Prince Of Tennis Fan Fiction ❯ A New Beginning ( Chapter 1 )

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“Expect the Unexpected
{My very first Angst that revolves around Eiji. It is my first Multi-chaptered fic as well.}
Pairings: General so no pairings but doubles, yes.
Warnings: First attempt on Angst and Character death!! Also, I think Eiji will be OoC here but, it IS angst and anything can change within that genre. If you think this is bad then I’m sorry. It is my FIRST attempt at angst. You have been warned
DISCLAIMER: Prince of Tennis is NOT mine. I’m not even Japanese to start with. The idea or plot is MINE though.
At last! With the victory of the National Tournament, the only match to prepare with was the Honorifics game. The third years are mostly expected to play in this tournament because the event is for them. But, for the winners of the Nationals, Seigaku, they decided to hold a victory party at a certain red-head’s house. Unfortunately, Momo forgot to pick up the cake at the store. Eiji volunteered to pick it up. After all he was the fastest of all Seigaku.
After 15 minutes of running, he finally reached his destination only to bump into someone.
“Oops! Ahh, sorry about that!”, Eiji bowed his head to the person in front of him.
“Ahh! Kikumaru-senpai! What are you doing here?”, Sakuno was startled by her senpai’s sudden entrance.
“Picking up the cake that Momo-chi forgot.”, Eiji gave Sakuno a sheepish grin while holding the cake up.
“Oh…”, was the only response Sakuno gave.
“Nya!? Are you going to the party as well? Then let’s go back together!!”, Eiji grabbed Sakuno’s wrist and started dashing towards his house.
“Wait! Se-senpai!”, Sakuno was dragged all the way to Eiji’s house.
At that time, Sakuno was planning on confessing her love for Ryoma. Eiji was planning on ways to make Fuji pay for his blackmail. But, something made Eiji stopped his tracks. His house was open widely! More importantly, why is there a horrible smell inside the house.
“Sakuno-chan, can you wait here and plan on how to confess to Ochibi-chan first?”, Eiji was teasing Sakuno.
“Eh? Se-senpai!”, Sakuno was blushing a thin layer of red.
So, Eiji proceeded on inside. The smell just got worst as he navigates towards the living room.
“Hoi! Why did you guys left—“, Eiji dropped the cake and stared with his eyes wide open. The living room that was once filled with the Seigaku regulars (minus himself) and his family is now filled with blood along with the bodies of his friends and family. The tables that were neatly arranged are now thrown haphazardly in all directions. The food was everywhere mixed with the blood of his friends and family. All of them are now swimming in their own pool of blood. They all died of gunshots proven by the empty bullet shells found at the entrance. The horrible smell of blood is spreading all out from the living room to the front door. Eiji’s eyes scan the room to look for survivors but, unfortunately, everyone was lying motionless despite his calls of their names. Eiji sank into his knees and stared with disbelief. He tried to convince himself that everything was just a nightmare and soon, he is going to be awake. He cursed at the ceiling and fortunately, Sakuno heard it and went running inside.
“Kikumaru-senpai, is everything al—“, Sakuno was cut by the awful sight in front of her. Eiji is curled up in a ball rocking back and forth in a corner, convincing himself this was all a dream.
“I..”, Sakuno was speechless. A few hours ago, they were all celebrating and everyone was still alive. Now, they are mourning and everyone besides Eiji was dead. Even her best friend, Tomoka, was lying lifeless at the floor. What’s worst is the only time she thought of confessing to Ryoma was the day he has to … pass away. The two of them were in a state of shock when the sudden calls of some police woke them up to reality.
“Ki-kikumaru-senpai, we should explain to the police.”, Sakuno tried comforting Eiji. She knew that Eiji was taking all of this the hardest since he spends most of his time with the regulars along with the fact that his family was murdered as well.
Soon, the police came and questioned the two. The police also called the families of the victims. Then, the media came and asked questions regarding the incident. But, what shocked Sakuno even more was, Hyoutei Gakuen was there! They were indeed speechless by Kikumaru’s current position as well as their rivals whom, hours ago, were as alive as 5 year olds. Now, here they saw them being carried away one by one, lifeless.
“Kikumaru, can you explain to us what happen?”, Atobe asked the Eiji who was still in shock.
“I…I don’t know. When Ryuzaki-san and I went back, all we saw was dead bodies …”, Eiji’s eyes were deep blue, full of hatred, anger, sadness and jumbled emotions. His eyes were showing nothing but emptiness. He tried to cover his sad face with a poker face, knowing he will be questioned more lately. Fortunately, before the murder, he took some lessons with Fuji on `How to hide your emotions’. He was indeed getting better at it.
“I see, Ryuzaki-san was with you?”, Atobe felt pity towards the red-head.
“Um, hai.”, Sakuno just stared at the ground while Atobe glanced at his teammates who were curious with the situation.
Atobe-san I have a favor to ask.”, Eiji was dead serious. His face showed nothing but hatred.
“Hmm, what is it?”, Atobe sensed that Eiji was serious due to the fact that Eiji actually used his last name properly and not some nicknames he would make up.
“Please, don’t let the media or let anyone else know about this incident. Next week, I will ask Ryuzaki-sensei to transfer me to another school and I don’t want my new school to feel pity for me like you do.”, Eiji was now a master at hiding his emotions.
“That’s it? *smirks* it is fine by ore-sama.”, Atobe snapped his fingers and everyone else paid attention.
“All of you!! Everyone who witnessed this scene! Erase this memory and you are not to tell anyone including the media! That includes my team as well. If ore-sama found out that you spread this incident, ore-sama will assure to you that ore-sama will hunt you down like a dog! The police will not spread anything as well. Ore-sama will sue you if you do!”, Atobe glared all of the witnesses as he ends his speech.
“You heard that Yuuta-kun, please don’t tell Mizuki-san any of this.”, Fuji Yumiko asked her younger brother.
“Hai.”, surely, Yuuta’s tone of voice has a hint of sadness in it.
“Why do you want us to keep quite Atobe? Is it because that Kikumaru requested it?”, Gakuto was curious by his teammate’s sudden decision.
“Ore-sama still owes Tezuka something and ore-sama thinks that by helping one of his teammates, ore-sama’s deed is done.”, Atobe explained as he orders the rest of his team to go back to Hyoutei.
“Kikumaru, are you really sure about transferring? More importantly, the Honorific Games are a few months away. We can start all over with you as captain.”, Ryuzaki-sensei asked Eiji one last time before sending the principal the request.
“I want to start over but, at a new school. Seeing this school will probably make the pain more harder.”, Eiji’s decision was final. Next week, he is no longer a student of Seishun Gakuen but a student of Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku Chuu at Kanagawa.
“Then, where will you live?”, Ryuzaki-sensei was feeling sympathy for Eiji.
“I think I will stay at Yukito-sensei’s apartment for a while and I will find a job for a living.”, Eiji gave his coach a reassuring smile which made his coach less worried.
“Alright then, it’s your choice.”, Ryuzaki-sensei handed I the request as Eiji bows and went temporarily at Oishi’s house for the night.
After some paper work, some calls to his old sensei back at Kanagawa, Eiji was ready to transfer to Rikkaidai. The train ride wasn’t that boring. Infact, it gave him some alone time to think about the incident. The still air adds tension to his sudden reflection of the event. His mind was unfocused and he felt like a thousand knives stabbing him, every time he remembers their gruesome expressions. He sobbed quietly to himself and afterwards, he regained his composure. He used the rest of his alone time to try and hide his emotions. Surely, Rikkaidai is their rival team and he will meet some of the regulars on and off the court. He has to be prepared with the sudden interrogation with the Rikkaidai regulars.
~Eiji’s PoV~
Whatever happens now, it’s my own decision. I’ll just explain to them that my parent’s decided to move to Kanagawa and I have to switch schools. I might as well join the tennis club since; I promised Oishi that I will play tennis no matter what. Still, I wonder how Fuji manages to hide his emotions? It’s already hard for me to hold back my tears but, to hold back my emotions? This will take some time in getting used to.
Ahh! I’m here! Well, it’s now or never. I should contact Yukito-sensei first.
“Ahh, hello?”, the other end of the line answered
“Hello? Yukito-sensei? It’s me, Eiji. I’m at the station and be there after a few minutes.”, I tried to make myself sound as happy as I used to be.
“Oh? Okay, I’ll wait for you. Bye!”, The other end of the line ended and I closed my cell phone.
After the conversation, I walked all the way to sensei’s apartment. Luckily, it was nearby the station. All those visiting at his house had come in handy now. I was so caught up with my thoughts that I didn’t even notice that I was in front of the apartment and sensei was running towards me.
“How’s my Eiji-kun?”, Yukito-sensei glomped me and I was choking. Is this how Ochibi felt every time I glomp him?
“Yu-ki-to-sen-sei-can’t-breath!”, I choked on every word and fortunately, she understood it.
“I’m sorry for your lost. Anyway, you know that I’m here for you.”, Yukito-sensei gave me a warm smile. The one that Oishi gives me whenever I did something wrong.
“I’m fine sensei. I just needed to rest.”, I finally ended our greetings and went to my room. For once, having an old teacher that owns her own apartment is indeed helpful.
~End Of PoV~
The next day was Eiji’s first day at Rikkaidai. He couldn’t sleep much because of his nightmares. He looked at the mirror one more time and saw himself in Rikkaidai’s uniform. He tried reviewing through his mind about what he might think that the regulars are going to ask. After that, he grabbed his tennis bag, locked his door and went on to the station. At the station, he took one last review. He really made sure he was prepared. He had practiced his mask for weeks and now, he was ready to test it.
He was inside the building. Luckily, noone noticed him outside. He didn’t saw any Rikkaidai regulars much to his relief. Now time to face another problem. He has to introduce himself. After getting his schedule, he went to his first subject. The teacher made some speeches about a new student while Eiji waited outside anxiously.
“I wonder who that new student is?”, Marui asked Niou who isn’t even curious about the sudden events.
“Who cares? Must be some random student that transferred from another country.”, Niou was planning a new prank for the new student.
“Please welcome, Kikumaru Eiji.”, the teacher announced while Eiji enters the room.
“Wait, Kikumaru Eiji of Seigaku? What’s he doing here?”, Marui was shocked to see Eiji and Niou was now smirking.
“Oh yeah, this upcoming days are going to be interesting.”, Niou’s smirk got wider.
“Wait, isn’t the Honorifics Games going to start soon? Why did he transfer?”, Marui was so surprised that he was dumbfounded to see his sensei staring at him.
“Okay, Kikumaru, you sit behind Marui, the pink-headed boy who is next to that silver headed boy.”, the teacher pointed out but, Eiji knew who those students were.
“Puri~ Heh, looks like the Honorifics games will be fun this year.”, Niou was smirking while Eiji made his way to sit behind Marui.
{Here it is. My very first attempt on angst. I’m sorry, but I really have to somehow kill all the Seigaku regulars. I’ll update after I publish `It all Started with Lawyers’. Until then, see you!! ~Miaki}
Oh and for those who don’t know:
Honorific Games– I made it up. It’s a tournament were in one region will gather and have one last game together after the Nationals. Mostly third years are expected to compete but, the committee decided for the whole team as one last get together before the third years graduate. It’s just like the Kantou Tournament only, ALL of the players who played at the Nationals and Kantou tournament must play. Which means, even the reserve, non regular (as long as he played at least one game) will play or your team will be disqualified.
Sorrow, Illusions & Repentance