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The Spirits
Chapter One
A Hero Rises

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Authors Notes: I need help figuring out a good name for this series, “The Spirits,” just isn’t what I want this story to be named but it was all I could come up with for the moment; so if anyone can think of a better name comment and I will highlight you in the next chapter.

A Hero Rises:

In the world I live in the old fad of Duel Monsters has been abandoned, even people who used to love to ride on their Duel Runners have abandoned them to take part in this new game that people have started up, they call it Duel Battles. Due Battles are simple to join in all you have to do is have control of a Duel Spirit and then you step into the battle arena and then you transform into your spirit, it really is a fun was to waste an afternoon, well it would be more fun if I had a strong spirit. That was the perpetual moan of a certain Ligero Oscuridad who stood seated in the stands of one of the biggest gathering of Duel Battlers since the Finals of the Fortune Cup where a certain Demetrius Ivan Black took the championship by proving that a God was on his side, and by God the Egyptian God Obelisk. Ligero had been their watching the Fortune Cup as Demetrius summoned forth his Obelisk spirit and then obliterated his enemy, and the roar of the crowd nearly caused Ligero to go deaf as he leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes to block out the world.

The only reason that Ligero was sad was the fact that his one and only spirit was just the useless Celtic Guardian, now others would have been ecstatic to receive the spirit of the Celtic Guardian but it only made Ligero angry. Why had he been chosen to receive such a weak spirit? Why did he have to be the constant butt of so many jokes? Why did all of his friends have monsters that had over two thousand attack points? He just groaned again as he stood up and attempted to exit the arena, but he was called out by a familiar voice; an old enemy by the name of Cyrus Blaine, who had a certain Thousand Dragon monster as his spirit. Along with that Cyrus was one of those guys who had ruggedly good looks, muscular build, and gorgeous eyes and perfect hair that made the girls scream; Ligero on the other hand had long black hair with purple streaks in it, a skinny body that always wore the tightest clothes, and just one of those average faces that people looked at once and then forgot who he was. Truth be told the only truly fascinating feature about Ligero was the fact that he had two light purple eyes, and as everyone knew purple was the color of royalty; but of course Cyrus had a joke for that every time he saw him.

“Well if it isn’t your royal weakness, Ligero. Come to watch me mop the floor with the competition again?” Cyrus asked as Ligero turned around and closed his eyes so he wouldn’t have to see the annoying grin that would be plastered on the face of Cyrus.

“No, Cyrus if I recall last time you fought in Duel Battle Arena you got stomped by an eight year old who had an Injection Fairy Lilly.” Ligero said with a smile as Cyrus began to blush, as he quickly interjected what he thought had happened.

“You know it was a fifteen year old who had a Harpies Pet Dragon.” Cyrus said as two of his friends stopped by and grabbed Ligero by the arms and dragged him towards the nearest arena, “may as well warm up on someone easy and there isn’t a weaker fighter than you.” Cyrus said as his friends tossed Ligero into the arena and the doors shut behind him, and now both Ligero and Cyrus stood facing each other in a small box like room.

This was the first generation Duel Battle Arena where two players stepped in and only one stepped out with their spirit still with them, now normally people would avoid these arenas because of the advances in the Arena technology where now people could do tag battles or battle royals where no one would lose their spirit should they lose. These newer generation arenas looked like coliseums where the field stood in the middle with the holographic technology all around and stands for people to sit in and watch. Now unlike these the first generation gave you privacy, but should someone be interested the walls would become invisible and the battle inside would be visible for everyone to see.

“You ready to lose your pathetic excuse for a spirit?” Cyrus asked as he pulled on a Suit so that his body could go into the change and his spirit could take over his body, Ligero however tapped a pendant on his necklace and his suit began to appear and expand around him.

“You just can’t leave me alone can you Cyrus, I mean do you have some sick man crush on me or something?” Ligero asked as his suit took its place and the arena began to glow and slowly it took of the form of a vast plain with nothing around and only the open sky plus dirt. Ligero slowly went through e metamorphosis that changed his body into the Celtic Guardian, but it was quick and painless; but as he opened his eyes he stared down the beast that was coming after him.

Now normally a Celtic Guardian couldn’t beat a Thousand Dragon, but this battle is more on skill than points; a quicker fighter could in the end destroy a stronger monster but a stronger monster could easily destroy a weaker monster in a single shot. For a weaker monster to bring the stronger monster down to its level it would have to successfully hit it the number of times equal to the difference in its attack time one hundred, so in other words the Celtic Guardian as 1400 attack points and the Thousand Dragon as 2400, to even the score the Celtic Guardian has to land ten even strike and then an eleventh to finish it off. It is easier said than done, because the whole battle could end in one shot by the stronger opponent.

“So little prince you scared yet?” Cyrus called out as he breathed deep into his nostrils and then shot out two jets of flames that flew directly towards Ligero, he skillfully avoided the flames and then jumped into the air hoping to strike Cyrus once, but Cyrus flew into the air and breathed deep one flaming breath and then shot out one fireball which struck down Ligero and quickly ended the match.

“Damnit how could I lose my only spirit so easily?” Ligero said as the arena died down and then he stood pressing the pendant again as his suit receded and Cyrus stood with a smug looking smile on his face. Ligero said nothing as his two friends walked into the arena and then dragged him by the arms out and then tossed him outside into the back alley where only a few homeless people lived and the trash seemed to be piling up extensively.

“Hey kid why so glum?” An elderly man asked as Ligero came to his feet and then quickly sat down next to the guy closing his eyes only remembering the quick victory he had given his enemy.

“I let my guard down and now I have no spirit.” Ligero said with a sigh as he reached into his jeans and removed a box of cigarettes as he opened the box he removed two and held one out for the stranger who was seated nearby, “you smoke?”

“No I quit years ago.” Even as he said those words the old man gratefully accepted the smoke and lit it up with a quick flick of his wrist, apparently stashed somewhere on him was a lighter.

“Quit years ago huh?” Ligero said with a laugh as he reached into his own pocket and removed a small lighter, he struck the flint and then raised it to the end of his smoke taking a long drag which he breathed out in what sounded like another sigh. The old man looked at him with a sly grin and held out his arm he opened the palm of his hand and a light began to emanate from it until it took the form of a dragon, but not just any dragon the Judgment dragon.

“You need a spirit boy, well do you?” The old man inquired as he held the dragon up for Ligero to see, Ligero could only gape at the fact that such an old man had such a powerful beast at his control. ‘well boy if you promise never to abuse him he is yours, and while you’re at it why not beat down the bully who took your spirit away from you.” A smile was prevalent on the old mans face as Ligero held out his hand; the Judgment Dragon hopped into his palm and Ligero felt a tear slide down his face.

“Why are you giving me this though, you could be one of the best with a beast like this?” Ligero may have been confused right now but he was still overjoyed at the fact that now unlike before he had a powerful spirit to call his own and no one was going to take that away from him.

“Well I don’t see much need in being in the spotlight anymore; I’ve had my fill so why not pass on the scepter to a new king.” The old man took a drag off the cigarette and then put it out as he stood up and held out a hand for Ligero. “But remember what I said boy, treat him well and never abuse the power given to you.” With that said the old man walked away and all Ligero could do was look at the Dragon still standing in his palm and smile.

“Don’t worry old man I will,” Ligero called out as he took his eyes off the dragon to say goodbye but the man seemed to have vanished from the time he said goodbye to the time it took Ligero to look up and say his farewell. Well Judgment Dragon how about we have a little fun, I know payback shouldn’t be something I seek but Cyrus deserves every bit of it. Ligero thought with a smile as Judgment Dragon nodded to him, this caught him off guard, Wait you can understand me? Ligero though again, the dragon nodded once more as Ligero took in the information; true everyone did have a Duel Spirit now but never had anyone told him that they could communicate with the person who controlled them. Then Judgment Dragon you and me are going to be partners from now on there won’t be a master in this equation. Judgment dragon gave a soft roar as he disappeared into the palm of Ligero’s hand and Ligero turned around and headed back inside the competition area.

Ligero was no fool, but the moment he stepped back inside Cyrus was on him and had him pinned to the wall with his right fist reared back ready to punch his lights out, “your royal lowness, why even come back inside? I just obliterated your weak little spirit so why don’t you just run home and cry to your mommy?” Of course Cyrus would take a cheap shot at the blow he had delivered to Ligero, but Ligero only had a cool smirk on his face as he stared down Cyrus unafraid of anything he could do to him.

“Is that fear I smell Cyrus or is it just you?”

“Why you little, I’ll kill you for that!” Cyrus was never one to take snide little comments very easily, and as he tried to punch Ligero right in the face a security guard stepped forward and grabbed his arm. “hey let me go rent-a-cop shouldn’t you be trying to find a coffee and doughnut somewhere?” Poor idiotic Cyrus, those few words he said were enough to get him thrown against the wall and cuffs wrapped around his wrists, but Ligero couldn’t just let him get taken away he had to show Cyrus just wy he had dared to come back inside.

“Officer kicking him out isn’t good enough, how about you let me him and his friends have a battle to determine his fate; should he win just let him go but should I win he gets kicked out and can never battle here again.” Ligero said, as the guard considered the offer Cyrus slowly began to laugh until it turned into crazed maniacal laughter that just seemed incapable of stopping.

“You may as well write me a free pass for the rest of my life; this loser doesn’t even have a spirit to battle with.” Cyrus continued his laughter until he saw that cool smile still on the face of Ligero, “what did you get an even weaker monster out on the streets?”

“Well I’ll admit I did get a monster out there, but surly the big bad Cyrus isn’t afraid of little old Ligero?” Again Cyrus proved his stupidity by getting angry at the fact that someone could mess with him and he couldn’t stop it.

“Alright little prince I accept your challenge, meet me in the first generation arena in five minutes and bring a crowd because I want everyone to see you cry when I destroy your second spirit in less than a minute like last time.” Cyrus said as Ligero nodded and headed towards the Arena, but before he could get there a voice came from behind him followed by a soft strike to the back of his head.

“Who the hell…Oh it’s just you Aaron.” Ligero said as he turned around, his anger faded in a moment as his old friend, Aaron Rio, stood by his side with a concerned look upon his face. Now Aaron wasn’t the bravest of kids around this area, he stood at about five foot three and had a skinny body that older, and bigger, kids always seemed to want to make fun of, and when that got old, they beat him up for being short. Now it was true that Aaron did control the Legendary Fisherman but his confidence in battle always made him lose even when he could win.

“Ligero what the hell are you thinking challenging Cyrus to a battle, he already beat you today and letting his ego get bigger by beating you again isn’t going to help me out any.” Aaron sounded frantic as he spoke, apparently the thought of Cyrus was enough to cause him to shake in fear, and if his name wasn’t enough the scars and bruises he left on Aaron were.

“Relax Aaron today is the day we get payback for what Cyrus has done to you and me, so go gather a crowd I think a surprise is in order.” Though Ligero spoke with confidence Aaron only seemed to grow more frantic, even his best friend had no hope for him to survive.

“I can’t talk you out of this can I?”

“You’d be an idiot to try.”

“What if I said he was going to kill me after he beats you?”

“Well then I guess I’ll just have to embarrass him enough to make him hide his face in shame for a while.”

“Ligero please listen to reason you can’t win even if you got another spirit.”

“Aaron please, calm down, now go get the crowd and meet me over at the First Generation Arena.” Ligero said this with finality as Aaron walked away, his friend seemed to be praying but he couldn’t tell if it was for his success or for Cyrus to leave him alone if he won. Still Ligero had more important things to worry about than his friends lack of faith, he would change that when he stepped into the arena; what he did have to worry about was the annoying taunting Cyrus was going to do before the match. However his worry disappeared when he realized that when the match was over Cyrus would look like a bigger fool for challenging him and boating that he was going to be the winner.

Ligero had a spring in his step as he made his way over to the arena, and when he finally reached it Aaron had already gathered a crowd of about twenty people, and Cyrus stood in front of the door to the arena with a smile on his face.

“Well it looks like he showed up after all boys, I’ll let you two have a little fun with him before I wipe him out and make him run home crying.” Cyrus began to laugh, which caused his two friends to follow suit with him, it really was pathetic really but for now Ligero had to act like he was regretting making this decision.

“Go easy on my Cyrus, otherwise I won’t be able to come to school tomorrow knowing the shame I will feel at your hands.” Ligero said in a fake pleading voice, but for once Cyrus saw through the act and stepped close to Ligero so that only he could hear him.

“Don’t you worry about tomorrow little prince, this arena is set to electrocute the loser and the volts this things has will be putting you in the hospital or it might just kill you.” A sick grin was on his face, Ligero never knew Cyrus to want to go this far to try and hurt someone but he wasn’t about to worry about the outcome.

“Just have the paramedics waiting with three stretchers, because I unlike you don’t want my opponent to die when I beat them.” Ligero spoke in a very soft low voice so that only Cyrus could hear him, and he knew he touched that nerve again as Cyrus turned around and walked into the arena without saying another word; his two friends followed him, and then Ligero stepped into the arena and the doors were shut.

Ligero again pressed his pendant again and his suit began to expand over his clothes, and as he waited he saw the small container of the arena expand and the walls became giant one way mirrors, where the crowd could see him but he couldn’t see them. He stretched himself out a little and when Cyrus and his friends were finally ready.

The arena began to glow and slowly it took the form of that vast desert and Cyrus began to take on the form of the Thousand Dragon, his two friends slowly began to change until they both took on the form of Ogres, one being red and the other being green. Ligero however continued to stay in his form and this didn’t go unnoticed by Cyrus.

“See the little prince was lying he doesn’t even have a spirit, so go get him and tear him apart you two.” Ligero could see no worry from Cyrus, but he did take offense to him not wanting to come in for the first attack; Ligero had wanted to transform just as Cyrus would have dealt the finishing blow and shock the crowd outside, now however he had to deal with the two stooges first.

Each ran forward brandishing a club intent on taking his head off, but Ligero didn’t stick around as two great wings erupted from his back and he flew to safety.

“Well he did get himself a spirit, but those wings won’t save you forever.” Cyrus roared out as he breathed deep and then sent out a massive fire attack at him, it was only then that Ligero chose to reveal what his spirit now was.

“Done and done, now it’s time to move on to-“ Cyrus was interrupted as the smoke from his attack began to roll away and a giant beast stood where Ligero had been flying. ‘There is no fucking way he got a spirit like that, how in the hell could he possibly have that dragon?” Cyrus for the first time was now scared as the front foot of Judgment Dragon came down and squashed the red Ogre, and then it came down once more to squash the green one.

“Are you sorry you challenged me now?” Ligero said as he now breathed deep and shot out a blast of fire that hit the Thousand Dragon head on and ended the battle immediately. As the Arena began to fade Cyrus and his two friends began to desperately tear off their suits, but it was too late. Three bolts of lightning shot out from the control panel and began to electrocute the three of them.

Ligero exited the arena as three stretchers were wheeled in and a white sheet was draped over the two friends but Cyrus was still hanging on by a thread, Ligero whispered a soft prayer as he walked towards the crowd still with his battle gear on.

“Ligero where did you get the Judgment Dragon?” That was the first and only question on everyone’s mind, but Ligero staved them off as he grabbed Aaron and headed towards the exit.

“Regardless if he is our enemy or not I want to talk to him before he is arrested for tampering with the arena.” Ligero said as he pressed his Pendant and his gear disappeared and he headed for the door, the destination the nearest hospital to find out why Cyrus wanted to go to such lengths to kill him

End of Chapter One

Ending Notes: I know it isn’t my best work but I’ just now getting back into the fanfiction groove, so tell me how you liked it or tell me how you hated it I would love some feedback on my newest piece.