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The events of the previous duel were rather shocking.  No one would’ve believed that Kai would make such an interesting play in strategy in defense of his cousin, but nevertheless, he proved to be in control over Hitomi.  “It’s time to announce the last two beginning point duels.” Roland addresses the dorms.  “As the randomizer goes on, I would like to count out that this will be the last draw of the beginning four duels.  So the two dorms that are not called will be dueling after this one.  So I will suggest that the dorm leaders pick their choices well.”
“Hey Jam, you already think about who will battle for our dorm?” Senki asked.
“I already decided who will be dueling first for Horakhty Light.” Jam answers.
“Well it’ll fun dueling first on your behalf.”
“You will not be the first duelist in our dorm to duel.”
Senki falls over.  “Say what?”
“I said, ‘You are not dueling first!’  I chose someone else for that matter.”
“But that’s not fair…”
“Quit your whining.”

It doesn’t matter who my dorm faces, none of the remaining three have duelists that appear formidable to my party. Tempest thought.
Let us duel against Orichalcos, as that is te only left dorm worth a challenge to my girls. Kurucha thought.
“My choice depends solely on which dorm we face.” Prince Bo told his dorm.  “I’m confident that you will all do your best in this tournament, so remember to duel smart, not hard.”
“The first dorm competing in this duel will be…” Roland says and the next orb appears, “Radiant Gem.”
“And now to see who we face.”
The next orb drops.  “Facing off against Radiant Gem will be Orichalcos Green.” Roland states.  “This also means that Ra Yellow will face off against Horakhty Light last.”

Tempest rubs his forehead.  “No offense to anyone who is, but I guess we duelists in green have to beat up on the queer colored people.” he says.
“Knock it off already, the dorm isn’t gay.” Prince Bo states.  “We just represent the Rainbow Dragon’s colors, so it isn’t like anyone’s gay here.  Of course, if one of the duelists in my dorm, or anyone else’s dorm is gay and not out of the closet, I wouldn’t shame them.”
Tempest shakes his head.  “Guy, you can handle anyone out of that dorm, right?”
“No problem.” Guy answers.
“Then there shouldn’t be a reason for you to lose.”
Guy heads down into the arena.
“Hey Nonno, you feel up to a duel?” Prince Bo asks.
“Well… I guess I’ll go first.” Nonno answers.
“All right, go get ‘em.”
“I’ll do what I can.” and Nonno heads into the arena.

Guy and Nonno stand on opposites sides of the arena.  “Okay duelists, make all adjustments to your decks now.” Roland advises.
“Tell me something,” Guy says to Nonno while adjusting his deck, “are you, or better yet, were you one of the five girls that made up the Mini Hams pop group?”
“Yes I am.” Nonno answers.  “And even though our group is gone, I still keep those memories with me everywhere I go.”  She begins to adjust her deck.
“Honestly, I knew that once Gu left, your group would crumble.”
“Seriously, this crap again?  Why is it that no matter where I go, all people seem to rag me on is how things were never the same after Gu left?”
“It’s true though…”
“Hey Roland, is this a ‘Mini Hams’ Memory Lane’ tournament, or a Duel Monsters tournament?”
“Just let me know if you’re done adjusting your deck.” Roland says, ignoring Nonno’s question completely.
“I guess all you have left are your glory days.” Guy continues.  “But let me tell you, Duel Monsters is a much different song and dance compared to the singing and dancing you once did.”
“Finish toying with your cards, we have a duel to play.  And I’m sure the Ra dorm will agree that this talk is not needed.”
“So says the weakest link of the group.”
“What’d you say?”
“I’m done with my deck, as she is, Roland, so you might as well flip the coin.”
“Gladly.” Roland says, and then flips the coin.  “First move goes to…” the coin lands, “Guy of Orichalcos Green.”
“It’s time to see if a former Pop Idol can duel.” Guy says.
“Watch me!” Nonno shouts.
Both duelists draw their hand of five cards.  A long while back, I got the chance to look at Nonno’s deck. Jam thought.  I wonder how much of it has taught her the game, and how much her deck has changed.

“Let’s begin, shall we?” Guy questions while drawing his card.  “I’ll begin by discarding Neo Space Pathfinder from my hand to the graveyard.  This allows me to grab a Neo Space field spell from my deck, which I will play right away.”  As Guy shuffles his deck, the sky above the field changes into many colors, like the aurora borealis is taking place.  “Trust me when I say this, my field spell is the only pretty thing from me that you will enjoy in this duel.” Guy continues.  “I’ll summon Elemental Hero Neos Alius to the field (1900/1300), then set one card face down to end my turn.”
“Penelope may not be here, but at least you have another Hero duelist to battle.” Kerin tells Rufus.
“Please!” Rufus retorts, “I’ve dueled many times against Guy and even he cannot comply to the standards of being my rival.”
That’s right, Rufus, stay cocky. Guy thought.  Once I put the songbird down, I will come after you.
“My turn.” Nonno says as she draws.  “I’ll begin with Luster Dragon 3.”
Guy was shocked.  “There’s a third one?” he asks.
“Yes, there’s a third one…” and Nonno’s dragon appeared on her side of the field (1600/1300).
“Ooh, a red one.  This is the first time I’ve seen the third one… it looks like a red version of the first one, although it’s also weaker.”
“And that’s why we have spells to back up our monsters, like Riryoku.”
“Not a bad card.”
“Riryoku, to those who don’t know, takes half the ATK points of a monster my opponent controls and adds it to a monster of my choosing.  Thanks for the ATK points, Neos Alius.”
Elemental Hero Neos Alius is weakened (1900>950) and the Luster Dragon is strengthened (1600>2550).  “Luster Dragon, attack with Ruby Blaze!” Nonno orders.
Nonno’s dragon fires a fireball from its mouth towards Guy’s monster, but before it hits, the monsters on the field suddenly flip around.  “Hmf, amateur.” Guy says.  “Right back at you, thanks to my Mirror Gate trap.”
“So that’s what happened.”
The attack commences and Neos Alius takes the bow, however, Nonno is the one who receives the damage <6400>.  “The plus side for you is that neither monster is destroyed thanks to this effect,” Guy explains, “but the bad news is that Riryoku only lasts for one turn.”
“I’ll set one card face down and call it a turn for now.” Nonno said.
The monsters on the field flip again, returning to their original owners and their ATK strength returns to normal.  Guy laughs and then draws.  “Okay, sure.  I’ll set this card face down and summon Elemental Hero Lady Heat to the field (1300/1000).  Neos Alius, attack that dragon!” and Guy’s Hero goes in for the punch.
“I play my Half or Nothing Trap card.” Nonno says.
“Neos Alius, cancel your attack.” and with this command, Guy’s Hero returns to his side of the field.

“Bo, how does that trap work?” Harmony asks.
“Half or Nothing is a trap card that gives the attacker two choices,” Prince Bo explains, “either you continue battling while cutting your monsters’ ATK in half for the battle phase, or cease battle altogether.”
“Not bad, I might have to side one of those.”

“Look like I avoided damage this turn, so sucks to be you.” Nonno teases.
“Wrong.” Guy says.  “Since this is the end phase, Lady Heat’s Scorned Embers kick in, dealing 200 damage for every Elemental Hero I control.”  Flames appear in Elemental Hero Lady Heat’s hands, which are soon thrown at and singe Nonno <6000>.  “As long as I have Lady Heat, you will take damage at the end of every one of my turns, battle or ceasefire, hahaha!”
Too bad Lady Heat’s on the weak side. Nonno thought and then drew.  “I tribute my Luster Dragon 3 and summon Kaiser Glider to the field (2400/2200).  I gotta get rid of Lady Heat, but he wants me to attack so I’ll fall for his trap.  But I’m not stupid like you think I am.  I’ll place a card face down and end my turn.”
“I’m shocked, you were supposed to attack this turn.” Guy said.
“Stupid isn’t written on my forehad, so take your turn.”
Guy draws.  “Actually, ‘has been’ is seen clearly on your forehead…” he sees the card he drew.  “I’ll use Elemental Hero Stratos (1800/300).”
“Crap, Stratos is the sweeper of the E-Heroes, huh?”
“Good, you know how he works.”

Using the jet turbines on his back, Elemental Hero Stratos fires wind tunnels at Nonno’s face down card, destroying it.  “And now I play my face down card, Rising Energy.” Guy continues, “I only give up one card and I’ll boost Lady Heat’s ATK by 1500 (1300>2800).  Now Lady Heat, show that Kaiser Glider some real fire power!”
Nonno was powerless to see her dragon get burned to a crisp by the flames of Elemental Hero Lady Heat.  “Man, this is a shame <5600>.” she sulks.
“Roland, what turn is this?” Guy asks.
“This is the fifth turn of the duel.” Roland answers.
Guy turns to Nonno, “Neos Alius and Stratos, direct attack!” and Guy’s monsters go in for the attack.
Nonno is knocked on her back after taking the combined blows of the two Elemental Heroes <1900>.  “Man, you aren’t pulling punches…” she says while slowly getting up.
“I should pull my punches because you’re a girl?” asked Guy.  “Please, rival song groups and extra hours singing in the studio have hit you harder than this.  You should be used to taking extra hits by now.  And speaking of extra hits, Lady Heat gets to deal some of her Scorned Embers to your life points.”
“Don’t remind me…” and Nonno is singed again <1300>.
Nonno draws.  “Damn, this monster’s too high to summon and my other cards can’t help me.  I end my turn.”
Guy draws, “What a shame.” he says.  “Neos Alius, attack for game.”

“Well, Orichalcos Green has the lead.” Jam said.
“Why, do you say?” Senki asks.
“The bonus for not taking damage in a duel is 2000 points.” Jam answers.
All of the present duelists in the stands of Horakhty Light fall over.  “No way!” Pepper shouts.

Back in the arena, Nonno is knocked on her back after taking the blow of the Elemental Heroes <0>.  “The winner of this duel is Guy from Orichalcos Green!” Roland announces.
“And to quote Mortal Kombat, ‘Flawless Victory’!” Guy adds.
“Excellent, Guy!” Tempest shouts.  “And to further salt her deeply gashed wounds, she never got a chance to land a blow.  Of course, She didn’t stand a chance from the get-go, but I figured that the singer would’ve gotten in a cheap shot.”
Prince Bo extends his paw to help Nonno up.  “Shake it off, Nonno.  Everyone has a bad day, and this is yours.”
“On the contrary, Bo,” Guy corrects, “the bad days of the Rainbow Dragon dorm have only just begun.  Purple was the first color of your sacrificial lambs, yet, her offering wasn’t acceptable at all.”
Despite the fact that she was now on her feet, those words were enough to make Nonno start crying.  “Jeez man.  We get that you won with a perfect, but don’t be a dick about it.”  Prince Bo walks off with Nonno, who still has tears flooding down her cheeks.

Family Ties
this duel is the pits…