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Chapter 14: A great comeback.
((Thanks to an error on the computer, this duel was lost, but I saved the ending at least, sorry guys, only a short one this time.))
The Team hurried up to the next room, too late as a duel was already underway. Tails was duelling the machine Rei and was losing big time.
“Calculations indicate you are soon to be eliminated.” Rei said, Tails was on her hands and knees, field empty and life points on an all time low. <900>
Rei on the other hand was all set. <5800> with 2 Ancient Gear Golems (3000/3000), Ancient Gear Beast (2000), Ancient Gear Soldier (1300/1300) and Ancient Gear Engineer. (1500/1500) Not only that, but Mage Power and a face down on one of the Golems. (4000/4000)
“Tails!” Sonic called out as they came in. “Are you okay?!”
“I…will…not…fall…here…” Tails uttered between breath. She stood up and drew. “I activate Premature Burial to bring Cyber Dragon from my graveyard.” <100> Cyber Dragon rose. “I’ll also activate the Swords of Revealing light.” Lights came down on Rei’s side of the field.
“Delaying the inevitable.” Rei said.
“Mystical Space Typhoon on your Mage power.” Tails said, as the Mage Power orb shattered.
“No matter, I have far more power than needed to destroy your dragon and then you.”
“You’re WRONG!” Tails roared, laughing, though in pain and her laugh suffered. “I’ve won…I had won the moment I got my Cyber Dragon back…My swords and my next card are to help me encase this plan fails, however….i don’t plan to fail, with no facedown you can’t stop this…” Tails said. “Still, with only 100 life, you can never be too careful. I activate Future Fusion! With this, I can remove my Barrel Dragon and my Blowback Dragon for 2 turns…Now, I’ll activate the ability of one last fusion in my deck, this fusion doesn’t require polymerization or any other kind of fusion device, all it requires is Cyber Dragon and 1 or more machine monsters from the field…” Tails was struggling to keep talking.
“But you only have Cyber Dragon on the field, you have no other tributes.” Rei said.
“Maybe so, but then I’ll wait 2 turns, won’t I?” Tails grinned. “End…”
Rei drew.
“Ancient Gear Workshop brings Ancient Gear Soldier from the grave to my hand. End.” Rei explained, getting her card. <SoRL = 1>
Tails drew. <FF = 1> “Pass.” She said.
Rei drew. “Pass also.” It said. <SoRL = 2>
Tails drew. “And my Gattling Dragon comes to the field.” The New monster appeared. “Now it’s time to say goodbye…” Tails said. “I have 7 tributes now in waiting…”
“7? Does not compute…”
“Simply put, the machines can be from either side of the field…so I’ll have yours as well!”
“No way! Nice one Tails!” Sonic called.
“Sweet! Using the enemies army against the enemy! Sweetness!” Kiros cheered.
“My monster gains 1000 Attack points for EVERY Machine Tributed to it! 7 makes it 7000! This means that I have more than enough points to clear you out! Say goodbye and I hope you malfunction and crash!” Tails yelled out. The Machine then bursted out underneath Tails, who rode it. “Chimeratech Fortress Dragon!!!” The Machine rose up and looked down at Rei. “FIRE!!” The fortress was huge, the largest machine in all Tails former arsenal. (7000/0)
It fired down upon Rei who tried to block the blast. <0>
“NooooooooooooOooOOOOoooo…ooo.oo….ooo….” Rei then began hissing up and electric bolted around it. Mitsuko looked over curiously, still holding sleeping Kiama. The simulation died down and Tails fell from the roof with a crack. Sonic ran over.
“Tails, are you okay?” Tails opened her eyes a little and looked around.
“So..nic..?” Tails was severely battered.
“Tails, what happened to you…?”
“That was…the seventh duel…” She said. “The battles are real, so it…took it out of me…” Tails looked at the blurry vision of what remained of her friends, but was upset when she saw Shadow not there. “Where’s…Shadow…?” she asked. No one could reply, just look on with sad face, veering away from looking at Tails directly.
“Malfunc…tio..n..*pssst*Mus…uuh uh uhh…usst…reach….control…pan.pan…panel…” Rei spoke jubberish.
“Seems…the duel took…it out of that machine too…” Tails said weakly.
“Isn’t it going to be sucked up by some coin?” Kiros asked.
“Won’t work…on machines…” Tails replied.
Rei’s armour began to crack and slowly the screams of the robot died off and slowly actually screems could be heard as pieces of the metal fell off, revealing a lower mouth. Rei wasn’t some robot, it was a real person. Mitsuko carefully, yet quickly and rushed over.
“What’s happening to you? Real people don’t malfunction.” He questioned quickly.
“Heart…artificial…system malfun…ction…” Rei replied. It was female. Tails slowly began to crawl over to Rei as more armour broke off to reveal a beautiful yellow wildcat with a longish ponytail. She seemed to have something on her back, a large box, which was attached to a pair of metallic bars that circle her arms. Tails was assisted and helped over to her. Tails quickly, yet carefully took the straps off and Mitsuko tried to take off the box, however it seemed to be connected, after quickly locating two pressure points in the sides, he slide the box off Rei’s back. 6 wires were connected directly into the box and through Rei’s back in the area where her heart would be. Tails took the box weakly. She opened the back showing a computer system, though it looked complex.
“The technology is advanced.” She said. She began typing, counteracting the malfunction and settling the system.
“Why are we helping her anyway?” Kiros asked. “She tried to kill you.”
“Well, seal me away was more like it, probably due to orders, she might be a living person, but her internal living organs, such as the heart and probably lungs as well are artificial, man-made, she’s a cyborg in a sense.” Tails explained, having gained a lot of her breath back now.
“I see…i think.” Kiros said. Kiama rubbed her eyes gently as she woke up and looked around, then screamed, which got Mitsuko’s attention. He quickly went to make sure she knew where she was, so not to be too scared as everyone else tried to help Rei.
Outside, by the canyon, footsteps were heard, then a pink hand touched the side of the rock.
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