Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction ❯ A Manmade Problem ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Nerv subterminal.
SE <<a phone ringing>>

Ikari’s office. He sits at his desk
SE <<a phone ringing>>

The ceiling of Ikari’s office. The Sephirotic design.
Ikari “Ikari.”

The view of Nerv from Ikari’s office. PAN
Ikari “…I see. Once again, I owe you.”

Ikari holding the phone.
Fuyutsuki (OFF – PHONE) “You won’t pay me back though.”

The papers on Ikari’s desk, all illegible. Some pens scattered about.
Fuyutsuki (OFF – PHONE) “I falsified the materials they requested.”

Text: “First Interim Report Concerning Objects Referred to as Angels and the Human Instrumentality Project”
Fuyutsuki (OFF – PHONE) “They’re pursuing legal action, but that should be blocked.”

Ikari’s computer monitor. A display of an Angel core is on it.
Fuyutsuki (OFF – PHONE) “Is there anything I should do to the other project?”
Ikari (OFF) “No.”

Ikari “Judging by what you’ve sent me, there should be no further problems.”
Fuyutsuki (OFF – PHONE) “Then I will continue as planned.”

Two gloves sit on Ikari’s desk.
Ikari “And the boy?”
Fuyutsuki (OFF – PHONE) “He’ll be finished shortly.”

Ikari sitting at his desk.
Ikari “Excellent.”

Misato’s apartment.
SE <<monorail>>

A calendar. A hand reaches up and rips away a page.
Text: “August 2015”
Shinji (MONO) “‘Summer’ break…”

Shinji in the kitchen
Shinji (MONO) “Even Misato-san is gone…”

Pen-Pen waddles up to Shinji.
Pen-Pen “Wark!”

Shinji bends down and pets Pen-Pen.
Shinji “Yeah, I guess you’re here, little guy.”

Pen-Pen points at the refrigerator.

Shinji sighs.
Shinji “Oh, you just want your food. I get it…”

Food is dumped into a bowl, and the bowl is placed by a beer can.
Pen-Pen “Wark!”
Pen-Pen leans down and begins to eat.

Shinji stares out the window.

Close-up of his eye.
Shinji “You know, I still haven’t really made any friends.”

(flashback) Shinji punching Toji

Shinji “I mean… I guess Rei is sort of a friend now, but…”

Pen-Pen eats, ignoring Shinji.

Shinji “(sigh) You don’t really care, do you?”

Pen-Pen looks up at Shinji and warks again.

Shinji “So that’s pretty much a no then, huh?”
He leans down and pets Pen-Pen.
Shinji “You think I should go out and talk to someone?”

Pen-Pen, looking up at Shinji and not moving.

Shinji “Or maybe that I should stop talking to animals because of how crazy I’m starting to sound?”

Pen-Pen nods energetically.

Shinji looks a bit shocked.
Shinji “Wow, I guess you do understand me…”

Pen-Pen walks off to the fridge.

Shinji “Or I am just going crazy…”

The remote control. Shinji picks it up and turns the TV on.

Announcer “Various delegates from the United Nations and associated governments…”

Shinji sits on the couch.
Announcer (OFF – TV) “have gathered at Old Tokyo to see the latest in robotics.”

Shinji’s eyes widen.

On the television, a large robot is pictured.
Announcer (OFF – TV) “The Jet Alone.”

Text: “Episode #07: A Manmade Problem”


A large metallic chamber, poorly lit.

A small window in the wall. The shadows of two people are visible through it.
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “So, you’re the Fifth Child.”
Pilot (OFF) “Yes, sir.”

Fuyutsuki looks down on someone.
Fuyutsuki “Odd that you’re training before the Third or Fourth…”

A teen in a green plugsuit. A helmet covers his face (the body shape is male) and obscures the voice.
Pilot “Sir?”
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “Never mind.”

Fuyutsuki “You’re rather lucky. The Russians… ignored… our specifications.”
Pilot “Are you saying…”

Fuyutsuki “The Evangelion. Unit 05 shouldn’t be ready yet, but they seem to have rushed the job.”

Eva-05’s cage. Its torso is held up by four legs with wheels, and both arms are more robotic than the other two Units.

Fuyutsuki “This is why we’re keeping you in such a restrictive suit. You’ll need it to be able to adapt.”

Pilot “I’ll do just fine!”
Fuyutsuki “Excellent enthusiasm.”

The pilot sits on a bench. Fuyutsuki looks down at him.
Fuyutsuki “You are aware of what we’re fighting?”
Pilot “We’re fighting the Angels, of course.”

Pilot “The only thing I don’t know is why they’re a threat.”
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “You weren’t told?”

Fuyutsuki “Fifteen years ago, humanity discovered the remains of an alien craft in Antarctica.”

A snow storm. A large pit sits in the snow.
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “We excavated it for technological knowledge, but…”

The pit suddenly fills with light.
SE <<explosion>>

A picture of the southern hemisphere. Antarctica is replaced by a red sea, which is growing.
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “Something went wrong… and a sea of death began to grow.”

The entire Earth, now replaced with a red sea.
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “That is the truth behind Second Impact.”

A metallic door.
Text: “Level EEE. Keep out.”
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “Should the Angels succeed in their mission…”

The Earth again. Another flash of light over Japan. The continents disappear into red.
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “Third Impact will occur, and humanity will be destroyed.”

Pilot “And the Evangelion Units?”
Fuyutsuki “They are the only weapon we have against the Angels.”

The Fifth Child nods.


Fuyutsuki “So now, we will train you to use Evangelion Unit 05.”
The pilot rises.
Pilot “I’m ready, sir!”

Fuyutsuki “As soon as you’re finished training, we’ll depart for Tokyo-3.”

The pilot stares out the window.
Pilot “It seems like an elaborate training grounds, sir.”

Fuyutsuki smiles.
Fuyutsuki “It wasn’t designed to be a training facility. What you see below you is the prison of the Third Angel.”
Pilot “The third? But hasn’t Tokyo-3 been attacked three times already? Plus the first Angel…”

Fuyutsuki “We found this one before it had a chance to attack. We built this prison around it.”

Pilot “Seems a bit extreme.”
Fuyutsuki “We used the opportunities for research. We found out how strong an AT Field is, we discovered how the Angels generate energy, we might even be able to build a replication of one.”

A movement in the metallic chamber. Something is approaching.

The pilot seems very enthused by this prospect.
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “But you don’t care about that. This is your chance to be a hero.”

The pilot bows deeply.
Pilot “Thank you, sir! I won’t fail you!”

Evangelion Unit 01 floats in cooling fluid.

Shinji sits in the Entry Plug, his eyes shut.
Shinji (MONO) “Rei can’t even practice synching any more…”

The Angel’s laser over Ashinoko.
Shinji (MONO) “If another Angel attacks, it’ll be me all alone…”
Announcer (OFF) “Approaching quarter mark.”

Ibuki sits at a computer terminal. Rei stands behind her.
Ibuki “Ikari, congratulations. You’ve gone up a full percentile.”

Ibuki “You’ve surpassed Ayanami.”
Rei is impassive.

(flashback) Shinji smiles at Rei.
Rei (MONO) “I do not understand…”

Shinji opens his eyes in shock and says something.
Rei (MONO) “Why did he smile at me?”

Rei’s red eyes.
Rei (MONO) “Does he care about me?”

Evangelion Unit 01.
Rei (MONO) “But why?”

Rei walks down a corridor, alone.
Rei (MONO) “I’d only ever said four words to him before.”
She stops in front of a large pair of double doors.
Rei (MONO) “He cares.”

Rei enters without knocking.

Ikari looks up from his desk.

Ikari (OFF) “Rei.”
Rei “Sir.”
Ikari (OFF) “I’m very busy, Rei… Is it something important?”

An airplane ticket on Ikari’s desk.
Rei (OFF) “I… I heard you were going away for awhile.”

Rei “I wanted to say goodbye, sir.”
Ikari (OFF) “I will be returning soon.”
Rei “I know.”
Ikari (OFF) “It’s just a business conference…”

Rei bows and leaves.
Ikari (MONO) “Why did she…”
Ikari leans back over his desk.
Ikari (MONO) “…care?”

Rei sits on a bench in Nerv.
Shinji approaches, still in plugsuit.

Shinji “Hello, Ayanami!”
Rei (OFF) “Oh… Ikari-kun.”

Rei flushes for a brief moment.
Rei “Uhm…”

Her mouth forms a smile.
Rei “I smile, now, right?”

Shinji “Yeah!”

Rei stops smiling after a moment.
Shinji (OFF) “Unless you’re not happy.”
Rei “Huh?”
Shinji (OFF) “If you’re not happy, you don’t have to smile.”

Shinji “Are you happy, Ayanami?”

Rei looks surprised at the question.
Rei “Wha… what…?”

Shinji, smiling.
Rei (OFF) “What do you mean?”
Shinji “Just asking if you’re happy or not.”

Rei “Does it really matter?”
Shinji “It does to me.”

Rei’s eyes widen.

Text: “Celebrating JA Completion Announcement Commemoration”

A man stands behind a podium.
Tokita “Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedules today.”

Ritsuko and Misato sit at a table together, bored-seeming.
Tokita (OFF) “We’re gathered to showcase the latest in weaponry innovations.”

Tokita “While we of JHCI look forward to showing you Jet Alone itself, first of all, we’d like to address any questions you might have.”

Ritsuko immediately jumps in.
Ritsuko “I have a question. Is it true that your product uses a nuclear reactor for power?”
Tokita (OFF) “Yes. Jet Alone can run for 150 days without refueling.”

Ritsuko (OFF) “But from a safety perspective, isn’t it risky to use nuclear power in a hand-to-hand weapon?”
Tokita “Better to have guaranteed power than to use a weapon that cannot operate for more than five minutes without an external fuel source.”

Ritsuko “And your remote control set-up is just begging for disaster! In an emergency the system could go wrong!”

Tokita raises an eyebrow.
Tokita “What about a system that causes mental stresses and instabilities in those who use it? Isn’t that dangerous?”

Misato “Cut it out, Ritsuko…”
Ritsuko “And manual control-”

Tokita “Is safer than a weapon that can go out of control!”
He pulls out a picture of the berserking Eva-01.
Tokita “This isn’t a tool! It’s a woman in hysterics! Ridiculous!”

Ritsuko “Why do you think we have pilots?”
Tokita (OFF) “You think they can tame the beast?”

Tokita “Your projects are ridiculously expensive and we have to rely on the human heart? 20,000 people in several countries starve to death because of how much you sap from the UN! You’re a super-legal organization, protected from responsibilities and oblivious to the damage you’re doing.”

Ritsuko “We have the only weapon capable of getting through the enemy defenses!”
Tokita (OFF) “An AT Field? I’m sure they can be defeated with enough time…”

Text: “Nerv Room”

Misato angrily assaults a locker.

Ritsuko sits at a desk, apparently calm.

Misato “Dammit! Who do those idiots think they are?”

Ritsuko shrugs her shoulders, uncaring.
Misato (OFF) “This is just their idea of revenge!”

Misato “They don’t want to save people, they just want funding!”

Ritsuko rolls her eyes.
Ritsuko “Misato…”

Ritsuko (OFF) “Stop that… You look childish.”

Ritsuko “He just wants praise. A small man.”

Misato “And how’d he know about the AT Field!?”

Ritsuko takes out a paper labeled “Jet Alone” and lights it aflame.
Ritsuko “There’ve been some leaks…”
Misato (OFF) “What the hell has intel been doing?”

An airplane flies over a red sea.
SE <<engines>>

The majority of the seats are empty.
Ikari looks out the window in the far back.

A man approaches from the front.
Man “Excuse me…”

Ikari looks up. He seems bored.
Man “Since we’re together on this flight…”

The man’s face. He is Chinese.
Man “Do you mind if we sit together?”
Ikari (OFF) “I suppose not.”

The man sits at the aisle seat.
He fidgets for a moment.

The red sea is reflected in Ikari’s eyeglasses.


Man “The revised budget for the Evangelion passed quite nicely, didn’t it?”

Ikari scoffs.
Ikari “They will fund anything if it comes to saving their own skins. They are fools, of course.”

The man nods.
Man “The entire basis of their argument was that no Angels would attack.”

The airplane passes over a coast. Much of it has also become red.

Man “Now, of course, the budget for Unit 06 has been approved by everyone except the States. They won’t until we give them rights to Unit 08.”

Ikari “They’re allergic to unemployment. Their experiments on Unit 04 will only be able to last so long before we need it.”

Man “They’re not the only ones messing around with Evangelion Units. The Russians apparently only used the most basic part of the design.”
Ikari (OFF) “And your base has been messing around as well.”

Man “Yes, well… We’re at least attempting to make a design that will have a use the other Evas can’t fulfill.”

Ikari scoffs.


EVA-05’s Entry Plug.
The pilot crawls into it and sits down.

Pilot (MONO) “This is it.”

Fuyutsuki and a group of Russians sit in a mini-Command Center.
Russian A (heavily accented) “Activate LCL.”
Russian B (see above) “Approaching borderline.”
Russian C (think about it) “Synch ratio at 2.5%”

Fuyutsuki “Activate the special synchronization units.”
Russian B (OFF) “Activating.”

The pilot attaches additional pipes to the helmet, and lays back.

A fluid begins pumping through the pipes.
Russian A (OFF – RADIO) “Synchronization increased to 7.5%!”

The pilot begins to scream.
Pilot “What’s happening?”

Fuyutsuki “Your body is adjusting to the new sensations. It should pass in a minute.”

EVA-05’s eyes light up.

It attempts to grip at its head, but fails. The head moves as if it is screaming.

The pilot in the Eva, convulsing.
Pilot “Aaaaarggggh!”
Fuyutsuki (OFF – RADIO) “Calm down.”

Fuyutsuki “The pain will pass, and we have far more important things to worry about.
Russian A (fractured Japanese) “The pilot begins to approach 10% mark. Artificial synchronization seem to be success.”

Fuyutsuki close-up.
Fuyutsuki “Excellent. The Commander will be most pleased.”

The pilot finally stops screaming.
Pilot “That was…”

SE <<alarm>>
Fuyutsuki’s eyes widen in fright.

The pilot looks around.
Pilot “What is that?”

The metallic room. Something is now standing in it. A skeletal Angel.

Close-up of the Angel’s skull. For a moment, the mask flickers into existence and lights up.

A wall explodes.
Russian B “What? Cocytus has been destroyed!”
Russian C “It’s approaching Acheron!”
The angel moves through the hole in the wall.

The Entry Plug.
Fuyutsuki (OFF – RADIO) “Great. We have a new job for you.”
The pilot nods.
Fuyutsuki (OFF – RADIO) “Destroy the Third Angel at all costs.

A close-up of the helmet. It nods.


Text: “Neon Genesis Evangelion: Episode: 7: A Human Work”

A presentation room with a large window to view a project.
A building is further in the background.

At one table, Misato is fuming.

At the far end of the room, by the window, operators sit. Tokita is among them. He has a microphone.

Tokita (OFF – SPEAKERS) “We will now begin the JA activation test. There is absolutely no danger. Make yourselves comfortable, and watch through that window.”

An operator presses a few buttons.
Tokita (OFF – SPEAKERS) “We’re ready. Start the test.”

A graph of the heating of the nuclear reactor.
The graph is mostly green.
Operating Staff A (OFF) “Open power circuits.”
Operating Staff B (OFF) “Pressure levels nominal.”

The operators sit in a cluster.
Operating Staff C “Coolant system circulation nominal.”
Operating Staff A “Release the control rods.”
Operating Staff B “The reactor has exceeded threshold levels.”

Tokita is sweating.
Operating Staff C (OFF) “Output is nominal.”
Tokita “Begin walk cycle!”

The other building separates into two pieces.
Jet Alone is within.
Operating Staff A (OFF) “Walking. Forward. Ahead right leg.”

The right leg lifts up and moves a step ahead.
Operating Staff B (OFF) “Walking. Forward. Ahead left leg.”

The left leg does the same.
Operating Staff B (OFF) “Balance is nominal.”
Operating Staff C (OFF) “Power core is nominal.”

Misato watches the process disapprovingly.
Misato “It walks. ‘Congratulations’.”

Ritsuko looks surprisingly malicious.

The Operating Staff is concerned.
Tokita (OFF) “What’s wrong?”
Operating Staff A “The temperature of the reactor is increasing.”

Tokita’s eyes widen in fright.
Operating Staff B “The temperatures of the coolants are rising too!”

Tokita “Open the valves.”
Operating Staff C (OFF) “We already have! No effect!”

Tokita (OFF) “Emergency shut down!”
Operating Staff A “The signal isn’t being accepted!”

Jet Alone continues to march forward.

People flee the room or hide against the walls.

Misato marches to the Command Center.
Behind her, the robot’s foot crashes through the roof and crushes the tables.

Misato stands next to Tokita.
Misato “Looks like your project wasn’t so great.”

Tokita glares.

Misato “No, I’m not bragging. Still, it seems that we’re going to need to do something.”
Tokita (OFF) “Like what?”

Ritsuko stands on Tokita’s other side.
Misato “Like sending someone inside to handle the problem?”

Ritsuko and Tokita “What?”

Misato nods.

Tokita “The place is flooded in radiation, and we’d never be able to catch up.”
Misato (OFF) “We wouldn’t.”

Evangelion Unit 01.
Misato (OFF) “But an Eva could.”

Misato “I’ll need a suit too, to protect myself from the radiation.”
Tokita “You’ll have it.”

Ritsuko “But what about the security codes?”
Tokita pauses.
Tokita “Erm…”

Misato “We don’t have time for this! What are they?”

Tokita sighs. “’Hope’ is the password… Now go get your Eva.”


Eva-05 wheels itself down a corridor.
Fuyutsuki (OFF – RADIO) “If the Angel passes out of Limbo, it will have completely breached our security systems, so be careful.”

Pilot “This should be easy enough. Where is the thing?”

Russian B “It’s coming up ahead…. Approaching in 3… 2… 1-”

The hideous skull of the Third Angel roars in displeasure.

Her legs scuttle violently along the ground, leaving points of impact in their wake.

Her head turns and sees something approach.

Eva-05 wheels in immediately, not even hesitating against the Angel.

The lance-arm lights up with electrical power.

It thrusts at the Angel.

An AT Field powers up and creates a wall as large as the cavern.

Fuyutsuki “That’s an AT Field. To cancel it out-”

The lance pulls back and pushes through the AT Field at a speed that is presumably as fast as the pilot can manage.

Pilot (OFF – RADIO) “Thanks, but I think I have this under control myself.”

The lance quickly begins to stab at the fleshy parts of the Angel.

Russian C “Cocky thing, isn’t he?”
Russian B “Yes.”

Fuyutsuki shakes his head in disgust.
Fuyutsuki “I suggest you listen to orders from now on. You’re up against the unknown.”

Eva-05 lances the Third Angel.
Pilot (OFF – RADIO) “…fine…”

Pilot “So, how’d this thing end up so ugly, anyways?”
Fuyutsuki sighs over the radio.

Fuyutsuki “We needed to find out what these things were made out of…”

The core of the Angel. A section has been removed.
Fuyutsuki (OFF) “And a few other things…”

Pilot “Huh…”

The Angel suddenly bites down on the Eva’s arm, hard.

Pilot “Huh. I thought this was supposed to hurt.”
Fuyutsuki (OFF – RADIO) “This Evangelion is different.”

Eva-05’s arm is ripped off.


The pilot gasps.
Pilot “This thing is powerful, isn’t it?”

Fuyutsuki sighs.
Russian A “Do try to be more careful.”

Eva-05 makes a hurried reversal.
Russian A (OFF) “We don’t have any spare arms.”

The Angel roars again.

Eva-05 continues backing up.
Pilot “Whose idea was it to make this thing unable to handle guns?!”

The Angel scuttles away in a different direction: to the surface.

Russian C “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and kill it!”

The pilot sighs.
Pilot “I’m working on it, I’m working on it…”

Eva-05’s spear begins to glow.

The wheels light up on the track.

Eva-05 charges after the Angel.

The Russian team and Fuyutsuki watches tensely.

The spear glows brighter and brighter.

Eva-05 is closing in on the Third Angel.

The pilot leans in excitedly.

The spear is now glowing hot-white.

The Angel’s AT Field forms as the Eva closes in.
Slowly but surely, the Field cancels out.

The spear, moving insanely fast.

Eva-05 missing the Angel and ramming into the wall.

The Angel’s skeletal head turns to face Eva-05.

The spear is stuck in the wall.
Eva-05 struggles to get free.

The Angel scuttles in to grab Eva-05.

Fuyutsuki puts his head in his hands.
Fuyutsuki “I can’t believe this…”

The Angel pauses for a moment to look up.
It opens its mouth.

A bird’s eye view of the Angel. A laser beam shoots out of its mouth.

A Siberian landscape. It suddenly bursts into flames as the laser bursts through the surface.

Russian C “Dammit!”
Russian B “If it makes it to the surface, everyone between here and Hakone is in danger!”

The Angel returns its attention to Eva-05.

Its legs scuttling along the ground.

Its mouth, wide open, ready to fire another laser beam.

The pilot struggles with the controls.
Pilot “Come on! Come on!”

Eva-05 tries to pull itself free from the wall.

Fuyutsuki is clearly concerned.
Fuyutsuki (MONO) “Come on, kid…”

The pilot is whimpering slightly.
Pilot “Please… please…”

Eva-05 continues its struggle.
The room lights up as the laser beam is fired.

An airplane flies over a wasteland.
Eva-01 is suspended below it.

Shinji sits in his plugsuit. He looks down.
Hyuga (OFF) “I understand, Captain.”

Hyuga holding a phone.
Hyuga “We’re going to drop soon.”
He hangs up and turns.

Hyuga standing in front of Shinji.
Hyuga “First Pilot Ikari…”

Shinji looks up.
Shinji “Sir?”

Hyuga “This operation will simple, Ikari.”

The Jet Alone station. The airplane is approaching.
Hyuga (OFF) “The JA robot has gone out of control.”

Jet Alone, marching resolutely.
Hyuga (OFF) “Unfortunately, it has a nuclear reactor and can’t be stopped by weaponry without irradiating the area.”

The conference room. People are huddled together in fear.
Hyuga (OFF) “Thus, we’re going to be sending an individual in JA to deactivate it.”

Misato, getting into a radiation suit.
Hyuga (OFF) “You will deliver her, and recover her when the operation is complete.”

Hyuga “Understand?”

Shinji nods.

Eva-01 is dropped and descends.


Shinji in the entry plug.
Hyuga (OFF – RADIO) “You’ll find her in the conference center. Hurry.”

Eva-01 charges off.

Misato waits for it.
Shinji (OFF – RADIO) “What? You’re doing this?”
Misato nods.

Shinji gulps.
Shinji “But… you’re going into…”
Misato (OFF – RADIO) “It doesn’t matter.”

Misato “I have to do this.”

Eva-01 slowly holds out its hand.

Misato crawls up.
The hand rises.

Eva-01, running against the setting sun.
It slowly begins to close on Jet Alone.
The two robots run.
Eva-01 holds out its hand and catches on to a handhold.


Jet Alone is finally stopped, though it continues to struggle.
Eva-01 puts its other hand near JA.

Misato climbs onto the robot.

An access hatch.
Misato pulls it open.

She climbs inside.

The interior of Jet Alone.
Coolant rods and computer screens shimmer in the heat.

Misato breathes heavily as she steps through.

Shinji, in his entry plug.
Shinji (MONO) “Please don’t die…”

Hyuga in the airplane.
He is looking out a window.

The airplane circles around the wasteland, over Eva-01 and Jet Alone.

In the conference center, Ritsuko and Tokita watch.
Ritsuko shakes her head and walks away.

She passes by the other observers, all terrified.

She exits out through the conference room doors.
Ritsuko (MONO) “Idiot…”

Misato approaches a computer.
She types something.

The computer screen lights up.
Various text scrolls by, too fast to read.

Misato smiles.
Misato “This’ll be easy!”

She continues to type.
Misato “Deactivating…”

The screen.
Text: “Password?”
SE: typing
The word “Hope” appears.
SE: beep
Text: “Incorrect password.”

Misato, her eyes wide with shock.
Misato “What?!”

She pounds the computer and then resumes typing.
Misato “Come on! I don’t have time for this!”

Text: “Password denied.”
Misato lets out a scream of frustration. (OFF)


Eva-05’s spear.
It lights up, as does the rest of the screen.

An explosion in the Angel’s prison.

Eva-05. It is surprisingly intact. Behind it is a collapsing wall.

The pilot grins.
Pilot “That was an easy escape… I just had to go through the wall…”

Eva-05 spins around as the Angel bursts through the wall.
Eva-05 holds up its spear threateningly.

The Angel roars again, frustrated at its lack of progress in murder.
Pilot (OFF) “Come and get me, then!”

Eva-05 continues to roll away.
The Angel gives chase.

Fuyutsuki and the Russians watch with bemused faces.
Fuyutsuki “Amazing…”

Russian A “He just might win…”

Fuyutsuki laughs bitterly.
Fuyutsuki “You’d be amazed at the odds the pilots defy…”

Eva-05 stops rolling suddenly and swings about.

The Angel tries to slow down.

The Angel trips as its legs tangle together.

The pilot grins.

The spear of Eva-05 shoots through the AT Field and connects with the Angel.

The Angel opens its mouth to fight back, but stops, unable to continue with the damaged core, and whimpers.

An explosion.

Misato screams in frustration.

She turns and begins pushing against the rods.
Misato “Come on… come on…”

Misato, straining desperately.
Misato “Come on! Something’s got to give!”

Jet Alone is struggling against Eva-01.

Shinji is pulling back on the controls.
Shinji “What’s taking so long? Misato-san…”

Jet Alone almost breaks free, but Eva-01 stops it at the last second.
Shinji (OFF) “Don’t die…”

Misato continues to push, but ultimately collapses against one.
Misato “Ugh…”

The computer terminal.

The screen.
A much longer string of symbols is input.
Text: “Password accepted.”


Misato against the coolants.
SE: Shutting down

Jet Alone stops struggling.

Shinji “Yes!”

The room slowly cools down, becoming less red-tinged.

Misato sighs in relief, but then realizes.
Misato “Wait… what happened?”

She stands up.
Misato “I don’t understand…”

The pilot crawls out of the rubble…

Eva-05 and the exploded Angel blood cover the landscape.
The pilot rises and surveys it all.
Fuyutsuki (OFF – RADIO) “Well….”

The pilot’s helmet is cracked in places.
Fuyutsuki (OFF – RADIO) “You’re alive… and in a couple of weeks we’re going to Japan.”

The pilot nods.
The pilot pulls off his helmet.

Kensuke looks over the landscape.
Kensuke “That was awesome! So awesome!”

Fuyutsuki is sighing again.
Kensuke (OFF – RADIO) “Can I do that again?”

Jet Alone conference room.
Everyone seems a bit more relieved.

Shinji hugs Misato.
Misato “Whoa… You okay, Shinji?”
Shinji shakes his head.

He is trembling.
Shinji “Misato-san… I thought… I thought you were gonna die…”

Misato laughs.
Misato “Yeah… so did I…”

Shinji is trying not to cry.
Misato (OFF) “But it’s all right.”

She smiles.
Misato “So… are you ready to go home?”
Shinji “H- home?”

Misato looks down at him.
Misato “Yeah… home. We are practically family after all…”
She sees Ritsuko.
Misato “Oh… just a sec…”
She walks away.

Shinji stares after her.
Shinji “Family?”

She turns back and him and smiles.
Shinji (OFF, wistfully) “Family…”

Ikari’s office. He is on the phone.
Ikari “Yes, understood. All three of them will be arriving later this month.”

Ritsuko enters.
Ikari (OFF) “The package too? Excellent.”

Ritsuko approaches Ikari’s desk. She looks small in the huge room.
Ikari “What? The Evangelion unit was completely destroyed? Then our ratio of pilots to Evangelion units is quite low…”

Ikari, close-up.
Ikari “Yes, yes…”

Ritsuko approaches, still (it’s a large office).
Ikari “We’ll make do with the three we have…”

Ikari hangs up the phone.
Ikari “Yes?”

Ritsuko smiles coldly.
Ritsuko “The captain interfered, but she actually made the mission more successful…”

Ikari nods.
Ikari “Then you have done a good job. And Unit 01?”

Ritsuko “It is uncontaminated and will be able to serve in any future Angel battles.”
Ikari (OFF) “Excellent.”

Text: “To be continued…”


Text: “Next Time”

Three silhouettes stand in front of the sun.
Misato (OFF) “Eva-02 and three pilots”

Misato smiles while Shinji looks on in shock.
Misato (OFF) “board a boat for Japan.”

The 7th Angel jumps and destroys a boat.
Misato (OFF) “The sudden attack of an Angel”

Eva-02 turns its head under the sea.
Misato (OFF) “forces Eva-02 into an underwater battle.”

A helicopter launches from a boat.
Misato (OFF) “Next Time: ‘Morning Arrival’.”

The Battle of Tokyo-3
Morning Arrivals