped Davis out of his amazement, in which the Rookie level Digimon called out. ÒAncient Gear Golem has Eight Stars and therefore needs two Sacrifices to be Summoned!Ó

ÒSorry Veemon, but when The Trojan Horse is used to Tribute Summon an Earth Attribute Monster, it counts as two Sacrifices.Ó Gennai replied, before he turned back to Davis and called out as he placed two Cards in the first two slots of his Spell/Trap Card zones on his Duel Disc. ÒNow I activate two Spell Cards! The first one is called Pump up, which doubles the attack of my Monster for one turn. And the second Spell is known as Raigeki, which Destroys all Monsters you control!Ó

It was then Veemon was left speechless, as not only did Ancient Gear Golem’s Attack rise to 6000, but also a massive bolt of lightning struck down from the roof, which Destroyed Elemental HERO Flame Wingman, however, it was then Davis called out. ÒI activate Elemental Mirage!Ó

ÒNow when an Elemental HERO is Destroyed by a Card Effect, it comes right back to the Field.  So return Elemental HERO Flame Wingman!Ó Davis then exclaimed, in which the Elemental Mirage Trap started to crack and as it shattered to pieces Flame Wingman emerged from the Trap.

ÒVery impressive Davis. But my Ancient Gear Golem still has yet to Attack.Ó Gennai commented, before he exclaimed. ÒGo Ancient Gear Golem! Mechanized Melee!Ó

Doing as Gennai had commanded, Ancient Gear Golem pulled its right arm back before the mechanical behemoth shot slammed its fist forward, in which Gennai and Veemon expected Elemental HERO Flame Wingman to be Destroyed and for Davis to be on 100 Life Points, but the pair were confused when Ancient Gear Golem’s strike was brought to a halt, as the towering automaton’s fist stopped inches away from Davis’ Monster, causing Veemon to question in curiosity and confusion. ÒHey Davis, what’s going on?Ó

ÒSimple. I activated my Trap: Draining Shield, Which not only stopped Gennai’s Attack, but increased my Life Points by the Attack of Ancient Gear Golem.Ó Davis replied, in which Veemon thought to himself. ‘Whoa! Davis is Dueling like never before. It looks like Ancient Gear Golem isn’t the only one who’s getting pumped up.’

ÒI’ll just end my turn.Ó Gennai said, as a smile appeared on his face, as he could tell Davis’ bond with his new Deck was getting stronger with every turn.

Current Scores:

Gennai: 4000

Davis: 10000

ÒI activate Fusion Recovery!Ó Davis called out, as the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship activated the aforementioned Spell, before he then explained the Effect of his Spell. ÒNow I can return Polymerization and one Elemental HERO back to my hand.Ó

ÒAnd now I use Polymerization to fuse the Elemental HERO on the Field with Elemental HERO Sparkman in my hand to create Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman!Ó (2500/2100) Davis exclaimed, as Sparkman appeared behind Elemental HERO Flame Wingman, in which the HERO pair were surrounded by lightning, before Gennai and Veemon had to shield their eyes as Bright light emitted from Davis’ side of the Field.

And when the light died down, Gennai and Veemon were both amazed to see Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman standing proudly before Davis.

ÒNext, I play the Spell Card: Fake Hero. And with its power Elemental Hero Neos is Special Summoned to the Field from my hand!Ó Davis announced, as he placed his Elemental HERO Neos Card on his Duel Disc, which appeared beside Shining Flare Wingman, before the leader of the younger Digidestined called out. ÒAnd since I haven’t technically Summoned yet, I’ll Summon Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab!Ó (500/500)

ÒNow it’s time for a Contact Fusion! I combine Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab with Elemental HERO Neos to form…Ó Davis exclaimed, as the two monsters leapt into the air, collided in a bright light, and seconds later, the two Monsters had turned into Ò…Elemental HERO Flare Neos!Ó (2500/2000)

ÒAnd now the special abilities of my HEROES activate! So for every Spell and Trap Card on the Field Flare Neos gains 400 extra Attack Points. And For every Elemental HERO in my Graveyard Shining Flare Wingman gains 300 extra Attack Points, and I count three Set Cards and four Elemental HERO Monsters in the Graveyard!Ó Davis announced, in which both Shining Flare Wingman and Flare Neos each gained an additional 1200 Attack Points, raising the Elemental HERO pair’s Attack to 3700.

ÒWay to go Davis!Ó Veemon cheered, before the blue dragon Digimon called out. ÒNow send Gennai and his Ancient Gear Golem to the scrap yard!Ó

ÒRight Veemon.Ó Davis replied before the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship exclaimed. ÒShining Flare Wingman Attack!Ó

However, as Shining Flare Wingman lunged at Ancient Gear Golem, Gennai then announced. ÒNot so fast Davis. I activate my face-down Spell: Limiter Removal!Ó

It was then Ancient Gear Golem’s Attack once again rose to 6000, which caused Veemon to worry for his human partner, but it was then Davis suddenly called out. ÒI’ll see your Spell Card and play my own! De-Fusion!Ó

ÒImpressive move Davis. Now your Shining Flare Wingman will split back into Flame Wingman and Sparkman, ceasing your Attack and sparing your life Points.Ó Gennai commented, however, a small smirk appeared on Davis’ face, before the leader of the younger Digidestined asked in sly tone. ÒNow whoever said I was going to use De-Fusion on Flare Wingman?Ó

Hearing Davis’ question caused Gennai to question back in a surprised tone. ÒYou’re not?Ó

ÒNo. I use on De-Fusion Elemental HERO Flare Neos!Ó Davis exclaimed, in which Flare Neos split apart and returned to Elemental HERO Neos and Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab.

ÒAnd if you’re wondering why I chose Flare Neos, I’ll show ya. I activate the Trap: Neos Spiral Force! Now, since I have Elemental HERO Neos on the Field, I can double the Attack of any Monster on the Field for one turn. And I choose Shining Flare Wingman!Ó Davis exclaimed, which left Gennai and Veemon speechless as Shining Flare Wingman began to glow a bright gold, as his Attack shot up from 3400 to 6800.

ÒAnd when Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman Destroys a Monster, you take Damage equal to the Attack of the Monster I just Destroyed!Ó Davis told Gennai, before the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship then exclaimed. ÒFlare Wingman, end this Duel with Solar Flare!Ó

Doing as Davis had commanded, Shining Flare Wingman slammed his right fist into Ancient Gear Golem’s chest, causing Mekanorimon to collapse onto its knees as the Machine Digimon short-circuited by the overwhelming power as Gennai lost over 6000 Life Points in one devastating shot, but while Mekanorimon went out of commission, Gennai closed his eyes and smiled.

Ending Scores:

Davis: 10000

Gennai: 0

After the Duel was over and the holograms faded, Davis asked in a curious tone. ÒSo, how did I do Gennai?Ó

ÒPerfect. Not only did you not lose a single Life Point, but through the entire Duel I could tell you put all your trust in your Cards and they gave it right back.Ó Gennai happily replied, before he stated in a proud tone. ÒI have no doubts now that the Society of Light will stop you now.Ó

ÒGreat!Ó Veemon exclaimed happily, before the ‘V’ marked Digimon asked curiously. ÒNow we can return to the Real World right?Ó

In response to Veemon’s question, Gennai smiled and said. ÒJust one more thing before you go.Ó

ÒWhat is it?Ó Veemon questioned, as he and Davis watched as Gennai began to rummage through Mekanorimon’s cockpit, until he came across something very important, and intended for Veemon.

ÒVeemon, catch.Ó Gennai then called out from inside Mekanorimon, in which Veemon was a little surprised when Gennai suddenly threw something out of his Mekanorimon, but the blue dragon Digimon’s surprise was heightened as the item Gennai had thrown to him was a familiar golden Digi-Egg, which then shone brightly and then, standing in Veemon’s place was no longer the Rookie level Digimon, but the Digimon that destroyed Kimeramon, Magnamon.

ÒThe Digi-Egg of Miracles!Ó Magnamon stated in a highly surprised tone, before he questioned Gennai. ÒWhere did you find it?Ó

ÒIt doesn’t matter where I found it. What matters is that you now own it.Ó Gennai happily replied, in which Davis checked his D-Terminal and was amazed to see the data of the Digi-Egg of Miracles had been uploaded into his D-Terminal, beside the Digi-Egg of Courage and the Digi-Egg of Friendship, which caused Magnamon to ask in an excited tone. « Now that we have the Digi-Egg of Miracles, does this mean I can Digivolve to Magnamon anytime I want? »

In response to Magnamon’s question, Gennai smiled, nodded his head and told the gold armour plated Digimon. ÒThough it does use more energy than ExVeemon, Flamedramon or Raidramon, I know just like Davis and his Deck, you’ll use your power as the Digimon of Miracles wisely.Ó

ÒThanks Gennai.Ó Magnamon replied, before he De-Digivolved back to Veemon and stated. ÓI won’t let ya down.Ó

With that all done, Davis then pulled out his D-3 and called out. ÒDigiport Open!Ó

As Davis and Veemon headed back to the Real World, Gennai thought to himself in a pleased and proud. ‘Good luck you two. The fate of your sister, Odaiba and the entire Digital World are in your hands. And I know neither of you will fail your duties as the bearers of Miracles.’

—-Age of characters—-
Ash Ketchum: Age 17
Dawn: Age 16
Chapter 3: Making new friends

On board a large luxury ship heading straight for Duel Academy coming into view from a distance, were various male and female teenagers, dressed in Slifer Red, Ra Yellow, or Obelisk Blue uniforms, varying on their Dueling skills, however, even with all the new students, one stands out, and that is non other than Davis Motomiya, the Digidestined of Courage, Friendship and Miracles and one of the Chosen Duelists, who is now wearing a male Obelisk Blue blazer over a black shirt, light grey pants and a pair of white and red coloured sneakers.

‘Finally I’ve made it to Duel Academy. Now all I have to do is save my friends from a maniacal mastermind who wants to take over the world, some things never change.’ Davis thought to himself.

But it was then Davis’ thoughts were interrupted when a large gym-bag beside Davis began to shake, before the bag unzipped, in which Veemon and Silvermon then poked their heads out, before Davis’ Digimon partner told his human partner. ÒCheer up, Davis. You are finally going to Duel Academy like you dreamed.Ó

Davis yelped out in shock, before he tried to push Veemon’s head back into the gym bag as the leader of the younger Digidestined told his Digimon partner. ÒVeemon! What did I tell you? It might have been several years since we kicked MaloMyotismon’s sorry butt, however, not everybody is exactly used to acknowledging Digimon, yet! What if someone sees you?Ó

ÒWell, it’s not fair.Ó Veemon whined as the Rookie level Digimon fought Davis’ forceful pushing, before he asked, as the ‘V’ marked Digimon looked over to his right. ÒHow come that girl can have those creatures out?Ó

It was then Davis and Silvermon looked over to see a girl around his age with dark blue hair, deep blue eyes, a white coloured beanie on her head and an Obelisk Blue uniform, while a small brown rabbit was rubbing the back of a small yellow mouse with a lightning bolt shaped tail who looked quite depressed.

ÒThose are PokŽmon, Veemon. And the reason she can have them out is because she is a PokŽmon Trainer, and from what I’ve heard about them is that when a PokŽmon Trainer captures or obtains a PokŽmon trough trading, they will obey their Trainer, so long as they are treated with respect. And besides, they aren’t causing any trouble.Ó Davis explained.

ÒWell, alright.Ó Veemon replied, as his question had been answered, but it was then Veemon looked over to a girl with orange hair, which had been tied up into a spiky ponytail and a teenage boy around the same age as him with gray eyes, blue hair and backpack, both of whom were wearing standard Duel Academy uniforms, with the girl wearing a Ra Yellow jacket, while the boy was wearing an Obelisk Blue jacket, and then asked. ÒBut what about her? How come she can have her Digimon out?Ó

ÒWhat Digimon?Ó Davis questioned back as the Digidestined of Miracles couldn’t see any other Digimon other than Veemon and Silvermon.

ÒI think he means me.Ó A female voice then replied behind Davis, which caused the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship to jump back in surprise, before he turned around to see a tall and slender Digimon with yellow fur and purple gloves, better known as Renamon.

ÒRenamon, I thought I told you to stay hidden.Ó The orange haired girl then said in a serious tone, in which Renamon then bowed her head and said in an apologetic tone. ÒI apologize Rika. But when Veemon sensed my presence, I decided not to hide myself from him or Davis.Ó

ÒWait! How do you know about us?Ó Veemon asked in a surprised tone, in which Davis replied. ÒRemember, we did defeat MaloMyotismon and stopped him from shrouding the entire world in eternal darkness, and I don’t think that would go unnoticed.Ó

ÒThat’s true. But we also know about you, your friends and fights in the Digital World against the forces of evil from the Digimon Adventure series on TV.Ó A voice told Davis, Veemon and Silvermon, which confused the trio as to where the voice came from, until the backpack on the teen’s back opened up, revealing a Terriermon hiding within, before the Rookie level Digimon got out and said. ÒSorry Henry. But it was getting cramped in there. I don’t know ho you guys do it.Ó

ÒYou’ll get used to it. Veemon commented, before the ‘V’ marked Digimon asked in a curious tone, as he and Silvermon got out of Davis’ bag. ÒBut what do you mean about the Digimon Adventure series?Ó

ÒMoumantai.Ó Terriermon replied, before Henry’s Digimon partner explained that back in their hometown, Shinjuku, that somehow the adventures the older and younger Digidestined went through was turned into a television series, that generated countless fans, including the leader of the Tamers, Takato Matsuki, and it was through the love of Digimon and was inspired by Agumon and Veemon to draw his own Digimon, Guilmon, which gave him life in the Digital World, before the newly created Digimon Bio-emerged into the Real World, where he meet Takato, who was naturally afraid to see a real life monster made of data, but then realized that Guilmon was no harm to him, and was actually his Digimon Partner, while Takato is his Tamer, in which the two became good friends.

Henry then continued the tale and told Davis, Veemon and Silvermon that eventually after he learnt that he wasn’t the only Tamer that he became close friends with Takato and Guilmon, and though they started off as enemies towards Takato, Guilmon, Henry and Terriermon, as Rika felt that Digimon, including her Digimon partner, Renamon, were only created to fight and were programmed for nothing else, but soon learnt that Digimon had thoughts, feelings and were just as real as her, in which Rika and Renamon soon became friends with the two Tamers and their Digimon Partners.

And it was after Henry told the Digidestined of Courage and Friendship, his Digimon partner and his sister’s Digimon about how thanks to Guilmon exceeding the power of his Mega form, Gallantmon, that he was able to transform into his Crimson Mode and defeat a mutated program that was originally designed to reduce artificial intelligence to its original state if it exceeded its original parameters, but due to its programming, it believed humans and Digimon had evolved too far and tried to eradicate all living forms in both the Digital World and Real World, but was reverted back to its original harmless state and sent it back to the Digital World, where it remained docile ever since, as well as a swarm of Mega level Digimon known as Parasimon, which could control people and Digimon through its tentacles, and wanted to destroy Shinjuku, but were stopped by the undeniable power Gallantmon wielded in his Crimson Mode, which caused Davis to say in an impressed tone. ÒWhoa! That’s amazing. But where are Takato and Guilmon cause I’d really like to meet them.Ó

ÒI’m sure Takato and Guilmon would like to meet you too, Davis.Ó Henry replied, before he told Davis in a somewhat saddened tone. ÒBut unfortunately Takato and Guilmon aren’t with us.Ó

ÒWhat do you mean?Ó Silvermon questioned, in which Rika replied in her usual serious tone. ÒWhat he means is Gogglehead and his Digimon are already at Duel Academy. It all started several days ago…Ó

—-Flashback: Within Shinjuku Park —-

Currently waiting patiently for their friends was a familiar red haired girl and her foxy Digimon partner, Renamon, who had been asked by Takato over the phone to meet him and Guilmon as they had something they both wanted to share and tell them.

Meanwhile, as Takato and his Digimon partner, the kind hearted and always friendly virus-type Digimon, Guilmon, were waiting for Rika and Renamon, Henry, Jeri and Terriermon were hiding in the distance and out of sight, as they both knew that after so long, the leader of the Tamers and his Digimon partner were ready to confess their feelings towards the Digimon Queen and her loyal Digimon Partner.

It was after Guilmon had released Rika from Parasimon’s control and Takato saved her from losing her life on Locomon that he had started to fall in love with her, and though he had developed a crush on Jeri, Takato’s feelings towards Rika were much stronger than those compared to Jeri, and it was after Henry asked Jeri on a date, in which they soon became boyfriend and girlfriend that shortly after, any feelings towards Jeri, other than friendship were gone.

Takato was happy that the pair had fallen in love, and in turn Henry and Jeri wished Takato and Guilmon the best of luck when they would tell Rika and Renamon that they loved them.

However, Takato and Guilmon were soon to find out how Rika and Renamon felt about them as they could see the pair walking over to them, in which the Digimon Queen then asked in her usual serious tone. ÒSo why did you want to see us, Gogglehead?Ó

In response to Rika’s question, Takato couldn’t help himself but to scratch the back of his head as he stuttered out. ÒWell… Uh… Rika… Um… You know how we’re going to Duel Academy in a few days?Ó

ÒYeah.Ó Rika replied, curious as to where Takato was going with his question.

ÒWell, we wanted to give these Cards to you.Ó Takato replied, which surprised Rika and Renamon, as the leader of the Tamers and the red dragon each handed their respective love interest a Duel Monsters Card.

ÒHow come?Ó Renamon asked in a curious tone, as she looked at the Card Guilmon had handed her, in which Takato’s Digimon partner replied as a tiny blush appeared on his cheeks. ÒIt’s because you’re our friends and we really like you both.Ó

ÒAnd we… Uh… Care a lot about you two… And what I’m really trying to say Rika, is that I…Ó Takato began to say, however, it was then the leader of the Tamers was interrupted when his cell phone began to ring, which annoyed Guilmon’s Tamer, but answered it never the less. ÒHello?Ó

It was after a few moments of watching Takato talk with the unknown caller that the leader of the Tamers then ending his conversation, before he told Guilmon as he placed his cell phone back into his jacket pocket. ÒSorry but we have to go home Guilmon.Ó

ÒHow come?Ó Guilmon asked in a curious tone, in which Takato told his Digimon partner. ÓThe person who just called was a representative from Duel Academy and wanted to meet me back home for part of some kind of last minute Duel initiation.Ó

ÒDuel initiation?Ó Renamon then asked in a curious tone.

ÒYeah, I’m not exactly sure what this Duel initiation is all about but the caller said that they wanted to Duel me to test my Dueling skills to see if I was worthy of joining some kind of group called the Society of Light.Ó Takato replied, before the goggle wearing teen turned to Guilmon and said. ÒC’mon boy. The sooner we get this Duel initiation over, the sooner we can return.Ó

ÒOk, Takato.Ó Guilmon replied in a loyal tone, before the bearer of the Digital Hazard mark followed his Tamer back to the Matsuki residence, however, neither were aware of the dangers they were going to step into.

—-End Flashback—-

Ò…And after Renamon and I went to see if Takato had creamed the Duel Academy representative, we learnt that they had left for Duel Academy sometime ago.Ó Rika told Davis, Veemon and Silvermon, as the female Tamer ended her story.

ÒBut we don’t know what happened in the Duel or even if Takato won.Ó Renamon then added, before a voice that was only familiar to the Tamers and their Digimon partners said. ÒI can answer that.Ó

It was then Veemon noticed something small and white hiding inside a lifejacket, in which the blue dragon Digimon lifted the lifejacket up, revealing non other than…

ÒCalumon?Ó Henry questioned, before he asked. ÒWhat are you doing here?Ó

ÒI’m here to help save Takato and Guilmon from the scary Light.Ó Calumon replied, before the Digimon of Digivolution explained.

—-Flashback: After Takato and Guilmon had left Shinjuku Park—-

Calumon was happily skipping and signing a song about not having to wear underwear through Shinjuku, as thanks to Takato, Guilmon and the other Tamers and Digimon partners that people no longer feared Digimon and were gladly welcomed, as long as they didn’t cause trouble.

However, Calumon stopped when he heard an unknown male voice call out from the front of the Matsuki bakery. ÒIt’s my move and get ready to say goodbye to your Blue-eyes!Ó

Curious as to who was Dueling, Calumon quietly made his way over to Takato’s home, just out of sight so he wasn’t detected, but thanks to his heightened Digimon senses, the friendly Digimon could hear the Duel perfectly, in which Calumon watched as Takato, who had one of his most powerful Monsters, Blue-Eyes White Dragon (3000/2500), which annoyed Seto Kaiba that Pegasus had made more copies of his rarest Dragon, and a face-down, who was Dueling a black haired male around the same age as the leader of the tamers, dressed completely in white, who had VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon. (3000/2800) on his side of the Field, however, Calumon’s senses could also sense an unusual and wicked presence emitting from the unknown Duelist.

And Calumon wasn’t the only Digimon who was uneasy by the Duelist dressed in white, as Guilmon’s eyes had narrowed into slit shapes and was snarling as the red dragon Digimon too could sense the uncomfortable force contained within Takato’s opponent.

ÒI now activate the Effect of my VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon. (3000/2800) So, now I can remove any Card from play you control!Ó The black haired Duelist then announced, in which Takato could only watch as his Blue-Eyes White Dragon was sent to oblivion, before the Duelist dressed in white then commanded. ÒDragon Catapult Cannon Attack him directly with Ultimate Destruction!Ó

ÒNot so fast Chazz. I reveal my Trap Card: Magic Cylinder!Ó Takato called out, revealing his opponent’s name, before the goggle wearing teen explained. ÒAnd thanks to my Trap, not only are my Life Points spared, but you take the Damage I would’ve taken.Ó

It was then VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon fired two devastating blasts of blue energy from the cannons on its chest, which went straight into the cylinder on the right and fired from the left cylinder, striking Chazz with 3000 Points of Damage from the Attack of his own Monster, but Chazz didn’t seem the least bit fazed by the Trap and the high amount of Damage he had just received, which worried Takato a little.

But Takato had more to worry about, as VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon remained on the Field, before Chazz then said. ÒI play two Cards face-down and end my turn.Ó

Current Scores:

Takato: 3800

Chazz: 700

As Takato drew the top Card from his Deck to his hand, the leader of the Tamers smiled and told Chazz. ÒWhile there are no Monsters in my Deck with more Attack Points than your Dragon Catapult Cannon, there will soon be one as I Summon Gale Dogra (650/600) in Defense Mode.Ó

ÒOh please. What can that little pest do?Ó Chazz asked in an unimpressed tone.

ÒI’ll show you. Now at the cost of 3000 Life Points I can send any Fusion Monster from my Extra Deck right to the Graveyard.Ó Takato replied, before the goggle wearing teen then announced as he placed a Spell Card in the first slot of his Spell/Trap Card zone on his Duel Disc. ÒBut my Monster won’t be in the Graveyard for long, because I use the Spell Card: Monster Reborn on my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!Ó (4500/4000)

It was then the three headed Blue-Eyes of undeniable power rose before Takato, letting out a fearsome roar at Chazz with all three of his heads, however, the Ojama Duelist still didn’t show any signs of worry, and he was about to show why.

ÒNice try, Chosen Duelist. But you’ve fallen right into my trap.Ó Chazz told Takato, before he activated his face-down Trap Card and announced. ÒI activate Chthonian Polymer!Ó

Takato, Guilmon and Calumon could only watch as both VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon shattered to pieces, before a ring of fire arose before Chazz, and from the flames emerged Takato’s Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, which then let out a loud and fearsome roar at his former Summoner, before the Duelist dressed in white laughed out and then told the leader of the Tamers. ÒFrom the second you Summoned that Blue-Eyes, destiny told me you had a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. And now your Monster is mine.Ó

Takato let out a frustrated groan that his most powerful Monster was now being used against him, until the leader of the Tamers then said. ÒDon’t forget Chazz, it’s still my turn and I’ll use it to play two Cards face-down.Ó

As Chazz drew the top Card from his Deck and began his turn, Takato thought to himself. ‘Chazz my have my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon now but the second he Attacks, I’ll spring my first Trap on him, Mirror Force, which will Destroy every Monster he has in Attack Mode. And then with my second Trap: Call of the Haunted, I’ll be ale to bring my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon back to my side of the Field and win the Duel.’

ÒFirst I activate my face-down Card; Ring of Destruction, which Destroys any Monster on the Field and we both take Damage equal to the Destroyed Monster’s Attack points.Ó Chazz said, before Gale Dogra began to squirm around as a collar materialized around the Insect Type Monster’s neck, before it exploded, dealing 650 Points of Damage to both Duelists.

ÒNext, I’ll play the Spell Card: White Veil and Equip it to my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.Ó Chazz told Takato, which bothered the goggle wearing teen that the black haired Duelist would refer to Takato’s Card as his own and was confused as to what exactly White Veil did, as all the blue on the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon was removed, leaving him completely white, while his eyes turned violet, making him a ‘Violet-Eyes Ultimate Dragon.’

ÒAnd now to end this Duel.Ó Chazz said, before he commanded to Takato’s Monster. ÒBlue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon prepare to Attack!Ó

As each head of the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon began to charge up with a dangerously powerful force of energy, Takato suddenly called out. ÒNot so fast Chazz! I play my Trap Card: Mirror Force!Ó

As Takato’s Trap rose up, both he and Guilmon were shocked as Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon remained on Chazz’s side of the Field and Mirror Force wasn’t activating, which caused the friendly natured virus-type Digimon ÒWhat’s going on Takato? Why isn’t your Trap working?Ó

However, before Takato could come up with an answer, the leader of the Tamers was interrupted when Chazz told him and Guilmon. ÒSimple, my White Veil Spell protects my Dragon from all your Spell and Trap Cards and stops them from becoming active.Ó

Hearing that shocked Takato and Guilmon, but not as much as when Chazz then exclaimed. ÒAnd now for you to see the Light, Chosen Duelist. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Attack Takato directly with Neutron Blast!Ó

It was then all three heads of the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon fired a blast of intense energy right at Takato, which caused him to cry out as he was thrown back and slammed with a devastating 4500 Life Points.

Ending Scores:

Takato: 0

Chazz: 50

ÒTakato!Ó Guilmon called out in a concerned tone as the Duel ended, before the red dragon Digimon demanded as his tone and stance both turned aggressive. ÒWhat did you do to him!?Ó

ÒHe helped me see the Light, Guilmon. That’s what he did.Ó Takato suddenly replied, as he got back to his feet, before the leader of the Tamers stated, as a sly smile appeared on his face. ÒJust like I’ll do for you.Ó

Takato then pulled out his D-Power and held it at Guilmon, which confused and worried him as the kindhearted virus-type Digimon could sense his Tamer was under the same impure influence Chazz was, but it was then an energy whip, like Ryo used to discipline and keep Cyberdramon under control, except was a pale white colour, suddenly shot out and wrapped around Guilmon’s neck, causing the bearer of the Digital Hazard mark to cry out, before he collapsed onto all fours, as all the black markings on Guilmon’s entire being slowly turned white.

It was after Guilmon’s markings had turned completely white that Takato asked in a sly tone, as the goggle wearing teen dispelled his energy whip and put away his D-Power, which was now violet and a pale white. ÒSo how do you feel now, boy?Ó

ÒMuch better, Takato. Because I now see the Light.Ó Guilmon replied, as he had been turned into another pawn of the Society of Light.

—-End Flashback—-

After Calumon had finished telling Davis, Veemon, Silvermon, the Tamers and their Digimon partners about what had happened to Takato and Guilmon, the Digimon of Courage and Friendship said. ÒThis isn’t good, Davis. First, Sartorius gets to Jun and now he’s turning other innocent people and Digimon into his puppets.Ó

ÒI agree, Veemon. Sartorius and the Society of Light must be stopped as soon as possible.Ó Davis replied in a serious tone.

ÒExcuse me. But did you say the Society of Light?Ó A female voice then asked, in which the humans and Digimon turned to see it was the girl with the rabbit PokŽmon and the Electric mouse, better known as Buneary and Pikachu.

ÒYeah. But how do you know about them?Ó Silvermon then asked in a curious tone, wondering if it was possible that the unknown PokŽmon Trainer was one of the Chosen Duelists who managed to win in a Duel against one of Sartorius followers.

ÒFirst off, my name is Dawn. And second, I’d like to apologize for eavesdropping.Ó Dawn said, before she told them. ÒMy friend, Ash, was challenged to a Duel by one of those Society of Light weirdoes.Ó

ÒAnd he lost?Ó Renamon asked curiously.

ÒPikachu Pika Pi Pika Pi Pikachu Pi.Ó Pikachu then said, in which Veemon then said in a sympathetic tone, as he began to gently pat Pikachu’s back. ÒThat’s a real shame. I feel for ya, pal.Ó

Everyone, excluding Pikachu, Buneary and the other Digimon were quite surprised that a Digimon and PokŽmon were conversing, in which Davis asked his Digimon partner in a surprised tone. ÒHold on, Veemon. You can actually understand what he’s saying?Ó

ÒAs clear as if you were speaking to me, Davis.Ó Veemon replied, as the blue dragon Digimon nodded his head, before the Digimon of Miracles then interpreted for Ash’s PokŽmon. ÒPikachu says that he and Ash were really close friends until he was challenged to a Duel against some girl from the Society of Light. The next thing you know, he says his Trainer started acting weirdly when he lost the Duel. Like his personality had been completely changed. Almost like…Ó

However Veemon was interrupted when another unknown female voice asked. Ò…Like his emotions had been frozen?Ó

It was then the Digidestined and Digimon of Miracles, the Tamers and their Digimon partners, Dawn, Pikachu and Buneary all turned to see a group of people, including a young woman with blonde hair, green eyes, a pink cap and an Obelisk Blue outfit.

Two boys around the same age as Davis, wearing Ra Yellow uniforms, with one having parted black hair and the other male with spiky brown hair and was somewhat overweight.

And lastly, were two kids who looked to be several years younger than everyone else and were both wearing Slifer Red jackets, but that didn’t mean their Dueling Decks or skills were to be underestimated.

ÒYeah. How did you know?Ó Dawn asked in a curious tone, in which one of the boys in the Slifer Red jacket, which was also wearing a light brown hat backwards, which was too big for his head, but was readjusted with the strap of a pair of goggles replied. ÒBecause the same thing happened to my brother and his friend, Takuya and Koji.Ó

It was then the girl introduced herself as Zoe Orimoto and told how she and her friends had come from Shinbuya where over three years ago all, except for Shinya, had each received a mysterious message from a mysterious female caller, who lead them to Shinbuya’s subway station where they each traveled to their Digital World, where they worked together and faced many hardships, including facing against the Legendary Warrior of Darkness, Duskmon, who was actually Koji’s twin brother, Koichi, who had his memories erased and was given the corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness by the corrupted Celestial Digimon, but after a heated battle between the brothers and Takuya, Koichi was freed from the darkness and after proving the darkness that remained within him could be used for good, joined Koji and his friends on their adventure to save the Digital World and to defeat Koichi’s puppet master, Cherubimon, who it turns out was merely being used as a puppet too, by the twisted fallen angel, Lucemon, who was sealed within the core of the Digital World, and was reawakened from his underground prison after his two strongest Digimon, the Royal Knights, had collected enough data for him and in return he betrayed them and consumed their data, Digivolving him to his Ultimate form, Lucemon Chaos Mode.

Even with this newfound power, Lucemon Chaos Mode met his end when Takuya and Koji fused together, creating Susanoomon, which destroyed Lucemon Chaos Mode with his Celestial Blade attack, however, Takuya and the others were soon to find out their fight wasn’t over yet.

When Susanoomon scanned Lucemon, only the good data was scanned, leaving the evil data to reform itself into a dark Digi-Egg, which hatched into Lucemon Shadowlord Mode.

This new evil Digimon tried to make his way into the Real World, however the Legendary Warriors united together as one and became Susanoomon in one last fight to determine the fate of both the Real World and the Digital World.

Using his Celestial Blade, Susanoomon cut Lucemon Shadow Lord Mode in half, releasing every piece of data that he and his minions took and restored the entire Digital World, however, Lucemon Larva emerged from his destroyed puppet and stung Susanoomon.

Susanoomon then split into the Legendary Warriors in their Human Spirit forms, each wielding a sword broken out of Susanoomon’s cannon and using the sword, each of the Legendary Warriors slashed Lucemon, at last defeating him and at long last restoring peace to the Digital World, while keeping the Real World safe.

However, Shinbuya and their Digital World couldn’t be safe forever, as they all learnt when Ophanimon, the Celestial Digimon who had chosen them to save the Digital World in the first place, forewarned the Legendary Warriors that an evil, which used the game of Duel Monsters and a form impure Light as a method to transform innocent Duelists into willing pawns of the Society of Light, including Takuya Kanbara, who was revealed to be one of the Chosen Duelists and Koichi’s twin brother, Koji Minamoto.

And it was after Zoe had finished telling her story about how she and her friends saved the Digital World and now their leader and the Wielder of the Spirits of Light had been turned against them that Dawn then thought to herself. ‘So, Ash has been brainwashed by the Society of Light?’

—-Flashback: Several days ago in the Kanto Region—-

Just outside the home of Ash Ketchum was the aforementioned PokŽmon Trainer, Pikachu, Dawn and her Buneary, who had decided to take a break from their adventures and relax in the same town where the journey of Ash and Pikachu had began.

Currently, Pikachu and Buneary were watching and cheering for their respective PokŽmon Trainer as Ash and Dawn were in the middle of a Duel, as Duel Monsters had become quite a popular Card Game in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova, so much that the PokŽmon Trainers were planning on going to Duel Academy to test their skills, learn some new topics and techniques about Duel Monsters and make some new friends.

However, the Ash and Dawn’s Duel was interrupted when a female voice told them. ÒYou both have some pretty impressive skills.Ó

Ash, Pikachu, Dawn and Buneary then turned around to see a female with long blonde hair and dressed in a white version of the Obelisk Blue outfits from Duel Academy, before the girl then pointed at Ash and stated. ÒBut I only came to challenge you, Chosen Duelist.Ó

ÒIf it’s a Duel you want, then a Duel you’ll get! Cause I never back down from a challenge.Ó Ash replied, as he took all of his Cards and began to shuffle them, while Dawn, Pikachu and Buneary moved to give the black haired teen and his opponent some room, however, both Pikachu and Buneary could sense an unpleasant force coming from within the unknown Duelist.

Out of curiosity, Dawn then asked. ÒSo who exactly are you? And why do you want to Duel Ash?Ó

ÒI’m Alexis Rhodes. And I have my orders from the leader Society of Light, master Sartorius, for the Chosen Duelists to see the Light.Ó Alexis replied, before she thought to herself. ‘Plus, this will make up for my failings in Odaiba.’

After Ash finished shuffling his Deck, he placed it back in his Duel Disc, in which the PokŽmon Trainer and Alexis then called out as the Duel began ÒGame on!Ó

Starting Scores:

Ash: 4000

Alexis: 4000

ÒThe first move is mine.Ó Ash said, as he drew the sixth Card from the top of his Deck before the black haired teen announced as he began his turn. ÒI Summon Wattlemur (800/100) in Defense Mode and next I activate my Field Spell: Wattcastle!Ó

It was then Alexis watched in awe as a massive castle that was letting off bolts of lightning in random directions rose behind Ash, which caused her to question. ÓWhat is that thing?Ó

ÒThis is my Wattcastle. And as for what it does is a real shock. Whenever your Monsters Attack any of my Monsters that have Watt in their name, your Monsters automatically lose 1000 Attack Points.Ó Ash told Alexis, before the PokŽmon Trainer then said as he placed two Cards in the first and second slots of his Spell/Trap Card zones on his Duel Disc. ÒBut now I’ll end my turn with two Cards face-down.Ó

ÒI Summon Cyber Tutu (1000/800) in Attack Mode!Ó Alexis announced, as she placed the aforementioned Monster on her Duel Disc, before the blond then commanded. ÒGo Tutu and Attack with Pounding Pirouette!Ó

Obeying Alexis, Cyber Tutu jumped at Wattlemur and kicked Ash’s Monster in the chest, shattering it to pieces as it was sent to the Graveyard, however, Alexis was going to pay dearly.

It was then the Wattcastle unleashed a devastating bolt of lightning directly at Cyber Tutu, which struck her and caused Alexis’ Monster to collapse onto all fours as Cyber Tutu’s Attack was reduced to 0, but it was then another bolt of lightning fired from the castle, only this time the bolt stuck Alexis, causing her to collapse onto her hands and knees.

ÒWhat’s going on?Ó Alexis groaned out in confusion.

ÒSimple. When Wattlemur is sent from the Field to the Graveyard by my opponent, none of your Monsters can Attack next turn.Ó Ash replied, which caused Alexis to groan out in frustration as the only Monster on her Field had no Attack Points, she was incapable of Attacking next turn, but little did Ash know Alexis still had a few tricks up her sleeve. ÒI’ll play one Card face-down and end my turn.Ó

ÒI activate the Spell Card: Wattcine!Ó Ash called out, as he placed his latest Spell in the third slot of his Spell/Trap Card zone on his Duel Disc, which caused Alexis to question. ÒAnd what does that Watt thing do?Ó

ÒYou’ll see in just a minute.Ó Ash replied, before the Pokemon Trainer announced. ÒBut now, I Summon Wattcobra (1000/500) in Attack Mode!Ó

ÒNow Wattcobra Attack with Watt Strike!Ó Ash then called out, in which Wattcobra surrounded itself in electricity, before Ash’s Monster lunged forward, however, it was then Alexis announced. ÒNot so fast. I activate my face-down Card: Prima Light!Ó

ÒNow by Sacrificing my Cyber Tutu, I can Special Summon my Cyber Prima (2300/1600) in my hand!Ó Alexis told Ash, as Cyber Tutu was sent to the Graveyard and replaced by Cyber Prima, before the blond then said. ÒAnd now Cyber Prima’s ability activates, so say your goodbyes to all your face-up Spell Cards.Ó

But it was then Alexis was shocked to see that neither Wattcastle or Wattcine were Destroyed, and what was more confusing to her was a large red X had appeared beneath Cyber Prima’s feet.

But her confusion was explained when Ash replied, as he held out a Monster Card known as Wattfox. (800/100) ÒSorry but you’ve fallen right into my trap. I activate Wattcancel. Now by discarding one Monster with Watt in its name, I can negate your Monster’s Summoning and Destroy it!Ó

Alexis could only watch as a massive bolt of lightning shot down from the sky and Destroyed her Cyber Prima, but the blond had more to worry about as Ash then said. ÒAnd don’t forget about my Wattcobra.Ó

It was then Wattcobra struck Alexis in the chest, inflicting 1000 Points of Damage to her Life Points, in which Ash then told the blond. ÒAnd now the Effects of both Wattcine and Wattcobra activate.Ó

ÒWhenever you take Damage from a Watt Monster, my Life Points increase by that amount.Ó Ash explained, as his Life Points increased by 1000, before the black haired teen explained Wattcobra’s ability as he pulled his Deck out of his Duel Disc and began to search through it. ÒAnd whenever Wattcobra Damages your Life Points I can add any Watt Monster from my Deck to my hand. And I choose to add a second Wattcobra. Your move.Ó

Current Scores

Ash: 5000

Alexis: 3000

ÒMy turn…Ó Alexis said, as she drew the top Card from her Deck and was about to make her move, but the blond was interrupted when Ash called out. ÒNot so fast! I activate my second Trap: Thunder of Ruler!Ó

It was then the Wattcastle unleashed another devastating bolt of lightning in the middle of Ash and Alexis, before the PokŽmon Trainer told her. ÒNow because I activated Thunder of Ruler no Monsters you Summon can’t Attack this turn.Ó

Alexis let out another frustrated groan, before she made her move and told Ash. ÒJust because I can’t Attack doesn’t mean I can’t Defend myself. I Summon Blade Skater (1400/1500) in Defense Mode and end my turn with a face-down.Ó

ÒI activate Card of Sancity which allows us all to Draw until we have six Cards in our Hand.Ó Ash said, before he and Alexis each drew five Cards, before the black haired teen then announced. ÒI activate Double Summon, which allows me to Summon two Monsters for the price of one this turn. And now I Summon two Wattcobras.Ó  

It was then two more Wattcobras appeared beside Ash’s first one, in which Alexis then stated. ÒSorry, but your Monsters are no match for mine.Ó

ÒGuess again. Wattcobra can Attack you even if have Monsters on your side of the Field.Ó Ash replied, before Dawn commented. ÒAnd with three Monsters with 1000 Attack each Alexis’ Life Points will be reduced to 0.Ó

ÒWay to go Ash!Ó Dawn then happily cheered, before Pikachu cheered out too. ÒPikachu Pika Pi!Ó

ÒIt’s over.Ó Ash stated, before the PokŽmon Trainer exclaimed. ÒGo Wattcobras and Attack her directly!Ó

Doing as their Summoner had commanded, all three Wattcobras surrounded themselves in electricity, before Ash’s Monsters lunged forward, but it was then Alexis called out. ÒHold it! I activate my Trap Card: Hallowed Life Barrier!Ó

It was then a light blue shield of energy circled around Alexis, in which all three Wattcobra’s tried to break through it, but were immediately repulsed back to Ash’s side of the field.

ÒWhat just happened?Ó Dawn asked in shock and confusion, in which Alexis replied and explained. ÒI told you. I activated my Hallowed Life Barrier, which reduces all Damage to 0 for one turn and in exchange I have to discard one Card.Ó

This time it was Ash’s turn to let out a frustrated groan, before the PokŽmon Trainer said. ÒI’ll just end my turn.Ó

Alexis smiled upon hearing that, but her smiled turned sly as the blond drew the top Card from her Deck and looked at it.

ÒI Summon Etoile Cyber (1200/1600) in Attack Mode. And with that my Spell activates!Ó Alexis stated, as she placed her Monster Card on her Duel Disc, before the blond called out. Ò I play Allegro Toile, which Destroys any Spell or Trap you control when I Summon a Monster. Now watch as your Wattcastle comes crumbling down!Ó

ÒWhat!?Ó Ash questioned in shock, as the Wattcastle began to fall to pieces, before the entire structure of his Field Spell exploded in a massive array of lightning, which forced the black haired teen to shield his eyes from the blast.

ÒNext I activate Polymerization to fuse Blade Skater and Etoile Cyber to create Cyber Blader!Ó (2100/800) Alexis announced, as her two Monsters began to swirl into one another and created her signature Fusion Monster, before she then commanded. ÒCyber Blader Attack with Skate Blade Slash!Ó

Ash, Dawn and Pikachu could only watch as Cyber Blader leapt at the first Wattcobra Ash had Summoned, before it was sliced to pieces and sent to the Graveyard, while the PokŽmon Trainer was inflicted with 1100 Points of Damage.

ÒAnd with that I’ll end my turn, but not before I play one Card face-down.Ó Alexis told Ash as Cyber Blader’s Attack then rose to 4200, before the blond thought to herself as she placed a Card in the first slot of her Spell/Trap Card zone on her Duel Disc. ‘Go right ahead and Attack. But the second you do my Doble PassŽ Trap Card will activate. I may take some more Damage but then you will see the Light.’

Current Scores:

Ash: 3900

Alexis: 3000

As Ash placed his hand on the top Card on his Deck and drew his top Card, the PokŽmon trainer looked at the cunning smile on Alexis’ face, followed by the face-down Card.

‘Something is up. Cyber Blader’s Attack doubled the second his first Wattcobra was Destroyed does it have an ability that changes depending on the Monsters I have on the Field. And why is she smiling? Has she forgot my Wattcobra’s can Attack her Directly?’ Ash questioned himself, before the black haired teen came to a realization and thought seriously. ‘Unless… That’s it! I bet she wants me to Attack her, then she’ll activate her face-down, but I’m not falling for her Trap.’

ÒI sacrifice both my Wattcobra’s to Summon my most powerful Monster. Behold my Wattaildragon!Ó (2500/1000) Ash announced, as both Wattcobra’s were sent to the Graveyard and replaced by a colossal sized blue Dragon, with a tail that was crackling with an immense amount of electricity, before the PokŽmon Trainer then exclaimed in a strong tone. ÒMegawatt Charge!Ó

Wattaildragon then let out a loud roar, before the electricity emitting from the Dragon’s tail began to surge throughout its entire being, in which Ash’s Dragon then shot forward and slammed into Cyber Blader, creating a massive electrical explosion as the pair made contact.

However, as the blast dispersed Ash was shocked to see that Cyber Blader remained on the Field, which caused the Pokemon Trainer to question himself. ‘Did her Trap protect her Monster?’

But it was then Ash could see that Alexis face-down was still Set, which caused the black haired teen to question. ÒHey, what’s going on?Ó

ÒWhat’s going on is that by having only one Monster on your side of the Field my Cyber Blader’s special ability activated, meaning it cannot be Destroyed by Attacks.Ó Alexis replied, which caused Ash to groan out in frustration, before he stated. ÒWell your Monster may’ve survived, but you still take the Damage from the Attack and I gain the Life Points from it with my Wattcine.Ó

It was then Alexis lost 400 more Life Points while Ash’s increased by the 400 Alexis had just lost, in which the black haired teen then said as he Set one Card in the first slot of his Spell/Trap Card zone on his Duel Disc. ÒI’ll end my turn with one face-down. Your move.Ó

Current Scores:

Alexis: 2600

Ash: 4300

ÒI activate Pot of Greed.Ó Alexis said, before the blond then drew two more Cards from the top of her Deck, before she then announced. ÒFirst, I play one Card face-down and then I activate the Spell: Fulfillment of the Contract. Now by paying 800 Life Points I can bring back any Ritual Monster in my Graveyard back to the Field and I choose Cyber Angel Dakini!Ó (2700/2400)

ÒHold on. Last time I checked you didn’t have any Ritual Monsters in your Graveyard.Ó Dawn stated, in which Alexis smiled slyly and replied. ÒGuess again, girl. And think carefully when could I have sent my Dakini to the Graveyard?Ó

Ash and Dawn took a moment to think about Alexis’ question, but a moment later Ash’s eyes widened, in which the PokŽmon trainer stated. ÒYou placed your Monster in the Graveyard when you discarded for your Hallowed Life Barrier Trap Card!Ó

ÒThat’s right.Ó Alexis replied, which caused Ash to groan as he had thought he had avoided one trap, only to fall for another.

ÒNext, I activate the Card that will make you see the Light, my White Veil!Ó Alexis suddenly announced, as she placed the aforementioned Spell Card in the forth slot of her Spell/Trap Card zone on her Duel Disc, in which Ash, Dawn and Pikachu watched as Dakini’s entire being, including her blades, turned a pale white.

But as tough as Alexis’ newest Monster was, it was then the Ash remembered he still had one Trap of his own, in which the PokŽmon Trainer then called out. ÒI activate my face-down Card: go Ring of Destruction and Destroy Cyber Angel Dakini!Ó

It was then Ring of Destruction rose up, in which Ash, Dawn and Pikachu expected Cyber Angel Dakini to be blown to pieces and for Ash to win the Duel, however, Ash’s Trap Card was visible but wasn’t activating, which caused the black haired teen to question. ÒHey what’s going on?Ó

ÒWhat’s going on is that thanks to my White Veil none of your Spells or Traps cannot be used.Ó Alexis replied, which shocked Ash, but not as much as what happened next as the blond then commanded. ÒAnd now that we’ve got that question answered, Cyber Angel Dakini Destroy his Wattaildragon and Cyber Blader Attack him directly!Ó

It was then Ash could only watch as Cyber Angel Dakini sliced through his Wattaildragon, before Cyber Blader Attacked the PokŽmon Trainer directly, inflicting a total of 2300 Damage to Ash’s Life Points, leaving Ash on 2000 Life Points, or so he thought.

ÒAnd now it’s time for this Duel to come to an end, I activate my face-down Card: De-Fusion!Ó Alexis then announced, which shocked Ash, Dawn and Pikachu as Cyber Blader split back into Blade Skater and Etoile Cyber, before the pair shot forward and caused Ash to cry out, before the black haired teen was knocked to the ground, causing his hat to fall off his head, as his Life Points were reduced to 0.

Alexis: 1800

Ash: 0

ÒAsh!Ó Dawn called out in a concerned tone, as Pikachu too called out to his PokŽmon Trainer and best friend, before he, Dawn and Buneary ran over to Ash’s fallen form.

It was then Dawn smiled as Ash got back to his feet, however, Pikachu and Buneary weren’t as pleased, as both PokŽmon could sense something different about Pikachu’s Trainer.

And Pikachu and Buneary were right to feel uneasy as Ash walked over to Alexis, before the pair began to walk away, which caused Dawn to call out in confusion. ÒAsh, where are you going?Ó

ÒTo Duel Academy, cause I’m wasting my time here. While I could be somewhere where my skills will help those who have yet to see the Light.Ó Ash told Dawn, as he continued to walk away.

But it was then Ash stopped when he felt something tugging on the right leg of his pants, which was Pikachu, who had carried Ash’s hat with his mouth and was now trying to offer it back to him, however, what happened next was completely unexpected.

ÒKeep it. Where I’m going I don’t need it.Ó Ash said, before he stared down at Pikachu and told his PokŽmon in a cold and harsh tone. ÒJust like I don’t need you.Ó

Hearing that shocked Dawn and Buneary, while breaking Pikachu’s tiny heart, in which all Pikachu could do was fall to his knees as depression took over the Electric mouse PokŽmon while Ash abandoned him and his friends.

—-End Flashback—-

After Dawn was finished with her thoughts, she realized that she and the others who had lost close friends to the Society of Light all had the same goal, save their friends and stop Sartorius from his evil ambitions.

A Warning to the Legendary Warriors
UNFINISHED, Just Some Duels