Dragon Ball/Z/GT Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ A Long Journey Ends Another Begins ( Chapter 17 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Dende stood looking over the edge of the Lookout, his wife Ami was behind him with her arm on his shoulder, this allowed her to see everything he saw, they both appeared to be in their mid twenties. A great dark army was approaching the invisible walls that surrounded Crystal Tokyo; they were headed straight between the two southern star points, aimed directly at the Crystal Palace beneath the Lookout. “We have to summon the Z-Scouts,” Ami said letting go of her husband’s shoulder.
“Yes your right,” Dende said placing two fingers to his forehead “Z-Scouts, I summon you to the Crystal Palace to protect the Innocent.”

Gohan and Videl were exchanging sparring blows; they too had stopped aging in their mid twenties like all inhabitants of Crystal Tokyo. Gohan grabbed Videl by the arm and pulled her into a kiss ending their spar, Mount Paozu stood behind them an invisible wall surrounded the area as it was chosen as the first star point for the city of Crystal Tokyo.
“Ew,” a small voice interrupted their passionate kiss, “Stop kissing Mommy, Daddy.”
The two Earth saving heroes stopped and turned to see their ten year old daughter pan, embarrassment flushed over their faces. “Sorry,” Gohan said rubbing the back of his head and blushing.
“No let’s keep fighting,” Pan said as she got back into her fighting stance, Gohan and Videl both got back into their stances as well. Pan’s gi, that was the same as the one Goten wore as a small child, blew in the wind as her parents began to charge their ki.
Videl looked over at the young girl, who had the same haircut as her, “well?” Pan broke out of her shock and began to charge her ki turning Super Saiyan, her hair stood on end now a golden color, except for her front left banks which maintained the black color of her mother’s powered up form.
Pan continued to charge reaching Super Saiyan 2; lightning began to dance around her, and unlike the standard Super Saiyan 2 lightning this was purple. “Ready!” Pan said excited as the two female fighters dashed towards Gohan.
Gohan blocked the two oncoming kicks and was about to return one of his own when Dende’s voice filled their heads, “Z-Scouts, I summon you to the Crystal Palace to protect the Innocent.”
Gohan blocked Pan’s incoming punch and dropped his raised arms, “Looks like we’re going on a trip to the palace.”
“Ya,” Pan yelled, “I have to show Rini what her mother gave me.” Pan held up her hand as golden light began to engulf her starting with her fingertips, as the light faded Pan stood there in an eternal scout’s suit, it was orange with red accents. “I Love that Queen Serena gave me the ability to summon a scout suit,” Pan said as she twirled around admiring herself.
Videl laughed at her daughter, “have you figured out your sailor name yet?”
“Yes,” Pan said extremely excited, “I’m going to be Sailor Saiya, cause you guys use to be Saiyaman and Saiyawoman, before you helped form Crystal Tokyo.”Gohan and Videl smiled in pride as they all blasted towards the center of the star shaped city of Crystal Tokyo.

The second chosen star point was the Capsule Corp building now run by Mirai Trunks, who was sitting in his office when a beautiful woman with long purple hair and a nine year old girl walked in. “Working hard?” Rei teased her husband.
“Well it doesn’t run its self,” Trunks said starring at the papers before him. “How are you today Bra?” Trunks said as his small blue haired daughter jumped into his lap.
“Daddy, I’m GREAT!” Bra said as she starred at the papers hoping to help her father.
Trunks threw his head back and sighed with relief as Dende’s voice filled their voice. “Let’s go guys,” Trunks said as he stood up and began to run down the hall, he ran past the teenaged younger Trunks door and began banging on it.
The teenage Trunks sat on his bed kissing a pink haired girl, trying to make a move when his older self began banging on his door, “Let’s go you two, the city is in danger.”
The younger Trunks huffed in frustration, “We’re coming!”
The teenaged Trunks opened the door, and joined the group as they took off followed by his girlfriend, the pink haired Sailor Ceres.
Bra turned to her mother, “Can I come?”
“Only if you do that new thing that Serena taught you,” Rei said rubbing her daughter’s head.
With that Bra held her hand up as purple light began to engulf her body starting with her nails, when the light faded she was now in eternal sailor wear. “I am Sailor Vegetta,” the purple and red Sailor Scout had chosen this name based off of her grandpa’s home planet.

Kagome’s temple stood as the heart of the third star point, inside she and her husband were praying at the altar as their son walked in. “Okami, come pray,” Kagome ordered as the eleven year old boy with black dog ears sat beside them.
Inyuyasha smirked ‘good I love when she’s bossy.’ His private thoughts were soon interrupted by the green man’s voice. Inyuyasha stood up and turned to his family, “Let’s go!” he said trying to motivate them to go a little faster. The three ran to the backward where the temple that started all of their adventures sat and bolted into the sky. ‘Even after all of these years I still feel naked without my sword’ Inyuyasha thought as the three of them darted for the crystal home of many of their friends.

The fourth star point was the most remote of them all; it resided in a forest abandoned by almost all others. This was the woods that 17 had called home for so long, but now there stood a little cabin home to two more warriors. Lita was in the kitchen cooking as she yelled out the window, “Dinner’s ready come on in and get it!”
17 turned and looked at his house, he stopped bashing his fist into the tree before him, he then turned to his young son, “Malek lets go!”
The ten year old boy with android eyes and Lita’s brown hair turned as lightning danced between his finger tips, “What?”
“Dinner’s ready,” 17 said as the android rubbed his son’s head.
The three sat at the table, in front of them lay a delicious feast prepared by the best cook of all the Z-Scouts, “dig in,” Lita said with pride.
“That was great!” Malek said rubbing his stomach, Lita smiled and was about to reply when Dende’s voice filled their heads.
“Nothings creepier then little green men talking in your head,” 17 said rolling his eyes.
Lita smirked at her husband, “let’s go,” all three of them took to the sky rocketing towards the heart of Crystal Tokyo.

Dabura sat on his throne in the castle he had built over the spot where Majin Buu was once buried, as Dende talked into his head. He had offered his palace as the fifth and final star point; he didn’t expect to have to save the city once every week. “Beelzebub!” he yelled down from his throne.
“Yes Dad,” a 12 year old pink demon stepped out in front of him.
“Want to go help save the city?”
“YES!” Beelzebub said as he jumped into the sky in excitement.
“Then go,” Dabura said rolling his eyes as his son darted out of the palace.

Serena and Darien were sitting on the thrones of Crystal Tokyo as the sirens began to go off alerting them that the oncoming army Dende had warned them about was now at the invisible force field surrounding the city. Serena turned to her daughter born just weeks after Pan, “Rini, lead your scouts against the army, it is your turn to protect the world.”
Rini smiled up at her mother and father, “We’re on it!” with that she raised her hand into the sky a brilliant pink light began to encircle her as it faded she stood there as Eternal Sailor Mini-Moon. She blasted out the door accompanied by the green haired Sailor Juno, and Sailor Vesta, the bright red haired girl.
Mina and her husband Uub busted into the throne room, “where’s the small lady?”
“She has gone to protect the Earth like we did,” Serena said peacefully.
“But she’s so young,” Uub said in shock.
“Yes but she is a Z-Scout,” Tapion said as he walked into the room from the other side.
Mina turned and saw the alien warrior standing there, “So your here to help fight the army?”
“Well I figure it’s the least I could do as a citizen of the great Crystal Tokyo,” Tapion said laughing as he Mina and Uub blasted out of the throne room and towards the attacking army.

Goten was sitting in his kitchen with his blue haired girl friend Sailor Pallas, as Chichi began a whole speech on how the two would get married and give her more grandkids, when Goten noticed out the window that the force field around Crystal Tokyo was fluctuating. “Mom we have to go,” Goten said as he got up.
“Oh no you don’t,” Chichi commanded grabbing him by the ear.
“But mom it’s the wall,” Goten said pleading, “we’re under attack.”
“Ya and we will still be under attack when I’m done,” Chichi said pushing her son back into his chair.
“Sorry,” Pallas said as she grabbed Goten and darted out the window.
Chichi stuck her head out of the apartment building she and Goten moved into years ago and yelled at her son and his girlfriend as they flew away, “I’m not done with you TWO!”
“Glad we got out of there,” Goten said as Pallas giggled.

Arale and Obotchaman just finished darting across the ocean as the saw three figures before them blasting off in the same direction, they eventually caught up and realized that it was Lita, 17, and Malek. “Hey you guys,” Arale screamed as the pulled up beside them. The family of three turned and waved as they continued their long flight to the battlefield.

Rini and her scouts arrived on the battlefield preparing for battle when Mina, Uub and Tapion landed beside them. Soon they were joined by Goten and Pallas. “Hey,” Pallas said as she and Goten took their places among the new generation of Z-Scouts. Soon the pink demon Beelzebub landed and joined the younger team.
The army was smashing against the invisible barrier created by Queen Serena, “We can do this,” Trunks said as he and Rei descended standing with the adults, as the teenage Trunks, Bra, in her sailor suit, and Ceres landed amongst the younger team. Soon Lita, Arale, Obotchaman, and 17 landed alongside their team while the young Malek stood amongst his friends. Next on the scene was the little fireball tempered wolf demon, Okami who stood amongst his friends, his parents Kagome, and Inyuyasha, took their spots with the first generation Z-Scouts.
On the horizon three comet like objects where approaching from the north most star point, the white and blue one was first to land as Gohan took his place at the front of the arrow shape formation the original Z-Scouts made. Soon Videl took her place beside Gohan as her purple aura faded, last but not least was Pan now as Sailor Saiya, who stood on Rini’s left side as Bra stood on her left. “Ready?” Gohan asked leading his Z-Scouts, as he turned to Rini who was leading hers.
“Yes,” Rini said nervously.
“Okay Serena!” Gohan yelled.
Inside the Crystal Palace Serena stood by the window overlooking the battlefield, Darien beside her, “Do you think Rini’s ready?” Serena asked in a worried tone.
“Yes,” Darien stated as he placed his hand on her shoulder. Serena raised her right hand and moved it sideways; the invisible barrier began to turn bright white.

Dende and Ami looked down from the Lookout, as the barrier turned white and slowly began to fade making a corridor for the two teams of Z-Scouts to charge through, “Good luck my friends,” Dende said as he and Ami watched intently.

Gohan braced himself as the barrier turned white soon it would disappear just long enough for them to get through, “Go!” he screamed as the barrier faded and he rocketed forward into the army of darkness followed by his friend that he had fought beside for years.
“What about us?” Pan asked pulling on Rini’s puffy sleeve.
“Oh ya,” Rini said snapping back to reality, “Us too!” She rocketed forward followed by Pan and Bra, then the rest of her scouts, followed by the two young Semi-Saiyans, along with the rest of the Z-Scouts children.

Finally the True End of the Negaverse is at Hand