SD Gundam Fan Fiction ❯ A Kingdom in Peril ( Chapter 1 )

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AN: Contrary to my poll I posted sometime last year, where a redone version of ‘Of Stars and Wishes’ was voted more times on ‘no’ than ‘yes’ I really think it’s for the best that I do, otherwise I won’t finish it at all. And this was supposed to be a big intro story/back story for some characters. There will still be OCs in this, obviously, and it will follow the same basic route from the first version, but with a few differences. One being that besides my OCs no other ones will be making an appearance. As much I appreciate the permission I had gotten to use other OCs, I would really prefer to use my OCs and have the story go the way I had originally planned. Anyway thank you for listening to this and enjoy the updated version of ‘Of Stars and Wishes’.


The Soladiarama sun shone brightly upon a large kingdom. Shops and houses of all kinds, shapes and sizes surrounded the two towering castles in this kingdom. One castle consisted of beautifully crafted white marble, edged with gold, midnight purple, and hot pink in places. Flags from the three turret’s waved in the gentle breeze and had a bright star on them. The castle, instead of a large brick wall and moat, had a medium sized white metal fences, with neatly trimmed hedges growing along the inside edge. Other neatly kept topiaries were in the courtyard and a stone path led to the back garden.
The second castle was made of the same white marble but had red, gold, and royal blue in places. It looked similar yet different to the other castle, the main difference was the flags on the four turret’s. They each had a shooting star in the center. This castle had a grey iron fence with the same neatly kept hedges on the inside, only they had bright yellow flowers on them. The courtyard consisted of large trimmed hedges, made to look like giant swills. These differences in colors, flags, and yard decorations marked Star Castle and Wish Castle. And this kingdom was called Starvia, a place where humans and gundam lived in peace.
Outside Star Castle two young gundamess’ of the age of eight were sneaking out a hidden door on the side of the castle. One had royal purple knight armor with white accents, she was of slight build as custom for gundamess’, even young ones. Her hands were grey and her Gunsoul hot pink. She had darker purple, almost black like accents on her feet for color, and the headpiece on her helmet was also hot pink, a circle with a star etched into in and a small diamond in the center with two golden horns curving upward. The sides of her helmet had fairy wing like decorations. She had lavender eyes and brightly colored butterfly/fairy wings on her back.
Her companion had dark navy blue knight armor with white accents, and she too was slight of build and had grey hands. Her Gunsoul was turquoise and so were her eyes. She had darker navy blue, almost black accents on her feet much like her friend. Her helmet’s headpiece was a bright red heart with white wings framing it. The sides of her helmet had wing like decorations and she wore a turquoise cape. She also looked to be nervous.
“P-p-princess Starla. Y-You should really g-g-get back t-to your l-l-lessons.” She stuttered.
“Oh, Zira. I told you I had something to show you, and you’re not getting out of seeing it.” Starla said, grabbing her best friends hand and pulling her toward the hedge row, gliding along the manicured lawn with her wings buzzing slightly.
Starla flew over the top of the short hedges and Zira followed reluctantly, levitating over the greenery. Starla then began to fly away from the castle, gesturing for Zira to follow her. The two kids flew/glided somewhat northwest, waving to the villagers they saw. They dodged crates and other packages being delivered, took shortcuts though alleys, and by the time they reached a large green field both were out of breath but smiling brightly.
“Why are we at Butterfly Fields?” Zira asked, stutter gone at the moment.
“I saw a really pretty one. One that’s never been here!” Starla explained, flying gently into the fields, disturbing a few of the resting butterflies.
Butterflies of all shape, size, and color flew, landed, and interacted on the field. Some were bright yellow with black, others were just small white ones, but the one Starla was looking for was something she had never seen. It was about inch long with a four inch wingspan. It had white wings with purple edging and veins, and yellow and red dots decorating the wings, but the most interesting characteristic was the almost star pattern on the hind wing in a bright blue. Starla spotted it landing on a blade of grass and landed to tip-toe over to it. She gestured for Zira to come over but to be quiet.
Zira did just that and stopped next to Starla, “Whoa. It is pretty. Where do you think it came from?”
“I donno, but isn’t it just amazing?” Starla answered, gazing at the butterfly.
“Yeah.” Zira sighed.
The girls spent a short while gazing at the butterfly, following it around the field and sometimes chasing it for fun. Sometime later when the sun was just about to set Starla and Zira were laying in the grass, most of the butterflies having flown off somewhere for the evening. Just before the girls started to get up to go back to the castle for dinner the ground started to shake. Birds that were in the surrounding trees flew off as the earthquake continued. Both young gundams hugged each other completely shocked and scared as the why this was happening.
Suddenly a large metal creature burst out of the ground. It was long and made of different sections. It had about seventeen pairs of legs, a pair of poisonous stingers framed it’s mouth, and it’s armor was a redish-brown. Starla and Zira stared at it in horror, both trembling. The creature noticed the kids and made to plunge at them. Right before it hit them, Starla and Zira rolled out of the way. The creature, a giant centipede, made to attack Zira again, while she tried to pull out the small sword on her hip.
“Zira! Run!” Starla cried, flying over and quickly pulling Zira out of the way, “We need to go!”
Starla started flying back to the kingdom, Zira trying to keep up before she kicked in her levitation. They hid behind a house, while the centipede raced by trying to find them. Once it was gone they started to get back to Star Castle as quickly as possible. They tried their best to avoid any of the ‘Mecha Demons’ as the villagers had began to yell and call the attacking forces. Not only were there more centipedes, there where ones resembling panthers, wolves, and even bipedal badgers. All these creatures were laying waste to Starvia and anyone who was fighting back weren’t doing well.
By the time Starla and Zira had gotten closer to the main square the sky was dark with smoke from fires and the air thick with the smell of sulfur and death. Starla peeked out from behind the wall they were hiding behind, trying not to shake as bad as Zira was. Before they could make a break for the other side of the square a hand was laid on both of their shoulders. Both girls spun around and squealed before noticing it was a friend.
A knight gundam with royal red armor, white accents, a garnet colored gunsoul, Brown eyes, and a dark blue cape stood by the girls. His helmet had an oval garnet stone with a golden ten pointed star shape surrounding it. The sides of his helmet had similar spikes. He smiled slightly at Starla and Zira.
“S-s-sir T-T-Ten! W-w-what’s going o-o-on?” Zira asked, stuttering again.
The knight named Ten sighed, “We are unsure. But I do know King Kai and Queen Belle are looking for you, Princess Starla.”
“Where are they?”
“In Star Castle the last time I heard.”
“Please, I gotta go find Mama and Daddy.” Starla said, clinging to Ten.
Ten nodded, “Alright, please don’t fret Princess. I’ll get you to your castle.”
The trio of gundams checked to make sure no mecha demons were around before making a dash across the square. Once across the picked their toward the castle, Ten taking care of any demons they couldn’t pass. Once close to the fence, they found multiple demons keeping guard.
“Alright you two. I’ll distract them and you guys get in the castle.”
“No ‘buts’, Zira. You two need to find King Kai and Queen Belle. Go!” Ten ran out in front of the demons calling their attention.
Starla and Zira waited until Ten had gotten the demon distracted enough before making two small flights over the hedges and toward the secret passage door they had used earlier. They quickly found the stairway that would take them to an upper floor. Once there they made sure nothing was around before opening the hidden door. They started to make their way down a corridor when they heard the distinct sound of sword fighting.
“W-w-w-what’s t-t-that?” Zira asked.
“Let’s go see. We might find someone.” Starla said.
“B-b-b-but P-P-P-Princess!”
Starla ignored Zira and dragged her to the balcony like structure overlooking the throne room. Down below a fight was taking place between two gundams. One had white armor with midnight purple and red accents, his gunsoul was midnight purple, and the head piece on his helmet had an upside down red pentagon with three golden spikes, two on each side, one going up in the center. He had a ‘mustache’ like decoration that twitched every so often. His royal purple cape and red and gold crown were abandoned by his throne along with his scepter. Instead he held a midnight purple edged broadsword, the hilt being red with a star at the pommel. Another slightly larger star sat at the base and two golden ovals decorating the sides.
He fought against a pure black gundam, with blood red eyes. He had a pair of black dragon wings and a tail with spikes going down to the pointed tip. He had claws at the end of his fingers and talons on his feet. His helmet had two small bat wings on the side and instead of a headpiece he had two long horns. He held a black broadsword with a seriated edge.
The two circled each other waiting for one to leave an opening.  The dragon held his sword with one hand pointed at his opponent’s gunsoul. Said opponent held his sword in both hands, held in a guarding position.
“Why are you here, Rio?” He asked.
“Why? To get rid of you and your family, Kai.” Rio growled.
King Kai glowered at the dragon before lunging at his gunsoul. Rio blocked Kai’s sword before countering with his own strike. This continued for a few minutes each opponent barely getting a chance to land a decent hit. Then Rio made a complicated strike and knocked Kai’s sword from his hand. The using his tail, Rio tripped Kai, causing him to fall back.  
“Heh, it’s too bad you won’t be around to see Rea.” Rio said, raising his sword to stab Kai though his gunsoul.
“NO! DADDY!” Cried Starla, gaining the attention of the fighting adults.
She covered her mouth when she realized she shouldn’t have done that. Rio growled before flinging her tail to the side, sending scales across the floor. The scales then began to morph. Soon they looked like deformed dragons. They had large, wide heads with the mouth taking up most of the face and no eyes. Their bodies were small compared to the heads, with small fore and back legs, three talons each. A pair of wings spouted from their backs and tails came from their bottoms. They all bared the two rows of sharp, deadly fangs when they opened their mouths.
Rio smirked behind his face plate, “Kill them.” He said, pointing his sword in Starla and Zira’s direction.
The creatures took off after the girls, right as Kai tackled Rio, “Starla! Zira! Run! Get out of here!”
“Kai, you’ll pay for that!” Rio growled, throwing Kai off him.
Starla and Zira ran off the balcony just as the creatures crashed into it, causing it to crack and some pieces to fall. Starla and Zira quickly flew down a corridor trying to stay ahead of the creatures trying to kill them.
“Do you think Daddy’s ok, Zira?” Starla asked, as they made a turn.
“I-I-I-I d-d-don’t k-k-know.”
Just before they made a turn to try and hide from the creatures, Starla stopped hearing a voice in her head.
‘Don’t forget about me! I can help!’
“S-S-S-S-Starla?” Zira asked, “W-w-w-what’s w-w-w-w-wrong?”
‘Come get the Star Pendant.’
“I have to get the Star Pendant.” Starla said, just as the creatures turned down the hallway they were in.
“Come on!” Starla pulled Zira down the hall, and turned right before turning left and going up a flight of stairs.
The girls soon reached a pair of doors with constellations’ painted in them. They pushed the doors opened and had barely closed them before the creatures caught up. Inside the room, the walls were a dark blue with more stars and constellations’ painted on them. Two large star shaped windows framed the room on either side. In the middle of the room, on a shrine, hanging was a round golden pendant with a star etched into it. Starla ran up and grabbed it, before the doors banged open and the creatures came in. Zira screamed and ran for the window, Starla following as the creatures growled before charging.
“Butterfly Shards!” A bunch of butterfly wing shaped shards came through the door, hitting the creatures. A few shuddered before falling, while others shook themselves to rid them of some shards.
In the doorway stood an older version of Starla. She was dark purple with white accents on her armor. Said armor was shaped somewhere in between knight armor and a dress. Her gunsoul was hot pink and her head piece was similar to Starla’s only the golden horns curved into a heart. Her butterfly/fairy wings buzzed as she lifted herself off the floor.
“You will not harm my daughter.”
The creatures looked back and forth from Starla and Zira to Queen Belle. The creatures then figured out that Belle was trying to stop them so they went after her. Belle cast a shield around her before the creatures attacked her.
“Starla! Zira! Get out of here!”
“But Mama!”
“No, Starla! Go! I’ll hold them off!” Belle cast a wind spell, causing the creatures to fly against the wall.
“C-C-come on Starla!” Zira said, levitating over the window sill.
Starla mutely nodded, watching her mother fight off the creatures. Zira pulled her though the window, and Starla automatically started to use her wings. Starla tore her eyes away from her mother as she and Zira started to fly off, heading toward the ground before their ability to fly was impaired. Before they reached the somewhat safety of the ground, an explosion rocked everything and they fell the rest of the way from shock. Once they gained their bearings, they turned to see the one of the turrets was aflame and debris was falling.
“Mama…” Starla whimpered, as she looked upon the destruction of the shrine room, tears welling up in her eyes.
“Starla…We have to keep going.” Zira said, trying to fight back her own tears.
“But..Mama…” Starla said, sniffing.
“I know, but we have to get the Wish Pendant.”
“I-i-it makes since to have both pendants, don’t you think?”
“Come on.” Zira helped Starla up and started to make a path toward Wish Castle.
Zira started to levitate and soon Starla started to move her wings. They dodged fallen buildings, more demons, and the bodies of fallen knights and villagers. The destruction had gotten worse since they had been in the castle. Their path to the other castle was fairly uneventful, as most of the demons were too busy causing harm to notice two small gundams. Once they came into view of other castle, they viewed a fight going on.
Another dragon gundam, only blood red with black eyes, and smaller horns was fighting against a human. The human had long pink hair, green eyes, and was wearing a tattered red robe with golden embroidery. The same deformed dragon creatures surrounded them only red. The human was firing fire balls at the gundam, trying to keep her and the creatures away from the pendant she held in her hand.
“You will never get this pendant, Rea.”
“Oh, I think I will.” The dragon growled.
The dragon raised herself into the air and made her own fire ball in her hands. She took aim and fired at the human.
“Queen Aelita!” Starla cried, flying in between the other queen and the fire ball. She quickly summoned a shield, which broke just as soon as the fire ball was deflected.
Rea glowered at Starla before noticing what she had around her neck.
“How nice of you to bring me the Star Pendant.”
“You can’t have it!”
“Does it look like I care?”
Rea made to tackle both human and gundam, but Aelita fired another fire blast knocking the dragoness back. Zira made it over to Starla and Queen Aelita, after dodging the creatures. Aelita quickly casted a shield before the creatures attacked them.
“What are you two doing here?”
“W-w-we were trying to get the Wish P-p-pendant.” Answered Zira.
“We have the Star Pendant.” Starla added.
“Yes, I see.”
“You can’t hold that shield forever, human!” Came a shout from Rea, “And when it goes down, the three of you are dead and the pendants ours.”
Rea let out a cackle worthy of any witch, before charging up another fire ball. Aelita glared at the gundamess and then looked back the girls.
“Listen to me, girls.” Aelita said, slipping the other round golden pendant, only with a shooting star etched into it, “Take the Wish Pendant and when I drop the shield you run and get out of here.”
“But, Queen Aelita…” Zira said.
“Go, I’ll be fine.”
Aelita dropped the shield and casted another one to block the fire blast from Rea. Starla and Zira ran off before that happened but the creatures started to follow them. They took into the air but was soon cut off by the creatures. They tried to escape but more cut them off. Starla and Zira then heard another explosion and saw the dragoness fly up out of the smoke. She noticed the kids and cackled again.
“Come here, you little brats!”
“GUST!” A large wind came and knocked the creatures away from Starla and Zira.
Another Female gundam appeared, She was almost a forest green color with some light green accents. Her armor was a cross between a knights and dress, much like Belle’s. Her head piece was a emerald hexagon with two small tan wings on either side. She had two eagle wings on her back the same color. And her eyes were also green. Rea glared at her for getting in the way of her attack.
“Big Big Sister!” Starla cried.
“Get out of my way!” Rea growled.
Rea pointed a claw at the winged gundamess, “Get her!”
The creatures converged on her but she flew out of the way. She blasted them with another gust of wind before summoning a lance. She hit a few of the creatures before dodging other attacks. Starla and Zira watched the fighting trying to figure out what to do. A giant portal then appeared behind them, wind whipping around.
“Gust!” Starla’s older sister sent a blast of air at the girls, sending them though the portal.
But before it closed about a dozen of the creatures and the dragoness gundam flew after them.
“No!” The rest of the creatures tackled the flying gundamess to the ground.


The first chapter rewrite is done! And it’s better! As you can see I changed a few things, added stuff but kept the basic outline of the chapter them same. The ending was edited only slightly. And as for what I mention about Starla and Zira losing their flight ability, they’re eight so they wouldn’t be able to hold onto the power to fly for a long period of time. Anyway hope you liked it and stay tuned for the next chapter!
And I own all the characters!

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